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Recap written by Christine

At the palazzo, Victoria walked in on Victor and Ashland in a tense discussion, and she asked what was wrong. Ashland declared that he was through hiding things from Victoria. He was about to tell her everything, but Victor interjected that he and Ashland were having a the kind of discussion that a man had with his future son in law. Ashland went with the story and said he and Victor were going to make sure this wedding went off without a hitch. Victoria thought that meant something that needed to be dealt with. Victor told Victoria that all she needed to know was that any potential threat was under control. He left. Victoria asked Ashland what was really going on. Ashland said he’d had some trouble breathing, but he was fine now and Billy came to his rescue. She mentioned that Billy had been calling her non-stop, and he seemed eager to confront her with some news. Ashland told Victoria that there was nothing Billy knew that she didn’t already know. She said her mom told Billy not to come, but she was glad he did because she couldn’t wait to see how crushed he’d be when he found out he flew all this way for nothing. She wondered where Billy was now. Ashland told Victoria not to worry about it.

In their room at the palazzo, Phyllis had just learned that Nick was thinking of leaving. At first, she though about her dress going to waste, but then she said that she was willing to follow his lead on whether to stay or go. She promised to keep the disparaging remarks about Victoria to herself. He didn’t think he could sway Victoria. Victoria had said he could stay, but he didn’t want to be a dark cloud over the wedding. Just as Nick said he wanted to leave, Noah (now played by Rory Gibson) walked in. He could tell something was wrong with his father, and he’d noticed it at Kyle and Summer’s wedding too. Phyllis left so they could talk in private. Nick told Noah about the clash with Victoria. Nick was leaving because he didn’t want to stay where he wasn’t wanted. That sounded like an excuse to Noah. He thought that Nick should stay and fight for Victoria’s forgiveness if it was really that important to him. Nick said he wouldn’t have looked into Ashland’s past if he didn’t care about Victoria. Noah stated that Nick always taught him not to run from a challenge. Noah said he’d be disappointed if Nick didn’t follow through on his own advice.

Billy ended up on the patio in his search for Gaines. Jack and Nikki started to chat with him. Nikki asked where Lily and the kids were. He said they should be here any second, then he excused himself. Nikki didn’t know what Billy was doing, but she was wary. Victor walked out, and Nikki took him aside and warned him about Billy. He assured her that he had it under control. Across the area, Jack observed Nikki and Victor’s quiet talk, and he told Elena and Nate that there seemed to be some intrigue. He hoped it had nothing to do with his brother. Nate wondered if he should check on Ashland. Leslie Brooks arrived and caught up with her old friends, Victor, Nikki and Jack. Jack introduced her to Elena and Nate. Nikki was thrilled Leslie could play for Victoria and Ashland’s ceremony.

Jack saw his brother walking around looking everywhere and went over to see what he was up to. Billy claimed he was looking for Lily, and Jack didn’t believe him. He thought Billy was up to something regarding the wedding. Billy looked at his phone and lied and said he just got a text from Lily saying she was lost on the estate. Billy rushed off. Phyllis joined Jack

Victoria and Ashland came downstairs, and she wondered if they’d planned too many events – there was the cocktail party, the big family ceremony, and the reception. He assured her that he was more than ready. They walked out hand in hand. Everyone applauded. Leslie spoke with Ashland and Victoria, and Ashland asked if he could impose upon Leslie to play one of his favorite pieces. She was happy to do so as a gift to the happy couple. Leslie went inside and began to play as everyone listened out on the patio. Elena and Nate observed how happy Ashland and Victoria were, and it helped him find inspiration for his best man toast.

