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Brady sits at home at John and Marlena’s, reading Johnny’s movie script. Brady asks if Johnny is kidding with this and questions how Marlena could be okay with it. Lucas then shows up at the door and asks if Brady has some time. Brady says he does and invites him in, asking what’s up. Lucas questions what the hell Brady is trying to pull with Chloe.

Chloe walks through the town square and finds Nicole. Chloe asks if something is wrong. Nicole informs her that Abe was shot tonight. Chloe mentions seeing the headline in the news and asks if he will be okay. Nicole confirms that Abe is expected to make a full recovery. Nicole adds that it was right in Salem Park when someone took a shot at him. Chloe calls that scary. Nicole talks about Abe being the closest thing she has to a father and doesn’t know what she’d do without him in her life. Nicole then asks Chloe why she was coming from the Salem Inn. Chloe reveals that she’s living there for now. Nicole thought Chloe was staying with Philip and asks what happened. Chloe responds that they had a big fight about Brady so she moved out.

Philip sits at home at the Kiriakis Mansion and thinks back to seeing Brady going in to the Salem Inn with Chloe. Ava arrives but Philip says he doesn’t have time so whatever it is will have to wait. Ava informs him that the cops picked up Jake DiMera. Philip asks what happened. Ava then reveals that Abe was shot today.

In the interrogation room, Jake complains that he’s going nuts in there while Gabi points out that at least Rafe let her stay with him. Jake wishes he knew what was going on with Abe, considering everything that happened to him is his responsibility. Gabi warns him not to let Rafe hear him say that as Rafe enters and asks what he’s not supposed to hear. Gabi asks if there’s any news on Abe. Rafe reveals that they were waiting for him to stabilize before taking him to the operating room and then his heart stopped…

Maggie goes to the hospital and sees Paulina. Maggie goes over and introduces herself as an old friend of Abe’s. Paulina notes that Abe told her what a fine person she is. Maggie says that’s nice to hear from a man like Abe. Maggie heard what happened and wanted to offer her support. Maggie asks if Abe is okay. Paulina then breaks down crying.

Jake asks Rafe if Abe is dead. Rafe says technically yes because he flatlined and they tried to revive him, but they finally did, so he’s in surgery now. Gabi questions Rafe telling Jake that Abe is dead then. Rafe explains that he wanted to gauge Jake’s reaction. Jake asks if he’s talked to him yet. Rafe says Abe is not allowed visitors until tomorrow so he can’t tell him what happened. Rafe says he was hoping to hear that from Jake and assures that his best option is telling the truth. Gabi argues that Jake is innocent and Rafe has nothing on him. Rafe points out that Jake was at the scene of the crime and his fingerprints are all over the gun used to shoot Abe, so he has plenty on him.

Philip asks Ava what reason Jake would have to shoot Abe. Ava has no clue but says it sure screws up their plans with Jake and Gabi. Philip acknowledges that it’s hard to hold Jed Zanetti’s death over Jake’s head if he’s already in jail for shooting Abe. Ava adds that Gabi won’t sign Gabi Chic over to them. Philip concludes that Carmine would no longer be a threat to Jake. Carmine then walks in to the mansion and says he wouldn’t say that.

Brady tells Lucas that what happens between he and Chloe is none of his business. Lucas reveals that he and Philip were in the town square when they saw Brady and Chloe going in to the Salem Inn together and Brady was carrying Chloe’s suitcase, very gallantly. Brady responds that he’s just that kind of guy. Lucas asks if he’s also the kind of guy to spend the night with another man’s girlfriend.

Nicole asks Chloe what her and Philip’s fight was about. Chloe informs her that Philip punched Brady and is acting like a maniac, so she feels like she’s back in high school. Nicole hopes Chloe then broke it off with Philip. Chloe says she didn’t but feels they shouldn’t live under the same roof. Chloe adds that she moved in to the Kiriakis Mansion to recover from her gunshot wound but now has no reason to be there. Nicole’s phone rings with a call from EJ. Chloe asks if she needs to get that but Nicole claims it’s no one important.

EJ leaves a message for Nicole, inviting her to dinner tonight and says they’ll have it at the DiMera Mansion to avoid interruption as he actually seems to be home alone. Kristen DiMera then emerges from the tunnels and tells EJ to guess again. EJ questions what she is doing here.

