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[ Door opens ] Scott: [ Groans ] Oh. Hi. I didn’t mean to startle you.

[ Chuckles ] It’s — it’s fine. How’d you get here so fast? Well, as luck has it, I was in the hospital. Uh, what ambulance did you chase here? Oh, now, come on. I was actually in an archery accident. It — it could have been prevented, but there’s some money — ah, never mind.

[ Laughs ] So, what’s — what’s going on? Do we have an idea where liesl is? I don’T. But he does. Ah! So, what does this mean? Jason’s agreed to help us. Okay. I have to assume that peter knows the “shortcut” that faison installed inside my head. With your conditioning restored, there’s no telling what peter’s been forcing you to do. You just gotta tell me how I can stop him from taking control of me again. Okay, so, the crete field office is sending agents here to rendezvous with us. And now that they’ve found out that peter is receiving help from victor cassadine, the objective is to apprehend victor. Or kill him. I mean, he’s supposed to be dead anyway. Well, no harm done there. Well, I’m going to be leading the team to find peter — and valentin. Assuming august hasn’t killed him already. Russel… could you clear something up for me? Why am I still locked up here with you standing guard when I’m on victor’s side? All I can say is… taking victor cassadine’s side? That’s not the smartest move. I want to set up a command post. I want this compound completely surrounded before we breach. What do you think? I think we’d better get to drew before all hell breaks loose. You? Same. I am sorry, drew, but in our current circumstances, there’s little I can do to help you.

[ Sighs ] But perhaps I can help you to help yourself. Vi– victor, please. L-let’s focus on what’s important here, all right? We’ve discovered how to activate drew. That’s a good thing. Yes. Yes, it is. Keeping things from me — not so good. Betraying my trust — well, now, that’s downright bad. And after everything I’ve done for you. You’re alive because of me. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

[ Chuckles ] “Eternal” is right. I’m done with you, henrik — forever. Execute him.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Go ahead and say it.

[ Chuckles ] You know you want to.

[ Laughs ] We made the right choice. Yeah. You know, my place isn’t so stuffy at all. Mm. It’s the better bar. It’s perfect for the post-museum-gala-wind-down. Thank you so much for taking me tonight. The chuck gala is legendary. And I know that it was not easy to get tickets. Well, it was beautiful. And so are you.

[ Breathes sharply ] Thank you. I noticed how much you were enjoying the collection. Yeah, it was nice to look at it with no crowds, you know? I love being able to look at a magritte as long as I want — no one else around. You’re into magritte? Mm-hmm. I love the mystery. I love the shadows and the sense of foreboding. Curtis, you never fail to surprise me. We can reach the compound from this road and then sneak in from behind. The dirt road there? Yeah. Element of surprise. All right, good. I’ll drive. No, no, no. I will. All right. Any particular reason? Well, I’m sure we’re equally both good drivers, but I’m banking on it you’re probably a better shot from a moving car. You think — you think I’m a better shot than you? Ah — don’t sell yourself short. I bet you’re a hell of a good shot. But I will take that. All right, let’s go. Hold it, you two. One of our own is being held in this compound — a former wsb agent — valentin cassadine. So I want a special detail devoted to finding him. Well, you work for victor, right? For going on three years now. Why is he still keeping me under watch? Doesn’t he trust me? Come on, russel. Tell me what you know. Well, I know victor is not an issue. Then who is? You’ll know soon enough.

[ Keypad beeps ]

[ Door closes ] Victor, listen to me — you don’t want to do this. I don’t? Oh, well, that’s funny. I’d convinced myself I did. All right, I’ll play along. Why don’t I want to kill you, henrik? Because if you do, you’ll never have the key to activating drew cain. I’m the only one who knows it. You need me. Unless I have some other means of getting control of drew. Then I wouldn’t need you, would I? Victor, I’m telling you, ordering these men to kill me is the last thing you want to do. Well, let’s find out, shall we? Go ahead — execute him. Well, come on. What are you waiting for? I gave you a– an order. Surprise.

