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Susan Banks shows up at Ben and Ciara’s door and says she had to come because she had a premonition about their baby. Ciara questions how Susan knew that she was pregnant.

Nicole goes to work at the Basic Black office where Chloe notes that she looks tired and asks if she was up late. Nicole sits down and thinks back to kissing Rafe. Chloe then asks what she did last night. Nicole responds that she had sex with Rafe on that conference table.

Rafe enters the interrogation room to see Ava, who is thankful that he is there. Rafe tells her that they need to talk.

Devil Marlena sits at home reading an article about Ava blaming Charlie for Carmine’s murder. The Devil remarks that it’s good to see the havoc wrecked on Halloween is gaining some publicity. The Devil declares that they haven’t seen nothing yet as Devil Marlena puts the tablet down and picks up a large knife.

Susan questions Ciara’s lack of faith and repeats that she had a premonition. Ciara questions her coming all the way from Memphis. Susan says that once she saw what the future held, she drove straight here.

Devi Marlena declares that since they spent the night raising souls from their graves, maybe today will be spent putting a new one in the ground. Devil Marlena then raises the knife and stabs a pumpkin.

Tripp is on the phone at Allie’s, saying to tell Rafe to call him back. Allie comes home with Henry. Allie is glad that Henry wasn’t there for their horror show and she still doesn’t know if that was real or not. Tripp feels bad for telling Ava that she was hallucinating. Allie responds that if she was, then they were too since they saw his dead brother too. Tripp feels there has to be a rational explanation and wonders if some weird Halloween mind trick is going around. Allie talks about feeling Charlie’s hate and evil, noting that he wanted to kill both of them and she really thought he was going to. Tripp hugs her.

Rafe brings up Ava telling Shawn and Eli that her deceased son was responsible for the dead man he found in kitchen. Ava says it’s true and swears that Charlie crawled out of his grave and stabbed Carmine. Ava argues that he has to believe her. Ava then questions why he’s being so cold.

Chloe laughs at Nicole’s statement but then realizes that she’s serious and decides to move from that conference table. Chloe asks if Nicole is going to tell her how that happened.

Devil Marlena raises the knife and says just as he was about to kill John last night, their pesky grandson interrupted. Devil Marlena says for John to prepare to meet his maker because he has cheated death for the last time. Brady then walks in and calls out to Marlena.

Susan tells Ciara and Ben that she got here as fast as she could and asks if she’s right. Ben confirms that Ciara is pregnant. Susan excitedly congratulates them. Susan declares that her visions are always right. Ciara questions her coming all this way to tell them something they already know. Susan reveals that she came to warn them about their baby being in grave danger. Ben questions what she’s talking about. Ciara tells him that he can’t listen to Susan because she’s heard Susan is wrong more often than she’s right. Ben questions how she knew they were pregnant then. Susan says she’s used to people doubting her gifts. Ben points out that she was right before when Ciara was missing and she helped find her. Susan says if Kristen didn’t convince her to switch places with her, Ciara would’ve been found a lot sooner. Susan talks about Kristen making a lot of trouble in town and breaking Brady’s heart.

Marlena says she didn’t hear Brady come in. Brady says he just dropped Rachel off at school and asks if everything is okay. Marlena says of course and asks why he would ask. Brady says when he walked in, he could swear he heard a man’s voice say something about John cheating death. Marlena claims that she was talking to Roman on speaker phone. Brady asks if John is in some kind of trouble or danger. Marlena claims that John is on a secret mission for Black Patch and she’s just hoping that nothing bad happens to him. Brady assures that John is indestructible. The Devil whispers that they’ll see about that. Brady questions what she said. Marlena claims she said she can’t wait to see him when he gets back. Brady is surprised that John left since it’s their anniversary. Marlena remarks that John is always racing off to help somebody. Marlena adds that she was just racing off on an errand that’s fairly urgent. Brady stops her and asks if she has a minute as he would love to get her advice on something. Marlena claims she’s glad to help.

Allie tells Tripp that she always feels safe with him. Tripp offers to stay as long as she wants. Allie appreciates that but knows he wants to go see Ava. Allie kisses Tripp and tells him that she loves him. Tripp jokes that part wasn’t a hallucination. Allie confirms that saying she loves him is the only part of last night that she knows is real. She apologizes for taking so long to say it. Tripp says he’s just glad she did and he loves her too as they kiss. Tripp then exits.

