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[ Clears throat ] Impressive. But not what I would expect from a newlywed. Hey, trina, you made it.

[ Laughs ] I refuse to believe this is the last time I’m gonna see you. Well, because it’s not. I’ll be back. And until then, we will stay in touch, okay? I don’t want to stay in touch. I want you to stay in town. I’d like that, too. But with the stalker still out there, it’s just not possible. Yeah. Somebody needs to catch that creep. Happy moving day. -Hey. -Hey. Nikolas: I thought you’d have more luggage. The staff is bringing the rest of our things up from the launch, but esme wanted this bag with her. Esme: It’s got all my essentials — everything I can’t trust to bellboys and baggage handlers. We’re so grateful you’ve invited us to move in. Oh, not that you and laura weren’t wonderful hosts. It’s just there’s more room here at wyndemere for us to spread out and still stay together. I’m hoping that we can, um, co-exist without getting on each other’s nerves. We’ve been apart too long, spencer. You don’t know what it means to me to have you back. I’m still not sure that this is going to work, but I want it to. I missed you, father. I had the bureau try to trace peter’s last call. And? Well, it’s not in service. So his accomplice is covering his tracks. We’ve got nothing on him since he jumped from the overlook. No sightings, no leads. And the state police, they want to take down all the roadblocks because they believe he drowned. Yeah, we’re not gonna be that lucky. Peter’s got 10 hours’ head start on us. He could be anywhere, could be holed up somewhere, could be out of the country by now. Maybe we should talk to nina again. You know, I’m just thinking maybe nina has remembered something. Hi. Hey. Nina’s not here. She, uh, checked herself out against medical advice. What? Well, how long ago did she leave? Long enough to make it back to port charles.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it? Maxie, it’s nina. Oh, my god, nina! Thank god! I’ve been so worried about you. Oh, it’s — it’s — it’s okay. I’m fine, as you can see.

Super fine. Okay. Um, no offense, but you don’t look super fine. You actually look kind of shaky, not that I could blame you. Seeing peter would traumatize anyone. Oh, maxie. Peter’s the least of it. Can I have some? Yeah. Coming right up.

[ Hums ] So good, yeah. There you go. Is it that bad?

[ Chuckles ] It’s perfect.

this is the last place I expected to see you this morning. Shouldn’t you be with your wife? Ah, never mind. Uh, sorry to bother you. You’re not — you’re not bothering me. Um, I bet mrs. Morgan would feel different about that. Well, there is no, uh, mrs. Morgan. Carly and i didn’t get married. What are you talking about? I mean, we went through with the ceremony, but… it’s not valid. Sonny’s alive. Barcelona is a mecca for collectors these days, and there’s been a lot of interest in some of the gallery’s paintings. Are you sure you’re gonna be happy networking in barcelona? Just trying to make the best out of a bad situation. It’s so unfair, you having to walk away from everything you love because someone thinks they’re entitled to play games with your life. Yeah, I hate it, too. I certainly hope that lunatic is happy. Oh, I’m sure they’re loving thinking that they won. I heard about your favorite bakery, esme. I had a selection of their pastries sent over this morning. How thoughtful. Thank you. Um, I’d love a dry latte, a croissant, and some mixed fruit. I’m partial to blackberries. I will tell the staff we’re ready to start.

[ Groans softly ] Nikolas, are you feeling all right? Yeah, I’m just a little sore. Because of what ava’s thugs did to you? Nikolas: Why don’t you come with me to the kitchen? You can tell them how esme likes her latte. Thank you so much for helping us move in, dr. Collins. I’m sorry. You said to call you kevin.

[ Chuckles ] Whatever makes you comfortable. You’ve been so good to spence and me. Well, spencer is my step-grandson. I like to take that seriously. You know, it — it warms my heart how a busy doctor like yourself still makes time for family. And I love that you’re a psychiatrist. It’s a fascinating profession. I was thinking of taking pre-med classes with an emphasis in psychology. Hmm. Well, I found that people that are interested in the cognitive sciences are usually looking for answers about themselves and the people who shaped them growing up. That makes sense, you know… given your own upbringing. Has your profession helped you find the answers you were looking for? It’s helped me see people and situations more clearly. Yes.

