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Recap written by Christine

At her motel room, Abby called a company to inquire about chartering a plane. She stressed that no one could know she was taking this flight, especially her father, Victor Newman. She was willing to pay for their silence. She wanted a round trip flight to Majorca, Spain. One passenger flying there, and two flying back, she said smiling.

Phyllis was at The Grand Phoenix. She had a flashback to Jack confessing how he felt about her. In the present, Jack showed up and startled Phyllis. He hoped she was feeling better. She asked if he came to check on her. He was here for a meeting. She was fine. She added that it was okay for him to check on her, since they were friends. She asked if he’d seen the mess with the ChancComm article and retraction. He hadn’t talked to Billy about it yet, but he thought this article was going to cost him and Lily. Jack’s meeting got canceled. He told a joke that made Phyllis laugh. Things got serious when he said things had been strange between them, and he thought she felt it too. He thought things they were already feeling self-conscious because he’d confessed his feelings to her and that things had grown more awkward because she and Nick broke up. She said she didn’t feel awkward, but he insisted on finishing his point. He thought that things would go back to normal between them in the not too distant future, and things would be just like they were before he’d opened his big mouth. She was going to respond, but he abruptly left.

Lauren showed up at the hotel. “What have I done now?,” Phyllis groaned, misunderstanding Lauren’s reason for coming. Lauren clarified that she was there to buy an Escape Club package for one of her buyers. Phyllis asked what the lady liked, and Lauren admitted she wasn’t sure. Phyllis rambled about how it was hard to know what anyone liked or people thought they liked or what others thought they should have, or what was bad for people. Lauren realized that Phyllis was no longer talking about the Escape Club. She asked if Phyllis was thinking about Nick and whether they should give it another try. Phyllis said she and Nick were over, but she felt off-kilter. Lauren thought it was hard for Phyllis to let people into her heart, and once she did, it was hard for her to let them go. Phyllis clarified that she’d let a lot of people go. Lauren knew Phyllis would always care about Nick, just like she’d never stopped caring for Jack. Phyllis said she had a great idea for the escape club, and she rushed away.

Phyllis returned with a list of escape club ideas for Lauren. Lauren shifted gears and asked why Phyllis had such a strange reaction when Jack’s name came up. Phyllis said she’d been having the strangest thoughts ever since her conversation with Amanda. Amanda had said that Phyllis’s relationship with Jack wasn’t entirely platonic. “It’s never been platonic,” Lauren said. Phyllis insisted that she didn’t cheat on Nick. Lauren knew that, but she said that Phyllis and Jack couldn’t ever just be pals because Jack was generous, handsome and charismatic, and he thought the world of her, and Phyllis admired him. Lauren said things had always been special between Phyllis and Jack – undeniable and unbreakable. Phyllis just didn’t know what to do with these thoughts. Lauren said Jack had told her he missed having someone special in his life, and for Jack, Phyllis was the golden standard. “You’re not implying that Jack and I should get back together,” Phyllis said. Lauren noted that Jack and Phyllis loved each other enough to get married twice, and they’d never been able to completely get out of each others’ lives. Phyllis said that they were friends. Lauren wondered if Phyllis had been so determined to prove Sally was up to something because she’d felt a bit jealous of Sally being with Jack. Phyllis scoffed. Lauren assured Phyllis that she loved her and she loved Jack. Phyllis said she and Jack had a special connection, and that was it. “Oh my God. What if I do want more than friendship with Jack?,” Phyllis wondered. Phyllis didn’t know what to do. Lauren thought Phyllis should examine the source of her feelings, but be careful. Lauren didn’t want Phyllis or Jack to get hurt.

Lily and Ashland were at Society. Ashland kept up the act and pretended to be confused about why Lily was mad at him. He said if anyone had the right to be upset, it was him. “I’m the victim of your underhanded tactics,” he asserted. Laughing, Lily said they both knew that was a lie, as much of a lie as Gaines saying the story about Ashland’s past wasn’t true. He told her that a wise person wouldn’t stake their company on the word of a vindictive blackmailer. She said he weaponized Gaines and pointed him at ChancComm. He countered that she and Billy pulled the trigger, and she said they were hacked. He said that Billy already had the story ready for publishing, so if the hack even happened, it just expedited the release. Ashland imagined that Lily tried to dissuade Billy, but he was impossible to control. That’s why Ashland chose to remain alone at the top as he was building his empire. He said that when you tether yourself to the wrong person, you both go down together.

