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Paulina goes to see Lani, who asks what brings her by. Paulina thinks back to Marlena urging her to tell the truth. Paulina tells Lani that there’s something important that she needs to discuss with her, so Lani invites her in.

Marlena tells the nurse that it’s impossible for Eli and Julie to see Doug. She informs her that Eli is a police officer and demanded access then threatened to take it to her superior. Marlena warns the nurse that it’s very dangerous for Julie to see Doug and says she’s on her way in. Marlena tells her to stall them until she gets there and hangs up. The Devil in Marlena declares that it’s time for Julie to learn to leave well enough alone.

John listens to Marlena’s recording of her session with Doug in her office but can’t hear what Doug is saying in the session.

Gabi leaves the Pub and calls Jake, leaving a message questioning what was so important that he couldn’t tell her why he had to leave.

Carmine laughs at Jake with a gun and calls him a pussycat, arguing that they both know there’s no way he would shoot him. Carmine then grabs the gun from Jake and turns it on him. Carmine remarks that Jake couldn’t do what needed to be done, just like with Jed Zanetti. Carmine says luckily, he has no problem doing what needs to be done. Abe approaches and questions what the hell is going on here. Carmine turns to him. Jake tries to stop him but Carmine fires the gun and shoot Abe in the chest. Abe collapses. Jake rushes to his side to check on him. Jake asks Carmine what the hell is wrong with him. Carmine blames Jake for making him do it by pulling the gun. Jake calls Carmine a son of a bitch as Carmine flees the scene. Jake calls for an ambulance for Abe.

Lani tells Paulina that she got a text from Abe about how excited he is for the wedding. Paulina says Abe has already gone out of his way to make it perfect. They talk about Paulina and Abe being in love. Paulina adds that they even got Marlena to perform the ceremony. Paulina points out that when Marlena tells her anything, she takes it to heart. Lani calls Marlena very wise and advises to always listen to her. Paulina reveals that this advice was about Lani. Lani asks what about her but her babies wake up so she goes to check on them. Paulina wonders how she is going to tell Lani that she is her mom and that Abe is not her real father.

Eli asks the nurse how much longer until they can see Doug. The nurse claims she’s still working on it. Julie warns that Eli will insist on seeing her boss. Marlena then arrives and says that won’t be necessary. Julie says she’s not surprised that the nurse called her. Marlena argues that her patient is not allowed visitors. Julie complains that she is Doug’s wife. Marlena insists that it’s not safe and that Doug could attack her again. Eli argues that he’ll make sure she’s safe. Marlena claims she’s also worried about Doug’s safety because she might upset him and that could set him back. Julie argues that it could comfort him and raise his spirits. Eli pleads with Marlena to understand. Marlena claims she’s trying to help Doug and Julie. Eli gets that she has the authority to keep Julie from seeing Doug, but he has the authority to question him about a crime. Marlena asks if he’s going to press charges against Doug for attacking Julie. Eli clarifies that he wants to have Doug explain more about how Marlena tried to kill him.

John can’t understand why he doesn’t hear what Doug is saying on the recording. John skips ahead and continues listening as Marlena questions why “he” is doing this to Doug. John hears Marlena asking why he came back to Salem after all these years, leaving John to wonder who in the hell she’s talking to.

Kayla goes to Marlena’s office but finds John inside. John tells her that it’s not what she thinks. Kayla reminds him that she warned him that accessing Marlena’s private recordings is a violation. John tells her that something bad is happening to Marlena and it started right after her session with Doug. Kayla demands the recording. John argues that she has to understand there is something off with the recording. Kayla doesn’t care and tells him to forget it or else she will have to report him for violating doctor-patient confidentiality. John pleads with Kayla to hear him out and just listen to the recording because for some reason, he hears Marlena’s voice really clear but when Doug speaks, he hears static and it sounds like there is someone else with her.

