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it was a strategy, and it didn’t last. This time, I want it to be real, and I want it to last forever. I want it to be forever, too. So is that a “yes”? Can you — can you please stand up? I-I can’t think with you kneeling. Uh, yeah. Well, if you have to think, you’re — you’re, uh, probably trying to find the words to say…”no.” I’m trying to find the words to say, “not yet.” Something’s upsetting you. I’m guessing it was your visit with nikolas. Yeah, it was a real revelation. What did he say to you? Nikolas said I could go free. What did this guy want to know? Well, he claimed that he was “touring” port charles, visiting places of interest, and he asked about the savoy. And of course, you know, I-I gave it a glowing review.

[ Chuckles ] But as the conversation went on, it became less and less about the club and more about you. So it struck me that this man fits the general description of tj’s patient that disappeared. So the same guy approached both you and tj,

[Sighs heavily] Asking questions about me. Sorry, I…

[ Laughs ] I know you ordered espresso, but I’m telling people that the machine is broken. ‘Cause…? Because I already scalded myself once, and I’m not going to risk further injury.

[ Bell dings ] I had no idea how hard it is to pull espresso shots, by the way.

I want you to be close at hand

I want you to understand

[ Dramatic music plays ] Do you want a table? Or are you just here to gloat? Carly: Well, that was fast. Extradited last night, back in port charles this morning. No doubt you’re disappointed. I’m outraged. I’m outraged that you could steal 9 months of sonny’s life, you could steal him from his children and his family, and post bail and show up here like nothing happened. Kind of like you. Acting like nothing happened after you watched my daughter die.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Ringing stops ] Hello. Prison operator:

You have a collect call

from flatland federal prison

inmate cyrus renault.

Will you accept

the charges? Yeah, I accept. Cyrus: Sonny!

So good

to hear your voice. I hope I’m not too late to welcome you back from the dead. You know what? It was — it was a — a bonus to find you gone. Now you call me collect. What do you want?

These are for you. Thank you. And right here. Okay, enjoy, guys. Mm. Either find a table or leave — I’ve got some work to do, guys. Spencer, you — you’re working here? Don’t act like it’s a surprise, father. I had no idea. Now you know. Kevin is only gonna let me and esme stay with him so long as I have a paying job, and this is it until I find something better. Hey, nikolas, let’s sit down, okay? And, spencer, we’ll start with some coffee, please.

You don’t need to compensate

don’t need to go out of your way

don’t need to leave

[ Dishes clatter ]

Just need to stay classic. Father and ava are here, pretending that they just wandered in. Kelly’s is close by the pier. Maybe they just got off the launch and decided to stop for breakfast. When the staff at wyndemere can make them anything they want? When they can afford the caviar omelette at the metro court? No, I don’t think so. They planned this. At least father seems like he cares a little bit. Ava is just enjoying my humiliation. Then forget her. Just focus on your father. Spence, this is the perfect opportunity to start mending fences. I mean, he’s obviously regretting what happened. Just give him a chance to take you back.

But I feel like I’m still learning how to trust you I wonder how spencer will take to the food service industry after being waited on all his life.

I change in your arms, I melt in your touch aw, nikolas, don’t worry so much. It’s a good job. Carrying a couple plates isn’t going to hurt the kid. I’m sure he’ll survive. Oh, so if you’re not worried about spencer, then this brooding silence must be about alexis. What happened at spring ridge?