[ Chuckles ] Like I said… fascinating. Sonny has been in nixon falls since last december with no idea who he is? Not until last night. So the entire time nina has been in nixon falls, she’s been hiding the truth from sonny? And his family. Well, she had to have had a reason. Have to have been a damn good one to keep a man from his own life like that with his family grieving. No, she had to have had a reason. A lie like that takes on a life of its own. I’ve been there. I’m in no place to judge. Okay, I-I have to call robin. I’m sorry. She was a good friend with sonny. Excuse me. You were right. She wasn’t acting out of malice. She made a bad decision, and it spiraled from there. It’s not the only bad decision she’s made if she’s gone back to port charles. She’s not gonna get a warm welcome. It is such a mess, and it’s all of my own making. Okay, let me stop you right there. Peter is the one who did this, nina, not you, not me, but peter, because he is a lying psychopath, and he — he got away again. What? Are you sure? Yeah. Uh, anna caught him somewhere near nixon falls on some overlook. Oh, yeah, I know the place. Peter jumped before anna could take him into custody. I mean, they had search teams looking for him all night, but he was gone. He just vanished. And if it was anyone else, I would say they drowned. But peter’s alive. I can feel it. And my only consolation is knowing that louise is safe and peter has no idea where she is. Oh, geez. None of this should have happened. The police could have had peter in custody. Yeah, well, they don’T. And it’s all my fault, maxie. Peter confronted me the day that you showed up in nixon falls. Ah, you make the best coffee. It’s just coffee. No. The whole time you were gone, my coffee never tasted like this. It’s the first time in nine months my coffee tastes right.

[ Laughs ] You’re welcome. Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah. I’m glad, you know? Glad to be home, and even though I slept in the guest room, when I woke up in the morning, I knew where I was. I knew who I was, and… that feels really good. You didn’t have to sleep in the guest room. Well, you know, what happened was I — I kind of walked in there, and then you were sleeping. I didn’t want to wake you. I had your stuff brought down from the attic — you know, your suits and your shoes and your accessories. I’m surprised you didn’t donate most of them.

[ Scoffs ] No, I couldn’t stand the thought of somebody else with your things. What if I saw somebody walking down the street wearing one of your suits? I… I couldn’t take that.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’m glad you — you kept them, ’cause they’re just clothes. You can buy more. You know, I mean, I’M… makes me feel good that you held on to them. It was my way of holding on to you.

Sonny’s alive. Yeah, he came home last night. On your wedding night. How inconvenient.

[ Chuckles ] It’s the best thing that could have happened. So… carly’s still his wife? Yep. And you are… not married. What about sonny? What did he say when he found out you and carly got married? Well, he said, uh, you know, we made the right decisions under the circumstances. But… you know, he’s back. Circumstances have changed. So what did peter do? Threaten you? Blackmail you? I mean, it had to be something, otherwise you would have called 911 the second you saw him. He threatened to kidnap james. Oh, my god. Yes, he said that if he never found louise, that james would be the next best thing. He really liked the idea of raising j’s son. I will kill him first. Do you hear me? With my bare hands. He will not get my son. No, I get you. I feel the exact same way. Maxie, I played him. I pretended to go along with him, that I felt threatened by him. I mean, i was scared, but I pretended to agree to do what he wanted me to do. Which was? Well, work valentin to get the information about the search for louise. Okay, so he really doesn’t have any idea where louise is. No, he doesn’T. Finally, some good news. And the first chance I got, guess who I called? Aunt liesl. And she said that she would take care of it, which I admit is exactly what I wanted to hear. Okay, um, did liesl give you any specifics on how she would take care of it? She said to tell peter that the baby was spotted on st. Lucia, that anna and valentin were on the way there, and if he needed to get there before them, he should leave immediately. So he bought the story. He left nixon falls. And I thought everything was gonna be okay. I hoped and prayed, but then something went wrong. Okay, um… liesl was going to st. Lucia with scott baldwin. He — he chartered a private plane, but it was a setup. Scott was knocked out and dumped out of the plane in a parachute. What about aunt liesl? There’s no sign of her. She’s disappeared. You know, I could stay here and deal with the investigation if you need to get back to port charles. No, charlotte and bailey are fine. I checked in with yuri this morning. I was thinking, if you wanted to be there for nina. Trina. Where’s joss? You haven’t talked to her yet? When I texted you guys, I assumed she’d be with you. Well, joss is at home with her family. Oh. Her stepfather came back last night. What? Yeah. I mean, do you remember the text that she got to meet michael and go back to her mom’s? Yeah. Sonny was there. Did she say where sonny’s been since last december? She said that it was complicated and that she would fill us in as soon as she got the chance. But that might take a while, right? I mean, we’re talking a major corinthos family reunion. Yeah, probably. Is that a problem? No, no. I’m thrilled for joss, and I know that family comes first. It’s just that I really needed her help. Well, is there anything I can do? I’m glad you asked. I know who’s been stalking ava, and we need to expose them before ava leaves port charles for good. Now, that’s more like it.