Marlena argues that Doug was not in his right mind when he claimed she tried to kill him. Eli wants to hear it from him. Marlena calls Doug delusional. Eli says he will be the judge of that. Marlena argues that Eli is not qualified to diagnose like she is. Julie complains that she’s his wife and knows him better than anyone. Marlena says he’s not who he was before and that he’s just paranoid and confused. Marlena says sometimes patients are so deeply disturbed that they think their therapist is the enemy. Eli asks if she did something to make him think that. Marlena says of course not as she took an oath not to harm and she thinks Julie would do harm. Julie argues that Marlena is not behaving like a human. Julie talks about thinking of Marlena as family for all of her life, so she asks what has happened to her compassion. Julie adds that Marlena’s eyes are so cold. Julie doesn’t think she knows her anymore.

Paulina helps Lani put the babies back down. Lani says Paulina has a magic tough with her daughter Jules. Paulina talks about doing the same with Lani when she was a baby. Lani didn’t know Paulina helped Tamara when she was a baby. Paulina says it was just when things were hectic but she treasured every moment. Paulina adds that she enjoyed it while it lasted. Lani remarks that she’s sure it was good practice until she had a daughter of her own.

Jake encourages Abe to hang in. Rafe arrives with paramedics. Jake tells Rafe that Abe’s not doing well. Rafe sees the gun on the floor and raises his gun, demanding Jake put his hands up and get away from Abe. Jake insists that he did not do this but Rafe orders him away. Rafe handcuffs Jake as the paramedics tend to Abe.

Carmine runs in to Gabi outside the Pub. Gabi tells him to watch where he’s going. Carmine tells her to go to Hell. Gabi stops him as she recognizes him as Carmine. Gabi questions what he’s doing here. Carmine argues that she must have him confused with someone but Gabi insists that she saw his photo in Philip’s file. Carmine claims not to know who that is. Gabi assures that Philip brought him to town to pin Jed Zanetti’s murder on Jake but it won’t happen. Carmine guesses she is Jake’s latest. Gabi insists that they are not giving up. Carmine warns that right now, Jake has bigger problems than Jed Zanetti as he walks away.

Lani asks Paulina about Marlena giving her advice about her and asks if she wants to share. Paulina tells her that before she ever loved her father, she loved her so much. Paulina says because of what Abe means to her, this is why she needs to have this conversation with her. Paulina adds that Abe doesn’t know anything about what she is about to share with her, but she hopes and prays that he understands why she decided to tell her first. Lani starts to worry. Paulina just wants them to all be a family. Lani asks if this has to do with the other night when Paulina asked her to call her “mama”. Paulina responds that it actually does.

Marlena apologizes to Julie if she doesn’t think she’s being caring enough but claims she’s trying to be professional and asks Julie to trust her. Julie argues that she’s shown her trust by letting her commit Doug into the institution. Julie feels it’s getting harder to believe that Marlena really cares about what’s best for Doug. Eli gets a call from Rafe. Eli says it’s not a good time but Rafe informs him there’s been a shooting. Eli explains that he’s at Bayview with Julie so someone else will have to cover. Rafe explains that he’s not asking him to work the case but to inform him that Abe has been shot and he thought Eli would want to be the one to tell Lani. Eli thanks Rafe and hangs up. Eli then informs Julie that Abe has been shot, so he has to go tell Lani. Marlena decides that she will stay with Julie. Julie questions who would do such a thing to a man like Abe. Marlena remarks that there’s a lot of evil in the world. Marlena offers to drive Julie home but Julie wants to go straight to the hospital for Abe, Eli, and Lani. Marlena thinks she’d be in the way but Julie argues that they are her family. Julie says if Marlena won’t drive her, she’ll take a taxi, but Marlena says she has a much better idea…

Kayla questions John thinking someone was in the room with Marlena and Doug when it was a private session. John insists that Marlena was talking to someone else and she was scared. Kayla then gets a call about Abe and says she’s on her way. Kayla informs John that there’s been a shooting and the victim is en route. John says he’ll wait for her but Kayla then reveals it was Abe, which shocks John.

Rafe takes Jake in to the interrogation room. Jake asks if Abe is going to be alright. Rafe asks Jake what happened. Jake stays silent so Rafe questions him not saying anything. Rafe asks if Jake just came across Abe lying there. Jake asks what if he did. Rafe asks if Jake is claiming that someone else shot Abe, left the gun by his body, and that Jake saw nothing. Jake refuses to say any more without his lawyer. Rafe questions Jake lawyering up when Abe has been shot and might not make it. Jake wants his phone call. Rafe warns that Abe is his friend and mentor and one of the best men he’s ever known, so if Jake is responsible for this, he will not rest until he pays. Rafe then gives Jake the phone and exits the room. Jake calls Gabi. Gabi says she was starting to worry and asks where he is. Jake responds that he’s at the police station. Gabi asks if it’s about Carmine. Jake tells Gabi to just get there as soon as she can so they hang up.