Lily told Ashland that the lawsuit wouldn’t stop her and Billy. This wasn’t over. Ashland thought they both knew that wasn’t true. He said her outlet published libelous stories that tarnished his name. She scoffed and asked if he thought he was a saint now that he’d married Victoria. She said his name had always been associated with heartless behavior. He told her the difference was the other stories were true. She said this was true too. He said she failed the first lesson of journalism – she relied on one source, a source who was motivated by hatred and jealousy, a source who recanted. Lily pointed out that Ashland told Victoria the exact same story that Gaines told. He asked what made her think that. Lily said she and Billy were there, and they talked to Victoria. “Were any of these conversations on the record?,” Ashland asked. Lily said of course not, and Ashland noted that there was no proof the conversations happened. Lily was disappointed in Ashland. She expected more from him. She was surprised he let Adam and Victor use his past as a weapon. He said no one used him, but she thought this situation showed otherwise. She said this wasn’t about business – it was about Victor’s battle with Billy, and she asked why Ashland was going along with it.

Ashland said he was simply trying to squelch an accusation that painted him in a bad light in the eyes of the world, or more importantly, in the eyes of his son. He was sure that Lily would do the same thing in his shoes. She was offended he’d compare himself to her. He admired her bravery, so he had some free advice. He said this wasn’t about Victor’s hatred of Lily’s partner, it was about Billy’s inability to let go of Victoria. Lily said Billy had let go, and Ashland told her to open her eyes. Ashland contended that Billy was so determined to make him look bad in Victoria’s eyes that he’d go to any extreme, even publishing a ridiculous story without doing due diligence. Ashland thought that if Lily wanted to protect herself and her company, she should cut Billy loose. He left.

Devon brought Dominic to the Chancellor house and told Ashley that he’d heard from Abby. He showed her the note Abby slipped under his door. Devon admitted that when his wife had been missing and presumed dead overseas, he got on a plane and went to look for her. Ashley noted that Abby was doing something dangerous, and she had a child. Devon knew that Abby wasn’t thinking logically. Ashley agreed that Abby was thinking with her heart. He thought they had to get someone to search Valencia for Abby.

At the main house, Billy offered a proposal to Victor. Billy would leave ChancComm if Victor and Adam and Ashland left the company and Lily alone. Billy was offering his head on a platter, and he asked if that still wasn’t enough for Victor. Victor was intrigued by the offer. He was also surprised because this proposal showed qualities that he didn’t realize Billy possessed, such as being willing to sacrifice for others. Billy admitted he’d dragged Lily into his decision to threaten Victor and Adam. He said Lily could run ChancComm with integrity, and she didn’t deserve to be punished for his choices. Ashley texted Victor about the letter. Victor said he’d consider the offer. Billy wondered if Victor realized Billy did all this to protect Victoria. “You’re warming the cockles of my heart, Billy Boy,” Victor said. Victor had somewhere to be, so he told Billy to see himself out.

Victor went to the Chancellor house and studied the note from Abby. Devon’s doorman didn’t see Abby in the building, so either she used the back door, or she sent someone else to deliver the note. Ashley felt bad that Abby was sneaking around, probably feeling so alone and like she couldn’t talk to anyone. Victor said Abby knew that if she told them what she was going to do, they would’ve stopped her. Which was what they were going to do now. Devon already hired Denise Tolliver to find Abby. Victor was going to put his people on it too. Victor realized Abby could’ve chartered a plane. Devon thought someone needed to go to Valencia. Ashley said Devon couldn’t go because Abby was counting on him to stay with the baby. Devon said he wouldn’t dream of leaving Dom. Victor was going to rearrange his schedule so that he could go, but Ashley decided she’d go instead.

Victor said that Ashley would be putting herself in the same danger as Abby was in. Ashley assured him that she’d take someone from Victor’s security team along. Preferably a Spanish speaker who knew the area. He got the feeling she didn’t want him to go. It wasn’t that; she just thought she’d have a better chance of convincing Abby to come home by appealing to her mother to mother. Victor said he’d have the jet ready for Ashley. Victor’s PI called and said Abby may have been spotted at a restaurant near a motel just outside of town. Ashley stayed with the baby while Victor and Devon went to check it out.

By the time Victor and Devon arrived, Abby’s room was empty, and she’d paid cash and checked in under a fake name. Victor said that people who were running made mistakes, so he thought she may have left something behind. They searched the room, and Devon found a military pin on the floor. They thought it was Chance’s. That confirmed Victor’s worst fear. He thought Abby probably assumed Chance was alive. Victor and Devon rehashed their thoughts on struggling with grief, Devon losing Hilary and how Abby had it worse because there was a baby involved. Devon knew Abby thought she was doing what she needed to do, but she had a child, and Devon was worried for the baby.