[ Laughs ] Feels good to be back in my clothes again.

[ Sighs ] You wear a suit well, literally. Yeah? Most guys wear a suit and they look stuffy and uncomfortable, but… you look like that suit was meant for you. Most of them were. You look strong. And confident and… sexy as hell. I mean, I-I could pretend that I’m modest, but I won’T.

[ Laughs ] So…

[ Chuckles ] Ah, you know… arrogant. You’re very arrogant. Yeah, well,

you love it. I do. -[ Chuckles ] -I do. Hey, carly, the guard told me that I could — ah! Sonny. Hello, ava.

‘s sonny beenall this time? Pennsylvania. Is — [ Chuckles ] Is that mob-speak? Excuse me? Is that, like, code for hiding out or something, or was he physically in pennsylvania? Oh, he was physically in — in pennsylvania. Why? Well, when the bridge collapsed, the — the current carried him to some river bank, and a — a hiker found him, helped him, and sonny didn’t know who he was. Oh, he lost his memory. Yeah. He spent the last nine months in a small town working as a bartender. So, what, he just woke up one day and remembered he was sonny corinthos, godfather of port charles? I mean, I think it was a little more complicated than that, but… yeah, I mean, the end result’sstill the same. Sonny’s back. That has to be a major adjustment for you and carly. I mean, we’re okay. Really? I thought that you were in love. And how do you just stop those feelings? Okay, let’s take a step back here. Who is it you think is the stalker? Esme and spencer have been working together. They’re ava’s stalker. That was delicious. Fruit not to your liking? I was really hoping for blackberries. Nikolas: I already told the staff. They’ll be here tomorrow. Thank you, and maybe just a little less foam on the latte. I’ll pass on the message. Spencer: Why don’t I show you to your room? Yes, please. I can’t wait to see it. If the room’s not to your liking, you feel free to choose another one, or we can redecorate. I may have to take you up on that. Are you sure you’re ready to play host to spencer and his new girlfriend? I am so thrilled to have spencer back that I would put up with anyone, but esme seems nice enough. What do you think? I think she requires a lot of attention, she’s high-maintenance, and is single-minded about getting her way. That could be a source of conflict, but spencer doesn’t seem to mind.

[ Chuckles ] You know, spencer — he’s young, he’s in love, and it’s good to see him with someone who returns his feelings. What about your own situation? Nothing’s changed. Ava’s leaving. There’s nothing I can do to stop her. It makes

total senseyou would go to liesl for help. I would have done the same thing. I-I’m only sorry that it didn’t work. I mean, peter must have known what was going on. Do you think he tapped your phone? No, no, he didn’T. He said something about someone else warned him about the trap. Do you think that’s the person who kidnapped liesl? I don’t know. I have no idea. You know aunt liesl has this very checkered past. She has a lot of enemies. I don’t even know if her disappearance has anything to do with peter. Well, he definitely could be working with someone. That would explain how he keeps getting away. No, he keeps getting away because I didn’t stop him when I had the chance. It’s because you expected liesl to do a better job. That’s one reason. Yes, I wanted to stop peter, but I also… wanted to have my cake and eat it, too. You’ve lost me. You remember mike? Yeah, your guy from nixon falls. I’m dying to meet him. You already have. Mike is sonny corinthos. I’m so glad that avery has you back ’cause I… am leaving the country. For how long? Indefinitely. So things didn’t work out with you and, uh, nikolas? It’s not that. I’ve gotten myself a stalker. And things have been getting progressively more dangerous. Chamberlain? Ryan’s doctors say that is not possible. Supposedly ryan has something called locked-in syndrome. He’s institutionalized. He can’t even move. It’s more likely a ryan copycat. Whoever it is, they got into wyndemere, and so nikolas and avery and i went to the metro court. And somehow the stalker got into avery’s room there. This freak… got to my daughter? Yeah. And the stalker put a — a teddy bear in her room there, and ryan chamberlain’s voice came out of it. Son of a bitch!

