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 I missed nine months of lunches with you. Thank you for making time before your meeting with ms. Wu. You know, what I learned from my time away is prioritizing what’s important. And you’re at the top of my list. We were apart for so long. I’m so grateful for every moment with you. You know, the more I think about a weekend away, the more excited I get. One of the best parts about our boarding school in france is so much is just an hour away — london, berlin, geneva. What’s a really cool place that’s an hour away from here? I’m open to anything. Well, it’s not exactly london or paris, but joss has a family cabin in the mountains. It’s real pretty and might be our best bet since we’re going on a budget. Not for long. I think spence is handling that situation as we speak. Oh, so is that why he took the delivery bike? Spence went to make things right with his dad. Well, I’m all for peace in the family, but spencer’s shift starts in five minutes, so who knows when he’ll actually be here? Spencer:

[ Voice breaking ] I don’t want one single filthy penny of our family’s money. From now on, I intend to find my own way in the world. And I will. I’m proud that you want to — as of now, I am no longer my father’s son.

[ Crying ] No longer your son. I’m no longer a cassadine. Esme is so not going to like this news. What about cabo? Have you ever been? It’s still warm enough to lie on the beach. Look who’s here on time. Spence. Lying on the beach sounds great, doesn’t it? But first, tell me, what happened with your dad? Hey, hey, you’re not gonna believe what just happened. Did you get into a conflict with another inmate? Did you have an argument? No! Mom! What? I can’t believe it. Diane called me with the news. Is this really happening? So it’s true? Congratulations, honey. You are finally going home. Where’s my mother? Oh, come now. Is that any way to greet your host? I need to check her injury. Liesl is resting comfortably. What about jason? How is he? Less comfortable, but he’s alive, at least for now. I want to see my mother with my own two eyes. Your word means nothing to me. Yes, that’s actually why I’m here. I… I want us to come to an understanding, britt. After all, we are family. Drew? Drew! Answer me. Drew. Chief andrew cain, on your feet! What the hell?

[ Grunts ] Where are we? Cassadine island. What did I do?

-Mm! -So there’s been no mistake? This is an actual pardon? Correct. I got the call, reached out to sam, and we rushed right over. How soon can my mom be released? The paperwork is being processed even now. Honey, you’re gonna sleep in your own bed tonight. That’s great. I’m so happy for you, alexis, I truly am. Harmony, I know you work here, but have you become friends with my mom? Yeah, yeah, I’d like to think so. But I know how you feel about me, and deservedly so, so I’m not gonna step on this terrific moment. I hope we get a chance to talk before you go. Diane, I don’t know what kind of strings you had to pull to get my mom released, but I am so grateful. I would love to take all the credit, but in this case, I’m just the messenger. It was not me who arranged for this pardon. Well, then who arranged for the pardon? Nikolas: I did. I made this happen. Nikolas, that’s amazing, amazing, but not benevolent, since it was nikolas who threatened to withhold that pardon if I didn’t do his bidding. You know, I was just about to bet esme that you show up at least an hour late for work. Of course I’m on time. I understand how this job works. I don’t know why you always think the worst of me. Because you keep on giving me reasons to. Like the time you disappeared halfway through your first shift. Okay, so the main thing is, you’re here. Talk to me. What happened with your dad? I’ll get to that in a minute. Why were you guys talking about cabo when I came in? For our weekend getaway, cam and I were discussing possible destinations. You and cam — when did that happen? That’s not what we were talking about, and you know it. I still think it’s a great idea. A weekend away for you and me and cam and joss and maybe trina and…somebody. I want to get to know all your friends, and what better way to do that than a mini vacay. We can rent a cabin with three bedrooms — or four if cam and joss want separate rooms. This weekend getaway, you and joss are on board with this? Yeah, sure. I mean, as long as it’s not too pricey. That’s why I think that joss’ family’s cabin is still our best bet. It’s free.

