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Recap written by Christine

Victor and Ashley stood in the foyer and watched Sharon leave Abby’s. Victor said Sharon was a good listener, and hopefully she was able to help Abby. Ashley and Victor hated feeling so helpless. Abby was lying on the couch silently weeping. Victor quietly told Ashley that he’d called Nate to come over, just in case Abby needed a doctor. Ashley hoped that wouldn’t be necessary. Ashley thought about the time she had a break with reality, and she hoped Abby didn’t go through that too. Victor agreed, but he said that if Abby did suffer a mental break, he and Ashley would be there to help her through. Later, Nate arrived, and Victor stated that Abby was in denial. Abby and Ashley were in the kitchen making tea. Victor thought Abby might need some low dose anti anxiety pills. Victor stepped away, and Ashley and Abby returned. Abby told Nate that she didn’t need a doctor. Ashley suggested to Nate that this wasn’t a good time. Nate said that he’d been called here as a doctor, but as Abby’s friend, he’d been where she was. He said he was there to talk and check on her. He asked her to just hang out with him for a few minutes. Abby sent Ashley out of the room. Nate noted that Abby thought Chance was still out there. Abby said that she wasn’t in denial. She pointed out that no one found his body. She didn’t just think Chance was alive – she knew he was alive.

Nate talked about how hard it was to admit his fiancee was gone. Abby said that was different, because he saw Carolyn, and he knew the truth. Abby said she didn’t have that. She couldn’t think Chance was gone. Nate understood, and he thought it was common for people to feel this way after losing someone abruptly. Abby had her moments of doubt, like when Christine gave her the ring, but she saw things clearly now. Abby said nothing had changed – Chance was gone prior to this situation, and he was still gone. Chance promised he would come home, and Abby knew that he still would. She felt that she needed to have faith in her husband. Nate said he understood, and Abby ordered him to stop trying to placate her. Nate suggested that Abby was overreacting because she was running on fumes. He asked if she’d eaten. She said she had a sandwich earlier, and he was skeptical. He told her that if Chance was out there, she owed it to him and the baby to stay healthy. He asked when she last slept, and she said it didn’t matter. He ordered her some anti anxiety medication so she could rest. Abby insisted that she needed to be awake for Dominic. Ashley returned and said she’d care for the baby while Abby slept. Abby agreed to go to sleep, but only on the couch, so she could be close by in case they heard anything.

At Crimson Lights, Devon couldn’t believe Chance could be dead. Mariah thought Christine brought definitive proof that he was with the watch and ring, but Tessa pointed out that Chance might not have been wearing them when the bomb went off. Devon said that if Chance was dead, Abby would need their help accepting the truth. Mariah looked into Dominic’s stroller and told him it was too bad he had to be so brave. Tessa and Devon exchanged a concerned look. Mariah told the baby that he’d been bombarded by her stress hormones when they were locked in the room. She’d tried to stay calm, so that he wouldn’t get upset. She asked the others if they thought the baby was okay. Tessa thought he was perfect in every way, but she thought that this situation may have brought up some trauma for Mariah. Mariah appreciated the concern, but she was fine. Mariah asked Devon to back her up. Devon didn’t think Mariah could blame Tessa for looking out for her – he said Tessa was very good at it. Mariah thought Tessa was the best, and Tessa knew her better than anyone. Mariah said this wasn’t about her – it was about Dominic. Mariah didn’t want him to absorb the negative energy in the house. Devon understood, but he said they had to trust Ashley and the rest of the family to take care of Dominic. Tessa was sure the baby would be loved and cared for. Tessa said that she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to Mariah. She asked if they could go home and rest. Mariah glanced at the baby, then she said yes. Tessa smiled until Mariah added that she wasn’t ready to leave yet, because she wanted to stay with Dominic.

Devon got two texts. One from Abby saying she wanted him to bring the baby home and one from Ashley saying Nate was with Abby. Mariah asked if Devon was sure it was a good idea to take the baby home. Devon thought it was fine for Dominic to be with his mother and grandparents. Tessa agreed that Dominic belonged at home. Mariah asked Devon if he needed help taking the baby home. He didn’t. Tessa asked if she could take Mariah home now. Devon said Mariah protected Dominic when she was kidnapped, and now she could let other people take care of him. Mariah said goodbye to the baby, then she left. Cue another worried glance between Tessa and Devon.

