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Recap written by Christine

Adam and Victor were in their office at Newman Media. Adam got a call from his source, informing him that Billy hadn’t left ChancComm. The call ended, and Adam told Victor that Billy was probably trying to come up with an elaborate plan. and convince Lily that he plan was airtight. Victor was a bit disappointed in Lily, as he didn’t expect her to go along with Billy’s scheme. He thought that Neil’s daughter would have more sense. Adam thought that Lily was smarter than Billy. That was why he offered her a job when ChancComm fell apart, which she declined. Victor said Lily would regret that soon.

Sally walked up to Adam and Victor’s closed office and pressed her ear against the door. Inside, Victor asked what deadline Billy gave them. 6 o’clock, Adam said. Adam wondered if Victor wanted him to play along with Billy’s ultimatum and call to “negotiate.” Victor didn’t think that was necessary, but Adam thought it’d be fun to get his hopes up. Victor said they’d be hearing from Billy soon. Outside, Sally had her mouth open after listening in. “What’s going on?,” Ashley asked. Sally jumped, realizing she wasn’t alone. Ashley asked if Sally heard something juicy. Sally pretended she wasn’t eavesdropping and said she was just waiting for Adam to finish his meeting with Victor so he could sign off on some paperwork. Ashley said she had something to discuss with Victor, so Sally should go elsewhere. Sally left.

Ashley entered the office and wanted to speak with Victor alone. Ashley was cool toward Adam. Adam was sorry about Chance, and the only reason he hadn’t gone to see Abby was that he didn’t want to upset her. Ashley said she’d pass on his condolences, and he left. Nina told Ashley about Abby’s plans to go to Spain and how Victoria talked her out of it. Victor already knew. Ashley was concerned that, now that Abby was moving toward acceptance, she’d be crushed by her grief.

Lily and Billy were at ChancComm. She asked if he’d heard from Victor or Adam. He hadn’t, which didn’t surprise him. “I know what Adam is thinking. This is a classic poker game. He thinks that I’m bluffing. He doesn’t think that we have Gaines or the letter that implicates Ashland,” Billy said. Billy thought that Adam was panicking right now, and Billy was a step ahead of him. Billy wasn’t sure that Adam told Victor that ChancComm had the goods on Ashland. Lily said that Victor definitely didn’t know, because if he did, he would’ve sent Victoria over to stop Billy. Lily was surprised Adam hadn’t already done that. Billy assumed Adam was trying to locate Gaines, who Adam thought was on a beach somewhere counting his money. Billy was about to contact Adam, but Lily stopped him, and he was confused because she said she was on board with the plan. Lily initially supported the plan because she was worked up after seeing Adam, but now that she’d calmed down and thought about it, she felt it was a bad idea.

Billy recognized that Lily didn’t like the idea of using someone’s past against them. Lily especially didn’t like doing that to the stepfather of Billy’s children. Billy said they weren’t going to reveal Ashland’s past – Billy made a promise to Victoria, and he planned to be a man of his word. Lily said Victor and Adam expected Billy to break his promise. Billy knew that, and he planned to use it to his advantage. Lily didn’t want to work with someone as disloyal as Gaines. She said they could deal with the Newmans themselves. He pointed out that her attempt to talk to Victoria about that didn’t go well. Lily admitted she didn’t have all the answers. However, she believed in the company and thought it could withstand whatever was thrown at them. He didn’t want the Newmans to throw anything at ChancComm. He wanted to strike first. She was concerned that Billy pressuring the Newmans would make them come at ChancComm even harder. He thought Lily was underestimating how badly the Newmans wanted to protect Ashland’s reputation and in turn, Newman’s reputation. Billy said Locke couldn’t be charged with his past crimes, but if the truth came out, he’d be opened up to a slew of lawsuits, and in turn, make Newman Media vulnerable. Lily conceded that point, and she added that it wouldn’t be good for Harrison to grow up with that kind of legacy. Billy said Adam and Victor would do everything they could to avoid that. Lily asked what about Gaines. Billy was confident that he could control Gaines. “Like you did in Tuscany?,” Lily countered, and Billy said that was just a misunderstanding. He was going to go see Gaines right now. Lily wanted to go too, and Billy didn’t think that was a good idea. Devon showed up, and Billy seized the opportunity to leave Lily behind.

Devon asked Lily if something was going on, and she said everything was fine – sometimes she and Billy had differing views on the company. Devon confided that Chance may have died. Devon wasn’t sure how to help Abby. Earlier today, Abby was planning to drop everything and fly to the site of the bombing to search for Chance, and she’d almost convinced Nina that it was a good idea. Lily thought that was so sad, irrational and dangerous. Devon had a problem with the irriational thinking because you couldn’t be irrational when you had a child. He said that Mariah was there, and instead of convincing Abby to do the right thing, she offered to stay behind and watch Dominic. Lily knew about Mariah’s struggles with regard to the baby. Devon said that Mariah was making progress, then something like this happened. Lily asked if Mariah was using the crisis to get close to the baby. Devon said Mariah wasn’t doing it on purpose – she saw that the baby was distressed, and she thought she was the best one to help him. Devon said the baby could sense the tension in the house. He’d been trying to help by taking the baby out for an hour or two, but then Dominic was being returned to the stressful situation. Lily said that Abby could up her nanny’s hours. Devon said that didn’t solve the problem of the baby being around that kind of energy. He was wondering if Dominic should be moved out of the house until things stabilized.