I feel like I’m still trying to adjust nikolas says you can go free? Nikolas said a lot of astonishing things. Uh, first things first. How can nikolas get you out of here? Well, he and the governor are friends, and apparently, they’re in the process of arranging a full pardon. Why is

this not the best newsyou’ve heard all year? Why? [ Chuckles ] Because the price of my freedom is just too high. It’s always about nelle with you, isn’t it? Is that really surprising to you? You, who’s so proud to be a mother, who uses it to justify everything that you do? Guess what, carly — I’m also a mother. Nelle was my child. Well, there’s no doubt about that. There’s not much of a physical resemblance, but it’s scary how much the two of you are alike. In her own mind, nelle was always the victim. Murder, extortion, switching her baby — none of that was ever her fault. Somebody else, usually me, was always to blame. You are to blame for letting her die, and you will always be to blame for that. So live with it. Oh, so to pay me back, you basically kidnap sonny? Because in your mind, you’re the victim. “Poor, poor nina. She shouldn’t have been arrested. That’s a vindictive attack.” You’re delusional. And you know what? That could work in your favor. Just plead insanity and be done with it. I love you, michael corinthos. I’m in love with you. Please tell me you know that. Yeah, I do. And I intend to spend the rest of my life with you, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health — all of it. Okay, then, why not make it official? Fine then, l-let’s say our vows. L-let’s sign the documents and make the commitment to being husband and wife. When we marry, I want it to be about us — and wiley. I want it to be about joining our lives and celebrating our love, not smoothing over a disagreement. Say something worth hearing or I’m hanging up the phone. Your rebirth doesn’t seem to have affected your charming personality. I regret i

didn’t seeyour last stand. Too bad the commissioner didn’t shoot to kill. Yeah, I-it must be difficult coming back after such a long time away. Did I hear that your wife and best friend got married? There — there was — there was a tragedy at the wedding. Vincent novak and charlie buscema got blown to bits. Well, that’s very unfortunate. We can talk about it in greater detail when you come to visit me.

When you say the price of freedom is too high, does it have anything to do with hayden? I see you’re way ahead of me. Why don’t you take me through it anyway, so I don’t make assumptions or jump to wrong conclusions? I straight-out asked nikolas if he had hayden shot. He evaded it, which was all the answer that I needed. It’s difficult to see my aunt in prison. Alexis always had a neurotic streak, but…

[Breathes deeply] She was…smart, so articulate. She’s a talented lawyer, but also a warm and caring aunt… …a voice of sanity in my insane family. Yeah. Well, that’s why you were going to talk to the governor about a pardon, right? Well, unfortunately, it may not work out. You know the conditions — for father to take me back, I have to accept his marriage to ava. I have to accept that woman as my stepmother. He’s already put her in control of my trust fund. I’ll have to grovel to her for every dime that I want to spend. I’m not going to do that, esme. Then — then you’re letting her win. Brick by brick, ava’s building a wall between you and your father. I mean, that’s what she wants, spence. I mean, ava doesn’t want you talking to your father, making him see reason. God forbid your father realizes that she’s just a gold digger, after all.

[ Chuckles ] She’s more in love with his money and his last name than she’ll ever be with him. Yeah, he used to know that. He called me — he came to see me at school, said that we could work together to get him free of ava. Now she’s turned him against me. She’s latched on to him, and she’s never going to let him go. Spence, it’s obvious that your father doesn’t want this separation. You’ve just got to give him room to change his mind. How? [ Scoffs ] Ava never leaves his side. I might be able to help with that. Ava: I can understand why the governor would be concerned about it — excuse me. I’m so sorry to interrupt. Ava, could I speak to you for a moment outside?

And fool everyone who doesn’t know you I never saw tj’s patient.

[ Sighs ] I can’t be certain if it was the same man. But did you get a bad vibe from him? He was perfectly pleasant. But there was something about him that did seem… just off. I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe I’m making too big a deal out of this. No, no, no. Trust your instincts. People often get a bad feeling about someone presenting as ordinary and then tries to ultimately harm them. It’d be a mistake to ignore that feeling.

[ Sighs ] Well, in that case, I was walking outside kelly’s, and I thought I heard footsteps behind me. No one was there. And I turned around to keep going, and I walked right into this man. I was startled. He apologized. He had a map of port charles and asked me for directions to the chuck.

