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Recap written by Christine

The wedding was underway, and Victoria walked out wearing the dress Sally designed. Summer thought the dress was stunning, and even Phyllis grudgingly admitted she’d never seen Victoria look more beautiful. Adam asked Sally how she convinced Victoria to wear the dress. Sally said that she just told the truth, and it worked. Sally took Adam’s hand and squeezed it. Tessa sang softly while Leslie played as Victor escorted Victoria down the aisle. Victor kissed Victoria and wished her all the happiness in the world. Billy looked somber as he watched the wedding unfold.

The priest said marriage was a union between two hearts and two souls, and he gave advice on making a marriage stand the test of time. Ashland said Victoria changed him. He’d had some unexpected and difficult obstacles in the past year, and she helped him put them in perspective. She helped him cope and strive to be a better person. “You have seen me at my best and my utter worst,” he said. Adam stole a glance at Sally. Ashland continued that Victoria stood by him and accepted him for who he was. He wasn’t sure he could repay that gift, but he’d try with everything he had. He promised to give her more than he’d ever given anyone, and he vowed to be absolutely honest going forward. Lily looked at Billy.

Ashland said Victoria showed him the power of true forgiveness. Phyllis whispered to Jack that Victoria forgave this guy, but she wouldn’t forgive Nick. Ashland promised Victoria all the joy they could have in the time they had left. Victoria told the crowd that Ashland was a tough act to follow. The camera focused on Billy when Victoria said she saw herself as stronger because of Ashland. Victoria said Ashland helped her to grow as a person and to come into her own in so many ways and on so many levels. They merged their companies and now they were merging their lives and families. She’d never felt more complete. She’d made mistakes, but she felt that they all brought her to him. Victoria said no one was perfect, but that didn’t mean they were incapable of change or unworthy. She believed love transcended all.

Victoria acknowledged that “in sickness and in health” had a deeper meaning to them, but she was honored and grateful to stand by Ashland’s side fighting his illness along side him. She wished she could promise him forever, but she could promise that they’d spend every precious second they had together.

In the palazzo, Nick confronted Gaines – who was he and what was he doing in Nick’s room? Gaines said he was a friend of Ashland’s, and he tried to leave, but Nick stood in his path, because he wanted to know why Gaines was in his room. Nick advanced on Gaines and ordered him to start talking before this got ugly. Gaines put his hands up to show he meant no harm, but Nick still wanted answers. Gaines refused to tell Nick anything, so Nick gave him a little shove and closed the door. Gaines realized who Nick was, and everything he’d read told him that Nick was a righteous kind of guy. Gaines surmised that, since Nick wasn’t downstairs, he didn’t approve of the wedding. He asked what Nick actually knew about the man his sister was going to marry. Nick wanted answers from Gaines. Gaines introduced himself and admitted he wasn’t a friend of Ashland’s – quite the opposite, because he knew Ashland’s deepest darkest secret.

Nick stated that he knew all Ashland’s secrets, but Gaines was sure he didn’t know this one. He revealed that Ashland was involved in forging Camilla Rhodes’ will. That piqued Nick’s interest. Gaines told Nick the whole story about the forged will, Victor finding out and pressuring Gaines to keep silent and Billy flying Gaines here to expose Ashland. Nick asked if Gaines confronted Ashland or Victoria. Gaines said not yet because he didn’t trust Billy. He’d been hiding out at the palazzo waiting for the most opportune moment to make his move. Gaines said that Nick interrupted him before he could stop the wedding, and now it would go forward unless Nick cooperated with him and acted fast to stop Victoria from marrying that ruthless and dangerous man.

Gaines looked out the window at the ceremony and told Nick that time was running out. Nick went to the drawer and got out a key, then he told Gaines to stay put. Nick left and locked the door from the outside. “Don’t lock me in here! Take me with you!,” Gaines bellowed as he ran over and tried to get out of the room. It was no use, so he went back to the window.

Nick went to the patio door and heard Ashland say “I do.” Adam saw his brother watching the ceremony from the living room and went inside to see what was going on. Nick asked if Adam knew Jesse Gaines. Adam said they’d been looking everywhere for him. Back outside, Harrison gave his father the rings. Kyle and Summer looked at each other then smiled at Harrison.

Adam asked if Gaines was going to sabotage the wedding. “Well it sounds like he has good reason to, and if what he says is true then I want to help him,” Nick snapped. Billy saw Adam and Nick inside and told Lily that this wasn’t good. Meanwhile, Ashland put the ring on Victoria’s finger. Back inside, Adam urged Nick to think this through. Nick said that if Gaines was truthful, Victoria was about to marry a lying thief.

Billy’s phone vibrated, but Lily told him not to answer it. Back inside, Nick started to the door, but Adam wouldn’t let him go. He pointed out how happy Victoria looked and he said that she’d never forgive Nick for torpedoing her wedding. Victoria put the ring on Ashland’s finger and the priest pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed and everyone outside applauded. Nick looked upset.

Adam told Nick that he did the right thing. Nick wasn’t sure, but it was strange getting advice from Adam. It was strange for Adam to give moral guidance too. Nick asked what he should do now. He said it wasn’t like he could just join the party, because he had Gaines was locked away, and he was a powder keg. Adam said he’d alert security while Nick checked Gaines.

Victoria was glad the wedding went smoothly. Ashland thanked Victor for his support. Victor said he’d do anything for his daughter’s happiness. As Victor walked away, he passed Billy and told him to behave himself. Billy congratulated Victoria and Ashland and told her that all he’d ever wanted was for her to be happy. “Well, I guess you got your wish because I am. I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” she replied. Billy went to get a drink.