Ava tells Rafe that she has been here all night by herself freaking out and Rafe finally shows up, cold as ice. Ava questions what’s going on. Rafe says he’s just trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Ava says she told him. Rafe questions what Carmine was doing in his house to begin with. Ava says she was making dinner and all of a sudden, Carmine showed up and attacked her which Rafe questions. Ava tells him that Carmine started to strangle her until Charlie showed up and put a knife in Carmine’s chest. Rafe asks what Charlie did then. Ava says she didn’t stick around and just got the hell out of there. Rafe informs her that the one major problem with her story is that they only found Ava’s prints on the knife used to kill Carmine.

Chloe is confused as she thought Nicole was dating EJ and asks what happened. Nicole doesn’t want to talk about it right now as she’s just exhausted. Chloe argues that Nicole is her friend and she cares about her, so she asks if she regrets it. Nicole confirms that she does not regret it. Chloe is more confused then, because she knows she has feelings for Rafe but she thought they agreed to keep their distance out of respect for Ava. Nicole says they did, so Chloe asks what happened. Nicole talks about not acting on her attraction for Rafe because she didn’t want anything to get in between him and Ava. Chloe asks what happened then. Nicole responds that she almost died. Nicole then informs Chloe that she saw Deimos Kiriakis. Chloe responds that Deimos is dead. Nicole declares that she knows that, but last night he came back to kill her.

Ciara thanks Susan for helping Ben find her. Susan says she’d really like to help again now. Ben pulls Ciara aside and suggests they hear Susan out since she did come all this way. Ciara feels it seems very personal and weird. Ben reminds that she knew they were pregnant. Ciara doesn’t care and doesn’t like Susan showing up at their home out of nowhere, telling her that scary things are going to happen to her baby. Ben points out that the baby wouldn’t exist now if Susan didn’t help them. Ben says he’ll get rid of Susan if she wants but he thinks it might be easier to just listen, noting that they don’t have to listen to what she says. Ciara gives in and tells Susan that they would love to hear her vision which excites her. Ben asks what kind of danger she thinks his child is in.

Marlena asks what Brady wants advice about. Brady says it’s Rachel as ever since Kristen’s surprise visit, Rachel has been asking all kinds of questions like why her mom had to leave again or when she’s coming back. Brady doesn’t know what to tell her. Marlena suggests telling her the truth. Brady worries that Rachel is too young to know the truth about what her mother has done. Marlena says she meant the truth about Brady. Brady questions what he did. Marlena asks if he is or isn’t harboring impure thoughts about Chloe.

Chloe asks how much Nicole had to drink last night. Nicole assures that she was sober, came in to get some work done, and then she looked up to see an undead Deimos standing there. Nicole explains that Deimos came after her, so she grabbed a pair of scissors, stabbed him in the heart and he died again. Nicole adds that she was freaking out, so she called Rafe to help, but by the time he got there, the scissors were on the floor with no blood, body, or Deimos. Nicole admits it was Halloween and creepy being there by herself. Nicole suggests maybe she imagined the whole thing. Chloe says it still sounds terrifying. Nicole says she was a wreck while Rafe was so kind and comforting, then one thing led to another and they had sex on the conference table. Chloe asks her now what?

Rafe asks how Ava explains the forensics report. Ava doesn’t know and suggests zombies don’t have fingerprints. Rafe brings up Ava used to be Carmine’s boss. Ava confirms that she cut her ties with her past. Rafe adds that Gabi told him that Ava and Philip were using Carmine to blackmail her in to signing over her company or they would pin a murder on Jake that he didn’t commit. Ava is not surprised that Gabi is using this to try and turn Rafe against her. Ava guesses that Gabi is the reason she spent the night here and that Rafe never showed up. Ava knows Shawn called him and told him that she was here and she needed him. Ava questions where Rafe was and what was so important that he couldn’t help his girlfriend, who was being held on suspicion of murder. Rafe thinks back to kissing Nicole. Rafe then tells Ava that there is something he needs to tell her.

Brady tells Marlena that he wouldn’t call his feelings for Chloe impure. Marlena says the truth is, he has feelings for Chloe but when Kristen asked him about it, he said he didn’t, so he lied. Brady says he’s trying to be respectful since Chloe is with Philip. Marlena argues that Brady is Chloe’s first choice. Brady acknowledges that he blew his chance and he has to accept it. Marlena says he doesn’t, so Brady asks what she suggests he do about this. Marlena suggests he go back to the office, find Chloe, and lay her down on the conference table to show her how big his feelings are for her.

