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Recap written by Christine

Nick showed up at the cottage unannounced, claiming he wanted to check in with Sharon and the kids. Noah was there, but Faith just left for a study session with Moses. Noah invited Nick to dinner, but he said he didn’t have much of an appetite. Sharon assumed things didn’t go well with Phyllis. Nick said he didn’t want to talk. Noah thought Nick came here specifically because he wanted to talk, and Noah said he and Sharon wanted to listen, because they were Nick’s family. Sharon knew she wasn’t the best to give advice on Phyllis, but she could listen. Nick admitted he did come here wanting to talk, but he wasn’t up for it anymore. Sharon assured him he didn’t have to have his feelings sorted out, since she and Noah knew him better than most, and they knew how messy things could be. Nick explained that he and Phyllis got into another fight, and it didn’t end well. He was pretty sure they were finished. Noah and Sharon were sympathetic. Nick knew Sharon was expecting this when he told her that he was having questions about the relationship. Sharon said she’d never say “I told you so” or imply he deserved heartache. She asked if he thought the relationship could be repaired.

Nick had thought things with Phyllis could be repaired, but Phyllis told him, in no uncertain terms, that she didn’t agree. He said that Phyllis was angry, and nothing he said got through to her, and even when something did get through, she didn’t believe him. He wasn’t sure how things got to this point. He and Phyllis entered the relationship with their eyes open, they didn’t try to change each other, and things were working. He thought things started going wrong in Italy, but Phyllis felt it started way earlier than that. He got drawn into family drama. He guessed he should’ve focused more on his relationship with Phyllis. He tried his best to stay calm with Phyllis, but she was raw and hurting, and throwing accusations at him. Nick flashed back to Phyllis yelling at him. Nick didn’t want to dump all this on Sharon and Noah or for them to feel sorry for him.

Sharon said that caring for Nick wasn’t the same thing as feeling sorry for him. Nick said that after he talked to Sharon and Noah, he went to Phyllis to apologize. Phyllis admitted she wasn’t happy. He said Phyllis also stated that they were in this together and that she was committed to working through their issues. Nick said it turned out that he was the only one willing to put in the effort. He explained that he and Phyllis got caught up in this awkward lunch with Jack and Nikki, and tensions amped up, and Phyllis took off. Nick caught up to Phyllis to try and smooth things over, but she kept shutting him down and telling him the relationship was hopeless. Nick wanted to understand and get past their issues, but Phyllis kept saying that he always put his family before her. He’d told Phyllis that it was impossible to talk about his family with her because she had such strong opinions against them. Nick remembered Phyllis screaming “You’re right. I do hate your family!” Nick didn’t know how to come back from that.

Nick thanked Sharon and Noah for their support and said to give Faith a hug for him. Sharon sent their love to Christian. Nick left. Sharon and Noah felt bad for Nick. Noah knew Sharon was biting her tongue about seeing this coming. Sharon didn’t want to kick Nick while he was down. Sharon admitted she never understood how Nick fooled himself, again, into thinking this relationship would work. Noah liked Phyllis, but he saw that she and Nick were night and day. He never understood the pull Nick and Phyllis had. Sharon thought Phyllis and Nick had the excitement of being forbidden, but once there was no more drama, it got boring and it fell apart. Noah said, maybe, deep down, Nick never got over Sharon.

Phyllis was out of sorts at Crimson Lights as she searched her purse for some money to buy her coffee. Jack showed up, and he swooped in and paid for her order. He wondered if she was flustered was because of the work emergency that caused her to abruptly leave their lunch with Nick and Nikki. She said that she thought she and Nick may have broken up. They got a table, and he urged her to take a deep breath. He said that usually, people were pretty clear on whether or not there was a split. She said they could add lack of clarity to the issues she and Nick were having. She said Jack had a front row seat to the final act with Nick. Jack noticed lunch was strained, but he’d assumed it was a good sign that Phyllis and Nick were having lunch. Phyllis once thought so, but she was sure Jack saw how Nick reacted when she said the slightest thing about Victor. Jack understood why Nick would feel a little awkward after Phyllis criticized his father in front of his mother. Phyllis said that wasn’t it. She felt like Nick reacted the exact same way any time he said something about his family, and she repeated it. Jack acknowledged that the Newman family dynamic was different than that of the Abbott clan. Phyllis didn’t want to be part of it anymore. She faked the work emergency, because she no longer wanted to be part of Nick’s jealousy and judgment. Jack asked what Phyllis meant about jealousy, but Phyllis didn’t hear him because she was still venting. She said all of Nick’s resentment came out and he told her, in no uncertain terms, that they could no be together anymore.

Jack asked what happened. Phyllis was sure Jack didn’t want to hear it. She thought he must be so tired of listening to her. She said she did everything she could support Nick. She was upset that Nick was distracted by Victoria and Ashland during his own daughter’s wedding. She said she supported Nick at Victoria and Ashland’s wedding, but he still thought she didn’t care, and he didn’t understand her point of view. She said she stuffed all that in a box and she supported him. She thought she and Nick were getting somewhere this morning, then they went to lunch. She’d said one little thing about Victor, and Nick shut her down in front of Nikki and Jack. Phyllis realized that she and Nick didn’t deal with their issues, and if they did, it was just on a superficial level. She said the relationship was fluffy and nice on the surface, but rotten inside. She wouldn’t be working this hard if she didn’t care and if she didn’t love him. Phyllis flashed to Nick screaming at her in the fight that took place after she told him that this wasn’t going to work.

