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[ Indistinct conversations ] You’re smiling. Does that mean you… approve? I look like a monte carlo jet-setter? My god, you look, uh… like you’re dressed to kill.

[ Chuckles ] Well, hopefully, it doesn’t come to that. As long as we find drew, right? I think a coin toss seems fair. Heads, I win. Tails, you win.

[ Indistinct conversations ] She’s all yours. Have fun. Hey, you. It’s me. Why didn’t you pick up? Anyway, come join me at this hot new club, the savoy. We have so much to celebrate. Ava’s finally leaving your life, and this time, it’s for good. How may I help you? Yes, it’s, uh, been quite the day, but I’m celebrating now. I’ll have a cosmo with a twist. And make it with your finest top-shelf vodka. You hated me because I left you. And then you wind up causing ava to do the same thing to her little girl. And for what?! There was no threat! We were happy. We were building a life, a family together, and we would have welcomed you into all of that. So why, spencer? Why would you do this? Do you hate me that much? No, no. No, I don’t — I don’t hate you, father. Then please tell me that this is all a horrible mistake — none of it’s true! What isn’t true? Ava. What are you doing here? I just had a very odd, very confusing encounter with esme. She seemed to think that you and I were headed to bora bora together. And then I spoke with trina, and she told me to get here as soon as possible. Obviously, I’ve walked in on something. Would either of you like to tell me what’s going on? Oh, nina. Hey. I was starting to think you took up permanent residence in that small town paradise of y-yours.

[ Chuckles ] You have no idea how good it is to see a friendly face. Whoa, nina, nina, w-what is it? What’s wrong? It’s just — I messed up, curtis, big time, maybe the biggest of my life. And the worst part is… I don’t know how to make it right. Willow: There is no way in the world I would consider that movie a romantic comedy. Oh, c’mon. I saw you laughing.

[ Chuckles ] Wait. Do you realize this is our very first date night since we got back together? Yeah, I promise you, it is the first of many. Next time, I’ll even let you pick the movie. Oh, deal.

[ Both chuckle ] And, uh, now that nina’s back in town, wiley has one more option as a babysitter. Actually, I wonder if everything’s okay with nina, ’cause she seemed a little, uh, off today. Wait, mom didn’t tell you guys? Tell us what? Uh, about nina. About what she did to all of us. How’d it go with dr. Sullivan? Uh, he put me back on my own — you know, the old prescription and, uh, says I’m doing good. That’s great. Mm. Is there something on your mind? Not something. Someone. Nina. What about nina? Maxie came by earlier. And she knew the name of the town where you’ve been this whole time, because nina… knew for almost a year that you were alive and didn’t tell anyone. And I know why.

You are really pulling off that formal wear. Who knew? Thanks — I think. It’s a compliment.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, okay. Really. It’s nice to see you out of your regular wardrobe. Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Uh… you look absolutely incredible in that dress. Well. Thank you. Whew. Uh, so, it’s a good thing sonny made it back to port charles, huh? Things are back to normal there, whatever that means. We were able to hop on a flight to the french riviera and follow up on that lead that harmony gave us. Shiloh’s fixer is somewhere in this casino. Yes. And short of finding peter, this dallas kirby guy is the best chance of finding drew. Well, harmony never said that she met dallas, so we’re gonna have to be pretty subtle about who we talk to. Okay. Okay. How do you want to smoke him out? Should we lose big at roulette? Or why? Why — why don’t we just win big instead? Mm-hmm. Right? Target in sight. Laurent: The dubai contingent is spending money like water. What now? I have an idea. Follow my lead. Nina: [ Sighs ] So there you have it. I kept sonny from his family for months, and I made an even bigger enemy of carly, and…

[ Sighs ] …I may never see my grandson again. You got to admit, that is an incredible story. But it does seem a bit shortsighted to think that you acted merely as revenge to hurt carly. So you haven’t lost all respect for me?

[ Scoffing ] Oh, please. No, look. We’ve all done things that we’re not proud of. Our motivations, uh, you know, those are complex. But I don’t buy that you set out to hurt anybody. No, i didn’t want to hurt anyone, but, curtis, people got hurt. And sonny is not the forgiving type. Nina… I know you’re a courageous woman, but I hope you know that, whatever happens, you’re not alone. Thank you for being so kind. I so appreciate it.

[ Clears throat ] Sorry to interrupt. But your instincts were right about this I.D.

