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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Amanda were at home. He said Ashley didn’t think it was necessary to move Dominic out of the Chancellor house. Ashley felt that there was enough support for Dominic in the home, and that it was important for Abby and Dominic to keep building on their mother/child bond. Devon saw Ashley’s point, but he was still concerned. He was thinking of organizing a meeting between Nina, Victor and Ashley to discuss the best ways to protect Dominic while looking out for Abby. Devon understood how Ashley felt, but he wanted to hear Nina and Victor’s thoughts too. In light of recent events, Amanda thought it might be a good time to revisit the paternity and surrogacy contracts. Devon didn’t want to overstep. Amanda asked him to hear her out. She said legally, he had no right to decide where the baby lived or who took care of him, but here he was trying to assemble the grandparents and hatch a plan for Abby and the baby. She said if anything happened to Abby, custody of Dominic would shift to Ashley or Victor. Amanda asked if Devon wanted to change that. “If anything happened to Abby, would you, as the child’s biological father want to be able to petition for custody of Dominic?,” Amanda asked.

Devon didn’t want to revisit the surrogacy contract – Dominic was Chance and Abby’s child, and Devon had all the confidence in the world in Abby as a parent and as a friend. Amanda accepted this. Amanda hoped she didn’t overstep. Devon knew Amanda was just looking out for him. He also knew this situation resonated with her. She admitted that testifying brought up a lot of feelings she’d thought she’d dealt with. She said her father wanted her, but he died before he even saw her face. Devon said Dominic would have the same legacy. Amanda stated that Dominic would always know his biological father, and that was priceless.

Amanda met Naya at Society. Naya wanted to talk without anyone in the family around. Naya said Imani told her about Amanda’s testimony against Sutton. Amanda hoped Naya could forgive her some day. Naya wasn’t angry. On the contrary, she was proud of her daughter’s bravery. Naya raised a glass to Amanda. “For taking a stand against a man who controlled my life for so long and for getting justice on behalf of your father,” Naya said. Amanda had been worried Naya would be angry with her for testifying. Naya said Amanda did the right thing. Amanda hoped Imani didn’t give Naya all the gory details. Naya knew everything. Naya said Amanda did what nobody else in the family could – she stood up to the great Sutton Ames. Amanda guessed it was easier for her because she didn’t have a lifelong connection to him. Naya apologized for abandoning Amanda and not being a mother to her and Hilary. Amanda said they didn’t have to do this, but Naya said she did. Naya felt blessed and undeserving. “Not only did you let me into your life, you stood up for me. You spoke out for me when I couldn’t speak out for myself. And now you’re taking Sutton head on,” Naya said. Amanda called herself a trouble maker, and Naya said Amanda caused good trouble. Naya said it would’ve been easy for Amanda to turn her back on the family, but she fought for justice for her father. “You were fearless. You fought for justice for your father. The father you never met because of me,” Naya said. Amanda didn’t blame Naya, since Sutton made her give the twins away. Naya couldn’t let Sutton take all the blame. Naya admitted she wasn’t a fighter, like Amanda, and she’d agreed to give up her babies. Naya said Amanda opened her heart to her. Naya wanted to be around for a long time to get to know her incredible daughter.

Naya wanted to spend more time with Amanda. She wished Imani could be here too, but there was more time for that when Amanda and Imani opened their office. Naya wanted to introduce Amanda to a friend who was an interior designer who could help with the office. Naya was happy about Amanda and Imani starting a business on their own and being beholden to no one. Amanda said that Naya could’ve done the same thing if Sutton hadn’t controlled her entire life. Amanda asserted that Naya wasn’t the same person she was when they first met. Amanda added that Naya was courageous and her own woman. Naya felt that was thanks to Amanda, who changed Naya and changed them all. Naya admitted the family lost so much over the last year, but they gained more than Naya could imagine. They hugged.