[ Sighs lightly ] The trigger to activate you is psychological. Your mind is your battleground. Do you understand what I’m saying? S-so what do I do? The next time peter is here, concentrate on what’s most important to you. Well, that’s my daughter, scout. There’s great power in our love for our children. Use that. You know, jason, it’s good to see that you’re on the side of the angels this time. I’d hardly call my mother an angel. Nobody’s perfect. However, your mother does not deserve to die at the hands of peter august. Okay, let’s — let’s not discuss what kind of fate my mother deserves. The point is, jason is going to help us. Okay, jason. So, what’s the plan? Are we gonna go in with, uh, some of sonny’s henchmen — oh, sorry — trained assassins? Huh? Guns blazing? I mean, we — we gotta get her out of that dungeon. A guy like peter august — you know he has a dungeon. Yeah, I’m not the one who’s gonna find obrecht. You are. So, what surprises you the most?

[ Laughs ] That I appreciate the surrealists, or that I’m actually into art? I’m impressed by both. And I’m glad I’m getting to see this side of you. Curtis ashford, the dilettante. Curtis ashford, the man who went above and beyond to make this evening not only special, but extraordinary.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I figured I owed you. For what? Well, you strolled in here one fine day to ask me to be your guest at the chuck, and I damn near got you killed.

[ Laughs ] That’s true. So, after nearly getting you asphyxiated at the recordkeeper’s house, being your escort is the least I could do. Mm. There, um, is something that you do need to know. It sounds serious. Not serious as much as important. Um, I didn’t want to tell you at the gala, but I heard from your aunt stella today.

for 12 hours. I have — don’t know diddly where liesl is. I mean, if I did, for crying out loud, I wouldn’t have gone to the extreme measure to get britt to bring you in. And I got a news flash for you — you’re no big help. Okay, obrecht told you that britt has the gene for huntington’s disease. Jason knows everything. Have you told anybody else? Why would I tell anybody about her condition? I am doing what every loving boyfriend would do. And what’s that? Well, I’m searching the internet. I have gone all over the place. I am looking at every study that’s been done on huntington’S. I know everything about it. So when the day comes that my schnitzel asks me to help her daughter, I’ll be ready. That’s actually very sweet. Thank you. But maybe not the best strategy. So, this is where you’re gonna tell me it’s my fault. No, I’m not blaming you. You — you tried to do the right thing. Oh, for once in my life, you’re saying. Unfortunately… oh, here we go with you! Yeah, you left yourself wide open in the process. Spinelli? Yeah. How — how fast can you get to G.H.?

[ Sighs ] Spinelli. What is this, henrik? You made my employees a better offer. I did. Oh, and it’s “peter.” As you wish. I’m not used to being outmaneuvered like this. Seems I completely underestimated you, peter. Well, you’re one of so many who have made that mistake. So, what’s next? Oh, russel. Have you come to rescue me, or has peter got to you, too? My apologies, mr. Cassadine. It hurts me to betray you like this. You know what to do. Think about your daughter — about being reunited with her.

[ Sighs ] Do not allow peter to distract you. Keep her at the center of your mind. I can do that. Feel her in your arms. See her smile. Hear her laughter.

[ Sighs ] I hear it. I can hear it now. Good. That is how to survive peter. What’s going on? Sam and dante think that they’re part of this operation. Okay, um — you weren’t just privy to this briefing that we had about how we’re going to approach the compound? You don’t know what kind of security we’re going to be facing when we get there? No, anna, we don’T. But we can improvise pretty damn well, I think. Anna, you of all people should understand why I have to do this. I know why you would want to. But I think that your personal involvement with drew is going to be more of a liability, really, than an asset. Okay, eh — I’ve worked with the wsb before — yeah, but you’re not an agent. So what? And you’re a civilian.I can take care of myself. I’m sure you can. Dante, can you, please? What — is this about the ankara stuff? Yes. Come on. “Come on” — you — you were held captive, and you returned with ptsd. Yes, and I’ve been cleared. I’m better. I can go back to work if I want to. In port charles, where you’re not going to find the same kind of circumstances that you would encounter there.