[ Chuckles ] We’re gonna have a problem. Esme: Spence, I can’t believe you’re making me leave you a second message. Where are you? We did it. The wicked witch is dead. Come celebrate with me. Spencer: I was your stalker. The cockroach, the plastic hand, the vandalism to your gallery — it was all me. Nikolas: Oh, you’re leaving out part of the story. It wasn’t all you. You had help, like the burning of ava’s car. Whatever esme did, she did because I told her to. It was my idea. My agenda. I don’t understand. The — the cockroach was last february, right? So you would have been in school, right? In france. The truth is, I came back to port charles long before I announced my return to my family and my friends. I stayed in short-term rentals. I didn’t even use my real name. I told people I was victor.

[ Sighs ] I lied to keep my plan going, which was to get you out of my father’s life forever. But that isn’t all you did. You used my little girl as part of your plan. I was never going to hurt avery. Well, there’s no way I could have known that! You got in here undetected. The same at the metro court and the gallery. And what’s worse, you knew that kiki had been murdered. How could you make me fear for avery’s safety? I guess I didn’t consider all the possible ramifications. Ava, I don’t blame you if you hate me. Nikolas: And you did all of this so you could have me for yourself? I never knew my mother. And then when valentin shot you, I thought you were dead for three years, which made me an orphan. And then you went back on your word to testify against valentin. I was angry… and hurt… and alone. What I don’t understand is… why’d you stop? I was leaving. All of your wishes were about to come true. So why this eleventh-hour confession? Duty calls. Excuse me. Mm-hmm. Um, could you make sure that nina gets whatever she wants? On the house.

[ Mouths word ]

[ Laughs ] Congratulations. What am I, the thousandth customer, and my drinks are on the house? No, no, no, nothing like that. Congratulations on the best fake I.D. I’ve ever seen.

[ Laughs ] Fake? I’m flattered you think I’m that young. My secret? I use a great french moisturizer. Props on the confidence. You know, but if it comes down to keeping my liquor license or keeping your money, I’m going to keep my business. And I’m gonna go ahead and keep this fake I.D., Too. So here’s where I get to ask you to leave. Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying. The legal drinking age in france is 18. Feels so strange to be treated like a child here. Hmm.

[ Scoffs ] Well, a good, old fake I.D. Ooh. I suppose we all tried it once at that age.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. Where were we? Mm, we were talking about what a mess I made out of my life. But I’ve been talking about that for days, and I’m all talked out. Thank you for listening to me and being such a good friend. And now it’s time that I’m your friend. Joss, are you sure there hasn’t been some mistake? Look, I’ve always really liked nina. In fact, I was hoping that her and my dad would get back together. But there’s no mistaking what she did. We spent months grieving dad, thinking he was dead and — and — and we’re never gonna be able to see him again. Uh, how could she ignore that? And then she has the audacity to show up to our house and play with wiley, acting like nothing was wrong? Michael, michael, I know you’re upset.

[ Chuckles ] And you have every right to be. But maybe this explains what was going on with nina today. She’s probably afraid that was her last visit with wiley. Yeah, well, there’s — there’s a simple way to avoid that. You tell dad’s wife and kids that — that he’s still alive and that his — he lost his memory. That — that’s the right thing to do. Yeah, I know. Of course it is. But this situation is anything but simple. There’s the nelle factor. Your mom and jax figured out that nelle was nina’s daughter and kept that a secret. Do you think that’s why nina did it? Did she really risk everything just to get back at carly? What else did maxie say? She didn’t go into nina’s motives. She didn’t have to. It’s obvious. Nina blames me for what happened to nelle, and she blames me because michael and willow didn’t want her to see wiley. She retaliated by letting us all believe you were dead. I mean, it’s no mystery to why nina lied. Why did you let me hear the truth from maxie? Why didn’t you tell me that nina knew you were in nixon falls all this time?

[ Sighs ] What do you think? If that guy is dallas kirby, is that his informant or his date? I don’t know. Could be both. We got to find a way to separate the two of them so we can get him alone and convince him to cooperate with us. Kiss me. What? Just do it. Well, if that’s what it takes, sure.

