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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Phyllis were in a bedroom at the Palazzo. He was there to drop off a Marchetti dress Phyllis left on the plane. Phyllis said she was going to wear it to support her daughter’s flourishing career. He asked where Nick was, and she said Nick was off taking the bull by the horns. She noted that she and Nick were here against Victoria’s wishes. Jack hoped Victoria would let Nick stay at the wedding. Phyllis said that the siblings had lots of fights over the years, but this was out of control. Jack stated that Victoria was loyal to the man she loved, just like Nick had defended Phyllis to Victoria. Phyllis said that Nick saved her hotel when Victoria went after The Grand Phoenix. Jack told Phyllis that she couldn’t convince Victoria to change her mind on Nick. Phyllis knew that, but she suggested that Jack might be able to sway Victoria. He refused to get involved, because he thought the siblings should work it out on their own.

Phyllis stated that Nick was just trying to help Victoria. Jack said that at least Nick accepted that the wedding was inevitable, unlike Billy. Phyllis respected Nick for going above and beyond for the people he loved, however, she thought Nick might be handling this the wrong way by talking nicely. Jack said to relax – what was the worst that could happen? Phyllis said the security could throw them out. Phyllis and Jack’s phones chimed in tandem – texts of wedding photos from Kyle and Summer. Phyllis said Ashland and Victoria’s splashy affair didn’t hold a candle to this beautiful and intimate ceremony. Jack was sure both weddings would be beautiful.

In their bedroom in Tuscany, Victoria told Ashland that their guests had arrived or would be soon, so things were all set. He wanted to know what she felt in her heart now that things had time to sink in. He didn’t want her to go through with the wedding tomorrow if her main motivation was to save their company. Victoria said one way or another, Newman/Locke would be safe. He asked what his beautiful bride had up her sleeve – it sounded like she had a plan to save the company. All she wanted to focus on now was their love and their wedding. He kissed her forehead and said it meant to much that he was standing by him, despite everything. She kept thinking about his childhood, imagining an anxious boy running from an abusive home, leaving everything behind and losing the only friend he had in a car accident. She added that he’d felt like the woman who meant more to him than his own mother, his mentor, betrayed him on her deathbed. The story haunted Victoria, so she could see how it followed him everywhere, even after he became the formidable Ashland Locke. He marveled that she really understood. She knew he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to taint the beautiful relationship they were building. She said it had now, but she promised him that everything would be okay. She assured him that, this time tomorrow, they’d be husband and wife, and nothing was going to stop them.

Victoria was concerned when Ashland started to cough. He said he was fine. She hoped the stress of the last two days hadn’t exacerbated his condition. He promised nothing would slow him down or get in the way of reciting his vows. She asked if he knew what he was going to say. He said his were written in his heart. Hers were written on on paper, but when he asked for a preview, she said no. She was dressed, and he didn’t want to let her go. She said they’d have so many moments in the future. She told him to hurry and get dressed and meet her downstairs. He smiled, but as soon as she was out of the room, he dropped onto the chair and coughed again.

Nick was outside on the patio with his parents. He was hoping they could give him a read on Victoria before he approached her. He asked if they thought there was a chance he could repair things before Victoria said “I do.” Nikki wasn’t sure Victoria would be receptive to Nick’s surprise appearance. He said he couldn’t stay away on his sister’s wedding day. Nikki stated that Victoria was already stressed. Victor added that a lot of that stress was caused by Nick digging into Ashland’s past. Nick pointed out that he and Victor were both investigating Ashland. Victor countered that he didn’t go to New Jersey and dredge up old skeletons. Nick owned what he did. Right now he wanted to make things easier on Victoria. He said he and his sister had been in lots of fights and they always made up. Victor was adamant that he didn’t want anyone to cause problems on Victoria’s happy day. Nick bristled because he thought Victor was calling him a problem. Nikki said Victoria didn’t need Nick and Victor arguing. Nick was taken aback to learn that his parents were both supportive of Victoria marrying a man who exploited a death.

Nick didn’t know how Nikki and Victor could condone this union. He noted that it wasn’t long ago that he and Victor were both investigating Ashland, so what changed. Victor said Ashland confessed and came clean about his identity. Nick argued that Ashland only came clean because Nick confronted him with the truth. Nick added that Ashland left out the part where he left his best friend to die in a burning car. Nikki pointed out that Ashland thought his friend was already dead from the accident. Nick didn’t know how they could make excuses for Ashland. Victor liked Nick’s concern for his sister, but he wanted Nick to let this go.

Victoria walked up. Nikki said Nick came to make peace. Victor asked if that was okay with Victoria. She said it was fine – nothing Nick could say would make her more upset than she already was. Nikki and Victor left. Victoria hoped Nick wasn’t going to tell her to stop the wedding, because that wasn’t going to happen. He never intended to betray her. She snapped that he did though. He never wanted to find dirt about Ashland. He looked into Ashland’s past out of concern for Victoria. After thinking about it, he guessed he could understand why Ashland worked so hard to keep that painful memory a secret. Nick wasn’t going to try and convince Victoria to change her mind about the marriage. He respected her decision, but he didn’t like it, and he didn’t trust Ashland. Victoria said that Nick destroyed her trust in him. She didn’t see how she could ever confide in him again. He swore he’d never hurt her on purpose. She said his apology didn’t begin to make up for what he did. He asked if she couldn’t forgive him a little – it was her wedding day, and he wanted to be there. He promised not to say another word about Ashland. She appreciated his effort, but she could tell he was still holding back about her fiance, and that was the last thing she needed. She didn’t forgive him, but she said he could stay because their parents wanted him there. He said it was her wedding, and her opinion was the only one that mattered. He asked if she wanted him there or not. She said that her attention would be focused on Ashland, and she probably wouldn’t notice if Nick was in the crowd or not. He asked where things stood. She refused to discuss that. Victoria said Nick hurt her, and it wasn’t her job to absolve him. She was going to focus on Ashland and her wedding.

