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Recap written by Christine

In the park, Billy unsuccessfully tried to tell Sharon she misinterpreted what she overheard. She said he couldn’t let go of his anger toward Adam. He was surprised by her impulse to defend Adam, especially given how it affected her marriage to Rey. She told him not to dare turn this around on her. She asked what he hoped to get out of this attack, a juicy news story? She asked what he thought Adam did. He was surprised Rey didn’t tell her. Sharon suggested that Rey was discreet about spreading around unfounded allegations, but Billy didn’t have those scruples. Billy said he thought that Adam, on Victor’s orders, made a man disappear because he was a threat to Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. He said this guy had damning information about Ashland’s past, and he went to Tuscany to confront him. He told her that he’d be careful about championing Adam, because it looked like the old Adam was back. Sharon asked what Billy was saying happened – bribery? He was sure it wasn’t bribery, since the missing man took money from almost everyone, and he still went to Tuscany. She asked what he was suggesting – kidnapping? Murder? Billy noted that he never said any of those things, but he thought it was interesting that Sharon’s mind went there. He said she knew what Adam was capable of. Sharon thought the theories were impossible because Victor wouldn’t order something like that, and Adam had no motive to help, since he had no allegiance to Ashland, and there was no love lost with Victoria. Billy thought Adam would do anything to stay in the Newman fold. Sharon thought Billy was grasping at straws. She felt like Adam deserved a chance to turn his life around, just like everyone gave Billy a chance.

Adam was in the office with Victor, who was pleased that Adam was finally coming around on going to war with Billy. After seeing how focused Billy was on Gaines and Ashland, Adam thought this was the perfect time to strike. Adam believed that Victor set Billy up perfectly with that warning. Adam predicted that Billy would be distracted by Gaines and on high alert. Ashland entered as Victor said that Billy wouldn’t know what hit him. Ashland was on board with anything to take Billy down a notch. Adam said they’d been planning to include Ashland. Victor and Adam revealed that they wanted to destabilize ChancComm then take it over. Victor said they were successful at taking over Cyaxares and rebranding it as Newman Media. Ashland knew this had less to do with business and more to do with taking on Billy. Ashland wasn’t going to keep secrets from Victoria anymore, so he didn’t want them to tell him anything that they didn’t want her to know. Victor said he already told Billy that they were going after him. Victor told Ashland not to be concerned about letting Victoria know what they were up to.

Victor filled Ashland in. Ashland was impressed by the cleverness and ruthlessness of the plan. “Who knew Jesse Gaines would actually prove to be so useful?,” Ashland said. Victor and Adam were sure that Billy would fall into this trap. Victor said Billy would move quickly to try and hurt Newman Media. Everyone smiled about weakening ChancComm and ripping it out from under Billy.

Noah was in the cottage. He had his feet up on the coffee table, which was covered in empty takeout containers. He was on the phone, and he told someone that it was weird to be in Genoa City longer than a quick visit. He didn’t know what his future held. Rey walked in. Noah ended the call and flashed a sheepish smile. Rey helped an apologetic Noah clean up. Noah thanked Rey for letting him stay. Rey replied that Noah grew up in this home, and he was always welcome. Rey looked forward to getting to know Noah. Noah asked what was going on at the ranch. Rey said not much had changed, Victor got a few more horses. Faith was falling for Moses Winters. Sharon was amazing. Noah thought Rey was too. He heard Rey helped save Mariah. Noah was impressed with Rey’s devotion to Noah’s family. It made Noah feel less guilty for not being there. Rey said Noah’s mom and sisters were important to him. Noah asked about Rey’s family. Rey missed them, but Genoa City felt like home.