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s spring ridge. Must be about my intern schedule. I’ll be right back. Just like esme to get carried away. You and joss don’t have to go if you don’t want to. It’s complicated. Because of the separate rooms? You mean you and joss haven’t had sex yet? Mr. Corinthos, it’s wonderful to have you back safe and sound. Thank you. Jason and carly told me about — you gave them inside information that saved their life. It was the right move to make. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. We have so much to discuss. Yeah, we need to come to an understanding of how to move forward now that novak and buscema are gone. If we’re family, then you’ll let me see her. As you know, we’re pretty much estranged siblings. If you want to see your mother, you’ll have to earn it. “Earn it.” How? By telling you that I understand what you’re doing? And if anyone does understand me, it should be you. We’re faison’s children. Yeah, well, I sure as hell try to forget that. Don’t be shortsighted, britt. I’m telling you, there’s only one way off this island for you. It’s by my side. Jason: What’s the last thing you remember?

[ Sighs ] Um… my cell at the compound. Peter — peter showed up and, um… he said that he had a job for me. I tried to jump him, and then, um… and then that’s it, and then I got nothing. I wasn’t there, but I can tell you what the others said. Yeah, please tell me. All information is welcome. Peter ordered the head guard russel to kill valentin and victor cassadine. And then you showed up and you shot russel. I shot russel? I kind of wish I remembered that. Well, you shot him in the leg, and he survived. Okay, good to know. And then you and valentin took off, and you guys were headed to a dock and you had to cross this footbridge, and anna devane and robert scorpio were waiting. They saw peter ambush you. Peter shot valentin. You turned back to give cover fire, and then peter shot you point blank three times. You fell off the bridge into the sea. The only bullet wound I got is — is a graze on my arm. Peter must have given you a bulletproof vest. So he staged the whole thing. Why would he do that? Because peter still needs you for something.

I know the trust among the families has been difficult to maintain, especially since I was away and everybody thought I was dead, so that pretty much proves that. If you hadn’t warned carly and jason, I would have lost the two people who are closest to me, so I just want you to know that you are very much a trusted ally. Novak and buscema saw your presumed death as an opportunity for us to start working together as a group. I was tired of their greed upsetting our very delicate balance. I don’t revel in anyone’s death, but I’m happy they’re no longer here to cause trouble. And as I understand it, joey novak is in the hospital after almost being beaten to death. So the way you’re talking, you had nothing to do with that beating? No, we did not. So I went to go visit… joey in the hospital. He wants out of the family business. So the corinthos organization is gonna take over the holdings. I thought that might be the situation.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. And I thought it would only be fair if I gave you half of novak’s assets. I will happily accept your generous offer, though I want to be clear — that’s not why I asked to meet you today. Yeah, well, I can’t state enough how important jason and carly are to me, so if you ever need help, you come to me. By giving me half of the novak holdings, I consider your debt paid. We are even. However, the reason I asked for this meeting. I do have a favor to request. You look

a little flustered.Don’t be embarrassed. Look, it’s just that my relationship with joss is really none of your business. Sure, of course. It’s just we’ve both been really busy recently, and we started college. She moved into her dorms, and her stepdad came back from the dead. We’ve just had a lot on our plate is all. I’m sorry if it sounded like I was judging you. You are judging me. Okay. You’re right. I was. But life in a boarding school is very, very different. Okay, there are teachers, but no parents, so sex is pretty much a constant topic. Everybody knows who’s done what with which person. But when I stop to think about you and joss, I guess I’m not all that surprised. What does that mean? I just mean that I know that joss isn’t the type to take that sort of thing lightly. Oh. Right.

[ Sighs ] I’m not trying to be nosy here. I’m honestly trying to be your friend. Is that a problem for you two? No, no. It’s just — it hasn’t happened yet. Wait, what are we talking about? What hasn’t happened yet?