[ Scoffs ] But this is too similar. This is a wsb operation where we are entering an enemy compound. You don’t think that that’s going to re-trigger some kind of trauma response in you? No. Don’t put me in this position. It — come on! It’s too much of a risk. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Ketchum? Yes, agent devane. Don’t allow either of these two to leave the premises. No, anna, you can’t do that to me. Actually…she can. If the two of you will come with me, please? That felt really bad. Don’t worry about it. So, when do we go? We go now. Guys. Oh, good. Victor. I’ve been waiting to talk to you. You and i had an agreement. Why am I still locked up?

[ Door closes ] About that. Funny story… victor is no longer your captor. I am. C’est vrai, mon fils. My men have turned against me. Even russel. Remember those hints I dropped? This is what it was about. Oh, don’t tell me russel’s too subtle even for you. No, I think I knew where this was going. What do you have in store for us, peter? I’m so glad you asked, valentin. Though I don’t think you’ll like the answer. Aunt stella reached out to you? You can’t be more surprised than I was. Well, she’s supposed to be in baltimore, uh, recovering at a friend’s house from her stroke. So I really don’t like the idea of her stressing herself out. Well, then, I hate to tell you, because she definitely put some effort into it. She wrote you a letter? Mm-hmm. In ink, on paper, in an envelope. [ Laughs ] Sent it to me snail mail. Uh, I hope she wasn’t going in on you again about “interfering” in jordan and my marriage. No, no, no, no — not at all. In fact, she was apologizing. She apologized for all of it. And what your aunt doesn’t know is that I already forgave her. But isn’t that such a beautiful gesture? Mm-hmm. And now, we can start off on the right foot when she comes back. You know, it’s funny… the whole time we were at the museum, I just kept thinking about my auntie. Hmm. What every man’s museum date wants to hear…

[ Laughs ] “Baby, you look so beautiful tonight. I kept thinking of my auntie.”

[ Both laugh ] No, I — thank you, n’neka. It’s just that… you know, aunt stella, she used to take thomas and me to the museums. I mean, all kinds of museums — science, transit, local history — but more than anything else, art. I mean, she’s the reason I know anything about art at all. That’s so wonderful. Yeah. It was. But as usual… aunt stella had a higher purpose. Um, our family, we were going through a lot of chaos. And she knew it was affecting thomas and me, so she would put us in her car or drag us on the bus, and the next thing we knew… we were in the marble halls of a museum… staring at paintings and statues, traveling through space and time. Yeah, aunt stella, she really moved heaven and earth to open our eyes to what beautiful things are out here in the world. Curtis, you know, you never talk to me about your family. And you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, of course. Uh, go right ahead. Ask me anything. So, what happened to your parents? What was the chaos?

[ Chuckling ] My childhood. Um…yeah. Like I said, you don’t have to tell me anything. No, no, no, no. How else are we supposed to come together if I’m not open and honest about my life? Not that there’s any deep, dark secrets about my childhood.