Rey and Noah relaxed on the couch. Noah promised to rein in his bachelor lifestyle and be more considerate. Rey hoped Noah would feel comfortable here and that living with them wouldn’t cramp his style. Noah said it wouldn’t be a problem. He didn’t know how long he’d stay. He spent a lot of years in the cottage, but it didn’t feel like home anymore. London didn’t feel like home either. Rey felt the same when he went to Miami. It took him awhile to settle in. He loved his family, but it wasn’t who he was anymore, and before long, he wanted to get back to Sharon and Genoa City. Noah said he felt in limbo between his childhood home and future home. Rey was sure Noah would figure it out, but there was no rush. Rey said that people were going to pressure Noah to stay in Genoa City for good.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria showed Nikki some pictures of the wedding. Nikki said that the wedding agreed with Victoria – she was glowing and looked strong, happy and in love. Victoria felt that way too. She knew she and Ashland had challenges ahead, but she couldn’t be more content. Nikki hoped Victoria could work things out with Nick. Victoria didn’t want the thought of Nick bringing her down. She said she’d deal with it after the honeymoon. She was surprising Ashland with the perfect stress-free getaway to paradise, far away from everyone and everything, especially paparazzi. A private island, five star meals, masseuse. They would leave in a week if they could get caught up on all the work that built up while they were in Tuscany. Nikki was sure Victoria would work 24/7 to make that happen.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office after Nikki left. Victoria was so excited about the honeymoon that she couldn’t help showing him a picture of the place they were going. He didn’t react, and she asked what was going on. He revealed that Victor and Adam were making a move to crush ChancComm and fold it into Newman Media. From a business standpoint, it made sense to Ashland, and he’d done it many times before. She asked why he wanted her to know. He didn’t want secrets between them. He said she might not want Victor and Adam to go after Billy for the same reason he claimed to be trying to protect her – for the children. Victoria didn’t want anymore details. She said that if Billy wanted to play in the big leagues, he had to step up and protect his company. Ashland was surprised and impressed by Victoria’s response. He said he’d honor her wishes and keep the details from her. Victoria told Ashland he should feel flattered because he’d won her father’s respect. Victor only circled the wagons and went on the attack for family. Ashland thought that sounded like cause for celebration, and he suggested lunch at Society.

Noah ended up at the main house after a walk around the ranch. Nikki wanted to go riding with Noah, which they hadn’t done in years. They noted that, for once, he wasn’t in town because of a family crisis. She asked how long he’d be staying. When she was in London with him, she saw how fabulous his career was going. He thanked her, but said only a proud grandma would call his career fabulous. She teased that he got his endearing modesty from her. He was thinking he could do some more work for Newman Media. Nikki sensed Noah would be in town for awhile, and that made her happy. She felt like something was on his mind, and she wondered if there was a reason he left London. He said he wasn’t running from anything. He said he was worried about Nick. Nikki had been concerned too – Nick and Victor had always been different, but they were both stubborn, and this issue wouldn’t be going away any time soon.

Nick was at Phyllis’s suite, and things were still tense. He asked if they were ever going to talk, or if she was going to keep giving him the silent treatment. She coolly told him she had to go to work, but he said work could wait. He knew he upset her, but he was dealing with some things with his family, and he could use her support. She contended that he rejected her support. He said that when her support came in the form of Newman-bashing, it seemed like she wasn’t listening. She said she was listening and being supportive, and every time she did that, he got offended. He felt like she was telling him to push the hard issues aside because it was a lot easier than dealing with his contentious family. She denied doing that. He wanted to sit down and have a calm talk. She snapped that she wasn’t as calm as him. She was offended that he was insinuating that she didn’t have good communication skills and that she didn’t care about his feelings, and maybe the first one was true sometimes, but the second one wasn’t. He said he wasn’t doing that. She didn’t want to talk now. She needed space, and she left.

Sally ran into Jack at Crimson Lights and made some cryptic comments about how his relationship with Phyllis seemed to be deepening. He didn’t know what she was getting at, but he said she had her own tricky relationship to navigate with her new boss, Adam. He excused himself. Sally headed out to the patio where she ran into Adam. She told him that an article called her the next Vera Wang. He didn’t react, and she wasn’t sure if that was because he didn’t agree or because he didn’t know who that was. She wanted to do a write up on the dramatic story of getting the wedding dress to Victoria at the last minute. He admitted he didn’t care about the wedding dress press right now. She assumed this was his way of keeping their relationship strictly professional. She guessed she mistakenly thought that the fashion division was more important to Newman Media than it was. He told her to stop taking things so personally – there was more to Newman Media than her fashion line. He had a call to take, so he left.