Lily asked if Devon was ready to take on a baby long term. Devon said absolutely, because he knew he would have a lot of help. Devon didn’t know how to bring it up to Abby without making it sound like she couldn’t take care of her own child. Lily thought it sounded like Deovn had doubts about that. Devon had zero doubts about Abby’s ability to be a parent, but he just thought she might be able to heal properly without having a kid 24/7. He said that Abby was already stressed out by single motherhood before Chance died. Devon acknowledged that Abby would have to agree in order for this to happen, because he had no legal say in what happened to Dominic, and that didn’t change with Chance being gone. Lily thought that Devon should talk to Abby about it. Devon was glad he came to see Lily, one of the smartest people he knew.

Rey bumped into Billy at Crimson Lights and asked how his investigation was going. Billy said it fizzled out. Rey was surprised, since Billy had been so determined to prove Adam was responsible for that guy going missing. Billy admitted he’d been wrong, and Rey asked how he could be so sure – did the guy turn up? Billy said no. Billy said he was just getting a little crazy thinking that Adam was capable of doing something that extreme. “You don’t think Adam Newman is capable of abducting someone?,” a skeptical Rey asked. Billy said maybe in the old days, but now Adam was building a new life, and he wouldn’t jeopardize it for a nobody. Sharon brought Billy his double order, and she thought it was for him and Lily. Billy said it was actually for a writer who was working on a big story. Billy left. Rey said that Billy wasn’t as good a liar as he thought he was. Sharon assumed this was about Adam, and she asked if Billy was making wild accusations about him. Rey said Billy was just defending Adam. Sharon thought that was strange.

Billy visited Gaines and said they had to discuss their options. Gaines stated that he fought his way here to take down Ashland. That was the only option. Billy said they had to be smart. Billy explained that, because he brought Gaines to Tuscany, the Newmans were going after ChancComm. Billy had good employees that he didn’t want to see lose their livelihood. Gaines thought that the Newmans got to Billy, and now he was on their side. When Billy said he and Gaines were on the same team, Gaines asked if Billy was going to expose Locke or not. Billy stated that there was more to consider. Gaines said he knew he shouldn’t have trusted Billy. Gaines said he didn’t need Billy or the letter – he’d find someone in the news media who had the guts to publish the story. “The Newmans will still be after you and you will have missed the biggest story of your life. Stupid move, Abbott,” Gaines said. Billy was sure Gaines could find someone else to publish the story, but who would defend Gaines when Victor went after him? Billy said he could protect Gaines. Gaines stated that he’d been waiting half his life to take Locke down. “I get that. But what’s a few more days?,” Billy asked.

Billy asked Gaines why he held onto the letter for so long without exposing Ashland. Gaines said he was waiting for the right time. Billy said that by waiting, Gaines maximized his value, because Ashland tied his fortune to the Newmans and to Newman Enterprises when he married Victoria and they merged their companies. Billy said that both entities would pay to keep the letter secret long after Ashland was dead. Billy said once the letter came out, Gaines wouldn’t have anything else to negotiate with. Withholding he letter was a superpower, said Billy. Billy needed Gaines to use that superpower to protect Billy and ChancComm. Billy said they could hold that letter over Victor’s head for a long time. In the meantime, Billy would keep Gaines safe and living far away from this mess. Billy said Victor didn’t like Gaines, and Ashland was dying, so there would be no one to pay Gaines’s bills. Billy understood that Gaines wanted to humiliate Ashland, but was that fleeting moment of satisfaction worth throwing everything else away? Billy added that Ashland would spend his last days in a private hell, worrying that Gaines was going to expose him. Gaines did like the sound of that.

Back at Newman Media, Ashley had left, so Adam returned and asked if anything happened with Abby. Victor said she was struggling, and he felt for her. Victor would do anything in his power to help. Adam said it took awhile to come to terms with losing someone you loved. Adam got a video from Gaines, and he played it for Victor. Gaines crowed about being back, while drinking a cup of coffee. Gaines held the cup in a way that prominently displayed the Crimson Lights logo. Gaines said he still had Camilla Rhodes’ letter – the one the Newmans took in Italy was a copy. Gaines said Billy was keeping the letter safe. The camera panned over to Billy, who waved. Gaines said that the Newmans should be grateful because if it weren’t for Billy, the letter would be front page news right now. Gaines wanted the whole world to know that Ashland started his business with fraud, and that was what would happen unless Gaines did what Billy told him to. Victor seemed amused by the whole thing, and Adam looked unfazed.

Back at the hotel, Billy was on cloud nine. He imagined that Adam was freaking out right now. Gaines didn’t care about any of that, he just wanted to make sure he got paid and got safe passage to his new life, where he could live in anonymous comfort for the rest of his days. Adam texted Billy. “Nice try. Futile attempt but I enjoyed watching you work so hard” it said. Billy and Gaines weren’t sure what to think. Billy said to stay here and not to answer the door for anyone.