Julie questions Marlena why she would go home when Abe has been shot and is in the hospital. Marlena asks what good she would be at the hospital. Julie takes offense to that and tells Marlena to just get out of her way. Marlena then offers to drive Julie to the church so they could pray together for Doug and Abe. Julie questions doing that right now. Marlena knows how much she believes in the power of prayer and mentions her and John praying for Doug in the chapel. Marlena adds that the church is just steps away from the hospital so she thinks they should go pray together for Doug and Abe. Julie mentions always having her rosary with her. Marlena tells her to keep it put away until they get to the church. Marlena thinks it’s good they are doing this together. Julie then apologizes for being so harsh about Doug’s care and says she knows she’s not the enemy. Julie is sorry for demonizing her. Marlena remarks that it’s not the first time that’s happened so she can get over it. Julie thanks her for offering to pray with her. The Devil inside Marlena remarks to himself that all the prayers in the world won’t help her now…

Lani hopes Paulina understands that calling her mama is weird to her, as she will always be her aunt, not her mother. Paulina understands why she feels that way. Lani asks if names even matter since they both know how they feel about each other in their hearts. Paulina says that’s so true. Paulina tells Lani that she’s so much more to her than just her niece or Abe’s daughter. Paulina starts to tell Lani the truth when Eli comes home. Lani wasn’t expecting him home so soon and asks if he got Julie in to see Doug. Eli reveals something happened while he was at Bayview to Abe. Eli then informs Lani and Paulina that Abe has been shot.

Gabi joins Jake in the interrogation room. Jake apologizes for worrying her. Gabi mentions running in to Carmine and she recognized him from his file. Jake questions Gabi telling him who she was. Gabi asks if Jake is here because Carmine turned him in. Jake reveals that he convinced Carmine to come to Salem to tell him to his face that he wasn’t going to let Philip use him but he wouldn’t listen, so he pulled a gun on him. Jake explains that he was just trying to scare Carmine but he didn’t back down and he grabbed the gun. Jake adds that they struggled for a bit and then Abe showed up to try to intervene. Jake reveals that Abe probably saved his life. Gabi asks if something happened to Abe.

Kayla works on Abe and says they need a massive transfusion. Abe’s blood pressure drops as Kayla urges him to hang on.

Lani, Paulina, and Eli arrive at the hospital. Lani rushes to John and hugs him. John says he’s so sorry. John mentions being with Kayla when she got the news. Paulina questions who would want to shoot Abe. Eli says he hasn’t heard anything yet. Lani asks if he will be alright. John says he doesn’t have details. Paulina says to leave that to her. Eli is sure that Kayla will update them but Paulina decides that she’s not going to wait. Lani says she’ll handle this while Eli stays with the kids. John asks Eli if he has no idea how this happened. Eli explains that he got the call from Rafe while he was at Bayview, trying to get Julie in to see Doug but Marlena showed up and blocked them. John asks if he left Julie with Marlena at Bayview. Eli confirms that he did and that Julie texted him, saying she and Marlena were heading to St. Luke’s church to pray for Doug and Abe which John questions. John tells him to keep him posted about Abe while he checks on Julie and Marlena. John then leaves the hospital.

Marlena brings Julie to the church. Julie does the sign of the cross with holy water. Marlena suggests she light a candle for Abe and Doug, which Julie then does. Julie begins to pray. The Devil inside Marlena begins to wonder about being allowed in church and recalls trashing the place 25 years ago and now he can desecrate it all over again. The Devil says to himself that he’s here to offer Julie as a sacrifice and that he will drown her where her great grandbabies were baptized, remarking that nothing says Satan’s return to Salem like a drowning in the House of God. The Devil inside Marlena laughs while Julie prays next to her.