[ Grunts ]

[ Gasps ] How dare you? So, last time we spoke, you and jordan talked about divorce. Any chance that you guys worked that out? Uh, you have missed a lot being out of town. Wait, what does that mean? Well, you know, um…

[ Sighs ] Jordan and I, we — we — we signed the divorce papers, and, uh, before the ink dried… …jordan was injured in the line of duty. Oh, my god. I am so sorry. Is — is she okay? Eventually, um, yeah. But because she has one kidney, it’s going to make that recovery complicated. She left town to seek treatment from a specialist up in albany. Oh. So, what’s the prognosis? Um, good, overall. Jordan’s made it clear to me that nothing’s changed and, um, she’s got it handled.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, that sounds like jordan, doesn’t it? Yeah. So what about you? This change things for you? There’s been a lot to process over the last few days. Sonny turned up alive after all this time everyone thought he was dead, and then sonny got the mistaken notion that you and I were leaving town and taking avery with us. You asked me to do that weeks ago, and I refused. W-where would he get the idea that we were leaving with her? Apparently, esme told him. Yeah, I think spencer’s girlfriend might like to stir the pot. No, that’s not true. Esme was just doing what she thought that I wanted. But then when I saw that uncle sonny was going to have you beaten up by his bodyguards, I realized that I might lose the one thing that I wanted most. But now I’ve lost you, anyway.

[ Sighs ] All I can think about is how far you were willing to go to terrorize ava and to drive us apart. I know that there’s nothing that I can say to excuse what I’ve done. All I can say is how truly sorry I am. I hope you believe me. Oh, I believe you’re sorry. The question is, are you sorry for trying to destroy our happiness, or are you simply sorry that your plan failed? You know, when I think about how much willow and i went to bat for nina with mom, insisting that it was in wiley’s best interest to spend time with her — okay, spence, I don’t know whether I should be annoyed or worried that you haven’t called me back yet. Anyway, the plan’s changed. The savoy is out, and kelly’s is in. I’m waiting. Josslyn: I was always so nice to nina. I always made an effort to go up and talk to her. She was always sweet and friendly, but — why so serious? Who died? Fortunately, nobody. Oh, that’s right, because your stepdad turned up alive. I had the pleasure of meeting spence’s uncle earlier today. Mr. Corinthos is everything they say he is… and then some. We should get home to wiley. If nina’s still there — uh, nina reeves, editor-in-chief of crimson? I just ran into her at the savoy. She had on the most amazing outfit, nothing overstated, just low-key… thank you. …Fabulous? Was it something I said? No, esme. It’s something you did. When you came back home… after you got your memory back, you never told me the name of the town or that nina knew you were there. Because after, you know, everything, it — it didn’t seem that important. Oh. Nina lied to our faces. She kept us apart. Right. But when i walked through the door, I — you know, it was nonstop. I was focused on you and the kids, getting my life back. I don’t want to — I don’t want to even think about what happened in nixon falls and when I didn’t know who I was. Okay, okay. It’s just… nine months nina stole from us. Nine months. And when I saw her today, she was remorseful for about a minute. She was justifying her actions, blaming everything on me. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You — you talked to nina?

E hell’s the matter with you?What’s the matter with me? Yeah. What’s the matter with you? Me? You asked me here for a drink, and then all of a sudden, you treat me like a pretty, little plaything. Excuse me. Yeah, what’d you think was gonna happen? Is there a problem? Who wants to know? The name’s kirby. Dallas kirby. I’m the owner of the casino. Seeing jordan in that hospital bed, hurt and hopeless…

I got your attention …it brought me back to when she was rushed into the hospital to have her kidney removed, and I thought I was going to lose her. Aw. Did that makes you reconsider things? I mean, I’m not lobbying for an outcome here. I’m just asking.

[ Sighs ] I wish it was that simple. But jordan and I, we — we — we had issues that led us to signing those divorce papers. Yeah. What about portia? I know she was around. Things progressed with her? Yeah, uh…

[ Sighs ] I’m not sure. You know, we were exploring something. And then the jordan thing happened, so… nina, I don’t even know, you know? Uh, maybe — maybe she’s having second thoughts. Uh, she made it clear — and I don’t blame her — she made it clear that she’s not interested in a rebound romance. Yeah. Yeah, that could be it. Or she could be waiting until the timing’s better. I mean, nobody likes a rebound.