[ Sighs ] Are you gi ving me the “join meand we’ll rule together” speech? You have been on the run for far too long. You’ve completely lost touch with reality. Well, you’re the one who refuses to see the truth. There’s nothing for you in port charles, britt. I’m chief of staff at G.H. People respect me. I have friends. Brad cooper is in pentonville last time I checked. Brad’s not my only friend. Maxie’s my friend. Oh, please. Maxie’s so kindhearted, she’d befriend anyone. Even you? Yes, even me. She accepted me when no one else in port charles would. Well, news flash, that was then. Now she hates her guts. Maxie’s the mother of my child. Where is that child, peter? Because of that psychopath

you hired, maxie’s baby was kidnapped. Louise is my daughter, too. What — what, do you think I’m not in agony every day, worried sick, wondering where my child is, if she’s safe? Is she alright? Well, I can tell you one thing — you’re not gonna find her here on cassadine island. Finally something we agree on. You’re right, it’s true, I need to wrap things up here and get back to more important things. Wrap things up here — how, exactly? How did you find me? Russel. He was trying to escape. He took britt hostage. Britt westbourne? She’s looking for her mom. That’s right. And peter took you and obrecht, and russel said that you were headed here. So you and brit are working together? Yes. Thought maybe sam might be with you. Yeah, sam — she made it as far as crete, and then she heard that you got shot and you were missing again, so she and dante decided to go back. Dante? Yeah. You know, sam and I aren’T… we’re not together anymore. She and dante have gotten close. He came to try and help find you. Huh. That’s the problem. Spending years as a prisoner, you kind of miss out on a lot, I guess. I know that feeling. Yeah, you do. Alright, so you and britt tracked us to cassadine island. Then what happened? I got peter at gunpoint. But by then, you got britt at gunpoint.

[ Sighs ] You should’ve just shot me.

Thank you. So whatever you need, just name it, and if it’s within my power, I’ll make it happen. I know you have pull with the parole board at pentonville. My nephew’s parole hearing is coming up, and I was hoping you could convince the board to grant him parole. What’s your nephew’s name? Brad cooper. Nikolas was the one who had hayden shot. Yes, that’s shawn’s theory. Of course, there is no proof to back that up. And as a reminder, hayden is still very much alive. And you still very much had to cover your tracks, even if you had to pressure my mom. Your mother refused my deal. Even after that, I made sure that her pardon came through. That’s probably because it was too late to cancel. I never intended to cancel the pardon. Then why did you threaten that you would? Shawn has no evidence, but spreading false rumors about me is damaging. So I tried to help myself as well as my aunt. Is that really so wrong? Both: Yes! What’s the big secret? And don’t tell me it’s nothing because I see it in your faces. Well, I was just telling spencer that joss and I, we haven’t had a chance to get away since we became a couple. Then you’re overdue. Since this is a getting-to-know-you trip, I think we should go someplace that’s new to all of us so we can all discover it together. Well, that actually won’t be too hard for me. I’ve hardly been anywhere. We did do a trip to niagara falls once, and that did not end well. Why, did your family tag along? No, it was — it was myself, josslyn, trina, and oscar. Oscar. Josslyn’s first boyfriend who died — brain cancer, right? That’s so sad. Yeah, it was rough. But yeah, niagara was our — our last road trip. But if oscar and josslyn were together on the trip, did that mean you and trina were a couple? No, no. But if you think about it, that trip was actually the beginning of me and trina getting close. You don’t say. Exactly how close did you two get? Did you have a clean shot? Yeah. Why didn’t you take it? Scout, monica, danny, sam. They never had to know. They want you back. Not like this, man. Not — not when peter can activate the conditioning anytime that he wants and get me to do anything that he wants. I know you know what it’s like to be a prisoner. I know — I know you know that, but you got no idea what it’s like to wake up and have no idea how you got here, have no idea what you’ve done, who you shot, who got hurt, and nothing. But what scares me the most is the possibility of waking up the next time and finding out that I actually took an innocent life. There’s a way to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m listening. You get rid of peter. You take him out. If he’s dead, he can’t control you. Well, hello. May I join you? Please, please. Sonny asked me to meet him here to discuss some of the legalities regarding the transfer of the novak property. Yes, I know. He’s at a private table with ms. Wu, discussing things you don’t want to know about, which now are above my pay grade. Sounds like you miss being the one in charge.