You know, sonny, carly,and I have been friends a lot longer than carly and i were engaged to be married. Decades longer. So you just hit a reset button? Ignore the fact that you and carly were planning a life together? I mean, we made those plans because we thought sonny was dead. And, uh, he’s not, so our lives go back to the way they were before.

[ Sighs ] And… you’re okay with that? I mean, I know you’re happy sonny’s alive, and of course, you wouldn’t change how things turned out, but carly gets her husband back. Meanwhile, you lose everything you were counting on. Well, maybe I deserve to. Because of what you did to me? I might possibly feel a teeny-tiny bit vindicated because you chose carly over me, and she turned around and chose sonny over you. But that doesn’t mean I… enjoy seeing you hurt. I appreciate that. Well, I don’t mean to pile on more bad news, but you should know… should know what? That peter is definitely alive. You found sonny in nixon falls. He had lost his memory, was working as a bartender, and calling himself mike. Mm. Instead of telling him who he really was or letting his family know he was alive and well and where he was, you didn’t say anything. I know, I know. And I admit at first I did it to get back at carly. Nina. I know. It was selfish. You don’t have to tell me that. And spiteful. And, boy, did it come back to bite me, because before I knew it, I… I was falling for mike. There is no mike. It’s sonny. No, there is a mike. To me, there is a mike, and mike is a wonderful, sweet, loyal man who really, for once, cared about me, and I cared about him. How much? I love him. Yikes. And that was one of the reasons, stupidly so, I did not call 911 when peter showed up in nixon falls, because if peter got arrested, then the whole world would know about mike. So it was just better off for me to call aunt liesl and have her get rid of peter. It’s just, I just didn’t want anyone to know. No offense, but your plan was never gonna work. Well, I can see that now, sweet sister, now that it’s too late. Okay. You’ve made some questionable choices, some disastrous choices, but I can see you’re hurting and I’m really sorry. I love him. Not sonny. Not him. I barely know sonny. I…I love mike. And I certainly didn’t treat him like someone I love. I lied for months to him. I kept him from his family. I hurt so many people. I just — I have to figure out a way to make it right. That’s really admirable. And also impossible. I can’t fix this for nina. And I’ve learned my lesson. She’s the captain of her ship. She has to find out for herself what the truth is. What if she reaches out, though? She’s not going to. The way I’m gonna help nina is the way I’m gonna help everybody. I’m going to find peter, and I’m gonna put a bullet through his heart. Are we past the point where I try to talk you out of contemplating murder now? It’s not murder, is it? It’s protecting the lives of the innocent, like maxie and louise, and the not-so-innocent, like you and me. Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we have to decide whether or not we’re gonna kill peter, we’ve gotta find him. Is it possible that you’re being less than objective? No, esme and spencer have been working together to break up ava and mr. Cassadine. Based on what? Spencer was in port charles at least as early as the night of my graduation party. He told me his name was victor, and when that turned out to be a lie, he convinced me to cover for him. Right, but wasn’t he trying to reconcile with his father? How is lurking around port charles in secret reconciling with your father? I-I don’t know. I mean, his relationship with his dad’s pretty messed up. No, spencer is the stalker, and mr. Cassadine found out. That’s why he set spencer up. Well, I-I was there for that, yeah, but when ava’s car got torched, spencer was at wyndemere. But esme wasn’t, which gave her plenty of time to light ava’s car on fire and get a boat back to spoon island. Didn’t mr. Cassadine cancel all the launches? Maybe she was late because she couldn’t get a lift. Can’t you just trust me? I know I’m right. I just need to find proof. I understand. But if you’re wrong, things could get pretty messy. I’ll take that risk. Ava is leaving her daughter, divorcing her husband, selling this place. Ava’s giving up everything she loves because spencer is a spoiled brat. Actually, that does kind of sound like spencer. Oh, I-I didn’t realize the divorce was finalized. The six weeks are up. Any day now, ava will get the paperwork back, she’ll file it, and then she will leave the country for god knows how long. You want to know her parting gift? Restraining order.

