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Recap written by Christine

Victor and Adam were in the palazzo living room wondering what Nick was upset about. Nick insisted on talking to Victor alone. Adam wasn’t usually amenable to being kicked out, but in this case, he’d go. He left. Victor asked what Nick needed to get off his chest. Nick stated that Victor kept him in the dark about Gaines. He added that Victor asked him to look into Ashland’s past. Nick did so and found a bunch of damaging information that nobody seemed to care about. Nick felt like he’d become the bad guy, and Victoria would barely talk to him. “Why are you not on my side on this? Why did you kick me out of the loop and you turned to Adam?,” Nick asked. Nick wondered if Adam was doing Victor’s dirty work. It made him feel like Victor was back to his old tricks, playing his children against each other. Victor laughed and asked if Nick was finished. He was. Victor said he left Nick out of the loop because he came here to try and mend fences with his sister. Victor assumed that Nick wouldn’t be eager to help protect Ashland.

Nick said he didn’t like or trust Ashland and he probably never would, but it didn’t matter because Victoria made her choice. He added that it didn’t matter what they found out about Ashland since no one except Nick seemed to care. Victor was sorry Nick felt that way. He’d thought this would be a happy occasion for the family. Nick sarcastically suggested raising a glass to the lying conniving criminal that they’d added to the family. Victor had assumed he was doing Nick a favor by keeping him out of the loop about this lowlife, Gaines. Victor said they’d dealt with Gaines, and he wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. Nick was concerned about exactly what Victor did to Gaines. Victor would only say that the situation was handled with discretion, so Nick shouldn’t worry about it. Nick noted that Victor made a big speech earlier about putting family first, and he asked if those were just words. “You can’t possibly think that,” Victor replied. Nick asked why Victor’s reaction to Victoria being threatened was to fracture the family instead of uniting it. Victor said Billy brought Gaines here, and Victor took care of the threat. Nick complained that Victor shut him out. He said no good deed went unpunished, but bad deeds were rewarded – everything Ashland did was accepted, and now he was merged into the family. Nick reiterated that he was kept in the dark about Gaines while Victor, Adam and Victoria closed ranks. Nick was trying to figure out how to get Victoria to forgive him. Nick said it was getting awfully hard to figure out what was considered right and wrong in this family. He stormed off.

Phyllis was in her room when Summer texted to ask where she was because they were about to cut the cake. Phyllis was heading to the reception when she ran into Jack, who said he was going to check on Harrison. Phyllis surmised that Jack had decided to duck out of the party early. She knew it was hard to be single at these things. He said it wasn’t that, but she knew it was. He sighed and admitted she was right. He found it annoying that he wasn’t able to lie to her. He said that the back to back weddings and romance and perfect couples got a little annoying. She asked if Sally and Adam were one of the couples annoying him. He said he had no feelings for Sally, except feeling embarrassed for her. He thought the whole wedding dress switch showed Sally couldn’t change. He felt a bit lonely when everyone was going to the dance floor in pairs except him. She said she’d go with him and be his wingman and introduce him to women, but he didn’t want that. He was sick of talking about his lack of a love life, especially with her. He asked where Nick was. She said he went to go talk to his father and get some things off his chest, because it wasn’t a Newman affair without chaos.

Phyllis didn’t want to go to the party anymore, and she invited Jack to her room for a drink and then a jump in the fountain. He was willing to do the drink, but he said he’d hold her shoes while she jumped in the fountain. When they got to her room, he noted that she’d already been drinking the prosecco. She was tired of all the misunderstandings with Nick. He was sorry they were fighting. She said they were just little squabbles because Nick wouldn’t let her help him. She said Nick kept telling her things that were happening with his family then he’d get annoyed when she shared her opinion, which lead to Phyllis getting annoyed that Nick didn’t take her advice. Jack said that only family could complain about family, and if someone else chimed in, the family members would circle the wagons. Phyllis said that was exactly what was happening – Nick criticized Victoria, and when Phyllis agreed with him, he’d tell her not to be critical. Jack thought everyone did that. He asked what she would say if he called Nick awful. She smiled and admitted she’d stand up for Nick. She said she didn’t know how to help Nick, and she guessed this was a tricky part of a relationship.