Jack suggested that Phyllis and Nick should dig deeper and get it all out. She’d normally agree, but the argument wasn’t productive. Jack thought maybe he could give Phyllis perspective on where Nick was coming from. Phyllis said that she understood where Nick was coming from, but Nick didn’t understand her, and he didn’t want to. She started crying. She said she kept trying to tell Nick that what they had was worth going there for, but he didn’t want to. She thought she had to accept that Nick didn’t want to commit to her. She had another flashback of Nick saying things that hurt her. “You pretending to be superior or taking the high road is absurd,” Nick snapped, during the fight. In the present, Phyllis said that Nick’s lack of respect for her came out during that conversation. “Some things can’t be unsaid,” she told Jack.

It broke Phyllis’s heart and scared her to think about walking away, but that was the only conclusion she had. She didn’t want to fall apart here, and Jack said that they could go somewhere private. He told her that sometimes losing it for a moment helped. She didn’t want to do that. She wanted to go be alone. She said that she and Nick had been here before, so she guessed ending up here again was inevitable. Jack didn’t agree. He said she and Nick had gotten past this before. He suggested that this might be the last time they’d face something like this. Phyllis thought this was the last time, but it wasn’t the way she’d hoped.

Phyllis went home, and Jack called to make sure she made it okay. He said he was there if she needed him. She said he was the best. Phyllis had a flashback to the fight. “Oh please. It’s not a flirtation,” she said. “Then what is it then? Because from what I can tell, the second we have a conflict, you run straight to Jack,” Nick said. Phyllis thought about and decided against calling Nick. Meanwhile, Nick was outside Phyllis’s door. He raised a fist to knock, but he didn’t go through with it.

From their respective locations, Nick and Phyllis both remembered the fight that occurred earlier. She’d told Nick it wasn’t going to work, then she’d gone to her suite. Nick followed, asking how she could say that and then walk off without explaining herself. She argued that all she did was explain herself to him. She said she’d been the loving and doting girlfriend, and he treated her with disdain. He scoffed at her assertion. He didn’t think it was loving and doting to make jokes at his father’s expense in front of his mother and Jack. Nick accused Phyllis of rubbing her flirtation with Jack in his face. Phyllis said it wasn’t flirtation. Nick said that every time he and Phyllis had the smallest conflict, she ran to Jack. She said she went to Jack because when she and Nick weren’t playing video games or having sex, he treated her horribly. She said he pushed her away and it was like he didn’t care about her ideas or opinions. “Your opinions are always that I ignore my family or completely disengage from them and that’s not an option,” he spat. “Oh, my God, that is such a lie! I am turning myself into a pretzel helping you deal with your family,” she yelled. He argued that she asked herself to cut himself off from his family. He contended that she had no appreciation for how hard that would be for him. She ordered him not to even say that to her. She pointed out that she knew what it was like to be connected to the Newman family. Her advice came from hard-learned truths. “Being associated with single members of your family. Particularly your father so don’t you dare say that to me!,” she bellowed. She sobbed that he should have sympathy for her, but she felt like he didn’t. She said that she turned the other cheek because she wanted to be with him. “Don’t do me any favors. You pretending to be superior or taking the high road is absurd,” he shot back. “Okay, this is not gonna work. It’s over. It’s done,” she said.

Phyllis said they kept telling each other that they didn’t have to change, but she’d changed. She wanted more than sex and video games and fluffy and light. She wanted commitment, a confidant, someone who respected her. She wanted an ally. Nick said he wanted someone who didn’t hate his family. “I hate your family. But not for the reasons you think. I hate your family ‘cause you always choose them over me,” she said. He pointed out that he sided with her over Victoria in the fight for the hotel. Phyllis said she knew, and that was great. She thought it was going to be a happy ending, but it wasn’t because he was miserable because he was out of sorts with Victoria and Victor, and he was so jealous of Adam. She thought he wanted to be the golden boy and save the day. She said he’d always go back to roost, and he’d sacrifice her and their relationship because of it. She was in so much pain, and she couldn’t do this anymore. He said he knew. Jack called Phyllis, and Nick saw the name come up on her phone. He said it was perfect timing. “You say you want a confidant and an ally. Well the first sign of trouble, you always turn to [Jack],” Nick said.

After remembering the fight, Nick changed his mind about knocking on the door and walked away.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office, where she was researching the experimental treatment. He said he’d secured an evaluation appointment for the treatment, but the hitch was that he’d have to leave right now. Victoria was happy to hear about the appointment, and she intended to go with him. He wasn’t asking her to go with him. It was only an appointment to see if he was a candidate for the treatment. He said she was already shouldering most of the work at Newman/Locke. She said she wasn’t going to let him go to this evaluation on his own, let alone a trip to Peru. She thought he needed someone there to process the medical information and hold his hand. He tried to dissuade her, and she said she needed to hold his hand. He realized that he wasn’t going to be able to talk her out of going. She asked when they were leaving. Nikki walked in and was delighted because she thought they were talking about leaving on a honeymoon.