Jack met Billy at ChancComm. Billy misunderstood why Jack was there. “I’m sure you couldn’t wait to get over here,” Billy griped. Jack clarified that he was there to let Billy know there was an explosion, and Chance was presumed dead. Billy was shocked, and he admitted that, with everything Chance survived, Billy kind of thought his nephew was invincible. He asked how Abby was. Jack brought him up to speed. Billy asked how his mom was and how Nina was. Jack hadn’t talked to Jill or Nina, but he was sure they were shattered. Billy said that Jill had been calling him, and he hadn’t had a chance to get back to her. He assumed the first couple calls were to tell him about his

Chance’s presumed death, and the rest of them were probably because she was the CEO of this company, and she was likely wondering what the hell just happened. Billy knew Jack heard about it, and he wanted Jack to go ahead and speak his mind.

Jack asked what happened. Billy said that Traci could write a hell of a book about it. Jack questioned Billy putting his faith in Gaines. Billy didn’t want to get into the gory details, but he did say everything in the story was 100% true. He stated that this was all part of Victor and Adam’s elaborate scheme to bring him to his knees. Jack thought it was time for Billy to share those gory details. Billy revealed that he brought Gaines to Tuscany to talk to Victoria, and Victor and Adam found him and flipped him. Billy wasn’t sure if they used threats or money, but Gaines cared about his bank account more than anything. Jack disapprovingly noted that Billy aligned himself with this guy. Billy snapped that it was an error in judgment, and they printed a retraction. Jack said that Billy couldn’t undo the damage to ChancComm. “You don’t think that I know that? I screwed up okay?,” Billy yelled. He said he never intended to release that article; it was simply a threat to make sure Victor and Adam stopped coming after ChancComm. It blew his mind that no one understood that the only thing he was trying to do was find out the truth. “They’re all criminals,” he yelled. He admitted he gambled, as one does in business, he rolled the dice and he lost.

Jack wasn’t here to judge, but he was deeply concerned about his brother’s gambling analogy. Billy said his life was falling apart, and he didn’t think his choice of words mattered. Jack noted that gambling had been a major problem in Billy’s life, not just with the money he’d lost, but when he was CEO of Jabot, he took giant risks and he lost his job. Jack said Billy put everything he and Lily built in jeopardy because he was still willing to take crazy chances. Jack thought Lily, Jill, Johnny and Katie deserved more. Billy told Jack to tread lightly. Jack said Billy was on the verge of losing everything, and he’d run out of second chances. Jack thought Billy had to find some way to turn this around. Billy said he already conceded to Victor. Lily walked in and overheard Billy detailing th offer he’d made to Victor. Jack knew Billy and Lily needed time alone, so he left.

Billy what the hell were you thinking? You cannot make a unilateral decision like that,” Lily snapped. She told him there was nothing noble about making a decision that so profoundly affected ChancComm without even talking to her first. Lily said they were supposed to be partners, and he went behind her back. Billy thought she’d be relieved. He was trying to do the right thing. Billy said his proposal to Victor would take the pressure off Lily and ChancComm. Lily was skeptical, because she didn’t think Victor was trustworthy. Billy hoped that when Victor saw him humbled, it’d be too tempting to resist. Lily said even if Victor agreed and Billy resigned, it wouldn’t change anything. She said Victor might not come after her personally, but he’d still use the situation to his advantage. She said Adam and Victor wanted to dismantle the company and pick up the pieces, and that had not changed. The only difference was that Billy had now left Lily vulnerable to deal with this by herself. She stormed out of the office.

Victor texted Ashley to say that Abby was already gone, so she should proceed as planned. Jack showed up and looked in on Dominic. Ashley let him know everything that was going on with Abby. Jack insisted on traveling to Spain with Ashley. He figured it would be good for him to get out of town anyway. She asked what he was running from. He didn’t want to say, since she had bigger problems. She was concerned he was back with Sally. He said he wasn’t. He explained that Nick and Phyllis broke up, and. . . “No, no no, no no! Please don’t tell me you’re rekindling that romance,” Ashley interjected. He noted that the never said that, but she said he didn’t have to because she could see it in his eyes. He was sorting through how he felt. She asked him to think about the hell Phyllis put him through. Ashley wasn’t trying to be mean, but she couldn’t take this again. Jack interrupted to say that he appreciated the concern. Ashley said the lecture wasn’t over, but Jack stated that he had to leave and pack for the trip. Ashley planned to knock some sense into Jack on the long flight over. He said to save her energy for Abby. He left. Ashley promised Dominic that she’d bring his Momma home.

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