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Recap written by Christine

How dare you bring that horrible man here.” At the palazzo, Victoria confronted Billy while Lily and Ashland watched. Billy tried to explain, but Victoria didn’t want to hear it because there was nothing he could say to justify trying to hurt her this way. Billy assumed that Gaines said something to upset Victoria. He swore that this wasn’t the way he wanted her to find out about Ashland’s past. Victoria clarified that she didn’t talk to Gaines, and she didn’t need to because she knew the whole story. Billy doubted that. Ashland said he told Victoria all about the real Ashland’s death and the inheritance fraud. Victoria accused Billy of hoping to find some deep dark secret that would blow up her entire relationship. Lily thought Billy just wanted Victoria to know what she was getting into. Scoffing, Victoria said if that were true, Billy would be relieved that Ashland confided in her instead of being a shattered mess because he wasn’t the one who got to drop the bomb. Billy denied being a shattered mess. Victoria said Billy knew how important this wedding was to her. She stated that Ashland was in chemo, and he was fighting so hard to make this a beautiful ceremony that they could cherish the rest of their lives. She said Billy was trying to take that from them. She ordered him to stop harassing them and let her go. Victoria and Ashland left.

Lily stared out the window. Billy hoped she didn’t let what Victoria said get to her. “There’s nothing wrong with us trying to uncover the truth,” he said. “You – not ‘us,’” Lily replied. She felt that he went too far bringing Gaines to what Victoria wanted to be a joyous and stress-free event. Billy said Ashland kind of attacked Billy’s credibility, so he brought Gaines because he didn’t think Victoria would take his word for it without proof. Lily said that was because Billy incorrectly thought Ashland would lie. She told him to admit it. He conceded that he didn’t expect Ashland to come clean about all the crimes he committed. Lily reminded Billy that when they fell in love, he told her about all the things he did that he was ashamed of. She said maybe not everything Ashland did was cold and calculated – maybe he actually loved Victoria and they had something real. Lily didn’t think Billy liked hearing her say that.

Billy said he didn’t have a hidden agenda. He asserted that Victoria was pushing that angle because she was in denial about how serious Ashland’s crimes were. Lily said that might be because Victoria didn’t think something that happened 40 years ago was relevant to who Ashland was today. Billy suggested that Victoria was trying to protect Ashland because of the merger. He wouldn’t be surprised if her father pushed her into it. Lily didn’t think Victoria’s motives mattered – all that was important was that she was standing by Ashland, and Billy’s plan backfired. Billy thought that Victoria had been so defensive earlier because Ashland’s crimes bothered her, which they should, because the guy was a liar and a criminal. “Billy, I need you to listen to me okay? The wedding is happening tomorrow whether you like it or not,” Lily firmly said. Billy asked if Lily wanted him to just drop it and let Victoria make a mistake. Lily said all the guests were doing their best to celebrate Ashland and Victoria, and if she and Billy couldn’t do that, they didn’t belong here. She told him the kids could fly home on Victor’s jet. He didn’t think that was necessary. He didn’t apologize or trying to uncover the truth, and he didn’t think Ashland deserved credit for confessing due to the pressure of the investigation. Lily noted that Victoria was still marrying Ashland. Billy said he’d pay Gaines some more money to convince him to abandon the plan to get revenge, then he’d buy him a first class plane ticket. He thought he and Lily should be at the wedding so that his kids saw that their parents supported each other. He knew Victoria would need support when Ashland started to deteriorate, and he wanted her to know she could count on him. Lily was impressed by Billy’s shift in attitude. He said this whole time he’d been trying to do the right thing – Victoria had been hurt a lot, mostly by him. Lily knew Billy was just trying to make amends in his own antagonistic way. He also wanted Lily to know that he loved and was committed to her her, and he thought they should go to the wedding so she could see that he wasn’t hung up on his ex. She knew he was passionate and that he’d go to extremes for the people he loved, which was exhausting, but endearing. They kissed.

Out on the patio, Phyllis wondered where Jack went, and Kyle said he was off playing with Harrison. Summer said Harrison was so sweet that all her fears about being a stepmom had melted away. She couldn’t imagine their lives without him. Kyle praised how Summer was with Harrison. Noah teased Summer about her huge clothing collection, and she teased him back by saying she wore outfits once then gave them away. When he believed her, she laughed at him for being gullible. Kyle, Summer, Phyllis and Noah were all chatting and having a great time, but Nick was just silently taking it all in. Kyle, Summer and Noah went to refill their wine glasses, and Phyllis commented that Nick was so quiet. He said it was all good.