Nikki and Victor went inside. Victor was worried Nick wouldn’t let this go and that he’d ruin Victoria’s day. Nikki thought Nick would put Victoria’s happiness first. Nikki’s biggest concern now was that Nick didn’t know about Ashland’s latest surprise. Victor said the less people who knew the better. Nikki said this latest secret was atrocious, and if Nick found out, it’d add fuel to the fire. Victor thought the important thing was Victoria made peace with it. He vowed to make sure the other secret stayed buried.

Billy snuck Gaines into a bedroom at the palazzo. Gaines said he’d been waiting a long time for Ashland’s downfall. He was thinking they could humiliate Ashland while he was at the altar waiting for his bride. Billy said he was here to protect Victoria, and he didn’t want to cause more pain than necessary. He was going to try and get Victoria to join him in this bedroom, then Gaines could tell her the truth. He wanted to give Victoria some space and privacy. Gaines was okay with that as long as the outcome was the same – Locke getting humiliated on his wedding day. Billy told Gaines to stay in hiding while he went to get Victoria.

Elena found Nate in the Palazzo living room with his tablet, and she commented that he was holed up instead of exploring the estate. He wanted to spend time with her, but he was struggling with his best man toast. He wanted it to be smooth, warm and brilliant, something worthy of a power couple. She thought it was understandable that he’d have a hard time since he hadn’t known Ashland very long. She told him to come with her and find romantic inspiration.

Nate and Elena went back to the palazzo after visiting a winery down the road. He enjoyed it, but it didn’t help his writer’s block. They talked about Victoria and Ashland’s work bringing them together. “Working long hours togeher. Saving lives. Oh wait, that’s us,” Nate said. He and Elena weren’t sure exactly what Ashland and Victoria did in the office. Billy walked in, and Elena hoped his presence meant he’d accepted that the wedding was happening. He thought things would go how they were supposed to. He excused himself and resumed his search for Victoria.

Billy went upstairs and overheard Ashland having a coughing fit. Billy stepped into the bedroom and offered to help Ashland or get Nate. Ashland, still coughing, insisted he was fine, but he asked for water. Billy poured him a glass. Ashland was surprised Billy came after Nikki urged him not to. Billy said he wasn’t going to miss the event of the year. Ashland was telling Billy not to disrupt the wedding when Victor showed up and asked what Billy was doing here. Billy said he and Ashland were talking in private. Victor was here to talk to the man who was actually worthy of his daughter. Victor noted that it was his property, and Billy could leave or get thrown out. Billy said he and Ashland weren’t done. Ashland was in agreement with Victor.

Billy asked where to find Victoria. Victor ordered Billy to stay away from his daughter. He wouldn’t have Billy destroy Victoria’s happy moment. Billy said he wouldn’t be the one to cause the bride any distress. He left. Ashland said he was just about to tell Billy that Victoria knew all his secrets, including the one Gaines was holding over him. Victor didn’t understand why Victoria invited Billy, especially after the information Victor just received from Adam. Victor said that a man fitting Gaines’ description was on the chartered flight Billy took to Italy.

Nikki joined Victoria outside. Victoria said she wasn’t thrilled Nick was here, but she was letting him stay. Nikki thought Victoria made the right choice. Jack came up and complimented the palazzo. Victoria wished she’d been able to go to Summer and Kyle’s wedding, but she was glad they were coming to hers so she could congratulate them in person. Jack mentioned that they were bringing Harrison, and Victoria said that Ashland was excited to see his son. Victoria excused herself to check on something. Jack mentioned to Nikki that Victoria seemed tense. Nikki suggested it was a wedding thing, and she reminded Jack that she was a bundle of nerves on both their wedding days. Jack said he heard there was friction between Nick and Victoria. Nick admitted that was true. Jack thought that was natural, and he said he’d been in that situation with his sister more times than he could count. He was sure things would be fine.

Nikki said the wedding would be small, and the reception would be grand. Elena and Nate walked out. They all chatted, and Jack was surprised to hear that Nate was Ashland’s best man. He didn’t know they knew each other well. Nate said it was a new friendship, but a strong one. Jack stated that Ashland was a man of many surprises. Elena talked about the beauty of the estate, and Nikki said she and Victor had many romantic holidays here. Jack said you could almost feel the magic of Tuscany in the air.

Victoria went inside. Her son, Reed called to apologetically tell her he couldn’t make it. She understood. He asked how she was, and she said that everything was perfect.

Back upstairs, Victor told Ashland that they had to think of a way to handle this. Ashland asked how Gaines made it to Italy without Victor knowing. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on.

Billy went back to the room to get Gaines, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Nick came into his bedroom looking dejected. He said his sister wasn’t in a forgiving mood. Phyllis asked if his parents interceded with Victoria, and he said no because they were on Team-Ashland. Nick said Victoria said he could come to the wedding, but he still didn’t feel great about it because she only letting him go because she wanted to stop arguing. Phyllis thought that Nick did everything he could to fix this. She didn’t get why Victoria was acting this way, and she said maybe it was a bridezilla thing. Phyllis thought Victoria was being petty and treating Nick like dirt. Phyllis didn’t like it. Nick contended that Victoria had a right to her feelings. He didn’t want Phyllis to start trashing his sister. He said he’d deal with his own battle. She knew it was his battle, but she wanted him to know she was in the trenches with him. He felt bad. All he wanted to do was help his sister, but he hurt her. He didn’t want to cast a shadow over her wedding by staying.

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