Gabi asks Jake if he told Rafe what happened. Jake says he panicked since it was his gun. Gabi asks why he didn’t tell Rafe. Jake explains that he didn’t want to incriminate himself since he was threatening Carmine. Gabi can’t believe this but insists that it’s not his fault. Gabi blames Philip and Ava for trying to steal Gabi Chic. Jake notes that Rafe is pissed that he’s not talking about Abe. Gabi tells him that she will talk to Rafe but now they have to pray that Abe pulls through.

Kayla says Abe’s blood pressure is stabilizing but they need more plasma. Paulina walks in and panics seeing Abe, saying they need to save him. Kayla tells Paulina that she can’t be in here. Paulina says he needs to know she’s there. Kayla assures that he does and asks her to give them room to work. Lani comes in and tells Paulina that Abe is fighting to get back to them.

Julie finishes her prayer for Abe and Doug. Marlena tells her that was lovely. Julie says she always feels so much better in this sacred space. Marlena claims they all do and brings up this being where Julie’s grandbabies were baptized. Julie calls that a joyful day, welcoming Jules and Carver in to the family of God. Julie adds that she was honored to be Jules’ Godmother and knows Abe was thrilled to be Carver’s Godfather. Marlena says they just have to hope that Abe will be fine. Julie can’t believe they are here praying for Abe’s life and for Doug to be restored to her as the man she’s always loved. Julie asks how their lives took this dark turn and how it happened so fast. Marlena sneaks up behind Julie but John arrives to interrupt them. Julie asks how he knew they were there. John explains that he saw Eli at the hospital. Julie notes that coming here was Marlena’s idea which John questions. Marlena claims that she thought it would do them both some good. Julie asks how Abe is doing. John says that Kayla is doing everything she can and that Eli, Lani, and Paulina are there with the babies but they could sure use her support. Julie says she told Marlena that but Marlena thought she’d be in the way which John questions. Marlena claims she thought there was better use of their time like being here to pray. John tells Julie to go to the hospital as they will be really glad to see her. Julie then thanks John and exits. Marlena tries to follow out but John stops her. Marlena questions them not being there for Abe. John says they will but he also wants to be here for his wife, though he’s not so sure she is his wife anymore. Marlena asks what he’s talking about and says of course she’s his wife. John argues that she hasn’t been herself since that incident with Doug. Marlena argues that it was just very upsetting to see someone you care about lose his mind. John reveals that he went to her office and listened to the recording of her session with Doug and he heard her voice perfectly but Doug was only static. Marlena calls that odd. John says he was confused at first and couldn’t understand but she sounded so scared so he started thinking about how she asked why he came back to Salem after all these years. John declares it finally hit him why he couldn’t hear Doug’s voice and why she was so scared was because she wasn’t even talking to Doug. John guesses someone else was in the office that day, someone she hasn’t seen in 25 years. Marlena claims not to know what he’s talking about but John accuses her of being the one who attacked Julie and caused all of this. Marlena warns him to stop talking before he says something he will regret. John then asks if it’s him and if he has possessed his wife again.

Jake blames himself for Abe getting shot. Gabi argues that it’s not his fault as he was just trying to save her company. Gabi says they have to stall for time and hope that Abe recovers enough to tell Rafe that Carmine shot him. Jake says that Abe has to pull through, because of his family and all the people who love him.

Lani takes Paulina out of the emergency room. Eli asks how Abe is. Lani says that Kayla wouldn’t say and he lost a lot of blood. Paulina questions what this shooting could be about and if Abe was targetted because he’s black. Eli hopes not but says they will follow up with Rafe. Paulina encourages Lani that Abe is the strongest man that she’s ever met. Paulina talks about Abe looking forward to their life together and a daughter he loves and the family she’s built. Paulina assures that they will get through this and celebrate their wedding together as she hugs Lani.

Kayla says they are losing too much blood as they continue working on Abe. Kayla then worries that they are losing him as Abe’s monitor flatlines.

John says he knows who he is and he’s ready for him. John swears to God that he will battle him for his wife and defeat him like he did the last time. The Devil in Marlena calls John clever and says there’s nothing he can do about it as Marlena’s eyes turn yellow. The Devil declares that Marlena is his now.

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