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Recap written by Christine

When Adam woke up, Sally happened to be outside his door. He asked if she slept well. Jack was walking by and overheard Sally say she got more sleep than she would’ve if she spent the night with Adam. Sally told Jack she was just thanking Adam for bringing her here. She brought up her success with the dress. Jack didn’t think this was any of his business. Sally left to pack. Adam told Jack that Sally was just a friend. Jack didn’t think he was owed an explanation. Adam said he wasn’t standing in Jack’s way if he was interested in Sally. Jack clarified that that ship sailed long ago. Jack sensed something was going on with Adam and Sally, and he warned Adam to be careful and remember the adage about playing with fire. Jack left.

Lily woke up and reached for Billy, who was already awake and using his phone. He told her that he didn’t sleep last night. He stated that Victor openly declared war on him and ChancComm. Lily wasn’t surprised, since Victor had been dying to go after ChancComm. Billy felt like the timer was about to go off. She suggested Victor was just trying to rattle him, and it seemed to be working since he couldn’t sleep. He said he wasn’t intimidated, he was motivated to be prepared. He looked online to see if Gaines followed through with the threat to post the video if ChancComm didn’t.

Lily and Billy both looked, and they saw no evidence that Gaines posted the video. Billy thought it was weird. Lily suggested that Gaines backed down, like Ashland said. Billy took whatever Ashland said with a grain of salt. She was just glad ChancComm didn’t post the video, so they could move on. He said that if they’d posted the video, they could’ve controlled the narrative. She felt that there were a thousand reasons not to post it, one of which was that he deleted the video. He noted that there was other evidence backing up what Gaines said. She reminded him that running the story could permanently damage his relationship with the mother of his children. He decided to go for a walk to think about what to do.

When Phyllis woke up, she saw that Nick was already packing. She guessed he couldn’t wait to get out of here. She asked when they were leaving, and he informed her that he wasn’t going back to Genoa City right now. He was going to spend a few days with Noah in London. She was caught off guard to learn that she’d be going to Genoa City alone. He invited her to come if she wanted. “If I want,” she repeated. She said it was fine; she had to get back to the hotel. He understood, and he promised he’d be home soon. That wasn’t the response she expected, and she asked if they were okay. He said they were fine, he just had a lot to sort out and some time with Noah and away from the family would do him some good. She just felt there had been some added tension between them for awhile. She said Jack called her crazy for thinking that way, but she didn’t agree. She felt like she and Nick were in a tricky spot where either the relationship would work out or fall apart. He thought she was being too dramatic. He said he’d had a complicated frustrating couple of weeks which wasn’t her fault. He said he told his dad that no good deed went unpunished. The lesson never seemed to sink in for Nick, he said, but this time had to be different.

Phyllis said that she wanted to agree with Nick when he talked about his family, but every time she did, he took issue with it. He was sorry. He was just going through complex feelings about his family. She knew. He asked if he talked to Jack about that too and if it was awkward for Jack. Phyllis said Jack was a confidante and she trusted him – he wanted Nick and Phyllis to be happy. Nick asked if Jack was the best person to go to. Phyllis said she couldn’t find Nick, and she went to the person who was there, no offense. Noah came in and suggested they go say goodbye to the family, but Nick wanted to just leave. Noah said he got where Nick was coming from. Noah asked Phyllis if she was coming, and she said she had to get back to the hotel.

Phyllis went to the Palazzo living room and talked with Jack. Sally overheard Phyllis ask if she could ride home on the Jabot jet because she’d be traveling solo. Jack asked if this meant things were worse now. Phyllis said she took Jack’s advice and things were good with her and Nick. He was glad to have the company on the flight, since it was going to be a long trip back by himself. He already missed Kyle, Summer and Harrison. She did too.

Victoria, Ashland, Nikki and Victor had breakfast on the patio. Ashland mentioned that it had been harder to say goodbye to Harrison than he expected, but he could tell that his son seemed genuinely happy in Milan. Victoria thanked her parents for the magical wedding. Victor gave Nikki the lion’s share of the credit, and he said he just kept the wolves at bay. Nikki was glad Billy and Gaines were prevented from ruining the wedding. When Victor went to refill his glass, Victoria went with him and asked for the whole story. He didn’t want her to worry about it, but she felt she needed to know how Gaines was handled and if he’d need to be handled again.

Victor would only say he neutralized the threat. Victoria thanked Victor again. He told her she should be grateful to Adam too because he saved this wedding. Adam joined breakfast and thanked the newlyweds for including him. Victor was happy to see Victoria and Adam put their differences aside. Nikki didn’t look impressed. Victoria thanked Adam for saving the wedding. Adam said that families look out for each other. Victor thought there might be hope for Newman family unity. Everyone laughed about how Leslie accidentally caught the bouquet and seemed unhappy about it. Nikki said that if Sally had been there, she would’ve knocked Leslie over to catch it. Noah came and said goodbye, then he pulled Nikki aside and told her that Nick was leaving with him. He said Nick wanted to say goodbye to Nikki. Nikki excused herself. Noah was surprised Adam didn’t wreak havoc, as usual. Adam said sometimes havoc could be overrated, and he liked to keep people on their toes.

