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Recap written by Christine

When Victoria woke up, Ashland was already dressed, but he’d gotten back in bed and was looking at her with love. They were pleased that their wedding day was finally here. He told her that he could never dreamed he could love anyone as much as he loved her. She loved him too, and she’d never been more certain of anything in her life. They agreed that what they had was special and unique and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought or did. They kissed. Later, she was out of bed and enjoying a fancy breakfast. She mentioned that she woke up last night, and he wasn’t in bed. He said he was restless, so he went for a walk. He thought the grounds were almost as beautiful as her. She said it was theirs now, and with some careful planning, they could run Newman/Locke from the palazzo, when the kids were on break. Right now, all he wanted to think about was marrying her. They kissed until Nikki knocked on the door. She was there to help Victoria get ready.

Ashland got ready to leave because he wanted to preserve the tradition of not seeing Victoria in her dress. She called him a romantic. He promised everything would be okay today, and he tried to kiss her, but she wouldn’t let him because she wanted their next kiss to be as husband and wife. He left the room. Nikki asked how Victoria slept. She barely slept, and she mentioned that Ashland left in the middle of the night and took a walk. Victoria felt great now though, and she couldn’t be more excited. She was sure today would be the most incredible day of her life.

Nikki forgot to get something old, new borrowed and blue. Victoria said that Victor’s spectacular wedding gift covered all of that, plus her relationship with Ashland was unconventional. Victoria said she’d experienced that tradition enough times. Nikki said they both had, but you still went into marriages with hopes and dreams, no matter what happened before. Nikki said Ashland was complicated, and Nikki knew about loving a complicated man. Victoria was clear about what she was going through. She’d never felt a connection like this before – she never felt so loved and appreciated and seen. It was a little shocking to find out about his past, the way she did and she knew a lot of people were invested in seeing her relationship fail, but she was pushing that aside and thinking about what she wanted and how she felt. She said he was still the man she fell in love with, and she knew he loved her too. That was all Nikki wanted for Victoria. She’d always be protective of Victoria, but she just wanted Victoria to be sure. Victoria was. Nikki hoped Victoria and Ashland would be able to enjoy that happiness for a long time. Victoria went to the closet and unzipped the garment bag. “What the…? This isn’t my dress,” she exclaimed.

Victoria said that she spoke with Lauren about making a few alterations, but this was a completely different dress. Nikki suggested Ashland got it, but Victoria was sure he wouldn’t take a chance like that. She wondered if it was a gift from Summer, then she said no, Summer would’ve told her about it. Nikki suggested Fenmore’s sent the wrong dress. Victoria looked the dress over. She thought it was breathtaking, but it wasn’t hers. Nikki suggested that Victoria try it on.

Billy walked into the palazzo living room. Victor was there, and he said he’d thought Lily had the sense to convince Billy to leave. Billy assumed Victor knew all about Gaines and Ashland’s secret. He said Gaines had mysteriously disappeared, and he asked if Victor had anything to do with that. Billy said that if Victor didn’t have anything to do with that, there was a problem because Gaines was a wildcard who’d been waiting a long time to cause damage. Victor blamed Billy for Gaines being here, and he vowed that Billy would pay one day. Victor told Billy to get lost. Billy sensed that Victor didn’t know where Gaines was, and he thought Victor was worried about what Gaines would do.

Billy returned to his room and told Lily that Johnny, Katie and Harrison were having a great time with the nanny the Newmans hired, but the bad news was there was no sign of Gaines. She suggested Gaines left, but he said guys like Gaines didn’t just leave. He thought Gaines was hiding and biding his time, or something happened to him.

In their bedroom, Nick told Phyllis that he was determined to get Victoria’s trust back, no matter how long it took. He apologized that things were a little tense between him and Phyllis last night. She clarified that she wasn’t tense, he was. She said that she just didn’t like the way his sister was treating him. “Well, I apologize, so…” he replied and he started toward the door. She didn’t think that was actually an apology. He kept walking and left. He returned later, after she was dressed. She spun around to show off her dress and cape. He loved it, but he’d decided not to go to the wedding. She groaned that he had to go. When he was on his walk, he’d weighed his options and decided not to go. He wanted Victoria to be happy and stress-free. Phyllis contended that Victoria had never been stress-free in her life, and she was marrying a guy who took on another guy’s identity. She didn’t understand why he suddenly wasn’t going, but she said it was his family, so he should do what he wanted. She wondered whether or not she should go. He thought she should. She noted that she’d be going to his family event alone. She asked if he’d go to the reception, and he said he’d think about it.