Jack told Phyllis that sometimes people just wanted to be heard, and they wanted people to listen without offering to fix the problem. Phyllis felt like Nick was refusing to let her in. Jack suggested backing off and giving Nick some space. He reminded Phyllis that she said she and Nick were in a good place and they were happy. Phyllis wondered if she needed problems in a relationship. She said she and Nick were the most carefree, fun and romantic that they’d ever been, Summer was happy, and the hotel was great. Everything should be fabulous, but every time she said something, it seemed to create a flareup. Phyllis wondered if she was the problem. “Maybe I just need issues and drama and conflict to feel like I’m engaged in a relationship. Maybe I’m that person. Maybe I need to fight,” Phyllis said. Jack didn’t think that was the case. He thought that Phyllis was engaging in self-sabotage with this kind of talk, and he wasn’t going to let her do that. He conceded that she was once drawn to drama, but he thought she’d changed and that she could be happy without it.

Elena and Nate went out to the patio from the reception. He twirled and dipped her, and they shared a kiss before Sally cleared her throat, alerting them that they weren’t alone. Elena and Nate were embarrassed, and Elena said she felt like a teen who just got caught making out at a dance. Sally didn’t want to stifle romance, she just didn’t want to be a casualty of their passion. She heard Nate’s speech from out here, and she congratulated him because it was great. Elena congratulated Sally for designing the dress. Nate asked who Sally’s date was. She said it was Adam, though he wasn’t really her date. She explained that he got called away on family business, and she wasn’t really sure what that meant. She thought she may have been stood up. Nate suggested they head back to the party as a trio, and he and Sally could have a dance, if Elena didn’t mind. Elena was fine with it. Sally didn’t want to be a third wheel. She suggested that Elena and Nate go take a moonlit walk in the garden. Sally was going to grab some cake and turn in. They all went their separate ways just as Adam returned looking for Sally.

Adam found Nick brooding on the patio and assumed the talk with Victor went poorly. Nick asked what happened to Gaines. Adam would only say it had been handled, and Nick said Adam sounded like Victor. Adam said he and Victor were just trying to keep the peace. Adam asked if Nick wanted him to try and mediate with Victor or Victoria. Nick wasn’t interested. When Adam offered again, Nick said Adam must feel good about infiltrating the Newman family. Adam said he wasn’t infiltrating – he was mending fences because family was important to him. He thought that was what they all wanted. Nick got up and walked away.

At a private spot on the patio, Noah gave the crying Tessa a handkerchief and said he couldn’t help worrying about her and his sister. She told him not to because it was going to be okay. He thought she and Mariah could work things out, but he hated seeing her so upset. He understood his sister had been through a lot, but it was hard for the people supporting her too. He made a comparison and said when Sharon was sick, it took a toll on her family, including him. Tessa felt guilty for being upset, since Mariah was the one who’d went through the trauma of abduction, childbirth and having to give the baby back to the biological mom. Noah was sure it was hard for Tessa when Mariah asked her to have a baby right away.

Tessa wanted to respect what Mariah wanted. She wasn’t sure Mariah even understood what she was asking of her. Noah was sure that Tessa and Mariah would make the right choice for themselves. Tessa changed the subject and said she wanted to hear about Noah and his love life. He said misfortune befell him, and she teased that they were in a Charles Dickens novel. He said he fell for an artful dodger, then he was saved by a barmaid with a big heart. She assumed that didn’t have a happy ending, since they were in a Dickens novel. She repeated what he’d said to her earlier – that he could tell her everything. Noah fell pretty hard for this woman. She was an artist too, and they’d stay up all night talking. He’d never had those sort of conversations with anyone he dated before, except Tessa. Tessa remembered her all night talks with Noah. Noah’s ex found someone else and left him without a second thought. Tessa was sorry.

Elena and Nate came back to the patio after their walk in the garden. They’d played bocce and it didn’t go well because they were tipsy and didn’t know what they were doing. She thought it was nice to be in a different world. He’d enjoyed not talking about medicine with people. She’d talked to a random couple earlier, and they recommended a gelato place. He thought he’d be able to order in Italian, since a lot of the phrases he learned as a kid were coming back. She’d picked up a few words too, and they went back and forth saying words in Italian. He called her beautiful in Italian, then she said the Italian word for love.

Elena didn’t want this trip to end. He said they’d bring part of Italy home with them, through their memories. He said he’d never forget how she looked in the moonlight. She’d never forget him almost knocking over a statue with a bocce ball. They heard music playing, and they danced.