At the Chancellor house, Abby and Nina watched Dominic sleep. Abby thanked Nina for being so wonderful to her and the baby. Nina was happy to be here, loving Abby and Dominic was a wonderful distraction for her. Abby wanted to scream and cry, but if she couldn’t control herself how could she be the mom her baby needed. Nina said no one expected Abby to take care of the baby all by herself while dealing with a terrible loss. Abby acknowledged Nina lost Chance too, and Nina burst into tears. Abby asked Nina to forgive her for not giving Nina the space she needed to grieve. Nina admitted she hadn’t fully accepted Chance’s death either. Nina confessed that she’d desperately wanted to get on the plane with Abby to search for Chance. However, she knew she and Abby needed to stay here and protect Chance’s little boy. Nina was just trying to get through the next thirty seconds and trying to help Abby and Dominic. Abby inferred that Nina was calling her weak. Abby thanked Nina for the wake-up call and Abby said she needed to get it together for her baby. Nina clarified that she thought Abby had been incredibly strong through all of this. She didn’t think Abby should put too much pressure on herself.

Nina thought that she and Abby needed to lean on each other. Abby didn’t want to be a burden. Nina said that Abby wouldn’t be a burden. Nina said Abby had her, Victor, Ashley, Devon, Tessa and Mariah. Devon let himself in, and he hoped they didn’t mind. Nina said that Devon was family. Devon wanted to talk to Abby, so Nina took the baby upstairs for his bath. Abby heard the sweet way Nina spoke to the baby as she left the room. Abby wished she could be sweet and loving and light like Nina, who found joy in the smallest things. “Nina smiles at Don and right now all I can give him are my tears,” Abby said.

Devon said Moses had him listen to a friend’s demo. Moses had talked up the demo, but Devon thought it was awful. Devon chuckled, but Abby went on and on about how sad it was that Moses’s friend put all this time and energy into something only to get his hopes and dreams crushed. “He had an idea of what his life was gonna look like and now all of that has been ripped out from under him,” she stated. Devon put it into perspective and said Moses’s friend was a kid – he’d have enough time to find his real talent and have a great life. Abby appreciated the distraction, but she wanted to get to the real reason Devon came. He came to check on her. Abby said couldn’t sleep, so she took one of the pills Nate prescribed her. She slept through Dominic crying for her. She had no idea how long he’d cried. She woke up and felt like a failure. She felt selfish, then of course, she broke down again. She was glad Nina was here. Devon said Abby wasn’t a failure. He said she needed to grieve Chance properly, and no one expected that to be easy for her. He assured her she wasn’t alone.

Devon said when he lost Hilary, his whole world went dark. The same thing happened when Neil died. Abby likened it to being in a pit and not being able to raise your arms to grab the hands of the people trying to pull you out. Devon said he went down a dark path due to the grief, and he had panic attacks. Abby said she wouldn’t do that because her son was depending on her. Devon knew Abby would get through this with the love and support of her friends and family. He wished he’d turned to his loved ones sooner instead of thinking he cold do it by himself. He said she was lucky to have so many people who wanted to help, and he said it was okay to fall apart. She thought Chance would want her to be strong. Devon said there was no right or wrong way to grieve, and there was no timeline. He knew Chance would want her to feel whatever she needed to feel. Abby said her son was her number one priority, and she had to put him above anything she was going through.

Abby was alone with Dominic. She said this was his first lesson that the world wasn’t fair. All she felt was pain and emptiness that wouldn’t go away. The man she loved more than anything in the world was gone. She wondered if she’d feel this way forever. Dominic started to cry, and Abby tried walking him around the room trying to calm him down. After awhile, she put him back in his bassinet and let him cry. Eventually, they both fell asleep.

Devon and Amanda met up at home. She told him that things with Naya went way better than she expected. Amanda said this wasn’t the first time Naya apologized, but this time was so deep and real. Amanda said she was going into practice with her little sister, she was someone’s daughter now and she was dating this incredible man. It was a strange new world for her. He said he got a better sense of where Abby’s mind was tonight. Later, Devon was alone downstairs. Abby and the baby showed up on his doorstep. “You’re right. I can’t do this alone,” she said.

Sally entered Adam’s office just as he said that it was time to blow this thing wide open. He ended the call and told her he was tired of her barging into his office. She sensed something major was about to go down. He said what happened in this office was none of her business, but she disagreed, because she worked there. She thought this had something to do with Victor and Adam’s desire to do damage to Billy and ChancComm. He asked why she cared. She said her newly relaunched fashion career was hanging in the balance. He felt that she was being too dramatic and making this all about herself. She said that if Newman Media went away, her job would disappear, and she couldn’t go through that again. She finally found her place, and she was terrified it was all about to disappear. He said he’d never let that happen. She was sorry for barging in, but she’d rather speak up than stay silent and watch her dreams go up in flames. He promised she had nothing to worry about. She challenged him to prove it.

