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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Abby held Chance’s wedding ring and cried. Ashley rushed over and hugged her. Devon was outside the Chancellor house. He called Amanda to apologize because he wouldn’t be there when she and Michael went over her testimony. He knew this was a big step for her. She knew she had his support, and she promised she’d be fine. She was worried about this Chance situation. She felt Abby and Dominic needed Devon more than Amanda did. She told him to take care of Abby. He said that was one of the reasons he loved her so much. Devon entered the house just in time to hear Abby order everyone to go away. Victor said they’d give Abby space, but they wouldn’t leave her alone. Abby apologized for her outburst, and everyone understood. Abby didn’t sleep well on the couch, because she kept thinking about Chance, so Ashley convinced her to go upstairs and lie down. Abby looked into Dominic’s bassinet, then she and Ashley went up to the bedroom.

Victor and Devon felt bad for Abby. Devon promised to be there for her and the baby whenever they needed him. Victor was sure this made Devon think about the loss of his father. All Devon’s mind had room for was what was best for Abby and the baby. Devon asked if Victor thought Chance might be out there. Victor had highly placed sources in the State Department, and they’d told him there was almost no chance Chance survived. Devon bitterly complained about Chance taking on a dangerous job just after getting married and promising your wife you’d start a family. He also thought it was dumb for Chance to take a personally engraved watch on an undercover mission. He said that could’ve been the thing that cost Chance his life. Victor said Chance probably felt like he had to take the job. Devon countered that Chance didn’t have to do anything – he chose to do it, and he chose wrong.

Devon felt like Chance didn’t uphold his commitment to Abby and the baby. Victor pointed out that they didn’t know all the details – maybe Chance didn’t have much of a choice. Devon maintained that Chance could’ve stayed home, but he didn’t, and now Abby was alone, and his son didn’t have a father. Dominic started crying, and Devon picked him up and said he was sorry. Victor shared Devon’s frustration. Victor thought Abby was lucky to have Devon. Devon reiterated that he’d be there for Abby and Dominic. Ashley returned and said Abby was trying to fall asleep. Victor and Ashley convinced Devon to go home and rest. He asked that they keep him in the loop, then he hugged Ashley and left.

Ashley asked what they were going to do. She was worried about Abby. Victor was worried too, and he didn’t know what to do. Ashley wished Chance never took that job. They were glad that Devon was around for Abby. Victor said Devon was good with the baby too. Ashley felt that they were blessed that Devon would be an integral part of their grandson’s life. Abby came downstairs because she heard the baby crying. Ashley said that Devon got him to quiet down before he left. Abby couldn’t sleep. Victor suggested Abby take the anti-anxiety meds. Nina came after getting Christine’s call. She saw Abby, and they hugged. Nina began to cry. Until this moment, it didn’t seem real to her.

Victor hugged Nina and told her that his sources confirmed what Christine said. Nina spent so many years bracing for this moment. Now it had happened, and she felt numb. She walked over and joined Abby by the bassinet. Nina asked for permission to hold the baby, and Abby granted it. Nina held Dominic close.

Sutton showed up at the penthouse. Amanda tried to slam the door in his face, but he caught it and asked for five minutes, stating that this would change everything. Amanda asked how Sutton even knew where she lived. He said his attorney told him Amanda was having material sent to this address. He didn’t know she was living here until she just told him. He was happy for her, since it seemed like Devon was a good man who cared about her. Amanda was outraged and started to go off on Sutton. He asked her to consider how it’d affect her mother and sister if she testified against him. She scoffed about him suddenly caring about Imani and Naya. He maintained that he always protected them gave them a good life. She declared that he controlled Imani and Naya, and he only cared for them if they toed the line. He said she was an accomplished attorney, and she knew things were never that simple. He said Imani and Naya relied on him, and he wanted to help them maintain their financial stability. Amanda said Naya had a husband who could take care of her, and Imani was going into practice with her, so she’d be able to take care of herself. He said he was an old man – he couldn’t die in prison. Was she cold-hearted enough to wish that fate on her own grandfather? Appalled, Amanda asked what about her father’s fate? What about her fate and Hilary’s? All were affected by what he forced Naya to do, Amanda said. She snapped that he never gave a damn about them, and he had a hell of a lot of nerve asking for mercy when he’d never shown any to his family. She regretted letting him in. He thought she let him in because she wanted to see him beg for his life. He believed she wanted him to plead with her not to let him be torn away from his family. “The way that I was torn away from mine?,” she shot back. He said she made a show of righteous anger and said it was all about getting justice, when they both knew that this was about being vindictive. “So what if it is?,” she demanded.

If wanting to see you put away for what you did is vindictive then so be it. Finally you will get exactly what you deserve,” Amanda snarled. Sutton said that it was a mistake to come. He thought she might have a shred of consideration for what she was about to do to her family. Sutton started to leave, but Amanda got in his way. Devon came home and found Amanda demanding that Sutton empty his pockets. She said if he didn’t, she’d call Michael and the police. Devon said he’d watch Sutton while Amanda made the call. Sutton pulled a recorder out of his pocket and Amanda snatched it from him. Just as she suspected. She said all his deep concern about Imani and Naya was a bunch of bull. She said he didn’t care about them, he only cared about himself.