Nick and Billy ran into each other in the hallway. Nick stated that Billy’s plan to get Victoria to call off the wedding failed. He asked if Billy was planning any last minute fireworks. Billy wasn’t going to intervene. He thought the wedding was a mistake, though and he believed Nick agreed, since he wasn’t dressed for the event. Billy knew Nick cared about Victoria, and Billy did too.

Sally was alone on the patio when Adam came up and asked if she slept well. She hadn’t. She was so nervous because today could make or break her career. It all depended on Victoria’s reaction to the dress. He assured her that the dress was beautiful, and she asked if he really thought so. He said even if he didn’t, the plan was already in motion. He suggested she get some breakfast, but she was too wound up. He pointed out a path and told her she could go for a run and get a great view of the countryside. He’d go with her, but he just got back, and he’d hate to embarrass her by leaving her in the dust. “You had to go there, just when I was starting to think that you were actually a good influence on me,” she joked. He said he’d been called a lot of things in his life but never a good influence.

Later, Adam was alone when Victor joined him. Victor thought Adam promised to make this a perfect day for his sister. Confused, Adam said he did. “Then son, why the hell did you bring that woman as your date?,” Victor asked. Adam said Sally promised not to do anything to sabotage the wedding. He said that if he and Victor were judged on their past actions, they wouldn’t be here. He respected Sally for trying to make amends, and he thought she deserved a second chance. Victor sarcastically said it warmed the cockles of his heart. Adam changed the subject to Gaines and said he heard Victor and Ashland talking last night. Victor said Billy brought Gaines thinking it’d cause Victoria to call off the wedding, but now he knew that Victoria was aware of Ashland’s history. Victor was sure that Gaines was planning to cause trouble. Adam was willing to help in any way he could. Victor said to just make sure this was a wonderful day for Victoria.

After Adam left, Ashland joined Victor and asked if there was any sign of Gaines. There hadn’t been, and Victor thought Gaines may have taken the money Victor gave him and gotten out of Dodge. Ashland hoped so, but he worried Gaines was still around here somewhere, and even if Gaines left the palazzo, he was still a threat. Victor told Ashland to relax, and they’d deal with that when the time came. Victor said Ashland was marrying one of the most powerful beautiful women in the world. Ashland asked why Victor said “one of.” “Have you seen her mother?,” Victor replied. Victor left, and Ashland thought he was alone, so he let his frailty show. He gripped the back of a chair for balance. Nate walked out, and Ashland pretended he was stretching, not using a chair to hold himself upright. Nate wanted to know the truth. Ashland said he was just stressed about the wedding. He was sure Billy hoped he’d collapse and be unable to get married, but he said nothing would stop him from marrying the woman of his dreams, not a jealous ex, people trying to exploit his past, or this dreadful disease. Nate advised that Ashland conserve his energy. Ashland said that once he saw the woman who loved and accepted him for who he was, everything else would fall away. He’d never thought he’d have unconditional love. Nate noticed that when Ashland talked about Victoria, his breathing became stronger and more steady. Ashland said Victoria was good for him.

Noah, Summer, Kyle and Tessa chatted in the living room. Kyle had heard about Noah’s latest exhibition from Summer. Noah told a story about how a mishap with the exhibition was avoided, and it lead to a lot of good press for him. Summer said Noah was the darling of the art world now. Noah thought she was overstating it, but she said she wanted to brag about her older brother. She said he created an amazing life in London, and his career was skyrocketing, so she didn’t understand why yesterday, he said he was looking for a change. He felt like there was something more for him out there. Tessa asked where he’d go. He said as great as it was to live abroad, there was no place like home. Kyle was caught off guard, Summer was sure that Noah was joking. He said they loved life in Milan now, but they might decide to come back to Genoa City too one day. Sally walked in and the conversation dried up. Sally commented that this was awkward. Sally understood she wasn’t Summer’s favorite person, since she was slightly responsible for Summer’s move to Milan. Summer said Sally was rewriting history since Sally and Tara were involved from the beginning, and the job at Marchetti was Sally’s idea. Sally congratulated Summer on the job and the wedding. Kyle asked why Sally was even here. Sally said she was Adam’s date. “So much for his claims about wanting to make things right with the Newmans,” Kyle replied. Sally said she and Adam wanted Victoria to have a perfect day. Sally introduced herself to Noah. He shook her hand and mentioned that he was Summer’s brother. Sally guessed he’d heard of her, and she said some of it was true, and some of it wasn’t. Summer didn’t want to discuss this anymore since today was about Victoria. Sally agreed, and she suggested that they pretend it was water under the bridge and be civil.