Nicely done, Mr. Reverend…Sir,” Sally said to the priest. He said Pastor was fine. She asked, of all the couples he’d married, how many he thought stayed together. He stammered, and she realized it was awkward, so she made a quick exit. She ended up near Elena and Lily, who were raving about Victoria’s dress. Lily wanted to know the designer, which made Elena ask if she needed a wedding dress soon. Lily said no, and she asked if Elena did. Elena didn’t either. Lily still wanted a dress as gorgeous as Victoria’s, and she said she’d pay the designer any amount of money to get one. Sally soaked up all the praise, but she didn’t take credit.

Phyllis was clearly annoyed when she went to Victoria and passed along Nick’s best wishes. She said that Nick didn’t feel welcome at the wedding. “And yet you still felt welcome to show up and offer your opinion,” Victoria replied, then she walked away.

Victoria and Ashland were with Nikki and Nate. The couple thanked Nikki and Nate for being their wedding attendants. Victoria said she couldn’t have picked a better matron of honor. Ashland said Nate did a stellar job.

Tessa and Noah were together. He told her that her voice was stronger and more beautiful than ever. He was glad his family had her perform. Noah sensed that Tessa was distracted. She said she was fine. Noah urged Tessa to open up to him. She replied that she missed her girlfriend.

Jack approached Phyllis and said he overheard what she said to Victoria. Phyllis had felt compelled to say something. She knew it was going to be a long bumpy road for reconciliation between Victoria and Nick. Phyllis said Nick was hurt, and she didn’t understand why he didn’t want her to help. Jack suggested that Phyllis was blowing things out of proportion. He pointed out that Nick had just been through back to back destination family weddings.

Lily and Billy talked. She could see that the wedding wasn’t easy for him. She recalled him saying that he wanted to go to the wedding to prove he was over Victoria. Lily was 100% confident in her relationship with Billy, but she was also confident that if she wasn’t here, he would’ve read the text from Gaines. He said he hadn’t looked at it, and she asked if he wanted to. He did want to know where Gaines was and what he wanted. Nothing about this trip went the way Billy expected or wanted, but maybe it went the way it was meant to. He wondered if the universe was trying to tell him something. She suggested the cosmic lesson was not to give a shady guy a duffel bag of money. He’d been thinking about why he was so determined to make sure Victoria knew about Ashland’s past. Of course he wanted to protect her, but he guessed part of him wanted to prove Ashland wasn’t a better man than he was. Billy was so upset that Victoria knew the truth and was still marrying Ashland because he wanted Victoria to judge Ashland as harshly as Billy had felt judged at times. He knew that was silly because Victoria forgave him for many things and she held him accountable, as she should. Lily thought that was insightful and she thanked him for sharing it. The most important thing he felt the whole time was how much he’d moved on. He loved Lily and they loved what they had. He admitted self-awareness wasn’t cheap. There was a lot of money in that duffel bag. She said he’d spent that much gambling without learning anything.

Adam called security, then he and Nick went to the room. Gaines was relaxing on the bed.

Phyllis texted Nick to ask if he was going to the reception.

Summer and Kyle talked about their wedding, which they said was low key, but just as special as this one. He thought the palazzo was fantastic, and he suggested they should renew their vows here. She liked the idea, but wasn’t it a little soon. He said that with a wife like her, he could marry her any day. Summer saw Sally sitting alone and said she almost felt sorry for her.

Nikki talked to Victoria about the audacity of Sally to steal Victoria’s wedding dress and substitute her own. Victoria said she was wearing Sally’s dress because she preferred it to the other one. Nikki thought Victoria made the right choice, because she looked stunning. Summer walked over and asked which one of Lauren’s designers made the dress. Victoria said Sally designed it, and Summer was shocked. Victor came to talk to Victoria, so Nikki took Summer off to tell her about the dress situation. Victor took Victoria’s hands and told her he was so proud of her and he loved her so much. He was so happy for her. She loved him too.

Jack knew he and Ashland had their rough patches, in business and personally, but he wished Ashland a long and happy marriage. Kyle came up, and Ashland thanked him for taking such good care of Harrison. Ashland intended to get stronger, and he hoped Kyle kept the parental channels open. Kyle promised he would. Ashland excused himself to talk to Victor.

Ashland thanked Victor for making sure the wedding went off without a hitch. He’d thought Gaines might show up and disrupt things, but apparently he had other ideas. “I take care of things,” Victor replied.

Victoria approached Sally and said she was glad she wore Sally’s dress. However, she didn’t agree with Sally’s methods. Sally knew she crossed the line, but she believed she created the perfect dress for Victoria. Victoria thanked Sally and hugged her.

Billy checked the text. Gaines had sent him a video. Back inside, Nick wondered where security was, and Adam wondered why Gaines looked so pleased with himself when his plans had been ruined. Adam admitted he never called security, because he wanted to keep this situation quiet and controlled. Victor entered and he had a grave expression. Nick said he should’ve known Victor was pulling the strings. Gaines chimed in, and Adam told him to be quiet. Victor said Gaines was a threat Victoria and her company, and Victor wouldn’t allow that.

Lily found Billy and asked what Gaines said. Billy stated that Gaines gave them the scoop of the year. He recorded himself detailing Ashland’s crimes, including the evidence. Lily watched it and said it was huge. Gaines was giving ChancComm an hour to post it, then he was going to send it out globally. Lily asked what they should do. Billy looked across the area at Victoria and Ashland, who looked very happy.

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