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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Jack went over to the Chancellor house, where Ashley informed him that Chance was killed a few days ago. A stunned Jack felt for Abby and wished he’d been told sooner. Ashley explained that they couldn’t tell Jack before because the Spanish authorities hadn’t found the body, though they’d found some of Chance’s personal effects. Ashley was sorry because she knew Jack loved Chance. He thought Chance was a terrific young man whose death was a tragic waste. He promised to support Ashley and Abby. Ashley planned to tell Traci, and when she asked Jack to tell Billy, he agreed. He asked about Jill, and Ashley said Nina took care of it, but Ashley was sure Jill would appreciate hearing from Jack. Mariah came over to check on Abby. Ashley said that Abby left before everyone woke up. Mariah asked about the baby, and Ashley said he was staying with Devon for a bit.

Mariah was shocked and asked if Abby gave a reason for her decision. “Well, Mariah, she’s drowning in grief,” Ashley replied. Ashley said that if Abby had asked her, she would’ve gladly taken care of her own grandson. Jack said he and Traci would’ve helped. Ashley added that Nikki, Victor and Nina would’ve too. “I wasn’t even in the running to be considered. Not after I admitted I got too attached to the baby,” Mariah said. Mariah was doing her best to put it behind her, but she guessed Abby didn’t trust her anymore. Ashley never heard Abby say anything like that. Jack and Ashley explained that Abby and Devon had known each other for years and had come to rely on each other. Ashley asked Mariah not to take this personally. Mariah stated that she recently went through her own trauma, so she could relate to how Abby felt. Ashley thanked Mariah for understanding. Mariah and Jack left separately. Ashley left a voice message for Abby. She understood Abby wanted to be alone, but she wanted to know where Abby was and that she was okay.

At the penthouse, Devon encouraged Dominic to burp and cheered when the baby did it. Amanda came downstairs smiling at the scene. Devon thought Dominic was settling in well – he barely woke up through the night, and he was so much calmer than he was at the mansion. Amanda thought Abby made the right decision and that she was lucky to have a friend like Devon. Devon said Abby’s decision showed how much pain she was in. After Amanda left, Devon called his office and arranged to work from home. Moses came downstairs, and Devon introduced him to Dominic. Moses thought he’d dreamed the baby crying last night. He asked why Dominic was here, and Devon explained. Moses asked if Devon knew how to take care of a baby. Devon said he used to take care of the twins. He asked if Moses knew anything about childcare, and Moses admitted he didn’t know how to take care of a baby. Moses looked in on Dominic and said he had Devon’s eyes. Devon hadn’t heard anyone say that before. “Don’t worry. He’s still cute,” Moses teased.

After Moses was gone, Mariah showed up. She and Devon talked about the situation, and she asked how he was doing. He was doing alright, and the baby was fantastic. Dominic cooed and smiled at Mariah. She was glad that he was out of that stressful environment. She admitted she wished that Abby had asked her to look after the baby, though. Devon wasn’t surprised Mariah was disappointed. Mariah asked if Devon knew why Abby didn’t come to her. He didn’t, but he said that Mariah was welcome to come by and visit any time she wanted. He added that he wasn’t sure how long he’d be watching Dominic for. Mariah revealed that Abby left the house for parts unknown, and she wasn’t taking any calls. Devon said that Abby did mention that she might leave town. After Mariah left, Ashley dropped by to check on the baby. She was worried because she’d noticed that Abby’s toiletries and some clothes were missing, as if Abby packed a bag. Ashley called the Grand Phoenix and the Athletic Club, and Abby wasn’t registered at either place, at least under her real name. Devon said that Abby mentioned in passing that she might leave town, but he didn’t think she’d actually do it.