Phyllis went to Crimson Lights, and Jack immediately knew something was wrong. She didn’t want to dump her problems on him. He said he could handle it. She said things weren’t getting better with Nick. She felt like she had to deal with a superficial relationship to make things work out – as soon as things got too deep, it crumbled. She said that no one was doing anything big, like cheating or keeping secrets, but it had all gone sideways. She asked what to do. He said no relationship was easy and the way couples handled the rough spots were a testament to the depth and strength of the relationship. She said she and Nick weren’t handling the rocky parts at all. She wasn’t sure they were even capable of it. She said Nick wanted to talk, but she left because she was concerned she would overreact. As someone who’d been on the receiving end of her temper, he thought that was probably a good idea. He said she could get her head in the right place before she had an important adult conversation. She thought he always knew the right thing to say. He told her not to give up.

Sally, who was still at the coffeehouse, thought about calling Adam, but she didn’t. She was on her way in from the patio when she saw Jack and Phyllis.

Adam was on a business call, and someone mentioned what an asset Sally was. He agreed and said they were happy to have her. The call ended, and he thought about calling Sally, but he didn’t. He left the office.

Later, Billy joined Sally at her table. He wanted background on a story about Newman Media and Jesse Gaines. Sally didn’t know who that was. He said that a source suggested Adam and Victor were involved in Jesse’s disappearance. He knew she rode on Adam’s private jet and he wondered if she heard anything about Jesse on the return flight. She had nothing to say to him. She knew he was a rival with Newman Media, and her loyalty lay with her employer. He saw her getting cozy with Adam at the palazzo. He said that Adam was savvy and dangerous and he only cared about himself. He told her to protect herself. She said he wasn’t the first to warn her about Adam, but she’d also been warned about Billy and his vendetta against Adam. She said she could make her own decisions. Adam arrived and he saw Sally and Billy talking.

Ashland and Victoria went to Society and ran into Victor. Victoria said Ashland told her about the plan. Victor started to explain that Billy had this coming. Victoria didn’t need to be convinced. She was on board, but she didn’t want the details. She said all was fair in business, and she was done protecting Billy.

Victor was on his way out of Society when Nick arrived. Victor wanted to go back inside and grab coffee with Nick, but Nick said he was grabbing a quick meal and going home to Christian. He mentioned that Noah was in town and that it’d be nice if he could spend time with his grandparents. Victor said that Nikki was planning a dinner. He hoped Nick would be there. Nick didn’t think that was a good idea. Victor hoped Nick could get over what happened in Tuscany. Nick felt like Victor used him then tossed him aside in favor of Adam. Nick said he was questioning his place in this family yet again. That broke Victor’s heart. He asked why Nick didn’t feel like he was part of the family. Nick said Victor’s lack of awareness was at the core of the problem – he never perceived how his actions were seen from his children’s point of view, at least not Nick’s. Victor didn’t understand, because he gave Nick everything he wanted and needed. Nick said this push-pull dynamic wasn’t going to go away. Nick wasn’t even angry, he was just exhausted. He wasn’t hungry anymore, so he left.

Victoria showed Ashland the honeymoon picture again. He commented that she was happy about it, and he said everything that made her happy made him happy too. The oncologist called with some test results. Ashland wanted to go home and talk, but Victoria insisted on hearing what the doctor said now. Ashland said the chemotherapy wasn’t working. Victoria said it was okay – they’d just find another treatment. She hoped he wasn’t giving up; they just had to fight harder.

Phyllis went home and texted Nick to see if he was ready to talk. She called room service and ordered all the bestselling food in the romance and honeymoon package for her and Nick. She grabbed some lingerie to put on, but then she got a text from Nick saying he was staying home because Christian had a cold.

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