Adam didn’t think he needed to prove himself to Sally. Sally said she needed assurances. He stated that he gave her a job, he helped her get her dress on Victoria, and he stood up for her when people told him to walk away. Sally noted that she’d done the same for Adam, and that was why she thought he should let her in on whatever this plan was. He told her to stay in her lane and focus on the fashion platform and let him handle the business. She said they both knew Billy wouldn’t go anywhere without a fight. He said that Newman Media was untouchable, and she was safe. In fact, Newman Media was going to be better and stronger soon. He admitted something was going down, and it was going to happen quickly. He told her to take a deep breath and focus on the fashion platform and to trust him.

Lily and Billy wanted to know what Rey was doing at ChancComm. Rey suggested he could talk to Billy in private. Billy said he and Lily were partners, and she added that this was her office, and she wasn’t leaving. Rey said his earlier conversation with Billy set off some alarms. Rey said Billy asked him to investigate a missing person’s case, and he pointed the finger at Adam, without evidence, and now Billy was saying it was all just a big mistake. Rey said it was out of character for Billy to admit to being wrong, and Billy had avoided Rey’s questions especially when Rey asked if this person had reappeared. Billy said he wasn’t in the mood for chit chat. Rey could tell Billy had been eager to get out of Crimson Lights. Lily covered and said Billy was trying to hurry back with her coffee. Rey was now convinced Lily and Billy were hiding something, because Billy had said the coffee was for a reporter, not Lily. Rey thought that Billy was on the trail of this missing guy, Gaines, and he was dead-set on pinning something on Adam. Rey was concerned that Billy was planning to do something and keep the cops out of it.

Billy said he wasn’t going to risk everything he and Lily built by going rogue and doing something illegal. Rey asked why Billy let go of his suspicion that Adam had something to do with Gaines’ disappearance. Lily saw that Rey wasn’t going to let this go, so she said they should just tell him the truth. Lily said they were facing a corporate battle and they didn’t need the distraction of Rey’s suspicions. Billy said Gaines was alive and well, and he came to them for protection. Billy said Gaines had the goods to take down Ashland and Newman Media. Rey realized Gaines had the damning information that Billy mentioned earlier. Billy said they saw Gaines’ information as a bargaining chip to get the upper hand on Newman Media. Rey asked if that meant blackmail, because that was a crime.

Billy stated that there was a world of difference between blackmail and a business negotiation. Rey wanted to know what Gaines had on Locke. Lily started to say something, but Billy interjected that Gaines was an asset, and ChancComm protected their sources. Rey said that if Billy was withholding information that could be used for an official investigation against Ashland, that was a crime. Billy said the statute of limitations ran out a long time ago. Rey said the information could still be used in civil suits, depending on what it was. Billy said this information would just hurt Newman Media and the merger. It wasn’t about anything illegal. Billy said that since Gaines was alive and well, there was nothing for Rey to concern himself with. Rey hoped not. He left. Lily got the feeling that Billy was planning to publish the story on Gaines even though they’d already agreed not to.

Billy said something wasn’t right. He didn’t understand why Adam didn’t care that they had Gaines or the original letter where Camilla said she wasn’t leaving anything to Ashland. Lily said they were about to hit that deadline they gave Newman Media. Billy wasn’t backing down, which is why he wanted Rey to leave instead of breathing down their neck. Lily checked her phone, and what she saw shocked her. “Did you really release the story about Ashland forging the Camilla Rhodes letter behind my back?,” she demanded. Billy said of course not. Lily yelled that it had been published on one of ChancComm’s news sites. Billy swore he didn’t authorize anyone to publish that story. She asked if it had been published by mistake, but he said not even their most senior staff was authorized to post something like this without Lily or Billy’s approval. Lily was alarmed – ChancComm had just launched a rocket at Ashland, and neither she nor Billy had anything to do with it. She asked how the hell that happened.

Meanwhile, Rey read the article at Society, and Sally read it in the hallway of Newman Media. Adam read the article too, and he had a satisfied smiles on his face.

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