[ Chuckles ] Michael, it won’t do anyone any good if you make a scene. We’re not gonna stay long. I just want to hear nina explain how she knew that my father was alive for months but didn’t find it necessary to tell his family. Exactly what is it I’m supposed to have done? Exactly what we thought you would do. And by “we,” trina really means herself. This was all her brilliant idea, and it worked. Sounds like you really stepped in it with both feet. Maybe you could translate what they’re saying. I think trina can speak for herself. Do the words “bora bora” ring any bells? Bora bora. That’s where you said nikolas and ava were flying off to so they could be together. Oh, is that what you heard? But you said — that’s when you went up to my stepdad. Sonny corinthos. It wasn’t enough for you to repeat exactly what you heard. You added the juicy detail that nikolas and ava were going to take avery with them, knowing that would set sonny off and be the final nail in ava’s marriage. It was a really sneaky plan. I’m very happy to say it didn’t work. I know if I told you that I’d changed my mind and that I thought that you were a great fit for my father, nobody would believe me. So I’m just going to be honest. I still haven’t gotten over how you hurt our family when you decided not to testify against valentin. However, it is a lot easier to hate you from overseas. When I got back, and I saw how badly you were hurting, I — I wanted to stop. But I couldn’T. I can only hope that in time — that’ll be for me to decide, spencer. You know, spencer, if only you had just targeted me — but you didn’T. You brought my little girl into this. You used my love for avery to come between me and the father you claim to love. I know that I have my share of blame in this, too, alright? I caused the dominoes to start falling when I pretended to be dead. That’s how we show love in this screwed-up family. We tell ourselves we’re helping each other when really, we’re just hurting each other over and over. I told myself, I convinced myself that this was for you, just like you convinced yourself that your actions were for me. Can you see that? Can you understand that? Can you forgive me for just following tradition? No. No, I-I can’t forgive you. Not after what you did to the woman that I love and her daughter. But, dad, it was for you. No, I can’t have you…

[Sniffles] …In my house or my life. Get out. Dad… now!

[ Door opens, closes ] Yeah, I saw nina. I knew that she would be at the quartermaines’ trying to squeeze in a last-minute visit with wiley before all hell broke loose, and I was right. There she was, playing the doting grandmother, acting as if she didn’t steal a year of wiley’s life that he could have spent with his grandfather. I’m sure that wasn’t pleasant. No, it wasn’t pleasant, and I gave her hell for what she did. As far as I’m concerned, she got off easy. Define “easy.” Well, I was about to kill her, and then jason showed up. How did jason show up?

You’re dallas kirby? The casino isn’t my main focus. I consider it more of a hobby. But I do take interest in my guests. What’s your game of choice? Roulette? Baccarat? Laurent? I heard you two arguing. Maybe a cooling-off period will be good for both ofcan I buy you another drink? In the interest of keeping the peace? May I? Yeah. He’s all yours. Well, it looks like you were right on time. My date and I were having a bit of a misunderstanding. Uh, michael, this is not the time or place. You know, h-how could you show up at the house and make this big show about how much you care about your grandson when you’ve been lying to all of us, making us believe that wiley’s grandfather was dead? Look, I get it. You hate my mom. You know, she doesn’t deserve it, but she can defend herself. And maybe you think that wiley and donna are too young to understand. But for me, for josslyn, for dante, kristina, it was pure hell. I mean, what about avery? I mean, she’s just a little — a little girl, and you robbed her of almost a year with her father. Willow: Keeping sonny away from his family all that time, I just can’t justify it. Now, hold on, hold on. Now, the both of you had your say, and now I’m going to have mine. I’m the new girl in town, and you all claim to be spence’s friends. So when cameron told me that nikolas and ava were running away together, it didn’t occur to me that he was lying. And of course I assumed that ava wouldn’t leave without her daughter. And this whole time, the three of you were conspiring to set me up. Right. Because we’re the ones that helped spencer stalk ava. What happened when sonny found nikolas and ava? Spencer showed up. And so did his conscience. Uh — finally. Wait, s-spence was there? Yeah, and he was tired of lying — to his father, to mr. Corinthos. He confessed to everything. Everything? He must have been out of his mind. No. I wasn’t out of my mind. I just told the truth. And? What did your father say? He kicked me out. He never wants to see me again. Are you sure this is what you want? You’re what I want. I know that. And I almost lost you because of spencer. He is a very hurt and very angry young man. Don’t tell me you’re thinking of forgiving him, after everything he did to you.

[ Sighs ] I just wish there was another explanation. Just knowing that it was your son all along… from now on, he’s dead to me. Don’t ever say that. Josslyn was with me when maxie told me everything, and I took off, so I guess josslyn freaked out. She called jason, and he had spinelli track my phone. I’m so grateful… that jason was there to take care of you. We talked a little bit at the cemetery. You did? What’d he say? He said — you know him. He doesn’t want to take any credit.

[ Both chuckle ] I’m marrying jason, who I love and trust completely, and I’m so excited, even though I have no idea what’s coming.

[ Laughs ] Well, whatever it is, you have the perfect partner to handle it with. And together, jason and i can handle anything. Sonny: You know, standing in front of a grave with your name on it is surreal. But it also reminds you of… how lucky you are to be able to come back to the woman you love.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m the lucky one. I thought I’d lost you forever. And instead, I — instead, w-we can forget the past and just, you know, concentrate on… something else. What? What? You and me. That’s all that matters.