[ Breathes sharply ] And I told him that the chuck was closed today. And that’s when he brought up the savoy. See, I mentioned that I knew the owner, and he was all over it. He claimed that he read somewhere that you had never owned a club before. Where would he get that? Exactly. I don’t remember reading that in any promotional materials I read. And I asked him — I asked himabout his interest in you, but he just brushed it off and claimed he was a “people person”…

[ Sighs ] …Liked to talk to anybody. It seemed reasonable enough, so I excused myself and I left. But in retrospect… maybe it wasn’t so innocent. I agree. What are the odds that two men, same age, same description, would approach two very important people in my life, asking questions about me? Why the hell would I visit you? Well, a lot happened while you were away. I can fill in the blanks — details that your wife and mr. Morgan either weren’t privy to or — or chose not to tell you. Pass. Don’t be too hasty. Buscema and novak are gone, their territories are up for grabs — I might have information about who wants to take their place. You know what, cyrus? Enjoy flatland. Make yourself comfortable, ’cause, from what I hear… you’re going to spend the rest of your life there.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Nikolas is the one who had hayden shot. That’s your belief — he didn’t actually say the words. No, he didn’t actually say the words. I’ve known him his whole life, and it was very clear to me by what he didn’t say that he was the one who tried to have hayden killed. I’m sorry. You’re sorry? What are you sorry for? You’re the one who — who — who spent 6 years locked in a cage for something he did and you didn’T. I’m sorry for what this is costing you…

[ Sighs ] …For the pain I see in your eyes. I just thought he was better than that.

[ Sighs ] And he was. I’m telling you, he was. You know, up — up until just a few years ago, he wa– he was good. He was thoughtful. He was noble and empathetic. And that is all gone now. He is self-serving. He doesn’t even care about his own son. And he uses people. He used — used you. Oh, he can show remorse if you confront him. But it’s just a show. He doesn’t mean it. He’s gone bad, I’m telling you, and he will take no responsibility for anything that he’s done. None.

You open your own doors may I take your order? What are your specials? I don’t remember, and you don’t care, so just order eggs florentine like always. You won’t get many tips with that attitude. I wasn’t counting on one from you, anyway. You know, we still haven’t got our coffee. Right, I’ll get on that. Spencer… what are you doing? Did you not just nag me for coffee? You know that’s not what I mean. Actually, father, I have no idea what you “mean.” I’ve lost any ability that I ever had to read you or understand your motives. You are working at a diner, awaiting trial for criminal charges. This is not the life you were meant to have. Thanks to you and your wife, it is the life that I have now.

Nobody ever asks you why or for… when we saw each other at the courthouse, I was so focused on helping spence, so worried how the hearing would go, that… I didn’t get the chance to properly express

[Voice breaking] How truly sorry I am for my part in what happened to you. “What happened” is that I was stalked and terrorized to the point of filing for divorce and distancing myself from my only surviving child. What spence did was horribly wrong. And instead of helping him, I should have tried to talk him out of it. Why didn’t you? I can’t imagine my life without you, michael. When I tried, even on a temporary basis, it was a disaster. I don’t just love you, I need and depend on you as my best friend, someone I can confide in and trust. And you can always trust me. I know. But I’ve also realized that you don’t always do things for one reason. Remember when shiloh took me to court to try and force me to disclose what happened to my baby? You were so smart about all of that. You blew me away, running through tactics and potential strategies. It was the same way when we were fighting for custody of wiley. It’s — it’s crazy how your mind works, michael. How you can set up the dominoes to fall the way you want. Which is a nice way of saying I’m calculating. No, michael.

[ Breathes sharply ] It’s not a bad thing. It’s amazing. But it shouldn’t be the reason you proposed. Willow.