Billy went back to work and told Lily what happened. Billy said it was like Adam was daring him to expose Ashland’s past. Billy didn’t understand – were Ashland and Adam somehow enemies now? Lily didn’t think so. She noted that Ashland was married into the family now. “Adam was not threatened by our threat in the least. And I don’t understand what’s going on but we need to figure it out and fast,” Billy said, just as Rey walked in and asked what happened.

Ashley went to Crimson Lights and talked with Sharon about Abby. Ashley didn’t think Abby was ready to seek therapy, but if that changed, she’d let Sharon know. Devon called and arranged to meet Ashley at the coffeehouse. Sally ran into Ashley and tried to do an impromptu interview with her. She thought that Newman Media’s readers would love to know about the cosmetics industry, and who better to ask that a renowned cosmetic chemist. Ashley said she was meeting someone, and Sally said she’d be quick. “I don’t want to be rude, but hell no,” Ashley said. Sally asked why. Ashley didn’t like what Sally did to Kyle and Summer. Ashley added that Sally hurt her brother. Sally countered that Kyle and Summer were thriving, and Jack was over it, so Ashley should be too. Ashley said Sally’s boss wasn’t her favorite person, and she’d let Adam explain why. Sally decided not to bother asking Adam, since Ashley seemed like she liked to hold grudges. Finally, Ashley wasn’t in the mood to listen to Sally and answer a bunch of stupid questions for a puff piece. Sally had hoped to build a bridge between Jabot and Newman, and she thought it’d be good for both companies, but now she wondered why she even wanted to get back in the Abbott’s good graces.

Sally left, and Devon arrived to talk to Ashley. Ashley was so glad Abby had Devon. She thought he understood what Abby was going through better than anyone. Devon wanted to help more, but he didn’t want to overstep or offend anyone. Devon thought Dominic should stay with him for a short time until Abby was herself. Ashley said that was a sweet offer. She stated that Abby was struggling, but her friends and family were rallying around her, and she had the nanny too. Devon’s concern was that everyone, except the nanny was grieving Chance too. Devon said Dominic was absorbing the negative emotions, crying more than he had before, his schedules were all off whack. Devon was concerned about the long term effects. Ashley said they’d keep an eye on it, but they shouldn’t deprive Dominic of his mommy, because this mother-child bond they were creating was so important. Ashley said that the child would help Abby heal. Devon saw Ashley’s point, and he thought it was a good one. He just hoped it was right.

Back at Newman Media, Adam’s contact let him know Billy was in the office. Sally opened the office door just as Adam said it was time to pull the trigger and blow this thing wide open.

At her home, Abby held the crying Dominic and begged him to take a nap. Nina walked in and offered to take Dominic or call the nanny. Abby insisted that she could handle it. Although he’d just eaten, she asked Nina to bring a bottle. Nina returned with the bottle. Abby said she didn’t know what she’d do without Nina’s help. Nina offered to feed the baby. “I can feed my son,” Abby stated. She said she’d been doing this for months now, and the news about Chance didn’t change that. Abby rocked Dominic and told him they were in this together. Abby got the baby to sleep and put him in his bassinet. Nina was glad that Abby and Dominic could rest, but Abby said she had to look in at the restaurant. Nina suggested Devon could do that. Abby said he’d already done so much – everyone had, and she hated it. She was sorry for how that sounded, but accepting so much help made her feel weak. She said that wasn’t who Chance fell in love with, and he’d expect more from her. Nina assured Abby that Chance wouldn’t want them to hide their feelings. Abby said she’d been putting so much off, like calling everyone who loved Chance, such as Jill. Abby couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Nina already told Jill and Phillip. Abby was sorry for shirking her responsibility. Nina pointed to Dominic and said that was Abby’s responsibility. Nina knew Chance would want her to lighten Abby’s load. Abby bet Phillip and Jill were devastated. Nina said they were, and they handled it differently – Phillip got very quiet about the loss of his son, and Jill had wanted to jump on a plane and take charge. Nina said Jill had a lot of loss, and she’d always found a way to keep going. Nina got a text from Christine saying to call her. Nina lied and told Abby it was her agent. She stepped out. Abby saw the anti-anxiety pills Nate prescribed her. She took a pill from the bottle and stared at it.

Later, Abby was sleeping on the couch. Dominic was wracked by deep sobs, but Abby didn’t wake up. Abby talked in her sleep. “Where is he? Where’s my baby?,” she mumbled. Abby snapped awake and saw Nina holding the baby. Abby heard Dominic crying in her sleep. Nina said he was just gassy, but he was okay now. Abby said that she took a pill Nate prescribed her, and it knocked her out, and she wasn’t there when Dominic needed her. Nina thought it was good for Abby to rest. Nina said taking care of a baby wasn’t a one-person job, and she was here to help. It was what grandmothers were for. Abby said that Dominic had been spending so much time with other people lately that he might not even know who his mother was. Nina said of course he did – he adored Abby. “I don’t think I can do this,” Abby admitted.

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