Gabi argues that Jake must have touched the gun when he found Abe as that’s the only reason his prints could be on the gun. Rafe threatens to kick her out if she doesn’t keep quiet. Rafe asks Jake if he just happened to pick up the gun. Jake confirms he did not. Rafe points out that the gun is registered in Jake’s name. Gabi tries to interrupt but Jake says he made this mess, so he will clean it up. Jake agrees to tell Rafe everything he knows. Gabi urges him not to say another word without an attorney. Rafe suggests Jake should’ve called a lawyer instead of Gabi. Jake feels Rafe is going to find out everything regardless of what he does. Jake decides he will give Rafe the whole story from the beginning.

Philip questions Carmine getting in to the house. Ava adds that he’s not even supposed to be in Salem, so she asks what he’s doing here. Carmine responds that they both owe him, so he’s here to collect.

Brady tells Lucas that he’s good friends with Chloe, so he was just helping her move in to the Salem Inn. Lucas doesn’t buy it. Brady insists he’s been respectful of her relationship with Philip. Lucas says except when Chloe tries to put distance between them, then Brady is always there. Lucas brings up how Brady slept in the same bed with her on a business trip and is now helping her move out of Philip’s house. Brady assures that nothing happened either time. Lucas argues that Philip is his flesh and blood, so he deserves better from Brady and he knows it.

Nicole finishes a call and then informs Chloe that Abe is out of the ICU and is stable. Chloe calls that great news. Chloe then asks why Nicole is being so mysterious about her previous phone call. Nicole claims she wasn’t but then admits that it was EJ, inviting her to dinner. Chloe assumes her answer is no. Nicole says she doesn’t know. Chloe asks why she didn’t take his call then. Nicole brings up going to dinner with EJ last night and says she did something a little underhanded which Chloe questions. Nicole reveals to Chloe that she let Steve hack in to EJ’s phone, because Steve is on a mission to track down Kristen and she prays that Steve finds her and throws her behind bars for the rest of her miserable life.

EJ warns Kristen that she shouldn’t come within 100 miles of Salem. Kristen responds that she needed to see him. EJ notes that she’s been on the run for months so he asks why now. Kristen says there is something she has to do as she then slaps EJ across the face.

Paulina tells Maggie that she’s just such a mess. Maggie understands and asks again if Abe will be okay. Paulina confirms that he just woke up a few minutes ago and she told him how grateful they were that he fought his way back. Maggie is relieved to hear the news. Paulina talks about how scared she was, even though she and Abe haven’t known each other long, he’s become an important part of her life. Maggie notes that Abe feels the same about her. Paulina responds that it makes her a very lucky woman and surprised because she never expected to find love at this point in her life. Maggie is glad that Abe has found love because he has so much to give. Maggie wishes she could see Abe but supposes it’s better to wait until he’s stronger. Paulina says Lani is in there now and calls Lani her daughter then corrects that she meant her niece and says she’s just all over the place right now. Maggie understands she’s been through a lot. Paulina says not as much as Abe has been. Maggie asks if they know how Abe got shot or who shot him. Paulina responds that nobody knows but she can’t wait to get her hands on whoever is to blame.

Gabi informs Rafe that Philip has been trying to find dirt on Jake to use against them because he wants her to sign over Gabi Chic to him. Rafe asks what this has to do with Abe and adds that he thought he was talking to Jake. Jake confirms Philip is trying to dig up dirt on him so he looked up an old co-worker of his from Philly, Carmine. Rafe asks if Carmine is mobbed up which Jake confirms. Rafe asks what Carmine has on him. Jake says nothing but that Philip convinced him to say that he took out a guy that they knew named Jed Zanetti. Rafe questions Jake being wanted for murder in another jurisdiction. Gabi argues that he didn’t do it. Rafe reminds her to keep quiet or she’s getting kicked out. Jake explains that Carmine is trying to pin Zanetti’s death on him and Philip wants to help him do it. Rafe asks what all of this has to do with Abe. Jake reveals that he called Carmine to come to Salem for a sitdown so that he could reason with him, but he wasn’t reasonable, so he threatened him. Rafe realizes that’s why he had his gun. Jake insists that he wasn’t going to hurt him and just wanted him to go away but Carmine knew he was bluffing, so he wrestled the gun from him and that’s when Abe walked up to try to intervene but Carmine turned and shot him point blank. Rafe asks what happened next. Jake says that Carmine dropped the gun and ran while he stayed to call 911. Gabi adds that Jake also gave Abe CPR which she thinks saved his life. Gabi asks if Jake would stick around to do that if he shot Abe. Gabi argues that Rafe knows Jake is telling the truth.