Nikki went to Nick’s room. She hated the family rift. He did too. She brought up the way he was trying to leave without a goodbye. He thought it was for the best, to prevent another argument. He just wanted Victoria to have happy memories of the wedding, and he didn’t want to have any more harsh words with his sister. She asked what about his father. He said his issues with Victor were nothing new. He was over the way Victor pitted the kids against each other. Nick wasn’t sure if he and Victoria would ever fix things. Nikki was confident that they would, since they’d been through worse and gotten past it. He said he wasn’t the one she needed to convince.

Sally saw Nick and Noah leaving and wished them a safe flight. Despite knowing Phyllis wasn’t traveling with them, Sally asked if Phyllis was already in the car. Nick replied that Phyllis was traveling separately. Sally said she hoped there wasn’t trouble in paradise. She asked if Phyllis dumped ice water on him too. Adam walked up and wished them safe travels.

Victor wanted to talk with Nick alone. Billy was in the background and saw them together. Nick didn’t have time to talk right now. Victor didn’t want to leave things like this between them. Nick said Victor should’ve never let things get to this point. He and Noah left. Adam asked Sally to give him a private moment with his dad, and she left the room. Victor told Adam they were going to crush ChancComm. Adam hoped Victor considered the potential ramifications. Victor said Billy almost ruined this wonderful wedding, and he went after Ashland, who was now a member of the Newman family. Victor said that anyone who attacked Ashland attacked all the Newmans, and if Adam was a full fledged member of the family, he’d think of a line of attack. Adam said he was no longer opposed to going into battle with Billy. He promised his full support.

Adam went back to his room and flashed to kissing Sally and putting the breaks on because he wasn’t ready. She’d suggested a one night stand. He returned to the present and Sally walked into his room. He assumed she must be on top of the world after her big success. She said she was ready, and this was just the beginning.

Nick went back to Phyllis because he wanted a proper goodbye. He didn’t want her to worry and overthink things. He just needed a couple days. She asked if they could get back to being the happy and carefree couple, and he said yes. He kissed her on the cheek, and they hugged. Nick left, and Phyllis stared out the window. Jack walked in.

Billy went back to his room and told Lily that he overheard Victor and Adam planning an all out war against ChancComm and throwing the full weight of the Newman family against them. He said they had to strike first to protect themselves – the best defense was a massive offense.

Victoria and Ashland were alone on the patio. They agreed that they’d had a glorious time, and now it was time to begin a new chapter with all the challenges that entailed. He was ready to take any treatment that would extend his life, because he needed more time with her. She said that was the most beautiful thing he’d ever said to her. He promised nothing would get in their way – together they were an unstoppable force. “My new wife and I are about to conquer the world,” he said, and they kissed.

Chloe and Kevin were at Society, talking about Sally’s success in Italy when Lauren and Michael rushed in. Lauren declared that Sally was back to her old tricks. She said she tried to tell Chloe that Sally couldn’t be trusted. Chloe asked what Lauren heard. Michael said he’d made the innocent mistake of showing Lauren a photo someone posted from the wedding. Lauren explained that her designer made a beautiful wedding dress for Victoria, but Victoria wore a dress designed by Sally. Lauren was sorry Chloe had to deal with this. Chloe admitted she’d known in advance what Sally was planning to do.

Lauren wanted an explanation. Now. Chloe explained how Sally came to design the dress and to to Italy to get it to Victoria. Chloe said she tried to explain to Sally that it was a bad idea, but there was no stopping her. Chloe said that Victoria must’ve been blown away by the dress and she wore it. Michael thought that was an amusing twist, but Lauren didn’t see the humor. She felt betrayed by Chloe and couldn’t believe she’d condone something so underhanded.

Lauren said Sally had been nothing but trouble ever since she set foot in the town. Michael didn’t think anyone at the table could throw stones. Lauren said some of them had lived to regret that, but Sally didn’t regret anything. Chloe said she didn’t do anything underhanded in the dress situation. Chloe had no idea Victoria would actually wear Sally’s dress, but Chloe wasn’t sorry that Victoria wore the dress. Chloe hoped Lauren would understand that she was trying to run a business. This turn of events had made Newman Media a household name. Lauren said that she and Chloe were family, and Fenmore’s took a hit because of this. Chloe asked Lauren to try and see it from her viewpoint. Chloe said that Fenmore’s was already a hallowed institution and the designer would make many beautiful dresses this year. Chloe said she and Sally needed this moment in the spotlight. Lauren thought Chloe should’ve told her what she and Sally were up to. Chloe admitted that was true. She was sorry. Lauren said Chloe should be. Lauren and Michael left. Sally and Chloe talked on the phone about Sally’s success with the dress. There was something Chloe wanted to say, but Sally said she had to go or she’d miss her ride. The call ended. Chloe told Kevin she just didn’t have the heart to bring Sally down by telling her Lauren was out for blood.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren said Sally wasn’t going to get away with this and not to even get her started on Chloe. Michael thought Lauren was being too hard on Chloe, who didn’t mean to hurt Lauren. Lauren said she’d eventually forgive Chloe, but not Sally. She thought that someone had to put a stop to the stunts.

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