[ Both laugh ] No, um… my very earliest memories of my childhood were happy. My beautiful parents loved each other. I looked up to my big brother. He was great. It was all very normal. What was your happiest memory? Oh, wow — um, my happiest memory. It had to be… my birthday. I think I was about three or four. My dad bought me a lawnmower. And so, when he would mow the lawn, I would pretend that I was mowing right alongside him. God, I loved that toy. That was the first birthday I can remember… and the last birthday with my dad. No, what — what happened? One night, he just never came home. Massive heart attack is what they said. He just… he just died suddenly. Curtis, I’m so sorry. We were devastated. And mama… she did everything she could for us kids. She could never get over the loss. So… that’s when aunt stella swooped in and started to put the family back together. So, eventually, thomas and I, we were able to heal. But my mom… …she never fully recovered. Scott, we’re gonna need your computer. No, no. There’s confidential business on my computer. Scott, your computer. Uh, have no fear, mr. Baldwin. I w– I will do a-a thorough search and suss out whatever information has been ascertained by the unwelcome intruder. All right, spinelli, but don’t you look at anything you’re not supposed to look at. Scout was 2 1/2 when I — when I disappeared. Just s-such an incredible bright light in my life. So curious and so full of energy. And just — [ Sighs ] She had the best laugh. She has the best laugh. Speak of her in the present. Yeah. She’s four years old now. She’s gonna be five in february. I just — [ Sighs ] I wonder if she’s gonna remember me. I’m certain she will. But how do you know? I do not know samantha well at all, but it’s clear that she’s not the kind of woman that would let a child forget her father. Of course, it helps having a father worth remembering.

[ Sighs ] My britta, on the other hand… if I could purge cesar’s memory from her mind, I would do it in a heartbeat. Hm. Maybe that can be my next little science project, ja? Hm.

[ Chuckles ] If you’re gonna dream, dream big.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door clangs open ] Come with me. He has an infection — perhaps a concussion. I’m monitoring his vital signs. Tell your superiors I can’t leave him now. Let’s go. Remember scout. She is your best protection.

[ Door clangs shut ] You know, the two of you are much more trouble than you’re worth. Well, you should know. Father, don’t antagonize him. “Father.” So when you said “my son” a moment ago, that wasn’t a joke? Kind of a cosmic joke. Hey, I’m right here. But we’ve gotten to know each other over the last few hours, days. Well, time flies with family.

[ Alarm blaring ] What is that? Oh, it seems the compound has been breached.

[ Chuckling ] Well, today is full of surprises. Mr. August, a wsb tactical team has stormed the gates. They’re mounting an assault and heavily armed. Valentin: Looks like anna’s found us. If you want a prayer of surviving, you let me live. Keep an eye on them. And if either one of them moves — father or son — kill them both.

[ Blaring continues ]

[ Door closes ] Yeah, not to worry. I don’t need access to your confidential files. They’re not relevant to this analysis. All right, then. H-however, I will need full access to your browser history. No, wait a minute. Hang on, spinelli. What? No. Far be it for me to shame anyone. I mean, we all have our predilections and fetishes. Spinelli, ha ve you found something? You know, in — in any event, the — you know, the word “fetish” does not always connote unusual impulses o-or u-u-unique urges. No, au — au contraire! In fact, the original definition was more of like a — a-a charm or an amulet meant to bring good luck. Well, we’re gonna need a lot of that to find my mother, so let’s fetish up, boys. Come on! Ah, fortunately, luck is not something we need — not when you have godlike technical skills. [ Laughs ] Um… there we have it. Our answer. We gotta take this guy down and get out of here. Yeah, I know, but he’s big, and he’s armed, and we’ve got to do something without being noticed. Any ideas? Yeah, maybe. Um, hey, man, listen, uh, is there any way you — you can let us get out of here? My friend here has a personal interest in drew cain. You don’t remember me, do you? Uh, me or her? Um — detective falconeri, I was with the wsb with you in ankara, and I’ve always regretted how that turned out. Oh, y-yeah. Me, too. Thanks. Well, just glad to see you’ve made a full recovery. Yep. Yeah. Hey, since we’re stuck here, how about a drink, huh? Yeah. Ugh, okay. You said something about knocking him out and… stashing him behind the bar, yeah.

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Door opens ] I have a job for you. Never again.