Philip tells Carmine that he can’t shake him down for more money. Carmine complains that he’s in a mess because of Philip and Ava wanting him to finger Jake for offing Jed Zanetti. Ava asks what mess he’s in. Carmine explains that Jake got word to him that he wanted to meet, so he showed up. Ava questions him not clearing that with her. Carmine figured it wouldn’t be a problem but Jake started waving a gun around, he grabbed it, and then a guy walked up and ended up getting shot. Philip calls Carmine an idiot for shooting the mayor and says Jake is in jail for shooting him. Ava asks who shot Abe. Carmine says the gun just went off and it was an accident. Philip questions Carmine shooting Abe. Carmine says it’s not his fault and tells Philip that it’s his problem.

Brady questions if Philip sent Lucas to fight his battle for him. Lucas clarifies that Philip doesn’t even know he’s here right now. Lucas calls Chloe the best thing to happen to Philip in a long time. Lucas adds that Brady had his chance with Chloe and blew it. Brady argues that he was in a relationship so he couldn’t tell Chloe that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Lucas is glad Brady finally figured out that Kristen is no good but argues that it doesn’t give him the right to steal Philip’s girlfriend. Brady asks Lucas if he asked Chloe what she wants. Brady guesses Lucas can’t face Chloe after Sami tried to get him to seduce her. Lucas is not proud of what he did but argues that Sami did it all because of Kristen, who kidnapped Chloe. Lucas declares that as long as Kristen’s out there, Brady is a walking death threat to Chloe.

Chloe asks Nicole why Steve is trying to track down Kristen all of a sudden. Nicole doesn’t know and doesn’t care, but she wants him to find her and lock her up. Chloe asks why she’s feeling guilty then. Nicole doesn’t like going behind EJ’s back but doesn’t feel an ounce of guilt towards Kristen after what she did to her. Chloe hopes Steve is slapping handcuffs on Kristen now.

EJ questions Kristen risking her life to come back to slap him. Kristen argues that EJ was in on it and says she’s been off the grid for months and then suddenly gets a message that Steve Johnson is breathing down her neck. Kristen says she barely got out ahead of him. EJ questions why she came here. Kristen reveals that Steve traced her from the phone number she gave EJ. Kristen complains that she risked everything to tell EJ that Sami betrayed him because she trusted him. EJ asks if she really thinks he would ever give her up to Steve or anyone else for that matter. Kristen asks if EJ didn’t, then how did he get her number. EJ says he doesn’t know but then remembers and says he thinks he knows how it happened. EJ explains to Kristen what happened at dinner when Steve and Kayla interrupted and that when he went to the restroom, he left his phone. Kristen calls him an idiot and says that Kayla probably wasn’t even drunk. Kristen guesses they set him up and she can’t believe he left his phone alone with them. EJ points out that they actually weren’t alone.

Chloe asks Nicole if she and EJ are seeing each other. Nicole says they went out a couple times but it is a little weird since he is her boss and her ex. Chloe asks how it’s going. Nicole says the first time, they ran in to Rafe and Ava so EJ and Rafe had words since they hate each other and then the whole thing with Steve and Kayla. Chloe asks if these interruptions might be a sign. Nicole notes that EJ’s message said he wanted a do over and she thinks she wants to give it a try since EJ is trying to put his life back together and so is she. Nicole then reveals that EJ did kiss her. Chloe knows Nicole has felt lonely since Eric left but argues that there are more guys in town than Xander and EJ. Nicole assures that she knows which Chloe questions. Nicole says she needs a distraction. Chloe asks if she means from thinking about Eric. Nicole says it’s not that simple as the one person she can’t stop thinking about is Rafe.