Ava asks Rafe where he was last night. Tripp then enters the interrogation room and asks if Ava is okay. Ava says she’s fine, no thanks to some people. Tripp questions Rafe not getting his messages. Rafe says he’s been busy. Tripp complains that they were refusing to let him in, so he could’ve really used Rafe’s help. Tripp tells Ava that he’s so sorry for not listening. Ava reminds him that she told him to check on Allie and asks if they are okay. Tripp confirms they are fine. Ava is thankful Charlie didn’t hurt them. Rafe brings up to Tripp that Ava says she saw his dead brother last night. Tripp informs Rafe that Ava did, because he and Allie saw him too.

Chanel shows up at Allie’s door. Allie questions why she’s not at the bakery. Chanel responds that Allie called in sick, so she brought her chicken noodle soup. Allie then confesses that she’s not sick, she just didn’t get much sleep last night. Chanel assumes she was up late with Tripp. Allie confirms they were together, but says it’s not what she thinks. Allie informs Chanel that something really scary happened last night and it wasn’t like normal Halloween scary. Chanel suggests they sit down so she can tell her all about it.

Ciara asks Susan what grave danger her child is in. Susan clarifies that she’s not really clear on the specifics but insists she saw what the future holds. Susan says it just gets a little fuzzy. Ciara informs her that she just found out she’s pregnant, so the last thing she needs is anything negative because she’s freaked out enough as it is. Susan doesn’t want to make her feel ill at ease but insists that she has to listen to her because it’s very important. Ciara feels she doesn’t know what she has to say. Susan complains that she can’t control the vision as one minute, everything is super sharp and then she just loses the signal, but she can always get it back if she tunes in just right. Ben suggests she hold onto something like she did with the fortune cookie before. Susan agrees that she just needs a psychic vibration from the baby and asks if they have a rattle. Ciara says she just found out a couple hours ago so they don’t have anything like that yet. Ben suggests Susan put her hands on the belly, so she puts her hands on Ben’s. Ben says he meant Ciara’s belly. Susan jokes that she knows but couldn’t resist a good six pack. Susan then puts her hands on Ciara’s belly to feel the baby. Susan then screams about the evil and faints in to Ben’s arms.

Chanel asks Allie what kept her up all night. Allie doesn’t want to get in to it but reveals that last night, she finally told Tripp that she loves him. Chanel says that’s amazing and guesses she must be so happy because Tripp was feeling insecure about it. Allie informs her that she knows they were talking about it. Chanel apologizes for lying. Allie asks why she did. Chanel says it was just awkward but all that matters is that Tripp knows she wants to be with him and not her, despite Johnny and the Ouija board nonsense. Chanel asks what that was about anyways. Allie informs her that Johnny saw Chanel feeding her the pumpkin cookie at the bakery and thought that was intimate. Chanel laughs and asks if she’s serious, remarking that Halloween makes people see things that aren’t there… Allie asks if Johnny ever apologized for being a huge jerk. Chanel confirms he came over last night and they did make up. Allie guesses she let him off easy but Chanel assures that she made him work for it. Chanel reveals that she made Johnny work Allie’s shift this morning at the bakery. Chanel mentions Johnny helping her with a surprise order for a cake for some people celebrating a 56 year anniversary. Allie comments that some people beat the odds and are destined to be together, so they stay together. Chanel jokes that they used to call them “supercouples”.

Ciara asks Ben what they should do with Susan now. Ben suggests Marlena would know what to do and asks if Ciara will be okay here. Ciara asks if she has a choice.

Brady can’t believe Marlena just said that. Marlena says that Brady needed to hear that. Brady refuses to do what she said. Marlena argues that he can’t keep going on like this as he has to be honest with himself and the women he loves. Marlena thinks it’s the most direct way, calling it bold, daring, and very romantic. Marlena urges Brady to go find Chloe and show her who’s boss. Brady acknowledges that he is her boss but even if he wasn’t and she wasn’t with someone else, he questions that kind of behavior in the workplace. Marlena remarks that it worked for her and John as John had his way with her on the conference table at Titan and the rest is true love history. Brady points out that it also traumatized Sami and ruined her marriage to Roman. Marlena comments that Roman got over it eventually, so Philip will too. Marlena remarks that the heart wants what the heart wants and so does the body. She tells Brady to go tell Chloe how he feels. Brady says okay and leaves the house.