Adam and Sally got to the palazzo, and her confidence faltered. He asked what her next move was. She said she guessed she’d just corner Victoria and convince her to try on the dress. Adam said that if Victoria saw Sally first, she’d never get a chance to unzip the garment bag. He had another idea.

Jack joined everyone out on the patio and told Kyle and Summer that Harrison wanted a bedtime story. The newlyweds left. Noah asked Nick if there was any progress with Victoria. Nick said he was giving her space, like she asked. Phyllis thought that whatever was going on with Victoria had very little to do with Nick. Nick wanted them to be on their best behavior. Phyllis sensed that what he was really saying was that he wanted her to be on her best behavior, and she asked why she wouldn’t be. Noah changed the subject and said he wondered where Ashland and Victoria were.

Up in their bedroom, Victoria paced around ranting. She said she was so supportive when Billy moved in with Lily – she even bought them a plant. Ashland thought Billy was in love with Victoria. Victoria wasn’t sure that was true. She thought it was more about Billy’s enormous ego, but even if he were in love with her, she wondered what Billy hoped to accomplish. Victoria said she’d never trust Billy again. Ashland said Billy wasn’t their problem – Gaines was. He thought Gaines wanted to publicly humiliate him. She said they should have security throw him out. Ashland went to handle it.

Tessa arrived in Tuscany and talked with Nate and Elena in the palazzo living room. They asked where Mariah was. Tessa said Mariah decided not to come. Later, after Elena and Nate were gone, Nikki and Victor came in and introduced Leslie and Tessa. Tessa and Leslie had video chatted earlier about the song they were going to perform at the ceremony, and they were both excited about working together. Leslie, Tessa and Nikki went off to chat. Adam came downstairs and greeted Victor, just as Noah and Nick came in from outside. Victor was delighted to have three generations together. Adam and Noah were civil, but it was awkward. Adam complimented the job Noah did on the Newman Media branding package. Victor appreciated that they all came and that they were trying to get along. Across the room, Tessa sang while Leslie was at the piano. Noah looked moved as he stared at Tessa and listened to the love song.

Adam headed out to the patio and chatted with Nate and Elena. Elena asked if Adam caught up with Billy after they missed each other at Society. he said he did, but it didn’t go well, so he’d steer clear of Billy in Tuscany. On the other side of the patio, Phyllis griped about Adam having the audacity to show up. Jack was sure Victor was glad he did. “Does it bother you at all what he’s done to his family?,” she asked. She said that this family drove her crazy. Jack told Phyllis to let it go because this would be over soon.

Victoria did her makeup and damned Billy. She said she wasn’t going to let him ruin this night for her. She left the bedroom, and Sally sneaked in with the dress. Sally was going to put her dress in the closet and take the wedding dress that Victoria already had. Victoria suddenly returned, so Sally hid. Victoria got her shoulder wrap. She noticed that her closet door was open, and she found it odd, but she just closed it and left. Victoria went downstairs and listened to the music, then she joined Victor, who was now alone on the couch. He asked if she was okay, and she said yes. Nick and Noah returned and Victoria turned away from her brother.

Nick went back outside and talked with Phyllis. She told him Victoria would come around and Victoria would owe him a big apology. Nick knew Phyllis didn’t like his sister, but he said exploiting this wasn’t helping. She said she wasn’t exploiting it, she was sympathizing with him. He didn’t see it that way, and he walked off. Jack joined Phyllis and told her Nick was upset, so she shouldn’t take it personally. Phyllis said that didn’t make it any better, and she walked away.

Noah approached Tessa and told her didn’t realize until now how much he missed her. The exes found a private place to chat, and she asked how London was. It was going well, he had three commissions. She marveled that he was doing photography for a living, she was singing, and they were both living the dream. He thought she was smarter than him when choosing a dream to pursue. He loved art, but it was different than the music world. He said that when people paid to hear her sing, it was because they loved her voice, but sometimes people bought his art as an investment and intended to flip it like a condo. It could be a little discouraging. Once, a client offered to pay him to make less art, that way the value of the pieces he already owned would go up. She said if it made him feel better, music was commercial too. They bantered with each other, and he gazed at her.

Sally found Adam and said mission accomplished, now they just had to see how the bride reacted. The dress was designed specifically to Victoria’s taste and figure, so she had to believe that Victoria would love it. Kyle and Summer came outside laughing about something cute Harrison did. Adam congratulated them on the wedding. Summer saw Sally and asked what she was doing here. Adam said Sally was his date.