[ Breathes sharply ] Look, I hate that we argued, and I do want to make it better, but that — that’s not the reason I asked you to marry me. Could this mystery man, if it is the same man, be someone that you investigated when you were a cop? Someone that you put away? If so, why come looking for me now? I’m sorry. Portia? Hi. Welcome back. Thank you, man. How are you? Good. Trina told me that you were home. Yeah, it’s, uh — it’s been a real adjustment. I’m sure. And — and I heard josslyn — well, josslyn told me that she’s doing great in pcu? Yeah, yeah. Her and trina are really embracing the college experience.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I’m happy for them. Yeah. It’s a great time in their lives. Um, curtis, you got a minute to talk about cyrus renault? I won’t have to use the insanity defense. Well, you’re going to need something because the charges are not going away.

[ Scoffs ] This is laughable coming from you. Oh, yeah, you’re really happy to skate when the handcuffs are on you, carly. You know, hiding behind your high-powered attorney, letting her pretzel the law. But when I post legitimate bail, here you are — you’re outraged and you’re screaming for justice. I don’t have to scream. Justice is coming for you. Oh — yeah, you’re gonna be tried and convicted because there’s no excuse for what you did. I think my attorney can make a damn good argument that I was actually protecting sonny. That his life in port charles was dangerous and destructive, and that sonny was actually better off living in nixon falls.

You have to admit the timing is a little suspect. A little. And maybe our disagreement didn’t cause you to propose, but it might have

contributed to it. Maybe. Because you are — you’re a fixer, michael. Your first instinct will always be to try to make things better, and I love that about you. You came into my life, you — you gave me your support, you shared your son with me, and you didn’t try to fix me, but you made it possible for me to fix myself. And now that we’ve disagreed, you want to “fix” that, too, to make that go away, but you don’t have to. We can disagree and still love each other.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, if, uh, anyone knows that, it’s me. When spence and i met at school, we just… clicked. At first, it was a surface level — we liked a lot of the same things — you know, skiing, riding, theater. From the beginning, it’s like… we could both sense something deeper. This bond we shared.

[ Water lapping gently ]

[ Seagulls squawking ] I’m not close with my family, so when… …spence told me about the situation with his father, you know, thinking his father died, and when nikolas came back, he got involved with you, how badly that hurt spence — I totally empathized. I was so completely focused on spence that I never stopped to realize that I was only hearing his version. Do you feel that justifies your actions? No, no, o-of course not. I realize now that spence was angry — h-he was lashing out, and I was so focused on helping him that… I never stopped to see you as a person. To think about what you were going through. What i was helping to put you through. All those times, I was following spence’s instructions. And those things that I did… I would give anything to take them back. I know what it means to go too far, spencer, alright? For actions to have unpredictable consequences. Would you just talk to me, father and son, like we used to, and just tell me how things got so out of control? Things got a little tough when you “died,” father, and they didn’t get a whole lot better when you turned up alive, either — in fact, they got worse. I can’t change what I did, but I can fix what’s happening now. I can help you get your life back on track. This again? You’re going to provide guidance to your poor, troubled son — that’s what you want? No, I want you to stop punishing me before you wreck your own life. I should have known that nikolas wasn’t going to tell me the truth. I’m absolutely naive.