[ Chuckles ] Not really. It’s refreshing to see sonny in business mode. It’s like having a visit from the sonny I used to know. A visit? Nixon falls did a number on sonny. Well, to be more accurate, it did a number on us. And, well, I mean, you know sonny and i have never been the picture of domestic bliss. That’s true. But it didn’t matter because we knew each other so well. Now we know each other less. Nine months less. Thanks to nina reeves. Sonny: I forgot that brad was related to your family. He’s my brother’s son. But then he was adopted by the coopers. Still, he’s my family. You got to understand something, brad stole my grandson, and I watched my son grieve for a year over his son, who was alive. I know that, and I’m very sorry. So is brad. I visited him in prison, and he swore it wasn’t his idea. He was grief-stricken by the death of the real baby he and his husband, lucas, had adopted. Brad made some horrible decisions, and he’s paid a high price and he deeply regrets his actions. But he’s my family. He’s been in pentonville for 18 months, and he won’t survive much longer. Can you find it in your heart to help? As a personal favor to me?

Alexis, I am getting you out of here. I did a good thing. I don’t appreciate the way that you did it. Bottom line is my tactics get results.

[ Sighs ] “The end justifies the means.” That’s so very cassadine of you. I’m so sick of everyone saying it’s a curse to be a cassadine. Even spencer just declared he wants nothing to do with me.

[ Chuckles ] What about the cassadine money? He claims he’s gonna give up the trust fund. Good for him. See, he listened to me. Good. You encouraged my son to turn his back on me? I encouraged him to figure out what kind of man he is going to be, and if that means cutting out the bad influences in his life, so be it. No, trina and i never dated. We decided we were better off as friends. Does that mean that you were considering dating? Cameron: There was a time that we were, yes, but that was like a million years ago. Before we decide where we’re going on our weekend getaway, we have to figure out how much we can afford. So, spencer, did you patch things up with your dad? Did ava give you access to your money? No, not exactly. Oh, no, what happened? Your dad didn’t accept your apology? I didn’t apologize to him. I told him that I didn’t want any of my cassadine money. I’m sorry, I can’t grant you this favor. Can’t or won’t? Well, you know what, if he merely hurt me, I could do it, but he hurt a lot of people, especially michael and wiley. He had a year to tell the truth, and he didn’T. So I can’t intercede on behalf of the man who hurt my son and my grandson. I see. Then we really have nothing further to discuss. But you know what? Listen. There’s something else I can do for you. Diane: You know, I have to admit, when I found out that nina reeves knew where sonny was all along and lied about it, I was waiting for a call from the pcpd to go down and defend you on assault charges. Could you get me off? I’m diane miller.