Rafe tells Jake that his story has some believable elements as it would explain the additional prints on the gun. Gabi questions him never mentioning additional prints. Rafe says if Jake’s story is true, she shouldn’t act surprised. Rafe says they weren’t able to match the prints but now that they have Carmine’s name, they might have enough evidence and the story might be true. Jake assures that it is. Rafe asks if there’s any idea where Carmine is now. Gabi suggests checking with Philip.

Philip questions Carmine saying it’s his problem that Carmine shot the mayor. Carmine says if it wasn’t for him and Ava, he’d still be in Philly. Ava argues that they didn’t ask him to come to Salem. Carmine says Jake got him here, pulled a gun on him, and he had to take it from him. Carmine claims he was defending himself. Philip doesn’t think Abe or Jake will see it that way. Ava points out that Jake is in custody now so he’s probably telling all about Carmine. Carmine argues that if the cops pick him up, he’ll have his own song to sing, so he warns that they better take care of him. Philip asks what he wants. Carmine wants one of the rooms in the Kiriakis Mansion until this blows over. Philip says he’ll have to think about it as Carmine then exits. Ava asks Philip what the hell they are going to do now.

Maggie understands Paulina wanting to take revenge on someone who hurt the person you love, but thinks it would be better to let the police take care of whoever did this to Abe and for Paulina to focus on Abe’s recovery and herself. Paulina agrees and says she wants to let go of the anger and put all her energy in to helping Abe recover. Paulina calls Maggie a wise and beautiful woman. Maggie tells Paulina that she is too. Paulina tells Maggie that she looks like Bonnie Raitt which Maggie takes as a compliment as a big fan of her. Paulina suggests they all go do karaoke together when Abe gets better which Maggie loves.

Jake swears to Rafe that Abe will back up everything he said. Rafe says even if he does, Jake’s not off the hook since he brought a loaded gun and a mobster to the park. Rafe adds that because of Jake, Abe almost died. Jake asks what he’s going to charge him with. Rafe doesn’t know yet but warns Jake to walk away from this criminal and never look back.

Chloe tells Nicole that she knew she had a thing for Rafe. Nicole calls it complicated and says she wasn’t clear about it herself. Nicole adds that they’ve known each other for so long and that Rafe is the guy to turn to when things are awful but she was married to the love of her life. Nicole talks about how Eric kept staying in Africa longer and she kept seeing Rafe differently but she was still married. Nicole says when her marriage blew up, she was miserable and guilty, then by the time she sorted out her feelings, Rafe was with Ava. Nicole adds that Ava is starting a new life and is her friend too. Chloe wonders if Nicole would’ve ran in to Rafe instead of Xander on the night Eric said he was staying in Africa. Nicole thinks Rafe would have seen how drunk she was and got her home and in bed. Nicole repeats that Rafe was starting something with Ava. Chloe questions not thinking that Rafe deserves to know how she feels. Nicole says she can’t. Chloe argues that dating EJ instead doesn’t make sense. Nicole compares it to Chloe wanting Brady and dating Philip. Chloe argues that Brady was in love with Kristen but Nicole says not anymore. Chloe says she really likes Philip when he’s not acting like a jealous idiot as he can be really sweet and romantic and they have a really long history. Nicole says she and EJ do too. Chloe reminds her that EJ hurt her over and over. Nicole argues that was because Sami was in the picture but now she’s not. Nicole recalls being so in love with EJ a long time ago, so maybe she can love him again. Chloe worries that it’s doomed to begin with if he finds out she double crossed he and Kristen. Chloe warns that EJ is still a dangerous man, who has turned on her before. Chloe asks what if Kristen finds out that she helped Steve track her down. Nicole insists that Kristen is in hiding and nowhere near Salem. Chloe points out that if Steve finds her, she won’t be hiding anymore.

Kristen tells EJ to stop stalling and asks who else was at the table when Steve hacked his phone. EJ claims he was on a dinner date with a business associate and that Steve obviously duped that person in to leaving the table. Kristen blames EJ for leaving his phone in plain sight and says she doesn’t know who she hates more, EJ or Steve. EJ suggests she turn her wrath on Steve, because right now, he is all she’s got. Kristen demands that he hide her until all of this blows over or else she swears to take him down with her.