Amanda told Devon that her grandfather wanted to get her on record saying she was only testifying out of vindictiveness, so that his lawyers could use it to taint her testimony. Devon wasn’t surprised, since Sutton would throw all his relatives under the bus. Sutton called Amanda a disappointment. She told him not to dare talk to her about disappointment. Devon kicked Sutton out. Amanda couldn’t believe she almost fell for Sutton’s trap. Devon pointed out that she figured it out. Amanda said that Sutton’s scheme tonight showed that he was scared, which meant he knew the case was strong. She said what Sutton did tonight may help send him to prison. She called Michael and said Sutton goaded her and secretly recorded her. Michael wanted to hear the recording. Devon was proud of the way Amanda handled Sutton. Amanda said that this was the last time she’d let Sutton try to play her. She asked about Chance and Abby. He thought Abby was starting to accept the reality that Chance wasn’t coming back. Abby wasn’t doing well, and Devon was worried about her and Dominic.

Ashland had a health episode while he was alone in Victoria’s office. Victoria came in and found him stumbling around. The issue subsided, and she wondered if he’d be okay to fly to Peru. He was determined to go – the cancer wasn’t responding to the chemo, so there was no time to waste. He wanted to do anything he could to get more time with her. She loved seeing his strength and resolve. He talked about Billy showing up in Tuscany, intent on stopping the wedding, hoping to rob him of the small window of happiness he was fortunate to find with Victoria. Victoria didn’t want Ashland to think about that. Ashland wanted Billy to answer for his actions. Ashland called Victor looking for an update for what he was going to do to Billy. Ashland mentioned that he’d be going to Peru meeting with doctors, so he’d be out of contact for awhile. Victor said that the most important step in the plan had been taking care of, according to Adam. Victor said Billy wouldn’t be able to help himself.

Victoria asked if it was a good idea for Ashland to get involved in this plan against Billy. She suggested it would be better to expend his energy on his recovery. She didn’t want him getting too deep into this plan, because it could cause him stress. He assured her he wasn’t playing a major role in the plan. He just wanted to know how it was moving along. She said that he had enough battles to fight, so he should let her father handle this. He meant it when he promised to be honest with her. He asked if she believed he was completely focused on the battle for his life. She believed him, but she was concerned for him. He reminded her that she said she didn’t have a problem with Newman Media going after ChancComm. He was sure that Billy had entertained thoughts of going after the competition too. She was sure Billy did too. She still didn’t want to know the details, but she did want to know about the possible repercussions this would have on him on his health. He said there was nothing to worry about. She asked if it would have a negative effect on her children.

Ashland swore he’d never go through with anything that had the slightest chance of hurting Victoria’s children. He would’ve done anything to stop Adam and Victor if he thought that her kids would be hurt. He said Billy had proven more than once that he was willing to weaponize ChancComm. Billy dragged Gaines to Tuscany to make a public display at the wedding, and Ashland thought Billy brought this on himself. Victoria didn’t argue that. She said Billy was relentless. Ashland said that what was coming to Billy would be pretty brutal. It had been arranged down to the last detail, but it carried a slight risk. She was concerned it was dangerous. He said no, it was risky in that it might not work.

Gaines showed up on Billy and Lily’s doorstep. His face was dirty, and his hair was unkempt. He wanted Billy to hide him. Billy demanded to know why Gaines disregarded his instructions and left the suite in Tuscany. Gaines saw Billy waffling in Tuscany and wasn’t sure he could be trusted anymore, so Gaines took matters into his own hands. Gaines was going to make his move before the wedding, but Nick showed up and locked him in a suite, then Adam got involved. Adam had Gaines dragged down to a storage room to keep him from disrupting the wedding. Lily asked if Adam held Gaines against his will. Gaines said yes. Then Victor had security drag Gaines to some farm house. Lily guessed they took Gaines’ ID, money and phone so he couldn’t call for help. He confirmed it. At first he thought security was trying to scare him, but then he heard some ominous discussion between the security guards that made him think they were planning to shut him up for good. Billy asked how Gaines escaped. Gaines had been locked in an old wine cellar, and he found a door behind a shelf that lead outside. Lily thought that was convenient. She asked how he got out of Italy with no money or passport. He said he hitchhiked to an airfield and stowed away on a cargo plane to NY. Then he hopped a freight train that took him to Chicago, and he made his way here. Lily asked why Gaines didn’t just access the small fortune that Ashland, Victor and Billy paid him. Gaines didn’t access the money because it would’ve left a trail that the Newmans could use to track him down. Billy and Lily asked why Gaines came here. Gaines wasn’t afraid anymore. He was enraged at the way he’d been treated, and now he wanted to take down Ashland, Victor and Adam. He thought Billy might be interested.

Billy sent Gaines upstairs for a shower. Billy told Lily that if Gaines story was true, it’d have huge ramifications for Victor, Adam and Locke. Lily said they had to be skeptical. Billy agreed they had to look into it. He said they had to get Gaines a place to stay while they vetted his story. Billy didn’t want Gaines to stay at their condo with the kids. He said this was all about getting leverage on Ashland and by extension, Victor and Newman Media. If Gaines was telling the truth, and if he still had that original letter proving that Ashland forged his way into the fortune, they could use it to turn the tables on Victor and Newman media. Lily said those were some big Ifs.

Gaines came downstairs, and Billy said they’d take him to a hotel. Lily said they weren’t taking Gaines at face value. He understood, and he was willing to give them the details they needed to verify every step of his journey. Billy hoped Gaines still had the original letter saying she didn’t leave Ashland any money. Gaines said of course he did.

Billy gave Gaines a baseball hat to wear to hide his face. Lily and Billy quietly talked. He was taking Gaines to the hotel. She wanted him to be careful. He said she was the only one in the world he trusted, and that included Victoria. She was worried, and he said it’d be okay. He said Victor and Adam were coming to destroy everything Billy and Lily built, and he was going to fight like hell to make sure that didn’t happen.

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