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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Phyllis ran into each other at Society and an awkward conversation ensued. Both of them said they were doing well, and then talk turned to Summer, who needed to be informed that her parents had split. Phyllis said she’d take care of it, unless Nick wanted to give Summer other news. He asked what news, and she told him that Chance was thought to have been killed. Phyllis was sorry – she thought Nick knew. Jack was on his way into the restaurant when he looked in the window and saw Nick and Phyllis.

Phyllis had assumed Nick knew about Chance and that he didn’t tell her because they were having problems. Nick was dejected because he’d been kept out of the loop. Phyllis understood why Abby didn’t tell anyone, but she didn’t get why the rest of Nick’s family didn’t tell him what was going on with his sister. She decided not to touch that subject, though. Nick said that wasn’t what mattered now, and Phyllis agreed that what mattered was Abby. Nick said Abby must be devastated. Phyllis was there if Nick needed to talk. He decided to leave. Jack said hi to Nick, who ignored him and left. Jack joined Phyllis. She lamented that Nick couldn’t get away from her fast enough, which she saw as confirmation that they were through.

Jack offered friendship to Phyllis. She said she could use a friend as long as they focused on positive things and didn’t talk about Nick. She said The Grand Phoenix was doing so well that she was going to put a juice bar by the rooftop pool. She broke down crying, and he told her that she could show her true emotions around him. She said she and Nick were doomed from the start. She had reservations, and she let Nick talk her into it. She wished she’d followed her gut instead of falling into this trap again.

Phyllis said Nick would never change because his family wouldn’t allow it. She said the Newmans kept secrets from Nick, and Victor twisted things around, but Nick would always go running back to Mom and Dad. Phyllis couldn’t take that viper’s nest of a family anymore. She said it was the Newman’s loss and Nick’s loss. She stated that the Newmans ate their own. Phyllis realized she broke the rule about not talking abut Nick, and Jack laughed and said she smashed it to smithereens. Phyllis thought Jack should be afraid instead of laughing. He wasn’t afraid because he knew how hard she loved and that she loved to win. “Losing your connection to Nick at the same time as somehow feeling that you failed is not a good combination for you,” he said. Phyllis called herself a failure. Jack said he and Phyllis broke up, but he’d never say they shouldn’t have tried – this was life. He started to deliver a pep talk about how loving and losing people was natural, but she didn’t want to hear it. He told her to hold on, because he wasn’t finished.

Phyllis hoped this inspirational talk took a brighter turn soon. All Jack was trying to say was that despite the pain and regret, this wasn’t a mistake, not the trying, loving or breaking up. Phyllis called herself a complete and utter failure. Jack contended that it was just an ending and it wasn’t an indictment of her or Nick. He said that love with someone who wanted the best for you was never a mistake, and in the end, it brought you more than it cost you. She wanted more assurance that she wasn’t a failure or an idiot for falling for Nick again. Jack assured Phyllis that she was no failure and no idiot. Phyllis said she was older and wiser, or at least older, so it wouldn’t be as hard this time. He promised her she’d be happy again. They clinked glasses.

Lily was at Crimson Lights when Sharon approached to apologize for the way she acted the last time they talked. Sharon was frustrated with Billy’s wild accusations against Adam, but she regretted demanding that Lily reel him in. Lily felt like Sharon was offering a half-apology. Lily didn’t think Billy’s accusations were all that wild. Sharon hoped Billy didn’t suck Lily into his never-ending vendetta against Adam. Lily snapped that she just saw Adam, and he was the one with the never-ending vendetta who needed reining in. Lily left. Nick arrived, and Sharon recalled that the last time she saw him, he said he was going to get some alone time. She asked if that was productive. It was – it helped him accept that he and Phyllis were over, and he thought Phyllis accepted it too. He accepted a lot of the blame for the end of the relationship. He felt bad for Phyllis, because she seemed like she was really hurting. It wasn’t easy for him either, but he wasn’t going to wallow in heartbreak. Sharon said good, because he shouldn’t.

Nick came to buy some little cinnamon cakes. Abby’s favorite. Sharon adopted a knowing look, and Nick realized she knew. He asked who told her, and she said Mariah called. Sharon spent some time with Abby, and she was having a very difficult time. Nick hoped Abby understood why he hadn’t come by to see her. He said no one in his family bothered to tell him about this. It was just another example of Victor controlling the narrative, Nick said. Nick decided he needed to stop making this about Victor and focus on helping Abby. He appreciated Sharon visiting his sister. Sharon pointedly said grief could be so tricky, and it was difficult for anyone to navigate. Nick appreciated the concern, but if Sharon was implying he was grief-stricken over his relationship with Phyllis, he could assure her that wasn’t the case. If anything, he felt a little foolish, like he mistook chemistry for something more permanent. She didn’t think he should beat himself up over it, since the two were easily confused. He thanked her for not saying “I told you so” about Phyllis, at least not to his face. She hoped he didn’t think she was feeling smug about his breakup. He knew that wasn’t her style. She said maybe now that he wasn’t around Phyllis’s unfortunate animosity toward his family, he could get back on track with them. Nick wanted that to happen, but given what Victor was up to right now, Nick didn’t see it getting better.