Adam went to his room and had just closed his eyes when there was a knock on the door. It was Sally. She said she was trying to figure out why he left her to fend for herself in a palazzo of people who didn’t like her. He said he looked and he couldn’t find her, so he assumed she went to bed. She didn’t sound mad when she called him a liar, theorizing that he walked by the place that he left her, saw that she wasn’t there, then called it a night. She made herself at home and poured a drink so they could toast to their success. He was sorry he got pulled away. He toasted to her. She told him about all the social media followers their company got thanks to the dress. He gave her credit for putting Newman Media on the map. He said it was like she willed it to happen. She’d had a lot of plans that didn’t work out, so it was a little surreal that this one did. She admitted her plan to win over the Newman family didn’t work out, but she did get a few compliments on the dress, especially from Nate and Elena. She said the only person she was interested in winning over right now was Adam. She kissed him, and he reciprocated.

Adam and Sally moved to the bed, and things were heating up, when he suddenly put a stop to it. He wasn’t ready for this. Sally said she wasn’t looking for commitment – what happened in Tuscany stayed in Tuscany. She said she wouldn’t even flirt with him once they were in the office. He called her a liar in the same tone she used earlier. He said she didn’t do things halfway, and he didn’t think she’d be satisfied with one night with him. He stroked her hair and said he couldn’t give her what she wanted right now. He said it wasn’t a reflection on her. Next time he got involved with someone, it had to be all or nothing, and he wasn’t emotionally ready for “all,” now. He thought it’d be wrong to pretend he was ready, and spend one night with her, when he could tell she wanted more. She said that only made him seem more thoughtful, decent and sexy. She wasn’t giving up hope that one day he’d be ready for “all,” and she hoped it was with her. He kissed her on the cheek.

Jack was still in Phyllis and Nick’s room, with the door open. He and Phyllis were sitting on the edge of the bed. He was sure she and Nick could work through this. She hoped so. She wrapped her arms around one of his arms and rested her head on his shoulder. He said he was rooting for her and Nick, especially for her. Sally passed by the room, and she saw Phyllis leaning against Jack. Sally pulled out her phone and took a couple pictures of Jack and Phyllis without them noticing.

Lily and Billy were in their room. She finished her makeup and told him that dancing was her favorite thing about weddings. He suggested skipping the reception and having the night to themselves. She asked if he wanted to skip it because he was upset the wedding took place. He said he was just feeling amorous toward her, and he didn’t like the fact that she’d question that. She pointed out that he’d been trying to stop the wedding for weeks, which was why he flew Gaines here. He assured her that he was fine with the way things worked out, and that was why he deleted the video from Gaines. She was proud he took the high road, but she was wondering if his ego was a little bruised and he wanted to avoid the party to sulk. He denied sulking. He said he was celebrating the fact that he was with her and he loved her. If he had to go to the reception, he’d do just that to prove how much he loved her. She decided that they could stay in the room together.

Later, Lily was in bed, and she saw Billy up and staring out the window. She told him he looked like the marble statues from the garden. He said he was having one of those good/bad brainstorms. Apprehensive, she asked what he was thinking. He was thinking of a way to get out of this mess with Victor and Gaines while benefiting ChancComm. He thought they should do a story – “The Life and Times of Jesse Gaines.” Instead of making Ashland the bad guy, they’d make Gaines the bad guy – a loser who contributed nothing to society, who made a career out of blackmailing people. Lily asked why Billy couldn’t just let it go. He said he paid a duffel bag full of cash for the story. She reminded him that he promised Victoria he’d let it go. He clarified that he never said he wouldn’t publish something. He said the Newmans couldn’t get upset if the story was about Gaines. She said they’d get more than upset. He said they’d deal with it. This was the only way he could think of rising from the ashes of this trip.

Lily asked how Billy was going to do a story on Gaines without details on who he was blackmailing and why. He knew it was going to be difficult, but there had to be a way to do it wihtout dragging Ashland through the mud. She felt like he was obsessed, which he denied. She asked why he couldn’t let this go – some secrets were meant to stay buried. He said maybe. She heard their song being played outside, and she asked him to come back to bed. He did.

Later, Billy got dressed and slipped out without waking Lily. He went into the living room and asked what Victor did to Gaines. Victor claimed not to know what Billy was talking about. Billy said Gaines sent him an exclusive video that would’ve blown up Ashland’s secret to the entire world. Billy said he did the right thing and deleted it to protect Victoria. He wanted Victor to tell him how he got rid of Gaines. Victor said that Billy only did the right thing after doing a lot of wrong things. Victor added that Victoria was no longer any of Billy’s business. “The gloves are coming off. You find another career. Another life. I will take everything you own from you,” Victor said.

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