Ashley went back to the Chancellor house, and Abby wasn’t home. She called and left her daughter another message.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren brought a triple shot mocha with cinnamon to the patio for Michael. He asked what he did to deserve this. She wanted to start with the fantastic job he did grilling the defense witness yesterday. She was glad she got to see him in court. He admitted it did wonders for his mojo knowing his biggest fan was in the gallery. They showered each other in adoration, and he said that not everyone was as fortunate as they were. She knew he was thinking about Nick and Phyllis. He said their best friends were hurting, and there was nothing he and Lauren could do. They were curious what caused Nick and Phyllis to split – it wasn’t one of their usual spectacular blow ups. Lauren suggested things just fizzled, and she assumed it was more about who Nick and Phyllis were as people and what they wanted from a relationship. Michael thought that was a mature way to end a love affair, though probably no less painful. Lauren said sometimes those quiet realizations were so devastating – maybe Nick and Phyllis realized they were better as friends than lovers.

Nick ran into Phyllis at Society. Things were uncomfortable, and she said she’d leave, but he said he’d go. Eventually, they realized that they needed to get used to bumping into each other. He suggested they face the awkwardness head on, so he invited her to have breakfast with him. They looked at the menu. She wasn’t sure what to get, but she knew exactly what he was going to order. He asked how she knew, and she said it was because she knew him. She noted that he only ordered two things off this menu. She didn’t think they’d be able to overcome the tension and be buddies. He asked what they should do, and she said she guessed they should just speak their minds, or they could just forget the whole thing. He really wanted to be friends with her, and she said maybe in time. He thought life was too short, so he asked her to just tell him what was on her mind. She asked how his family was.

Nick asked if Phyllis was sure about this topic. He knew that his family was one of her least favorite subjects. She said he loved talking about his family though, and they were always on his mind. He admitted that was true. She said she saw the article Billy put out about Ashland and the fraudulent will. She also saw the press conference from Gaines saying the whole thing was bogus. Nick didn’t know what was going on. He hadn’t talked to Victoria since the article dropped. Phyllis asked if it was the silent treatment. He said that things were better between him and Victoria. Nick was trying to stay out of the mess. He said Billy wasn’t doing that, and he was getting burned. Phyllis was irritated because she spent months telling Nick to stay out of the mess and ignore his family’s lunacy, and now all of a sudden, it seemed like a great idea to him. He asked if she felt better after saying that. She didn’t feel better, but she did feel great about not having to walk on eggshells around him anymore. “I mean because what are you gonna do? Break up with me?,” she sarcastically asked. He acknowledged that wasn’t an option anymore.

Nick had talked to Summer and told her about the breakup. Phyllis knew, because Summer called to check on her. Phyllis was glad that Summer wasn’t smug. She remembered that Summer never expected things with Phyllis and Nick to last. Phyllis said Summer was sad, but her wedding was magical. Phyllis and Nick were glad they got to share their daughter’s milestone with each other. Phyllis worried that they’d pass their relationship issues on to Summer, but Nick was sure Summer would be fine. Phyllis didn’t tell Summer about Chance, because she knew the Abbotts were keeping it quiet, and she didn’t want Jack to find out through the grapevine. Nick had a meeting. He offered to walk her out, but she was going to stay and finish her coffee.

Jack showed up. He saw Nick leaving and Phyllis, who looked depressed. Phyllis told Jack that she and Nick had a friendly breakfast, and it was fine. She didn’t know why she was acting this way, when she really was okay with this. Jack was going to leave Phyllis to her thoughts, but she wanted the distraction. He was here for breakfast with Michael and Lauren, but he wasn’t feeling up to it, because he just got some upsetting family news. Phyllis said she knew, and she was sorry about Chance. She witnessed the start of Abby and Chance’s relationship, and she’d thought it would have a happy ending. Jack knew that Phyllis thought of Abby as a spoiled heiress, but she’d had more than her share of heartbreak. Phyllis knew Jack felt things deeply, and she said she’d always be there for him. Amanda showed up and walked over. She got the sense that she was interrupting. Phyllis said they were talking about Chance. Amanda gave her condolences. Jack thanked Amanda and Devon for stepping up and taking Dominic. Lauren and Michael arrived. Michael pulled Amanda aside to talk, and Lauren invited Phyllis to join them. Phyllis said another time, and she left.