At Newman Media, Billy told Adam that he had the original letter from Camilla Rhodes that proved Ashland stole her fortune – the one he used to build his empire which spawned the company they were standing in right now. “And wouldn’t it be a shame to see that all come crumbling to the ground,” Billy said. Adam seemed unfazed. Putting his feet up on the desk, Adam pointed out that it’d be hard to prove a crime from the last century. Besides, the statute of limitations ran out. Billy conceded that it might be too late for Ashland to be criminally prosecuted, but the revelation would damage Ashland’s reputation as well as Newman Media’s. Billy said Newman Media was built on lies, and who’d trust a media outlet like that? Not to mention the civil suits and the personal hell that would rain down on Ashland for lining his pockets with stolen charity money. Adam noted that Billy seemed pleased with the damage he could do with this so-called evidence. Billy was feeling generous, and he said he wouldn’t publish the story if Adam, Victor and Ashland ceased operations of attacking ChancComm. Adam stood up and said no. Adam thought Billy’s threat was nothing more than a sad bluff from a desperate man.

Billy thought Adam needed to talk to Victor and Ashland before making a stupid decision. Adam said that Billy had a chance to reveal everything in Tuscany, but he wisely chose to restrain himself, and he even deleted the video. Adam said he and Victor had the letter, and they’d destroyed it. Billy countered that they destroyed a convincing looking copy, but Billy had the real thing. Billy said he had Gaines too, and he was even more pissed after he got manhandled in Tuscany. Adam didn’t buy it. He thought Gaines was on a beach somewhere counting his money. “If Jesse Gaines is sitting on a beach counting his money, how do you think I know that he was locked in a wine cellar of a Tuscan farmhouse?,” Billy asked. Billy said that he could make good on every threat he leveled today, and unless Adam wanted to risk upsetting Daddy and watching his company be trashed all over the internet, he’d better make the right choice. Billy gave Adam until 6:00 PM to make his choice, or the story would go wide.

Lily and Billy were at work, and he told her about his talk with Adam. Billy wanted Adam to surrender and accept defeat, but he wouldn’t bet on that happening. He said things were about to get interesting.

At the main house, Nikki recounted her conversation with Adam to Victoria. Nikki said Adam told her he had no idea that the attack plan was putting stress on Ashland – it was just business, and Adam had no intention of hurting Ashland or Nikki’s grandchildren. Victoria said Ashland assured her that the children wouldn’t be affected. Victor came home and Nikki asked how Abby was. Victor said she was teetering between acceptance and denial, and she was determined to do something risky. Victor announced that Abby wanted to fly to the site of the explosion and look for traces of Chance. Victor was going to go back to Abby’s as soon as he could. Nikki wanted Victor to get some rest first. She pointed out that Abby had Ashley, Nina and Devon with her. Victoria was going over too, before she and Ashland left for Peru. Victor said to say hi to Ashland for him. Victor asked Victoria to try and talk Abby out of her plan.

After Victoria was gone, Adam called Victor. After they talked about Abby, talk turned to the plan. Adam said that Billy came by and acted just as Adam suspected he would. Nikki walked into the living room, so Victor said he and Adam would have this discussion in person. Adam told Victor about Nikki’s visit. Victor said he’d handle it, and the call ended. Victor asked Nikki about her talk with Adam, and she expressed concerns about the toll it was taking on Ashland. She didn’t come to Victor because he was busy with Abby. Victor said to rest assured that he and Adam would finish to project without Ashland’s support. However, he said there was no way anything or anyone would stop them from carrying out the plan.

Victor went to Newman Media. Adam asked if there was anything he could do for Victor, who’d lost Chance. Victor knew it must affect Adam too, since Adam and Chance were friends. Adam said he saved Chance’s life in Vegas, and then Chance took a bullet for him in Genoa City. Victor said the person who was responsible for Chance’s death would pay. Adam wanted to be part of that. Adam knew Victor had a fleet of investigators on Chance’s case, but he said they also had some pressing business to finish here at home. Victor knew what Adam meant – they had to take care of Billy Boy.