After Mariah and Tessa left, Sharon arrived and chatted with Devon. He asked about Abby, and Sharon said the first stage of grief was denial. Sharon wished there was a way to quickly fix people, especially in times like these. There was nothing Sharon could do since Abby wouldn’t even talk about her feelings. Devon thought he had a way to cheer Sharon up. He let her spend a bit of time with Dominic, and it put a smile on her face. Devon said Dominic was magic. Sharon hoped the baby could bring some of that joy to his mom. Sharon thought Dom was lucky to have Devon, but Devon felt like he was the lucky one to have the baby in his life. Devon said that being with Dominic was like making up for things he missed out on with his child with Hilary. Sharon said that Dominic would miss out on being with Chance. “You two are a perfect match,” Sharon said of Dominic and Devon. Devon guessed so, but he wished that it didn’t have to be this way. He didn’t think it was fair that Dominic and Abby lost Chance. Sharon said Abby had to find a way to move on from Chance, which would be hard with a baby in the house. Sharon hoped the baby would give Abby a purpose, but sometimes when you went through something like that, it could be hard to get out of bed. Devon knew firsthand. He fell apart after losing Hilary. He hoped Abby didn’t go through a self destructive phase.

Mariah and Tessa went home. Mariah took a work call. After it ended, Mariah admitted that she couldn’t stop thinking about the baby. Tessa looked concerned, and Mariah commented that her girlfriend was staring at her. Tessa said she found Mariah attractive. Mariah knew that wasn’t why Tessa was staring. Mariah promised she was fighting all her urges when it came to the baby. Tessa was worried because it seemed like Mariah thought she was the only one who thought she could properly take care of Dominic. Mariah thought that Tessa understood she had a bond with Dominic. Tessa did understand, but she was concerned that Mariah’s instinct to shield Dominic from danger was going to cause Mariah pain.

Tessa asked if that was too much honesty. Mariah said no. “I needed to know if I was reverting back with the baby. And I guess I was,” Mariah said. Tessa guessed she shouldn’t worry, but she was. Mariah loved Tessa for that. Tessa asked if Mariah really did think she was the only one who could properly take care of Dominic. Mariah couldn’t say for sure. She recognized that other people were qualified to take care of him. Tessa sensed that Mariah thought her connection with Dominic counted for more. Mariah said she was the one who carried Dominic and felt him grow and change inside her, and she was locked with him in a room. Tessa said that would give Mariah a lifelong bond with Dominic, but other people had special connections to Dominic too. Mariah understood that Abby was Dominic’s mother, but Abby needed a break. She also acknowledged that Devon contributed to Dominic coming into the world, but she said that it wasn’t the same as her contribution. She knew Ashley and Nina loved their grandson, but she didn’t know if they could love him the way Mariah did. Tessa said that wasn’t Mariah’s call to make. Mariah knew it was Abby’s choice, even if Abby wasn’t in the best frame of mind to make decisions right now. Tessa said that wasn’t for Mariah to judge. Tessa said that even if Abby wasn’t 100%, Dominic wouldn’t be neglected. Mariah knew other people were qualified to take care of Dominic, but in her heart, she didn’t think that was the way it should be.

Tessa asked if Mariah was saying Dominic would rather have her take care of him. Mariah wasn’t saying that. She was just saying she had feelings. She knew Tessa and Devon were worried about her attachment to the baby. Mariah said she wasn’t even thinking about what she wanted or needed, she was thinking about Dominic. She said Dominic lost a father he’d never known, and he was living in a hose full of grief and trauma. Tessa said Dominic was loved and cared for. Mariah said this wasn’t the life she promised Dominic when they were locked in the room together. Tessa said life was unpredictable and Mariah couldn’t control the future. Mariah felt like she could keep Dominic safe. Tessa said there was nothing Mariah could do about Dominic’s father dying unexpectedly. Mariah felt like she’d failed, because she didn’t protect Dominic.