The grief… it took a toll on my mom’s body. And the illness allowed the grief to hit that much harder. Well, you know what I’m talking about. Mm-hmm. So, it was just round and round and round until, eventually, mom checked out as a parent. Not ’cause she meant to. There just was no choice. It was a battle that she just couldn’t win. Exactly. That’s when aunt stella took over, as she does, and she cared for mom and thomas and me. And honestly, to this day, I don’t know how she managed to do everything she did. Mm. In the middle of all that hurt and that chaos and all the grief… …she would take thomas and me on “outings,” she likes to call them. To museums. Yeah. And ball games. And amusement parks. And not one time did aunt stella mention the ultimate price she paid. Uh, ready to do this? Yeah, I just feel terrible. Okay, I know, but we’re here for one reason, and he’s in the way, so — I know. I’m with you. Yeah. Here he comes. Yep.

[ Laughs ] Uh, hey, all right. Hey. You’re not joining us? No can do. I’m on duty. Um, do you mind if I go to the restroom? No problem. I’ll call backup to escort you. Oh, that’s okay. I-I know my way. Agent devane warned me not to leave you alone.

[ Laughter ] Really? Why? ‘Cause you’re desperate to get into that compound. Detective falconeri already explained to me that you’ve got a personal interest in one of the prisoners. Drew cain. He’s my daughter’s father. She’s four, going on five… and she hasn’t seen her father in half her life.

[ Voice breaking ] She only recognizes him from pictures. So, now, we have a chance to reunite scout with her father. And I know it’s against procedure, but what’s more important — family or following procedure? Please, agent. What do you say? Hey, robert. Yeah? This was drew’s cell. And we’re too late. Russel, whatever peter offered you to betray victor, I’ll double it. Come on, russel. Take the deal. He has the money. What — have you been spying on me? Well, I prefer to think of it as taking a fatherly interest. I don’t know how long you’ve been working for lunatics, but this is your chance to cash out. If you had the actual cash, I’d be tempted. But you don’T. And august already wired his payment into my account.

[ Door opens ] What the — aah! Aah! Son of a bitch! I’d have taken the money.

[ Groaning ] Nice one, drew — I like a guy who shoots first, then asks questions. Where’s peter? No idea. He’s probably running for his life by now. Wsb will pick him up. Hey, wait — where’s victor? Who cares? Come on, let’s move.

[ Groaning ] Let’s move. I f-found the malware used to hack your computer. Whe– when? When did that happen? Months ago. Uh, so every site that you visited — ev– even every keystroke you made has been tracked. “Every keystroke”? Yeah, I-I’m afraid so. So, I mean, whoever planted this spyware — presumably an operative for peter august — analyzed your search of information about huntington’s and then — and then planted advertisements and events that they knew would entice you. Eh — eh, for example, a pop-up ad for an under-priced trip to st. Lucia on a private jet. You responded to pop-up ads? Scotty. [ Scoffs ] Who doesn’t like a good deal? Y-y-you don’t think when I was given the bum’s rush out of the airplane that I didn’t think that I was scammed, spinelli? Spinelli, can you tell who was spying on scott? Um, that’ll be a little bit trickier, but just, uh, give me a minute to work my magic, and we’ll see what I can find.

His name was marcus. He was the love of aunt stella’s life. And she gave him up to take care of all of us. But why? She didn’t think she could do both. Your aunt stella? I didn’t think she knew she had limits. Maybe not, but she was certain that marcus didn’t want the responsibility of a sick woman and her two children.

[ Sighs ] Wow. That’s certainly a sacrifice. Yeah. I-I have a whole new level of respect for your aunt now. She does sort of command that. What was it like growing up with her in charge? Oh, wow. [ Laughs ] Oh, no.

[ Both laugh ] Aside from the outings, there were rules. There were many, many rules. As you might have noticed, my aunt stella has a clear sense of right and wrong — at least from her point of view. Uh, learned that the hard way.

[ Both laugh ] So, was it stella’s, um — you know, sense of right and wrong — I-is that what influenced you to become a cop? Is that why you went into law enforcement? Sort of. She must have been so proud of you. Ooh. Proud, yes. Approving, not so much. Okay. [ Laughs ] She made it a point to pray that I would find a new career — something safe. Or at least safer than police work. Aww. Check this out. She made me call her every night to make sure that I let her know that I lived through the day. She hated that I was putting my life in danger.