Victoria asked if she could fill Nikki in. Ashland said of course, since they were family now. Victoria said Ashland had an opportunity to try an experimental treatment, so they were jumping at the opportunity. Nikki prayed it went well. Ashland appreciated the way she and Victor accepted him. Nikki said that he was their daughter’s husband, so he was an important part of the family. Ashland said they trusted him with their daughter’s heart, and he wanted nothing more than to honor it. Victoria’s love spurred him to fight.

Adam was in his office. He made a call instructing someone to set a trap. Adam then went to Victoria’s office. He hoped she didn’t mind him stopping by. She didn’t respond or acknowledge him in any way. He had a message for Ashland. She said Ashland was on a call. He headed to the couch to wait, but she didn’t want him hanging out in her office. He said he’d text Ashland, that is, unless she’d pass along the message. Adam said he didn’t want to keep it a secret from Victoria, since she was on board with him going after ChancComm. Victoria said she didn’t care if Newman Media went after ChancComm, but she didn’t want any of the details. Adam just wanted to let Ashland know Adam set things in motion. Victoria said she’d pass that along. She mentioned that Ashland wouldn’t be here for whatever was going on, because they were leaving for South America to pursue a new cancer treatment. Adam figured that wasn’t the honeymoon Victoria had in mind. Victoria said that if this worked, it would be the best honeymoon ever. Adam hoped for the best possible outcome. Victoria said thanks. She had faith it would work. She and Ashland just started their lives together, and she refused to give up on it. Adam knew Victoria didn’t give up when she was determined. He looked forward to seeing her and Ashland at their tenth wedding anniversary party. She asked why he thought he’d be invited. He said she invited him to the wedding, so it was required. She disagreed. He felt that they were bantering, like siblings. He said maybe they could build on this almost warm vibe, but she was pretty sure this was as good as it was going to get.

Victoria and Nikki had a meeting out of the office, then Victoria gave Nikki a ride home to the main house. Victoria was going back to the office, and Nikki urged her to go home and rest instead. Nikki felt that Victoria needed to take care of herself if she wanted to be there for Ashland. Victoria thanked Nikki for looking out for her. Victoria was optimistic about Ashland’s chances with the new treatment. Victor called Nikki with the news on Chance. Nikki offered to help if she could. After the call ended, Nikki told Victoria that Chance may have been killed. Victoria felt bad for her sister, and she thought she and Nikki should go be there for Abby. Nikki said Victor and Ashley were already there, and Abby didn’t want any more visitors. There was no official confirmation on Chance, so they had to keep this private. Victoria understood.

At Society, Billy thanked Lily for insisting that they spend some time together. He discreetly scrolled through his phone, which was under the table on his knee. She noted that this was so rare, since he usually couldn’t help multitasking. He agreed with her, then she smiled and revealed that she knew he was secretly checking his phone. He laughed about being busted and said he’d try to learn to relax. They talked about Halloween. Johnny in his adorable costume, and Katie in her scary one. Lily had a sexy costume for the adults-only after-party, which was her, Billy, wine and candy that he’d swiped from his children’s stash. Lily couldn’t believe she was with someone who liked candy corn. Victoria called and asked Billy to take care of the kids while she was out of town. Billy said that was fine. He asked if this was business, because he thought the honeymoon trip wasn’t until next week. She couldn’t get into it. She thanked him for taking the kids, and the call ended.

Billy brought Lily up to speed, and she didn’t mind the kids coming over. He suggested they go home and get some adult time before the kids came. Just as they were about to leave, he saw Victor’s PI come in. Billy suggested dessert instead. The PI took a seat at the bar, which was in Billy and Lily’s earshot. “I can’t believe it. The guy’s gone missing again. He gave the slip to Newman security so we have new marching orders. Find him ASAP,” the PI said in a phone call. He sighed about losing his dinner break, and he left. Billy said that call must be about Gaines. Lily said that proved Adam and Victor didn’t do anything sinister to Gaines. Billy didn’t give them credit for that. Billy thought they should go home to talk, so they left. The PI secretly watched Billy and Lily leave. He then called Adam and said it looked like Billy took the bait. The PI asked what the next move was. Adam said they’d let Billy do what he did best – self destruct.

Billy and Lily got home, and he said that if they could find Gaines before Victor did, they’d have the ammo to stop Victor from going after ChancComm. Lily said there was no proof that finding Gaines would be anything other than a liability. Billy pointed out that Gaines had the proof that Ashland stole Camilla’s estate. Lily said that evidence could ruin Ashland and Victoria’s lives. Billy said they’d use it to blackmail Victor and Adam into leaving ChancComm alone. Lily said no. she was finished humoring Billy on this. “We’re done with Gaines,” she stated. Lily said they’d beat the Newmans by being better, smarter and savvier. They didn’t need anyone else. There was a knock at the door. It was Gaines. He was disheveled and out of breath, and he wanted Billy to hide him.

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