Billy burst into the bedroom saying “damn it where are you?” Lily thought he was talking to her, and she said she was right here. He said he didn’t know she was here since she didn’t text him. She explained that she’d been busy juggling the kids and luggage with minimal Italian. The Palazzo staff had promised Lily they’d alert Billy, but apparently they didn’t. She said the kids were napping, because they were cranky after the flight. She was annoyed that he seemed unhappy to see her. He gave her a quick kiss and assured her he was thrilled to see her. He asked how Mattie was. Mattie was fine, but she was so brilliant that she was struggling to find people on her wavelength. Lily wondered who he’d been expecting to find in this room since he didn’t know she’d arrived. He pretended not to know what she meant. She said he was flustered, and she asked what he’d done now. He kept covering, but she wanted to know the truth. He told her that he found evidence that Ashland committed fraud by altering Camilla Rhodes’ will. He’d paid Gaines a hefty sum for the information. She thought Victoria needed to hear this information.

Billy told Lily how he brought Gaines to Tuscany and lost him. She didn’t think he was right to bring Gaines here. He explained that he was going to introduce Gaines and Victoria, so he could tell her everything and she could make her decision, but now he was missing. Lily asked what Billy was hoping to accomplish – a newsworthy exposure of Ashland right before the wedding? He didn’t want a big showdown, and he didn’t plan to publish the information. He just wanted Victoria to know she was about to marry a liar and a fraud. He had no idea where Gaines was now. At one point he’d wondered if Victor’s security team found Gaines and threw him out. Lily didn’t think so, because if that happened, Victor would’ve tossed Billy too. Billy said Gaines despised Ashland, and he might have his own plan.

Noah greeted Victoria and met Ashland. Noah thought Ashland was lucky to have Victoria, and Ashland agreed. Noah mentioned Ashland showed excellent taste choosing Nate, who’d done a lot for the family over the years. Noah hoped to get to know Ashland better, maybe they could meet up next time Noah came home to visit. Ashland thought Noah was charming. Noah hoped Victoria didn’t mind, but he convinced his dad to stay. At that point, Nick came up and stared at Victoria from inside the patio doors.

Summer and Kyle arrived, and everyone clapped, then they went around hugging their family. Victoria wished she’d been at Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Summer understood that Victoria was busy working so she could take time off for her own wedding. Kyle said Summer had become a bit of a celebrity. People in the fashion district recognized her on the street. Nick, who’d joined the party outside, said he always knew his Supergirl would be a star. Ashland was thrilled Summer and Kyle were here and more importantly, that they were taking such good care of Harrison. He asked where his son was, and at that moment, Harrison ran out of the house and into Ashland’s arms.

Everyone chatted and mingled while Ashland held Harrison and Nick and Victoria looked at each other from across the room. Jack told Phyllis that it looked like Victoria and Nick called a truce. Phyllis thought maybe Noah talked Nick out of leaving. Jack hoped so, because he’d hate it if Phyllis had to leave already. Phyllis wasn’t sure how it’d work out, but she wanted to stay so she could spend time with her daughter. She thought Summer’s wedding was beautiful intimate affair, unlike this drama-filled event. Jack thought Phyllis liked drama. She did, but not like this. She felt like she could never say the right thing to Nick about his sister. She was an outsider in the family, and she thought the way they treated each other was horrific. Jack insisted that Phyllis wasn’t an outsider, especially to Nick. Phyllis commented on how supportive Jack was being of Nick and of her relationship with Nick. She thought he was overcompensating for what he’d said before, and she didn’t think that was necessary. Jack said he only wanted the best for Phyllis, and she replied that she found this exhausting. She wanted him to stop trying to humor her and stop being so careful, because it was annoying. She knew she could be annoying sometimes. She wanted their relationship to go back to normal, and he agreed to do that.

Nate and Elena talked with Leslie. Elena asked if it ever got old for people to ask her to play. Leslie said it came with the profession. She likened it to the way people must discuss their health issues with Elena and Nate. Leslie believed it was a duty to share your gifts, plus she enjoyed performing. Leslie assumed Nate and Ashland were old friends, since Nate was best man. She asked what he thought of Ashland. Nate clarified that they only met recently, but he was impressed with Ashland. Leslie understood Ashland and Victoria were devoted to starting fresh, and she liked the idea of not looking back. Nate agreed.