Nicole doesn’t care about Kristen and says she’s on the ropes and she knows it, so she needs to keep running or else she’ll be found and thrown in a prison that she can’t escape from. Chloe hopes so. Nicole thinks EJ would understand why she did what she did, if he finds out, but she doesn’t think he will. Chloe questions her not returning his call then. Nicole says she was just shocked about Abe and needed time to think, but EJ’s message sounded fine so maybe she should take him up on his dinner invite and go to his house right now.

Brady hates what Kristen put Chloe through and calls that a big reason why he broke it off with her. Brady reminds Lucas that Kristen’s daughter is sleeping down the hall so he can keep it down if he’s going to trash talk her mother. Brady declares that Lucas and Philip have no right to point fingers at him and if Philip wants to know what happened between he and Chloe last night, he can man up and ask him himself, or he can go to Chloe. Lucas questions why Philip should ask Brady anything and says he’d just lie to him. Brady tells him that they can believe whatever they want. Brady jokes that he can go tell Philip to challenge him to a duel. Lucas calls Brady a cold son of a bitch. Brady tells him to get out so Lucas then exits.

Philip asks Ava to calm down since Jake brought Carmine to Salem and they didn’t even know about it. Ava worries that Gabi won’t let Jake take the fall. Ava regrets agreeing to help Philip. Philip thought she had nerves of steel. Ava insists that Rafe cannot find out that she’s mixed up with Abe. Philip asks what she wants to do. Ava tells him that they need to keep Carmine quiet which means he needs to do what he wants. Philip argues that he can’t hide Carmine here since he came to the front door, so Henderson will tell Victor. Philip adds that Ava knows how to make people disappear so she should handle him. Ava agrees to, so Philip tells her to call him when it’s handled. Ava asks where he thinks he’s going. Philip declares that Ava started this, so she can handle it, while he has places to go and people to see. Philip then exits the mansion.

Chloe asks Nicole about EJ wanting her to come to his house for dinner. Nicole notes that EJ said he’d be alone. Chloe questions just showing up at his door without calling. Nicole responds that EJ won’t be cooking on his own and says that she knows EJ and that he likes surprises…

EJ tells Kristen that he can’t hide her in the house, so if she wants to stay, she’ll have to stay in the secret room. Kristen complains that it’s not exactly secret anymore. EJ blames Kristen for that and says there’s no good hiding place for her here. EJ thought she was smarter than to flee to her family home. EJ is sure that Steve will be knocking on the door anytime soon. Kristen argues that she’s not an amateur as she left a bogus trail to keep Steve busy for months. Kristen feels nobody would ever think she would come back here. EJ decides to organize some bedding and directs her to the wine cellar. Kristen then responds that she’s going to Brady’s. EJ laughs at her and points out that if Brady sees her, he will turn her in. Kristen assures that Brady won’t see her but she didn’t come all this way to not see her daughter as she’s all she has to live for. EJ warns that Kristen is making a big mistake. Kristen insists that she just has to look at her daughter while she sleeps and no one will ever know she was there. EJ knows that she cannot change her mind as Kristen then leaves the mansion.

Gabi tells Rafe that she loves Jake, so he can’t just order her to leave him. Rafe brings up Jake being in the mob. Gabi argues that Ava is his ex mob boss. Rafe tells her to save it. Gabi tells Rafe that Ava gave Philip the information on Carmine, so she is in this up to her neck.

Carmine returns to see Ava in the living room and asks where Philip is. Ava tells him not to worry about him as she’s going to take care of his arrangements. Carmine warns that she better. Ava responds that she may be out of the life, but she’s still his boss, and he’s acting pretty cocky for just a hired goon. Ava reminds him that she can still squash him like a bug. Ava then takes Carmine and exits the mansion.

Philip goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn.

Brady complains about Philip still thinking that he slept with Chloe and decides he has to warn her. Brady goes to look for his phone. When he leaves the room, Kristen sneaks in.

EJ finishes setting up the wine cellar in the tunnels as the doorbell rings. EJ then answers the door to see Nicole and says he was just thinking about her.

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