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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Phyllis went to the hotel. He was going to use the gym. She kissed his cheek and thanked him for cheering her up, and he promised he’d always be there for her. Sally and Chloe were in the lounge, and they saw the kiss. Jack and Phyllis left the lobby. Chloe tried talking to Sally, who was distracted by thoughts of Phyllis and Jack. Chloe thought Sally was over Jack. Sally had no interest in being with Jack, but it infuriated her that she was treated like a pariah while Phyllis was somehow a witch with a heart of gold. Sally said Phyllis hurt Jack far worse than Sally did, but he was still pining over Phyllis and not-so-subtly trying to steal her from Nick. Chloe said Phyllis and Jack had been friends for years. Sally didn’t understand why Jack gave Phyllis a free pass when he acted like Sally didn’t deserve forgiveness. Chloe said forgiveness was earned and it took time. Sally didn’t think Phyllis earned it. Phyllis walked up behind Sally. Sally said there was a double standard, and she wished she could expose Phyllis for the fake that she was. “Take your best shot,” Phyllis replied. Sally stood up and faced Phyllis.

Chloe tried to play mediator and asked that the ladies dial it down. Phyllis said she was at a 1 on the dial. She’d graciously allowed Sally into her hotel, and she’d take her money, but not her insults. Phyllis said she was no phony – she was the real deal. Sally kept making snide comments to Phyllis. Phyllis said she owned her mistakes and celebrated her successes, while Sally hid her head in the sand after doing something really destructive. Sally didn’t think Phyllis owned up to everything. She wondered how Nick really felt about Phyllis’s friend/more than friend relationship with Jack. Phyllis wouldn’t dignify that with an answer. Sally thought she hit a nerve. She wondered if Nick would like to know about a little scene she witnessed between Phyllis and Jack in Tuscany. Phyllis had no idea what bomb Sally thought she had, but it was a dud. Sally wasn’t buying Phyllis’ denials. Phyllis asked Chloe to get Sally out of there. Chloe insisted that Sally come with her, and they left as Jack returned.

Jack wanted to know what happened, and Phyllis didn’t want to say anything, but at Jack’s insistence, she said she let Sally get under her skin. Jack said to stop doing that. Phyllis asked if she and Jack were in a situation in Italy that could’ve appeared untoward to another person. Jack couldn’t think of anything. Phyllis explained that Sally got her thinking. Jack told Phyllis not to let Sally get to her. Phyllis wished Jack luck in his meeting, and he left.

Jack went to Society. he flashed back to a moment in Tuscany, where he and Phyllis sat side by side on the end of her bed, and he told her that he was rooting for her and Nick. She’d wrapped her arms around one of his and rested her head against his shoulder. Next, Jack flashed to telling Phyllis that he never stopped loving her, and he didn’t think he ever would. He then remembered Phyllis saying she loved Jack too – really loved him – and he’d always be in her heart. In the present, Jack thought about calling Phyllis, but he didn’t go through with it.

Michael escorted Amanda home from the courthouse. He knew she was capable of extricating herself from that pack of reporters on the courthouse steps, but he was happy to lend a hand. She appreciated it, because the last thing she wanted to do was answer more questions after testifying. She said she left everything she had on that stand. She got them each a beer, and they toasted to that. Devon called. He was sorry he wasn’t in court with her. She understood he needed to be there for Abby and Dominic. They agreed to talk when she got home.

Amanda asked for Michael’s honest opinion on how the trial was going. Michael was pleased by how Amanda’s testimony went. He said she was poised, elegant and in control. Amanda was glad it looked that way from the outside, because watching Sutton staring at her tore her up inside. Michael never had any doubt in Amanda. They flashed back to Amanda on the stand. Michael thought that Amanda handled herself perfectly and shared her pain with the jury in a genuine way. On the stand, Amanda testified that Sutton saw her, her sister and her father as a threat to his image.

Amanda told Michael it was gut wrenching to say all that out loud and in public, but it was cathartic. As a friend, Michael was glad Amanda gained closure, and as a DA, he was glad Amanda cut Sutton’s lawyers legs out from under him. Back to a flashback, Amanda told the jury how Sutton tried to secretly record her. She was near tears as she said she’d been wounded by her grandfather’s actions, but this wasn’t about revenge, it was about justice for her father. In the present, Amanda said that she knew this wouldn’t bring her father back, but maybe he was looking down and saw that she was fighting for her. Michael thought she made her father proud.

Devon let Nick into Abby’s place. Devon said Nina, Ashley and Abby were trying to get some sleep, but Abby would probably be down soon since she wasn’t sleeping well. Nick asked how Abby was. Devon said Abby had been planning to fly to Spain to search for Chance, and once everyone convinced her that she couldn’t do that, she fell apart. Devon thought it’d take a really long time for Abby to heal, and she’d need all their love and support. Nick vowed to make sure she got everything she needed.

Abby came downstairs and hugged her brother. Devon left to give them privacy. Abby was sorry she didn’t tell Nick about Chance. He didn’t care about that, he just cared about her. Abby saw the pastry box Nick brought. Nick figured she wasn’t eating, so he brought some of her favorites to tempt her. He asked if she wanted to talk about what happened, and she said she couldn’t. He promised he’d be there if she needed anything. Abby needed a break, so she asked how things were going with Nick. She wanted to hear about the weddings in Italy. He was hesitant, but she said she was capable of being happy for other people. He said that Summer and Kyle’s wedding was small, intimate and romantic. Summer was so focused on Kyle that she forgot the bouquet on her first time down the aisle, and she had to go back and get it. He thought it was a cute moment. He said Victoria’s wedding was different – a five star Newman event. He suggested that they get Dominic and go for a walk, and she agreed.

