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Recap written by Christine

Devon was walking into Society when he overheard the chef quitting. The lady explained that she wanted to go to a new restaurant and create her own menu. Abby didn’t want to stray from Lola’s menu, but she offered to let the woman add a few of her own dishes. The lady accepted the offer, and she left. Devon liked how Abby handled things. Abby missed Lola, not just as a chef, but as a friend. She’d thought they’d be in this restaurant together. She said there were no guarantees in life about anything. He realized this was about Chance. She was having a hard time. She didn’t realize Chance would be gone this long – he hadn’t even gotten to hold his own son. She woke up crying sometimes. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could stand.

Abby admired Chance’s need to protect and help people. She’d just never expected him to get called away by the feds. She said he joined the GCPD because he wanted to settle down, but they never got to do that. She thought he’d be gone a couple weeks or a month. She never prepared herself to be gone for this long, and now it was more difficult because she had a baby. She said now was the time for Devon to tell her everything would be alright. He said she didn’t need him to tell her that, because she already she knew things would be alright and that Chance was doing everything in his power to get back to her and the baby. Abby wished Chance never took the case, and Devon said she had every right to feel that way. He assured her that she could handle everything life threw at her, and she really didn’t have a choice now that she had her little boy. Devon added that she had him and her family too.

At Crimson Lights, Adam couldn’t wait to see what Sally had planned next for Newman Media. Sally couldn’t wait to show him. Chloe ran into them and wondered why they were hanging out. She assumed they’d made their relationship personal, and she asked if something happened in Tuscany. Adam told Chloe not to let her imagination get the best of her. Sally said she and Adam went their separate ways after the airport and bumped into each other on the way to Crimson Lights by coincidence. Adam added that nothing happened in Tuscany that Chloe needed to be concerned about. He had a meeting, so he left.

Chloe told Sally that Lauren tore her to shreds. Lauren wasn’t happy her designer’s dress got tossed aside for Lauren’s. Sally knew there was a possibility Lauren would be mad at her, but she hated that Chloe got caught in the crossfire. Chloe admitted she probably had it coming, since she could’ve warned Lauren in advance. Sally pointed out that Lauren would’ve told Victoria what was going on, and that would’ve ruined Sally and Chloe’s scheme. Chloe asked Sally not to call it a scheme, because that made her feel even worse. Chloe said they had a plan and they executed it, and now she just had to deal with the consequences of her actions. No big deal. Sally contended that it was a big deal because Chloe and Lauren were family. Sally decided to pretend she did all this behind Chloe’s back. Chloe said it was too late, because she already told Lauren that she knew what Sally was doing. Sally asked if there was anything she could do. Lauren walked up and snapped that Sally had done enough.

Lauren said she had to fire Sally for scheming to get Summer out of the country. However, Lauren had mistakenly assumed Sally would still respect her. Lauren called Sally conniving and self serving. Sally said she had to restore her reputation. Lauren thought Sally had a funny way of showing it. Lauren yelled that Sally stole her designer’s dress and replaced it with her own, right before the ceremony. Sally said she didn’t steal the other dress, she moved it and Victoria had the chance to decide which one to wear. She didn’t expect Lauren to understand. Lauren said that she did understand. Lauren felt that Sally loved to give big speeches proving herself, but the truth was Sally only cared about her own success. Lauren predicted that Sally was going to alienate everyone in Genoa City sooner rather than later. Lauren wouldn’t be sorry when Sally inevitably moved away. Sally left. Lauren admitted she’d been a little harsh on Chloe yesterday. Chloe thought Lauren had every right to be. She was so sorry. Lauren said that Chloe did something misguided, not vicious and conniving. “I say this out of love. Cut her loose. Do not continue to work with her. She will betray you too and you will end up in the exact same position I am,” Lauren said.

Adam went to The Grand Phoenix. Chelsea called. They talked about the wedding. He was surprised he got invited, but he was glad he went. She called to talk about the email from Connor’s school. Adam announced that he already told the school that Connor should be accelerated to the next course in math. Chelsea wasn’t happy that Adam handled it without her. He said he called her, and she didn’t answer. He said he was Connor’ father, and he could make decisions. He asked if she didn’t agree with his choice. She approved of moving Connor to the next course, so Adam wondered what the problem was. Chelsea said it wasn’t her fault she wasn’t there. He knew. He ended the call when Devon showed up. Adam vented that Chelsea was picking a fight with him because she felt pushed aside as a parent. Devon thought Chelsea’s feelings were understandable. Adam agreed, but he was trying to do what was right for his son, and he wished Chelsea wasn’t taking it out on him. Devon was very impressed with the way Adam was stepping up for Connor. He thought it was important to be present as a parent, and a lot of parents didn’t understand that.