[ Both laugh ] But I’m glad I didn’t have to. Why should you endure another bout with the legal system courtesy of nina reeves, especially after all she’s done to you? But I will congratulate you on a rare display of forbearance. Oh, don’t give me the credit. I would gladly attack nina physically, financially, any damn way I could. Sonny doesn’t want me to. That’s too bad because I could file one hell of a lawsuit. When I was done, that spoiled little brat of an heiress wouldn’t have a dime to her name. Sonny doesn’t want to dwell on the past or on making nina pay. You know, I could file a lawsuit on behalf of you and your children, base the damages on your pain, your suffering. Leave sonny out of it entirely. It’s not gonna happen. Because sonny doesn’t want it to. That is not like him at all. I know! That’s what makes this so hard. Sonny wants me to leave nina alone, and I agreed. I mean, of course I agreed. What am I gonna do? Sonny thinks this is the best way for us to move forward. And who knows? Maybe for him, it is. But not for you. Hell no. Mnh-mnh. Hell no. Not for me. Well, I hope you’re right. I hope one of us gets the chance to kill the bastard, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem all that feasible. Peter’s already made mistakes, and he’s made another one by leaving us alone in here together. How’s that a mistake? We’re both chained to the wall and he knows that he can control me. What if he’s wrong? If you’re gonna tell me to fight the conditioning, obrecht already told me that, alright? She told me to focus on scout. And you’d think that that would help — me thinking about my little girl would give me strength to fight back, but obviously that didn’t work. Me being here is proof of that. You said the last time peter activated your conditioning, you were in your cell at the compound, right? Yeah. Right, so the conditions worked in peter’s favor. You were isolated. You had no way to fight back. You had nobody to help you. It’s different now. Okay? We’re — we’re here together. We’re in this wine cellar with more ways to improvise. More things could go wrong. We can use this to our advantage. Peter’s not in control. Not here. You try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. Now there’s dawn powerwash dish spray. It’s the faster way to clean as you go. Just spray, wipe and rinse. It cleans grease five times faster. Dawn powerwash now available in free & clear.




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You did what, exactly? I know the last time you and I talked, I was going to acquiesce and tell my father and ava whatever they wanted to hear. Right. Not out of weakness. You were just being practical. I know. But then trina told me exactly what I needed to do.

Trina helped you change your mind. Yeah, she really got my head on straight. Normally, I think trina gives great advice. But did she really tell you to go to your dad to tell him to take his money and shove it? Yeah, in a much more sophisticated way, cameron, but that’s the gist of it, spencer, are you crazy? That is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Really, cam? You’re mr. “Get a job and support yourself,” and you think I did the wrong thing? You’ve been working for less than a week. You have no idea what it takes to survive in the real world. I may not be the best waiter in the world, but I’m getting better. My gosh, dude, you’re living for free. The clothing you wear, the lifestyle you lead — being a waiter here is not going to support that. Get a grip, spence. You have lived a very pampered life. I think it is in your best interest to go to your father right now and beg for his forgiveness. Esme, you’ve been unusually quiet. What do you think? Do you agree with cameron? Do you think that I should crawl back to my father? So now you are calling me a bad influence on my son. Well, you know what, no matter how sanctimonious you are, I’m not gonna call the governor back and tell him to cancel your pardon. Nikolas, wait. I’m sorry for the way my daughter talked to you. It was rude. Well, no one can say I didn’t earn it. However, I do want to congratulate you on your pardon. How you feeling about life on the outside? Uh… apprehensive, grateful, relieved, terrified that I’m gonna have to make decisions that I don’t have to make here, and — which includes staying sober on my own. Well, you do whatever you have to do to remind yourself that you’re not alone. I’m gonna miss our talks. Yeah, well, you know, you have my number. I don’t work 24/7. If you ever just want to, you know, grab a coffee and talk, I’d be happy to do that. Beyond your family, you have friends, too. So you have a choice to make, britt. You can either be a part of my plan or collateral damage. It’s up to you. But I do want you to be able to make an informed decision. Come with me. I want this to be over, too, but I would feel a lot more closure if I knew nina was going to pay. She is facing criminal charges. Thanks to michael. Michael. Face of a choirboy, heart of an assassin. It’s a real pity he didn’t go into law. He’d have done very, very well. Sonny told michael that he was wrong for what he was doing. My head almost exploded. I mean, but what can I say? I said nothing because I’m not gonna fight with sonny over that bitch. Why would I do that? When’s jason coming home? I don’t know. Right. The moment he does, you take yourselves off somewhere to some dive bar and you cut loose. You get hammered and you confess to him every vicious scheme you have concocted for torturing nina, and you let him talk you off a ledge. Nina took that away from me, too. Tell me. If sonny hadn’t come back home, jason and I were gonna be together as husband and wife that night. Mm-hmm. Sonny’s having a hard time with that. Doesn’t matter that we thought he was dead. It doesn’t matter that we had just said our wedding vows. I mean, to sonny, it’s his wife and his best friend. So it’s gonna take a little bit of time for sonny, so I don’t have jason the way I used to have him. I don’t have my best friend to run to and to dump all my problems on. I can’t go to him and say all the horrible things that I want to say and feel safe because… I just can’T. So for the sake of my marriage, I have to put my friendship with jason on hold. Does jason know this?