Jack ran into Adam. Jack thought Adam had evolved, but here he was, using his sister’s wedding to get under people’s skin. Adam wasn’t aware that he was doing that. Jack said Adam brought Sally to the wedding knowing what she did to Summer. Sally walked up and overheard Adam say Jack should ask himself why he really objected to Sally being his date. Sally joined the men, and Jack excused himself. Sally wished she thought this trip through. She was so concerned about getting her dress to Victoria that she forgot she was the last person any of these people wanted to see. Adam knew from experience that you got used to it. He told her she should go get changed so she could make the pitch when the time was right. She was still in her running gear, and she rushed off.

Sally returned in a dress that wowed Adam. She said she hoped he meant his compliment in a strictly professional sense. Nikki found Victor, who was talking to Summer and Kyle. She pulled him away and whispered that they delivered the wrong dress. He didn’t see why that was a big deal. She hissed that he bride had the wrong dress. He still seemed mystified about why this was an issue. He asked if Victoria was refusing to wear it. Sally overheard all this and rushed off. Summer and Kyle made a comment to Adam about Sally’s abrupt departure. Adam replied that Sally wanted the wedding to go well. Kyle asked why Sally would be invested in Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Summer sensed Adam and Sally were up to something.

Sally went upstairs and knocked on Victoria’s door. Victoria saw Sally and was about to close the door, until Sally blurted out that she was behind the wedding dress switch. Victoria insisted that Sally come inside and explain herself. Sally explained that she designed this dress specifically for Victoria. Victoria realized Sally hoped she’d see the dress and either not notice or fall in love with it anyway. Victoria said Sally had badly miscalculated, and she’d clearly learned nothing from all the other stunts she’d pulled. Sally knew it was a risky move, but she was sure she was right. She asked if Victoria fell in love with the dress Lauren’s designer made. Did it spark joy? Sally said it didn’t, and it couldn’t because that designer didn’t consider the woman it was made for. Sally designed this dress after studying every detail of who Victoria was – her style, body type, the way she moved, her strength and elegance. Sally designed a dress that captured Victoria’s essence. Victoria asked where the first dress was and she asked if Sally destroyed it. Sally sighed that Victoria really thought the worst of her. Sally had the dress in her room, and she’d give it back after Victoria tried on the new one. Sally knew Victoria would fall in love with the new dress. Nikki walked in and demanded to know what Sally was doing here. Victoria ordered Sally to go get her dress and hang it on the door. Sally left.

Phyllis went out to the patio in her dress, which she told everyone was a Marchetti. Summer asked where her dad was, and Phyllis said he was being fashionably late, as usual. Summer said that actually wasn’t like him. Noah figured Nick was skipping the wedding. Noah said he’d go straighten this out, but Phyllis said they had to respect Nick’s choice. Jack waved at Phyllis, and she went over to him.

Billy was on the patio when Lily called and said she was having a hair emergency. He overheard Victor tell Ashland about the dress situation. Billy assured Lily that she had some company since Victoria was having issues getting ready too.

Sally came back outside just as Nikki directed the guests to take their seats. Ashland brought Harrison out, then he and Nikki exchanged smiles. Leslie began to play the piano. Victoria walked out, and Sally’s mouth fell open. Victoria was in the dress Sally designed. Summer whispered to Kyle that the dress was stunning. She wondered who designed it. Adam told Sally she did well. Phyllis grudgingly told Jack that she’d never seen Victoria look more beautiful. Victor joined Victoria and told her she looked stunning. She thanked him for everything, and he kissed her on the cheek.

Gaines went to Nick and Phyllis’ empty bedroom and looked out the window. Nick returned and asked who Gaines was and what he was doing here.

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