Nikki joined Nick and told him that Noah was a talented confident young man who reminded her of Nick. Nick mentioned that Noah just gave him some of his own advice. Nick brought Nikki up to speed on how he failed to patch things up with Victoria, and he was thinking of leaving. Nikki wasn’t happy to hear that. He wanted to wait and see how things played out. He’d said his piece and did his best to convince Victoria that everything he did was for her sake, but he couldn’t force her to be okay with it. Nikki asked Nick to try and be patient with his sister.

Jack told Kyle he was glad he and Summer found their way back to each other. He missed Kyle and Harrison, but he was glad of the way Kyle and Summer missed up. He was also proud of the way Kyle honored the bond between Harrison and the man who raised him. Kyle said that Harrison missed Tara and Ashland, but he was a happy child, and his happiness came first. He was glad to be able to give Harrison time with Ashland. Jack was touched that Kyle put his son’s happiness first. Kyle said he learned that from Jack, and they hugged.

Noah and Summer talked in private about their dad. She wondered why Nick was being so weird, both here and in Milan. Noah caught Summer up on the problem with Nick and Victoria. Summer was surprised Nick and Victoria were still fighting at this stage in life instead of realizing that they’d make up eventually and just doing so now. Noah wasn’t sure people grew out of sibling rivalry. Summer said she and Noah did. Noah didn’t love being away from the family, but he didn’t miss the constant drama. Summer could relate – she missed everyone from Genoa City, but it was chaos-free in Milan. Noah teased Summer about being a married old lady, and she said everyone would expect him to get married next. He didn’t think settling down would be the worst thing in the world. She was surprised because she thought he liked casually dating. He explained that after the example Nick and Sharon set, he didn’t trust relationships to last. He was sure Summer understood since Nick and Phyllis were like that too. He brought up the roller coaster she and Kyle used to be on, and he was sure that got old. She said she and Kyle were on again off again for a really long time until they realized they wanted to be together forever. Noah admired that and wanted it for himself someday. Summer invited Noah for a long visit or suggested he move there. She’d met so many amazing women she could introduce him to. He said he had been thinking about a change of scenery.

Victor got everyone’s attention and made a toast to Ashland and Victoria. Victor said Ashland was almost as ruthless as he was, but Victoria was a worthy adversary. He said that Victoria and Ashland merged their companies and created an empire that he hoped would honor the legacy of Newman and Locke. Victor saw the love between Victoria and Ashland, and it meant a lot to him. Victor said that fathers never thought anyone was good enough for their daughter, but Ashland was a good man. Victor welcomed Ashland to the family. Ashland privately thanked Victor after the speech. Victor sent Ashland to make sure Billy didn’t do anything. Ashland went looking for Billy and ran into Gaines instead. Gaines heard Victor’s speech, and he said perhaps he should go make a speech about the way Ashland built an empire on deceit and criminal behavior. He suggested that he might announce it tomorrow before the ceremony, or maybe he’d make Ashland so nervous that he’d call off the wedding. Victoria joined Ashland and asked what was going on. Gaines told the pair to enjoy their evening, and he left. Victoria guessed that was Gaines. Ashland was going to call security, but Victoria told him not to because she was going to handle it. She walked off, and he followed.

Back in their room, Lily asked what Billy thought Gaines was going to do. He didn’t know. He thought Gaines was very disappointed that Billy didn’t want to interrupt the wedding. Lily said that Billy couldn’t let Gaines wreck the ceremony. He knew because if that happened, Victoria would never forgive him. Victoria and Ashland walked in. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?,” Victoria asked.

Nate told Elena he came up with a perfect angle for his speech. He said he and Ashland were from different generations, and they didn’t know each other from the business world. Ashland was a new friend that Nate came to know under extraordinary circumstances. He talked about Ashland’s strength and fortitude under the face of adversity, who was marrying Victoria, who Nate wanted the best for. Elena loved the speech. She thought it was heartfelt and honest like the man who gave the speech. She suggested that they could focus on the romance of Italy and this amazing wedding now.

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