Michael and Amanda talked about the case. He was feeling confident, because he sensed the jury didn’t like Sutton. Amanda wasn’t sold since Sutton was a career politician who was good at playing to an audience. Even she almost fell for it. Michael said the difference was he wasn’t by Amanda’s side to counter Sutton’s lies.

Jack and Lauren talked, and he said he’d been a sounding board for Phyllis. He knew Phyllis’s worst instincts and he could warn her not to give in to them. “Will she listen?,” Lauren said, with a smile. Jack thought Lauren would be surprised to hear that Phyllis had handled things with grace and poise. Lauren asked if Jack could be objective, since Phyllis was his ex. Jack said he’d been a friend to Phyllis. Lauren was glad Jack and Phyllis were just friends. She loved Phyllis and Jack but she didn’t think they should repeat the mistakes of the past. She said that Phyllis caused him a lot of anguish, and it was a miracle that the two of them were still friends. Jack replied that they’d all grown older and wiser.

Phyllis went to The Grand Phoenix. She remembered Amanda asking if it was possible that Jack was more than a friend to Phyllis. Amanda suggested that Phyllis never got over Jack. Phyllis then flashed back to telling Jack she loved him and that he was permanently in her heart.

Nick went to Devon’s house for their meeting, which had completely slipped Devon’s mind. Nick saw Dominic’s things, and Devon brought him up to speed. The last time Nick saw Abby, she seemed completely overwhelmed. He appreciated that Devon was helping Abby. Devon said he’d do anything for Abby and the baby. Nick decided to cancel the meeting because he wanted to visit his sister. Devon revealed that Abby packed a bag and went somewhere. He was worried because he didn’t think she should be alone. Nick said they had to find Abby.

Tessa ran into Noah at Crimson Lights. He was surprised to say he didn’t miss London very much. He liked the more leisurely pace of Genoa City. Noah got a text that he decided wasn’t important. Tessa wanted to talk, so they got a table. She just re-signed with Devon’s label, and she was going to be releasing her first full length album. It was so much more work than putting out a single or EP, but she was excited. She asked Noah to design the cover. Noah was flattered but hesitant. He’d worked with Devon before, and Devon had great respect for artists and the creative process, but Noah was used to total creative control. He just finished designing things for his grandfather and Adam, and they breathed down his neck the whole time. Tessa thought working with Devon would be completely different than working with Victor. She asked him to please listen to the album and see if it sparked anything for him. Tessa was really proud of what she and Devon put together, and she thought Noah would want to be part of it. He said he’d love to hear her songs.

Mariah went to Crimson Lights and brought Tessa and Noah up to speed on Dominic’s new arrangement. “Evidently I wasn’t even considered to take care of him, even though I offered. Nobody trusts me anymore,” Mariah said. Tessa thought Abby was just trying to be sensitive to Mariah. Mariah said Abby left town without telling anyone how long she’d be gone. “You can’t just do that when you have a child,” Mariah said. “Nobody knows where she is. She isn’t answering her phone. What if there is an emergency?” Mariah added. Tessa advised Mariah to take a few deep breaths – Abby had only been gone a few hours, so there was no real emergency. Mariah posed a hypothetical – if Tessa were a mother, she’d want to be close to her child even if she couldn’t take care of them, right? “I know I would,” Mariah said. Noah thought it was hard for any of them to put themselves in Abby’s shoes. Tessa thought she could do it. When Mariah was missing, Tessa couldn’t help but imagine what it might be like if Mariah never came back. “I would’ve lost my mind,” Tessa admitted. Mariah knew she had to remember that everyone handled grief differently, but she felt like it was a little irresponsible for Abby to just leave town.

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