Mariah said she agreed to be a surrogate because she thought she was helping build a family – a mother, father and baby. Now the baby was surrounded by grief and loss, and Mariah felt like she didn’t keep her promise to protect him. Tessa said that Mariah went above and beyond for Dominic. Mariah said she was Dominic’s godmother, and she couldn’t even be there for him the way she should be, because she was not his… Tessa asked if Mariah wished Dominic was her son wand not Abby’s. Mariah admitted she felt like she should be Dominic’s mom. Tessa didn’t know what to say. Mariah said she wasn’t acting on the feeling, and she knew it was fear talking. Mariah just wanted to be honest. Mariah knew it wasn’t right to feel that way, but it was a fleeting thought that came into her head once in awhile. Tessa thought they should examine this and figure out how to proceed. Mariah was caught off guard, because she thought Tessa was going to run screaming for the hills. Tessa said never. Tessa loved Mariah, and they were going to work through this together. Mariah loved Tessa too. Jabot called, and Mariah put the talk off because she needed to work. Tessa asked if Jabot could wait, but Mariah promised it’d only take a few minutes. Mariah got on her computer, and a worried Tessa paced with tears in her eyes.

Back at the Chancellor house, Abby finally ate, and she decided to take the medication once it arrived and take a nap. She was so tired that she thought she’d be able to rest even without the pills. Nate understood how much Chance meant to Abby. Nate said that when he and Abby were together, she made it clear that she didn’t want anything serious because her prior relationship fell apart. Nate saw Abby fall hard and fast for Chance, and he saw that the love was still there. Abby said that Nate was speaking like Chance was gone, and they didn’t know that. He said that was his mistake. Nate left. Abby held Chance’s ring and said that he couldn’t be gone.

Nate went to Crimson Lights and told Sharon and Devon that he just saw Abby. They all talked about their concern for Abby. Devon asked what Nate thought of taking Dominic home. Devon expressed concern about Dominic absorbing negative energy. Nate thought it would be good for Abby to see her son, and there were other people around to take care of the baby if Abby got emotional. Devon decided to take Dominic for a walk in the park before he took him home. After Devon and the baby left, Sharon looked at an old photo of Cassie.

Victor urged Ashley to rest, but she decided to go make some food to keep busy, and she asked him to watch over Abby. Abby was lying on the couch. She drifted off to sleep and had a dream. She was alone in the darkened mansion staring at her phone. She said she knew Chance wouldn’t leave her alone, so she’d find him. Abby teleported from the mansion and appeared in the Grand Phoenix lobby, in a neon blue ball of light. Abby remembered that this was when she first saw Chance after he returned to town. He fell into her life during the hostage crisis. She recalled that he wanted her to help him distract the bad guy. It had been terrifying and thrilling. She told Chance that she needed him to show her that they were in this together.

Abby recorded herself talking to Chance on her phone. She recounted the moment when he busted her for faking the theft at The Grand Phoenix. She said he caught her red handed, but they had chemistry, and it was fun, flirtatious and sexy. They’d agreed that they’d make great partners. She hired him as head of security to keep him from working dangerous cases. She was adamant that he was supposed to leave the danger behind and stay in Genoa City with her. The blue light returned and enveloped Abby. The light deposited Abby at Society, where she and Chance had their first kiss. She said she and Chance had been so good together. She cried and asked Chance to come kiss her now. The light transported Abby to the hotel suite where she and Chance first made love. She remembered that they laid in bed all day and traded stories about their scars. All of his were from cases. She was upset that he’d gone back to that dangerous job.

Abby said that she and Chance made vows and talked about their future and a family. She asked how he could just leave her and have her go through with a surrogacy. She knew he was too good and too honest for it to end this way. She knew something was keeping him from coming home. She vowed to find him. Abby ended up at the park, where she first told Chance he loved him and where he proposed to her. She saw the Baby’s first Christmas ornament Chance gave her on a bush at the park. She asked how he could leave her knowing he might not come home. Didn’t he love her enough to stay? “I believed in you, Chance. I believed in us. I don’t know what to believe now,” she said.

Back in real life, Devon took Dominic to the same park that Abby was visiting in her dream.

Abby jolted awake when she heard Dominic crying. Devon had just brought him home. Abby picked him up and held him close.

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