[ Sighs ]

May I take you out to the terrace? The view is amazing. Sure. When in monte carlo…

[ Chuckles ] Your lady friend is in good hands with laurent. Perfect manners. Very old money. I hope I’m in good hands, as well. Well, I’m definitely not old money, but my very italian mother taught me some very old-school manners.

[ Chuckles ] Can I ask you, where did, uh, the name “dallas” come from? “Austin” was taken.

[ Both chuckle ] So, what brings you to my casino? You do. I just didn’t know that dallas kirby would be… a beautiful woman. Why were you looking for me? Well, I had a bit of a score to settle with the owner here. Um, wasn’t a big fan. But when I found out there was a new owner, I thought I’d see if it was an improvement. And, uh, you definitely are. Well. Flattery will get you everywhere. But I hope you know, rudge is history. Well, that’s good. Maybe you and I can make some history of our own. Why don’t we move this conversation upstairs to my room? You know, it’s like you read my mind. After you. Nina knows that she messed up, and she knows that you could cut wiley out of her life forever. Well, we agree on that much. Okay, but is that what’s best for wiley? Haven’t you ever messed up, either one of you? I know I have. God knows I have. We all have. So I’m not asking for a pass here for nina. But I am asking you to give her a second chance to make up for all the hurt that she’s caused and to make your little boy’s life just that much better by having two grandmothers in his life. But if all you want to do is punish nina, well, maybe you should think about the fact that… you’re in danger of punishing your son, too. C’mon, spence, I’m sure that’s not true. Once I explain everything — haven’t you done enough? Guys, lay off esme. After what she’s done? She did it for me. I wanted ava gone, and esme tried to help me make that happen. Nice work, joss. Thanks to you and your minions, spence has now been banished from the castle.

[ Chuckles ] And that’s all you really care about, right? I cared enough to help spence try and win his father back. Yeah? How’d that work out for you? See, we’re his real friends, which is why we had to do something before he dug himself into a deeper hole. Yeah, why didn’t you do that? I can’t take this anymore. Trina: Spencer, wait.

[ Sighs ] Go on. Let me have it. I deserve every insult you can throw at me. You still don’t get it, do you? Yes, I’m furious. You scared the hell out of me with that fake blood. But, no, I don’t enjoy seeing you like this. Maybe esme does. Maybe it makes her feel needed. But not me. I wish we could turn back the clock to the first day we met. If I had known you were spencer, not victor, and I had known what you were really planning, maybe I could have talked you out of it before you hurt ava and your dad, before you hurt yourself more than anyone. Ava: I understand that you’re angry with spencer, and you’re disappointed, and you should be. But you’re lucky. Unlike mine, your child is still alive. And with enough time, everything can be forgiven. I don’t want to talk about spencer anymore, not after everything we learned tonight. Let’s talk about our new reality. Like there was never really any actual stalker…

[Chuckling] And our lives were never really in danger, and more importantly, avery’s life was never really in any danger? And there is no reason for a divorce. Or for you to leave. Ever.

[ Sighs ] It feels so good to be in your arms. It’s as if the nightmare for the past nine months never happened.

[ Chuckles, sniffles ] I missed you so much, I didn’t — I didn’t know how much. You hear — you hear that? No. Donna and avery are asleep, and josslyn’s at her dorm. I don’t hear anything. Exactly. I’m sor– am I — am — is this — am I rushing it? ‘Cause I don’t want to — I don’t want to rush it. No. We’ve lost too much time as it is.

[ Lock clicks ] What are you drinking? Uh, I’ll have a scotch. A man after my own heart. I save this blend for special occasions. I think this is one. To new friends. I’ll drink to that.

[ Glasses clink ] Trina, I just — I just want to tell you — cameron: Hey, are you ready to go, trina? Or cam and I can go alone. Trina, remind me never to underestimate you again. Let’s go.

[ Sighs ] I don’t even know where to go from here. Is my father going to cut me off again? Am I going to have to crawl back to my grandmother’s? Don’t worry. No matter what happens, you still have me. We can fix this. This is a copy of our divorce papers. Mm. What do you want to do with them? Well, I suppose we ought to keep that fire going. We wouldn’t want the house to get cold, would we? I like the way you think. I’m warmer already. Can I, uh, take you home? Oh, that’s — that’s very sweet of you, but you’ve already taken enough fire for me already.

[ Voice breaking ] And I can’t afford to lose the only friend that I have left. What nina did was cruel, maybe even criminal. But is it in wiley’s best interests to try and cut her out of his life?

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