Abby, Nick and Dominic ended up at the park, and she stopped at the place where Chance proposed to her. When she told Nick about it, he suggested they go somewhere else, but she said this was where she wanted to be. She reminisced about Chance, and she didn’t notice when Dominic started crying. Nick tried in vain to get Abby’s attention. Since Abby was staring off into space, Nick picked the baby up and talked to him.

Devon went home, and Michael was gone. Devon and Amanda hugged, and he asked about the trial. She said Michael thought it was a success. It was far more emotionally draining than Amanda expected. There were times when she got so choked up that she didn’t think she could keep it together. Amanda had another flashback to the trial. She told the court that Sutton demanded that his own grandchildren be sent away, then he had the father of his grandchildren killed to keep the secret from coming out, then he had his own daughter take the fall. Amanda grew up on her own, and she couldn’t describe what it was like to finally find out she had a family. She said she developed a relationship with her mother and sister, but Sutton only cared about protecting himself.

Devon hoped Amanda wouldn’t have to take the stand again. She said she wouldn’t set foot in that court again until the verdict was in. she thought Imani felt the same way, but she appreciated Imani coming to court to support her. Naya didn’t go, and Amanda was glad because she didn’t think her mother could take it. Amanda asked how Abby was. Devon said that Abby wasn’t good, and he had a strong feeling that it would only get worse.

Devon was worried by Abby’s mood swings. He was aware of what grief was like, and his grief lead his down to a destructive path. He knew Abby was a different person, but he saw a lot of red flags. He didn’t think the Chancellor mansion was the best place for Dominic. He was crying more often and his schedule was off. When Abby started crying and wasn’t able to stop, Dominic would start crying, and he wasn’t able to stop. Devon said it was like mother and son were creating a circle of stress for each other. He thought it might be best for Dominic to be taken out of that house, but he didn’t know how Abby would react to that. Amanda said that would be a very difficult conversation. He said the idea would be to take Dominic until Abby worked through everything, but he agreed with Amanda that it’d be a tough conversation to have. She asked how to help, and he said by doing what she was doing. They kissed and hugged.

Later, Devon and Amanda came downstairs. She said it was nice to shut out the world with him. He wished they could stay in bed all day. She did too, but she knew they both had things to do. He noted that she didn’t say much when he told her his idea. She didn’t think it was her place. He wanted her opinion. She thought that he should keep listening to Abby. She also agreed that Dominic needed someone to do what was best for him. She wasn’t sure he should pull the trigger on the plan, but she thought he would figure out the right thing to do.

Phyllis texted saying she needed a friend, so Amanda went to the hotel. Phyllis asked about Amanda’s testimony and expressed optimism about it. Amanda had talked about that for so long that she wanted to hear about Phyllis instead. Phyllis thought her friendship with Jack precluded her from making things work with Nick. Phyllis said it wasn’t always like that, but lately, she’d been going to Jack for advice every time things got rough with Nick. She said that Nick made accusations and said that he saw more going on with her and Jack that met the eye. Amanda asked if there was, and Phyllis said yes, but not in the way that Amanda might think.

Phyllis said there was a barrier between her and Nick and she couldn’t get through it, and she thought that was why she turned to Jack for advice when she was struggling with Nick. Amanda assumed Phyllis couldn’t trust herself to be open with Nick the way she was with Jack. Phyllis never thought of it like that. Amanda thought that was normal – it was easier to open up to a friend than it was to a lover, because you had less fear of judgment and less worry about making the friend angry or hurting their feelings. Phyllis said yeah. She also valued Jack’s advice – he was a good man who supported her relationship with Nick, even though he had every reason not to. Amanda was curious about the dynamic between Phyllis, Jack and Nick. Phyllis admitted she was with Jack, and she cheated on him with Nick. Phyllis said she was no saint. Amanda didn’t judge, but she wondered how long ago this happened. Phyllis said it was a while ago, and she got pregnant with Summer, and at the time, Phyllis didn’t know if her baby was Jack or Nick’s. Amanda didn’t know all the details, but objectively, it sounded like Phyllis had a deep connection with Jack. Amanda said Jack had been a huge part of Phyllis’s life all these years and they still cared about each other despite their rocky past. Amanda asked if Phyllis considered the possibility that Jack was more than a friend. Amanda said maybe Phyllis never fully got over Jack.

When Abby and Nick returned to the Chancellor house, Devon was there. Abby took the baby upstairs to be changed. A concerned Nick confided to Devon that Abby was so preoccupied by thoughts of Chance that she didn’t even hear Dominic crying.

Chloe and Sally ran into Michael at Crimson Lights. He asked Chloe if she, Kevin in the kids were still coming to his and Lauren’s place for dinner. Chloe said they’d be there. She also decided to pick up some of Lauren’s favorite pie, and Michael said that was a good idea. He left. Sally was miffed that Lauren was forgiving Chloe and not Sally. She moaned that she was never on the receiving end of forgiveness. Chloe told Sally to give the self-pity a rest. Chloe said that she and Lauren were family, and that made their relationship different than Sally’s relationship with Lauren. Chloe stated that, like Sally, she’d been on the outside looking in, and she’d run the gamut when it came to causing trouble, from small schemes to disturbed vengeful behavior. Chloe made the decision to stop, and she did. Sally insisted that she’d stopped too, and that the wedding dress for Victoria was all for a good cause. Chloe told Sally to focus on the good things in her life and what she stood to lose if she didn’t change and to stop complaining and blaming others for the situation that Sally got herself into. Sally said she heard Chloe.

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