[ Sighs ] Let’s check this one first. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Victor: [ Scoffs ] Don’t point those things at me. D-don’t you know? Peter august is somewhere around here, and he’s totally deranged. We need to get out of here now. No, no, no, no. We want to talk to peter, too, and you’re gonna help us find him.

[ Water rushing ] According to the satellite photos, this is the only way across to the dock. Oh, man — that is a long drop. There’s certainly no way down from the compound side, either. We’ll intercept him as he makes a run for it. Unless he tries the main gate. In which case, there’s a nice group of agents waiting to welcome him. But that’s not peter’s mo. He’s gonna wait for darkness and then slither away. Okay. Robert… I’m not gonna shoot to kill, okay? I am. All right, I-I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Bad. Bad. You always give the bad news first, spinelli! Okay, as — as you wish. I just — u-u– unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, I was not able to ascertain the identity of who was receiving mr. Baldwin’s information. But the good news is that, despite their meticulous efforts to send whoever would dare to trace them on a wild goose chase across the globe — wait. You know where they are? Y-yes. Jason: Okay, well, let’s — I know where they are. Let’s hear it. I was able to trace the ip address to greece. Specifically, the island of crete. So, you’re telling me that all roads lead to greece? And there cassadines lie.

Aunt stella didn’t know I was using at the time. I damn near destroyed myself. So, eventually, she did find out. I had hidden it from her for so long, but I think she suspected. If she did see it, I bet she just didn’t want to believe it. “R iver in egypt” and all of that. Right. But aunt stella is someone who likes to stare the truth square in the face. So, soon, she was staring me square in the face, reading me the riot act back to sobriety.

[ Chuckles ] I can so picture that.

[ Chuckles ] Right? But she did help me get through it. Something else I owe her. Mm. And look at you now — all dressed up — an armchair expert on classical art…

[ Laughs ] …With everything that you’ve been through. Well, uh, my life has been anything but boring. I’ll tell you that. I get why you like magritte. With all the shadow and mystery. And this might shock you — it’s certainly taken me by surprise — but…I’m looking forward to getting to know your aunt better. Wow. Mm-hmm. I am shocked. Are you sure you’re up for it? Stella is a huge part of your life. I want to honor that relationship. I would like that. You know, it’s important to me that you two get along. For the record… as exciting as it must have been, I’m so glad your detective days are over.

[ Both laugh ] Private and otherwise. That’s one thing stella and I have in common — we both like knowing that you’re safe and sound. Well… I intend to stay that way. I certainly have a lot to live for. Now, the only connection that I know between liesl obrecht, peter august, and the cassadines are — are helena and… faison. And they’re both dead. There’s one more. Victor cassadine. My mother was involved with him. “Involved” as in — “involved.” Mm. My. If there was only a word to describe such… “cringeworthy.” That’s the way she described it. “Cringeworthy.”

[ Stammers ] And, forgive me, but I-isn’t victor cassadine also…in the underworld? At least now we know where to start looking. For your mother. And for peter. We know you’re working with peter.

[ Scoffs ] I was. Right up until — oh, and this may be a shock to you — he betrayed me. Oh, no. My heart breaks for you. Must be really frustrating getting played like that, huh? Yeah, well, at least I’m still breathing. Hmm. Thanks to the wsb’s timely arrival, peter took off. He’s probably desperate to escape. And as I said before, he’s completely out of his mind, so we really need to be going. No, no, no, no, no. Not yet. No, you don’t know where peter is? Fine. What about drew?

[ Whispering ] Someone’s coming. Here we go. It’s drew and valentin. Aw, damn.

[ Sighs ] Valentin! Anna! No! Valentin!

[ Shouts ] Not enough cover! Drew: Go, go, go!

[ Screams ] Hey, sorry. Should we tell him? You noticed it. You tell him. I can’t do it. You do it! You do it! You do it! You do it!

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