At the Chancellor house, Abby thought it was generous of Mariah to offer to watch Dominic while Abby went to look for Chance, but it wasn’t necessary. Abby said she had plenty of people to watch him. Nina said no plans had been nailed down yet. Abby yelled that her mind was made up – she was determined to go look for Chance. She said at least Mariah was on her side. Devon said there were no sides – they all hoped Chance was alive, but this was about life and death and Abby doing something stupid. He said they weren’t going to let Dominic risk losing his mother. He asked her to take a breath and walk this through. Abby groaned that she already did, and she’d been planning to ask Devon to watch the baby while she was gone, but it was fine if he wasn’t willing to do that, because she had plenty of family and friends who’d watch him. Devon said he’d do anything to protect Dominic, but he wanted Abby to do the same thing. “Do you not see how flying off to look for Chance is not in [Dominic’s] best interest at all?,” Devon asked. Abby was tired of arguing and wasting precious time. Devon said they weren’t wasting time, because the State Department was looking for Chance right now. Nina said she had questions, just like Abby, but Christine persuaded her to trust the State Department. Abby was fed up with the State Department because they sent Chance on the dangerous mission in the first place.

Mariah understood where Abby was coming from. She reiterated that she was willing to move in for Dominic’s sake, as Devon looked exasperated. Victoria showed up and hugged Nina and Abby. Abby asked for a moment with her sister, so the others left the room. Abby asked Victoria to let her use the jet. Victoria echoed Devon, Nina and Christine’s concerns about Abby’s plan to travel to Spain. Abby maintained that nobody was more determined to find Chance than she was. Victoria was sorry, but she wasn’t going to let Abby use the jet, because this wasn’t a good idea. “I’ll call Dad. He’ll let me use the jet,” Abby said. Victoria clarified that Victor didn’t want Abby going to Spain either. Abby demanded to know why they were all fighting her on this. “Them, I can understand. But you, you are my sister. You’re supposed to be on my side!,” Abby yelled. Victoria was on Abby’s side, and that’s why she was saying no. Abby felt that Victoria, of all people, should understand how important this was, since she was also looking the death of her husband in the face. Abby said Victoria was fighting to keep Ashland alive, no matter the costs or the risks, and Abby wanted to do the same for Chance. Victoria suggested that, in Abby’s heart, she knew there was nothing to fight for. Victoria and Abby were both in tears. Victoria didn’t want to say this, but she thought Abby needed to hear it. Victoria suggested that going to the site of the explosion would only compound the hurt. Abby wanted to go there to end the pain. Victoria knew that day was coming for her too – she would lose Ashland, and when that happened, she’d want her family around to support her and hold her up no matter what. Victoria thought Abby needed to be home so that the family could wrap her up in their arms. Victoria opened her arms, and Abby rushed into the hug.

Devon, Nina and Mariah were huddled in a hallway. He wanted to find a way to stop Abby from taking the trip. Nina wasn’t sure there was anything they could do. Mariah worried about the baby, who was probably absorbing all these emotions. She wanted to go check on him, and Nina said not to, because she’d just gotten him to sleep. Mariah decided to go run some errands just in case she needed to come back later. She left. Nina didn’t think it was a good idea for Mariah to move in, given her attachment to the baby. Devon agreed that it was a horrible idea. Dominic started crying. It broke Nina’s heart to think of what that poor child lost. They went upstairs.

Mariah went home and brought Tessa up to speed. Tessa asked if Mariah really thought it was a good idea to move in and care for Dominic. Mariah said she was just moving in because it was an emergency. Tessa was concerned that Mariah would lose the progress she’d made if she took on full time care of Dominic. “Just when I think that we’re in sync again, you say something like that,” Mariah sighed. Tessa didn’t want to fight. Mariah just wanted to make sure Dominic was okay.

Devon and Nina took the baby to the park. They worried for Abby. Devon thought Abby was being erratic. Nina was also concerned by the massive mood swings Abby was exhibiting. Devon didn’t get how Abby went from seeming to accept the truth to wanting to leave her child behind and fly out to prove Chance was alive. Nina knew how Abby felt. It was taking everything Nina had not to jump on an overseas flight. She wanted to hold her son and look in his eyes. Devon knew it was the worst feeling in the world to know you’d never see someone again. Nina wanted to tell Chance that the son he and Abby dreamed of was here. Nina said losing a child was so unfair. Nina realized Devon understood, and she apologized and acknowledged he’d lost a wife and a child he never got to meet. He said his experience didn’t compare to being left a single parent with a little baby to raise. Nina said that it was a mistake for her to consider going to Spain with Abby, but at the moment, it seemed like the right thing. All these months of waiting for it to end this way, and it was no wonder Abby was bouncing around through the stages of grief. Nina said that it was real – Chance’s death was real. Nina and Devon hugged.

Nina and Devon brought the baby home, and he started crying. Abby took him, but she couldn’t get him to quiet down, so Nina took him back. Abby broke down crying. Devon quietly talked to Victoria, who thought she’d gotten through to Abby, but Victoria said Abby was furious with her. Devon hoped Victoria had talked Abby out of the trip. He said Abby was entitled to have mood swings, but it was a problem when they happened around the baby like this. Victoria didn’t disagree, but she thought Abby had a long way to go. Nina wasn’t able to soothe Dominic, so he and Abby were both sobbing.

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