[ Sighs ] And all I’ve done is give him a heads-up that we’re on to him. You know, that could work to our advantage. Nikolas spent the past 6 years thinking he was in the clear. Maybe he got confident, let things slide. Now, if he started scrambling, trying to cover his tracks, he could give something away. Nikolas isn’t scrambling. He’s already got a bribe lined up. The pardon you mentioned. Mm-hmm. Yeah, he — he said that if I drop the subject of hayden, that he and his friend the governor would consider a pardon. And then when I didn’t jump at that opportunity, then it became a warning — either I back off or the pardon disappears. There’s only one thing to do. I know. Take the deal. What?! As far as I know, cyrus renault’s ass is rotting away in a federal prison somewhere in the midwest. Flatland. The operator mentioned it when cyrus called me collect. He called — wait a minute. What did he want? Oh, he was trying to dangle, you know, s-some information that he may or may not have. See, that’s how cyrus operates. It’s all mind games with him. Yep. Yep. Now, you guys were there when he finally went down. Anything you can give me on — on what happened that night? I can tell you that cyrus renault is a brutal, dangerous man. He was waiting for me when I got home and forced me to patch him up at gunpoint. And when trina got home, he made it perfectly clear that he didn’t need two hostages and that one of us was expendable. I’m sorry to bring up any bad memories. Curtis, can you and I, uh, maybe have a discussion alone? There’s really no need to shield me — we all survived renault, and he can’t hurt us now. Okay, well, good luck with that defense. I can’t wait to see you get on the stand and tell the judge that you committed identity fraud against sonny for his own good. Well, who even knows if this kind of identity fraud even exists, carly? I mean, this llantano da is trying to invent some sort of new law just to give michael what he wants. Michael doesn’t control the da. Oh, sure he does. And you control michael. You just… you just can’t stand it, can you, carly? That sonny lived 9 months of his life and you know nothing about it. That he was perfectly happy without you — maybe even a little happier — and now you want revenge, and you’re using your own son to get it for you.

Curtis: I didn’t know what he was going to do next. Cyrus was unraveling. He was — he was screaming at laura. He was waving his gun around. That guy was about two seconds from shooting laura, so I dropped my gun, and he shot me instead. Which gave jordan the opening she needed to enter the house and shoot renault. Laura is a friend, very special to me. I want to thank you for saving her life. Glad I could be there. So am I. I appreciate you guys talking to me. It means a lot. You’re not staying for — for a workout? Oh, you know what?

[ Chuckling ] I haven’t boxed in so long. But I got — I got to check on someone. Alright.

[ Sighs ] I thought we heard the last of cyrus renault. I guess we’re not that lucky. Think about wh ere you weresupposed to be, spencer — taking a gap year, touring the world. And you threw all of that away to get back at me. I’m curious — are you happy with the results? What can I say? The amalfi coast is overrated. I want you to stop sabotaging yourself. Why won’t you listen to me? I will. As soon as you listen to me and cut ava out of your life.

She will always keep… I don’t expect you to forgive me… but if there’s ever anything I can do — any way to make amends, I would appreciate the chance. Well, esme, you’re not the first young woman to get wrapped up in a man and do things she regrets, and I’m willing to put what’s happened behind us and start fresh.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, my god! T-that wasn’t — hmm. Thank you so, so much. You’re welcome. It’s my hope that you can be a good influence on spencer, and hopefully, someday, help him accept his new reality. I think he will. Deep down, spence loves his father. He just has to let go of his pride a little. Hmm. That is not so easy.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, well, I’m going to go and have breakfast with my husband. Of course. Really, ava… thank you again. You’re welcome. And, esme… make good use of this fresh start, ’cause one is all you’re going to get. Cross me again, and you will regret it. Did I just hear you right? Do you really want me to take my nephew’s bribe? I know what it means to be locked in a cell every night, to be without agency, to live by other people’s rules. You have a chance to get out of here. Take it. N-no. No. And not even because of my nephew’s agenda, but because I-I don’t deserve a pardon. You’re being harder on yourself than a prosecutor would be. Shawn, unlike you, I actually committed the crime that I’m in here for.

[ Sighs ] I-I-I’m serving my sentence. It’s my responsibility. It’s my debt to society that I need to — pay your debt on the outside. Right? Use your talents to help people. Volunteer at a legal clinic.