[ Sighs ] I mean, we haven’t talked about it, but I’m pretty sure that’s the reason he left town. One of the reasons. I know that he wants to help britt find her mother, of course, but I’m pretty sure he’s giving me and sonny some space. Based on my considerable experience with sonny, that seems the best course. Doesn’t make it any easier. No. I won’t help brad, but if he’s granted parole on his own merits, I won’t stop it. And what of your son michael? Well, he has every right to talk about what brad did to him and wiley. Michael can do more than speak at the hearing. He’s a quartermaine. He has powerful connections. He could pull strings and block brad’s parole altogether. I will make sure no strings are pulled, for or against. Even if parole is granted, it won’t mean much if my nephew meets with some kind of fatal accident after he’s freed. I give you my word that I will not retaliate against…brad, but… he has to stay away from michael and wiley. That seems more than reasonable. But you aren’t the only corinthos who might wish brad ill. So are you speaking only for yourself or as the head of the entire family?

That was another client of mine who needs to be bailed out, quite literally.

[ Chuckles ] Will you please tell sonny that I will call and reschedule? I will. I’m obviously not jason, but any time you need to vent, I am here. Friend to friend. Think I might take you up on that. Please know I mean no disrespect, but there were a lot of changes in your organization over the past year, so I just want to be clear about what your favor entails. Will you personally leave brad alone or will you ensure that no one in your family will hurt my nephew? I’m back in charge. I speak for my entire family. Spence, are you kidding? No, I don’t agree with cameron. I’m super proud of the man you’re becoming. Wait, you’re proud of me? Of course I am. You have to stay true to yourself. I hope you know this new true self of his is quite poor. Thanks for standing by me. You’re really that surprised? Yeah, a little. We’ve always lived a pretty extravagant life, esme. Is that why you went to trina instead of me? You didn’t think I’d understand? No, no, no, no, it wasn’t like that. I just wish you felt like you could confide in me. I do. You’re the most important person in my life. You have to know that. Okay, I do know that. It’s just nice to hear every once in a while. Hey. Sorry to interrupt, but just because you’re standing around does not mean you’re on time. Get to work. Bye. Am I really that horrible of a person that my boyfriend can’t talk to me? No, no. It’s not like that. Trina is just super easy to talk to. While I completely disagree with the advice that she gave him today, she’s a really solid friend. Yes, it’s very clear how persuasive trina can be. I’ll have to get to know her better. Asap. I’m not in the mood for any more hypocritical moralizing. I’ve really heard enough today. Look, I just wanted to actually say thank you. I may not always agree with your methods, but I am really grateful that you were able to get my mother out of prison. Scout and danny are gonna be beyond thrilled to have their grandmother home. I appreciate you saying that. I’m just so happy for you, alexis. Ms. Davis, your release has been fully processed. You’re free to go. Here I go. Well, let’s get out of here. Finally get your life back. Thank you for your generosity. I look forward to our continued partnership. So do I. Good to see you again. Carly: You too. What was ms. Wu thanking you for? Don’t be shy, britt. Don’t want to miss the show. Drew, you look like you’re back to your normal self. You smug bastard, I am gonna kill you. No, that’s what’s not going to happen. But you will kill someone.

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