Devon said he was filling in for Nick, who was still in Europe. Devon got the sense there was something going on with Nick, Victor and Adam. Adam said that there had just been a little disagreement. They finished the meeting and said they missed being neighbors. Devon suggested that Adam call Chelsea and make things right so that they didn’t fester. Adam didn’t see why he was the one who had to extend the olive branch. Devon said that Adam was the one who got to go home to Connor while Chelsea felt left out. Devon advised taking the high road. Devon left. Adam took the advice and called Chelsea. He admitted he was wrong to make the decision on Connor without her. The tension briefly lifted, but they got into it again because she couldn’t tell him when she would be back in Genoa City. He didn’t understand why she was hesitating. Sally walked in and overheard. The call ended.

Sally asked Adam if he was okay, and he said the mother of his son just hung up on him, other than that he was fine. She asked if he was really fine. He gruffly noted that he’d already said he was, and he asked what she wanted. Sally started to walk away, and Adam apologized and asked her to sit with him. She told him about her run in with Lauren. He told her not to worry about it, since she didn’t work for Lauren, and Victoria chose to wear the dress. Sally felt bad because Lauren’s opinion mattered to her. Adam had been there done that many times. He told her not to beat herself up about it, since it wasn’t like she committed a crime against Lauren. He said this was business, and Sally won this round, Lauren might win the next. Sally wished she could do something to make Adam feel better. Adam said a productive day would make him feel better, or at least distract him. He went to his second meeting.

Tessa entered her suite excited to see Mariah, but she wasn’t there. She put a gift box for Mariah on the table then gave her a call. Mariah didn’t answer. Tessa looked concerned, but when she left her voice mail, she just said she was home and she figured something had come up with Mariah.

Mariah was at the Chancellor house to drop off some breast milk and check on Dominic. The nanny acted like Mariah was intruding, and Mariah asked if something was wrong, because Abby said she was welcome anytime. The nanny explained that she’d just gotten the baby to sleep, and it was difficult. When Mariah sympathized, the nanny softened. Mariah suggested the nanny take a break while Mariah spent a minute with the baby. The lady said she’d give Mariah a few minutes, and she walked away. Mariah picked up Dominic and confided in him that she was kind of a mess because she didn’t know how to let go of her connection to him. She assured him she’d get to where she needed to be, but it was just so hard on her and everyone around her, especially Tessa. Mariah was scared she and Tessa weren’t on the same page about their future. Mariah was leaving, but then she heard Dominic cooing, and she decided to stay.

Abby came home and found Mariah reading a book to Dominic. Mariah hoped Abby didn’t mind her dropping by. Abby said it was a pleasant surprise, and Mariah was welcome any time. Abby had actually expected Mariah to come by earlier, since she didn’t go to Italy. Mariah said she wanted to be in town in case Dominic’s cold got worse and Abby needed her, but she didn’t want to overstep. Abby didn’t want things to be awkward between them. Mariah said she brought breast milk. She knew that Abby was talking about weaning him off it, though. Abby appreciated it but the doctor supported her plan to put Dominic on formula, so she wouldn’t need any more milk after this. Abby wasn’t trying to shut Mariah out, and she hoped this wasn’t a problem.

Mariah said that providing milk for Dominic made her feel like she had a unique role in his life, and it was hard to hear she was no longer needed, but she understood. Before the surrogacy, Mariah felt incredibly smart and savvy, but she didn’t realize how intense this would be. She said she needed to get back to herself. One of the reasons she didn’t go to Italy was because she didn’t want to be there putting on a smile while she wasn’t in the mood. While Tessa wasn’t thrilled Mariah skipped the trip, Mariah needed time for herself and for doing some deep reflection.

Devon came to check on Abby. Mariah said she loved Abby and Devon, and they all had a bond through bringing Dominic into the world. She would cherish it forever. She admitted she was having a hard time letting Dominic go and sorting through the emotions, especially for someone who didn’t like dealing with messy emotions, but she was working on it, and she was feeling much better. Devon and Abby were happy to hear that. Abby said that she was thrilled to walk in and see Mariah with Dominic. She wanted Mariah to have a big role in Dom’s life, but only when she was ready for it. Mariah said she was ready. Devon said they were still the baby Chancellor crew, or now, the Baby Dominic crew. Abby loved that. Mariah left. Abby told Devon she was in a better place now, so he didn’t have to stick around and be her cheerleader. He felt like she was kicking him out. She wasn’t kicking him out, but she was sure he had things to do. While she’d love nothing more than for him to hang out with her all afternoon, it wasn’t necessary. He said he’d come back and check on her later because she could always count on him. He left. Abby looked in on Dominic and wondered where Chance was.

Mariah got home and saw a sleeping Tessa and the gift. It was a little teddy bear in a gondolier outfit. Tessa admitted in the accompanying note that she bought it at the airport because she didn’t have time to shop in Italy, but she thought of Mariah constantly. Mariah took Tessa’s hand and woke her up. Mariah was sorry she wasn’t here earlier. She thought Tessa was due to arrive later. Tessa said her flight landed early. Mariah said she did a lot of thinking, and she made some important decisions that they’d talk about later, because she knew Tessa was tired. Tessa closed her eyes, and Mariah smoothed her hair.

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