[ Groans ] Complete with two mma fighters to enforce it. Seems like ava doesn’t trust herself to stay away from you any more than she trusts you to stay away from her. I wanted us to fight the stalker together, but ava refused. Ava’s terrified for her child. What if it were spencer? Would you risk him to stay with ava? The stalker’s gotten past security at wyndemere, the metro court, and ava’s gallery. They’re really great at covering their tracks. I realized the only way that I can keep avery safe is to give the stalker exactly what they want. Which is? -Well, I’m divorcing nikolas. -Right. As soon as I drop the papers off at the courthouse, that’s done. Still doesn’t explain to me why you’re leaving the country. Well, if it were just me, I’d stay. But I cannot have avery become collateral damage. I’ve gotta keep her safe. The only way I can do that is — is to put an ocean between me and port charles. All right. Uh, whatever our differences, I respect that you’re doing right by my daughter,

our daughter. Thank you. Then I’d like to ask you for your help, if that’s okay. And carly’s, too. Whatever you need. I have go upstairs and say goodbye to avery, and I think it would be helpful to her if you two were there. Then, you know, that’s where we’ll be.

Has peter tried to contact you? No. Maxie found out, and she very thoughtfully sent dr. Gatlin-holt to the hospital last night to give me a heads-up.

[ Sighs ] Scott had this idea that peter was involved in my mother’s disappearance. Wait, wait a minute. Your — your mom disappeared? Yeah. I — I guess nobody’s told you.

[ Exhales ] Scott chartered a private jet to take my mother and him to st. Lucia, and they hit turbulence, and they both blacked out. Someone put a parachute on scott and dropped him over a campground. And there’s been no sign of my mother, and there’s no way to track the jet because it was a fake company. So the whole thing was a setup. I’m sorry. I mean, do you want me to have brick or spinelli look into it? No. No, thanks. Uh… you’ve got plenty going on in your new life. Besides, I don’t need you to rescue my mother, or me. Oh. Nikolas: I just want to keep my family safe and have ava here with me. I keep asking myself, who hates us this much? Well, I’m not sure hatred

is the motivation. The goal seems to be separating you and ava. That could be for any number of reasons. All that matters is I’m losing her. The only thing that makes this bearable is having spencer here and knowing that he’s forgiven me. Spence. What’s wrong? I need to find a way to try to make it up to sonny. Don’t you think I owe him that? I think what sonny needs right now is time with his wife and his family. Well, I-I don’t want to just run away from what I did. Okay, after the dust settles, if you want to go to carly and sonny to make it right, proceed at your own risk. I don’t think it’s gonna turn out the way you want, though. What you owe sonny right now is a little distance so he can reclaim his life. You’re very wise. Yeah, you make a lot of mistakes, you learn a few things.

[ Both chuckle ] Thank you for not judging me. I’m definitely judging you.

[ Laughs ] But I love you, and I’m always here for you. We’re family, right?

[ Chuckles ] It’s okay. All right. I love you. I love you. I’m at my apartment. I need you to come here right now. That was even harder than I thought it would be. You did good. Avery’s gonna miss you, but you made it okay for her. I’m just grateful that she has you. Both of you. I should go. Oh, um… will you send me lots of pictures? Not just the holiday stuff, but the — the everyday stuff? I will. Good luck. Thanks. What’s on your mind? I-I’m never gonna be best friends with ava, but I understand how she feels. I know what it’s like to turn your back on what you want and what you love and do what you feel you have to do. I did it… the whole time you were gone.

[ Sighs ] I wanted to curl up in a ball and… cry, all day. Scream and yell and throw things. The last thing I wanted to do was think about the business and the five families and cyrus renault. But I had to, so I did. I… oh, god! Yeah, but listen, you handled — you handled the meeting with the five families. You did really good.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I mean, at the time, I was great, but when they left, I was just shaking. Okay, but you know what? I’m back. And I promise, nothing’s gonna make me leave my family again. I know you believe that. And I want to believe it, too. But we both know there’s no guarantee you can keep that promise.

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