Chloe asks Nicole what’s going to happen when Ava finds out about this. Nicole explains that Rafe led her to believe that it was over between he and Ava since Ava was taken into custody on suspicion of murder which Chloe questions. Nicole calls it a really long story but apparently Ava has been lying about leaving her life as a mafia princess behind and she’s been hiding the guy that shot Abe and ended up killing him in Rafe’s kitchen with a knife. Chloe points out that last night, Nicole and Ava both possibly stabbed someone to death, but in Ava’s case there was a body. Nicole knows it sounds crazy. Chloe asks what it means for her and Rafe if Rafe and Ava are really over. Chloe asks if last night was a one time thing or the start of something. Nicole doesn’t know as they didn’t talk much last night. Chloe suggests they talk now.

Ava questions Tripp seeing Charlie and tells Rafe that she told him. Rafe gets why Tripp would want to cover for his mother but warns that lying to the police isn’t a good idea. Tripp insists that he’s not lying. Tripp admits he didn’t believe Ava at first either, but he went to Allie’s and Charlie was there holding her. Rafe asks if she and Henry are okay though which Tripp confirms. Rafe asks Tripp what happened next. Tripp explains that Charlie let go of Allie and came after him, then they fought. Tripp says he kept hitting Charlie over and over again until Allie pulled him off, then they took their eyes off of him for two seconds and he just disappeared. Tripp says he can’t explain it but he just vanished. Tripp guesses that Rafe doesn’t believe him and says he doesn’t blame him as he’s not sure he believes it himself. Rafe thinks back to Nicole telling him about Deimos disappearing. Rafe decides to go check on Charlie’s grave. Ava wants to go with him, but Rafe says that until this is all cleared up, she has to stay here. Rafe then exits the room.

Chloe cleans the conference table at the Basic Black office until Brady walks in and imagines kissing her onto the table.

Devil Marlena can’t wait to see what happens with Brady and Chloe. The Devil laughs about planting the seed in Brady’s brain to cause some trouble then says it’s now onto his father, John. Marlena goes to leave the house when Ben arrives at the door and says he really needs to talk to her. Marlena says she was just leaving but Ben says it’s really important as they just found out Ciara is pregnant.

Susan wakes up in Ciara and Ben’s bed. Susan apologizes. Ciara asks if she’s okay. Susan responds that she’s a little light headed. Ciara thinks she should rest until Marlena gets there. Susan gets up and says she didn’t mean to upset her. Ciara says she knows but it’s not helpful to put her hands on her belly and then start screaming about something evil when Ben’s already worried about the baby because of his family and history. Susan mentions Marlena telling her that Ben’s not a threat to anyone anymore. Ciara explains that Ben’s still worried about passing on his evil gene to the baby. Susan doesn’t want to upset her and says she’s going to the restroom and then she will leave. Ciara stops her and says if there’s even the slighest chance that her baby is in danger, she needs to know.

Brady imagines kissing Chloe until he snaps out of it and Chloe asks him if he’s okay.

Chanel asks Allie where Tripp is. Allie informs her that he’s at the police station, trying to get his mom out of trouble.

Tripp apologizes for doubting Ava. Ava tells him it’s okay, as she’s starting to have some doubts of her own…

Rafe makes a call to send someone to check out Charlie Dale’s grave and to let him know if they find anything unusual. Rafe adds for them to check out Deimos’ grave as well. Nicole then arrives at the police station.

Ciara tells Susan that she knows she and Ben’s love will get them through whatever the future holds, but she’s going to need Susan to try again. Susan puts her hands on Ciara’s belly again and says the evil is very strong. Ciara asks if that means Ben was right about passing his evil gene onto the baby. Susan clarifies that the evil is not coming from Ben, but from someone else.

Marlena brings Ben inside, excitedly asking about Ciara being pregnant. Ben confirms that Kayla confirmed it this morning. Devil Marlena then hugs Ben and calls it the best news ever.

The Days of Our Lives 56th Anniversary Cake is shown in front of the Horton Town Square plaque. Happy Anniversary!

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