[ Sighs ] Do you want me to just ignore that my nephew is an attempted murderer? I mean, how am I going to look myself in the mirror, let alone maintain my sobriety? No. You want to do what’s best for me? You help me bring my nephew to justice. You, uh, may have noticed that the quartermaines are argumentative. Yes, I’ve picked up on that. But they’re nothing compared to my mom and dad. We always talk about how they were married five times. That means there was four break-ups. Well, I mean, realistically, 8 or 10, and I’m not talking about, like, it’s a disagreement and somebody leaves. I mean, there was — there was yelling, screaming, throwing glass. You know, court battles. My brother morgan and i taken to puerto rico in the middle of the night so we wouldn’t have to see it. And there are times my parents could not stand to be in the same room as each other. But I always knew that they — they were still in love with each other, no matter what. Because even at their worst, whenever one was in trouble, the other one had their back. And that’s how I feel about you, willow. I mean, I can’t imagine any of that kind of fighting, you know — throwing barware, screaming, yelling — all of that kind of stuff, but, you know, even if — even if we did… if you told me to leave and that you hated me and you never wanted to see me again, I’d — I’d leave. And the next day, you call me and you tell me that you need me? I’d be there, no questions asked. I know. Nina: Michael’s just your puppet. Which shows you know nothing about my son or how deep the hole you dug by lying to him to steal time with wiley. Well, I know michael enough to know he wouldn’t do this on his own.

[ Scoffs ] You’re the one pulling us through the ugliness of a trial. And why? Carly, it’s not going to change anything. You’re not going to get those 9 months back. And by targeting me and potentially hurting others, you may find that you also hurt yourself. And how would I do that? What’s going on?

Thank you. Oh, no coffee yet? Spencer: Coming right up. Oh, spencer, as long as you’re here, um, I’m ready to order. Egg-white omelette, tomato and chive, please. For you, darling? Eggs florentine.

[ Clears throat ] Got it. Oh, and spencer — the coffee. I know. God, I cannot stand that woman. Spence… she has got my father completely under her spell. He needs a wake-up call. You never even considered taking the deal? Of course I have. I hate it here. It’s a hell of a lot better than pentonville, but — but I’m still locked in it. I can’t wait to get out, and I’ll be glad when I get out, but I’m not getting out until my sentence is served. I admire your commitment and your willpower. Ah, maybe it just boils down to stubbornness.

[ Sighs ] I am not going to let my nephew use his money and his influence in order to escape a consequence that he needs to face.

[ Clears throat ] I just don’t know how I’m going to get him to tell the truth. Spencer: Hey, how are ya? I’m well. And look at you, all grown up. Yeah. And a working man, I see. Yeah, you know, I’ve come a long way from the son who could get his father to do anything for him. I think I know a way. Even before my mom found shiloh, we were always moving around, so I didn’t have friends I could count on growing up. People I could call in the middle of the night. Even my dad — he loved me, but he wasn’t strong enough to stand up to my mom. So, meeting you, falling in love with you… it’s like… finding a safe place. Knowing you won’t back down, knowing you won’t bail. That you’re wonderful and kind and generous, and underneath all that, you are pure steel. You won’t let anyone hurt wiley or me. No, I won’T. You’ve given me security, michael. Made me feel safe enough to disagree with you. Safe enough to tell you that I love you and I want to marry you someday, just not right now.

[ Breathes sharply ] I can wait for “someday.” I can wait forever, if I have to. I promise it won’t be that long. Sonny seems to be getting right back into the swing of his “business.”

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Does that worry you? Given that trina’s so close with joss? I’ve had a few anxious moments when trina first started going over to sonny’s house, but I’ve seen how careful he is to protect his family and to keep them away from anything questionable. So for the most part, I just try not to dwell on it. Makes sense.

[ Sighs ] Although it’s quite unsettling to hear that renault reached out to sonny. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. So renault reaches out to sonny out of the blue. At the same time, “mystery man” shows up in town asking questions about me. Do you think that that man could be working for cyrus? Nina was just explaining to me that, if she goes to trial, it’s all my fault. Excuse me. I’m late for work. I knew she’d get off bail, but I didn’t know it was going to be this soon. Yeah, me neither, but I walked in and there she was. I thought you were going to avoid her. This is my restaurant. Yeah, she shouldn’t be here. No, she shouldn’t be here. I tried it your way, but she’s in my face, and there’s no way in hell I’m backing down. So from now on, it’s between me and nina.

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