Later, Adam and Sally were off somewhere else, and Jack and Phyllis were with Summer and Kyle. They were talking about Adam saying Sally was his date. Summer thought it was tacky. Summer doubted Victor knew Adam was bringing Sally, because there was no way Victor would want Sally here after the way she treated Summer. Kyle said that if it bothered Summer that much, she could tell Victor, who’d surely have Sally thrown out. Phyllis loved that idea, but Summer didn’t want Sally to get the satisfaction of knowing she got under their skin. Jack told Phyllis that Summer had the right idea, and he said she should stay away from Sally and any ice buckets. Phyllis said Sally should stay away from her.

Elsewhere on the patio, Adam noted that Sally liked riling people up. She said everyone needed a hobby. She figured she should probably go to bed, since his family would probably be less likely to wake her up to throw her out. He said his dad and sister had more important things to worry about than ousting Sally. She went inside.

Adam went inside too and saw Ashland whisper something to Victor. Victoria also saw them speaking. Victor and Ashland stepped outside. Victor was glad when Ashland told him that Victoria put Billy in his place. Now they had to be concerned with Gaines. Ashland knew it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of Gaines – it wasn’t the money, he had a score to settle. Ashland said even if they could keep Gaines from the wedding, he could still damage Newman/Locke. Victor said that wouldn’t happen. They walked away, and Adam stepped out from around the corner, where he’d been eavesdropping.

Victoria got ready for bed. Ashland came in and said he and Victor briefed the security team on the situation. He promised Gaines would be found and removed. Victoria hoped everything would go smoothly at the wedding. He assured her it would and that this time tomorrow, they’d be married. They kissed.

Elena and Nate found a private spot to talk and enjoy the night air. They heard Leslie playing, and they danced.

Phyllis found Nick sitting alone and she joined him. He apologized for snapping at her earlier. She said it was hard for her to hang out with his family, because they didn’t like or trust her, and the feeling was mutual. But she was doing this for him. He said he was out of line, and it wouldn’t happen again. She teased that she didn’t fully forgive him, and he’d have to work for it. Jack strolled to the patio doorway and his mouth fell open when he saw Phyllis and Nick talking. Nikki joined Jack and asked if he’d seen Victor.

Lily and Billy were in bed, basking in the afterglow and listening to the music outside their room. She was glad they didn’t leave. She admired his ability to course-correct. He asked if there was anything else she admired. She whispered something in his ear, and they kissed.

Mariah invited Kevin for coffee at Crimson Lights, and he came. She recently went back to work, and everyone had been amazing. He thought it was too bad that she couldn’t take more time off and go to Italy with Tessa. Mariah said that she was going to go, but the baby got sick. Kevin was concerned, and Mariah said it was just a cold. Kevin asked why Mariah couldn’t go with Tessa then. Mariah explained that Abby was talking about weaning Dominic while she was gone, and Mariah thought that was too soon. Especially when the baby was sick, and breast milk was good for the immune system. Kevin understood Mariah’s protectiveness, since he had a baby too. She pointed out that Dominic wasn’t her baby. He said she and Dominic went through a lot together. Kevin could relate to Mariah’s ordeal, due to his childhood. Mariah had heard the stories. He said he knew what it was like to be locked in a small space for a very long period of time. Mariah said she was doing okay with that aspect of it. She got a little jumpy if she heard footsteps behind her, and she didn’t like it being too quiet or being alone for too long, but she could function. She asked how his kids were doing.

Kevin pulled out his phone to show off photos of Miles and Bella. Miles was walking. Mariah realized she missed his birthday. Kevin knew Mariah was otherwise occupied, and birthday parties for babies were pointless because babies didn’t care. He joked that if Mariah and Tessa had kids, they shouldn’t even invite the baby to the party. Tessa called, and Kevin stepped away from the table. Mariah asked how Tessa was and if she was jet lagged. Tessa slept on the plane. She whispered that this place was over the top in the best way, and everyone was asking about Mariah. Tessa was excited about getting to meet Leslie Brooks. Mariah said she didn’t get much sleep last night, and she was buried in work, so she couldn’t talk now. The call ended. Kevin wondered about Mariah blowing off her girlfriend. Mariah didn’t want to talk about it now. Right now she just wanted to hear about the kids. He told her about Bella’s dance recital. She was dressed as a mouse, but another little girl was dressed as a giant sugar cube. Kevin could barely contain his laughter as he explained that the sugar cube child fell and wasn’t able to get back up because of her costume. Mariah didn’t get into the story and laugh with Kevin.

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