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Kayla sits with Julie at the hospital and says she knows how hard this is, as she went through something similar with her mother. Julie worries about Doug having Alzheimer’s and says all the Days of their Lives have been wonderful for years. Julie cries that she wants more and apologizes
for being selfish. Kayla assures that she’s not giving up hope and Julie shouldn’t either.

Marlena questions what Doug said. Doug repeats that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose and it was the most fun he had all week. Marlena thinks he must be confused. Doug then responds that Marlena is the one who is confused because he’s not Doug.

John opens up a box at home and pulls out a bible along with an old article on when Marlena became possessed by the devil.

Johnny reads through Will’s script in the town square and is shocked to learn that Marlena was possessed by the devil.

Marlena encourages that Doug is Doug and she is Marlena Evans. Doug responds that he knows exactly who she is. Doug then becomes possessed by the devil and his voice changes, telling Marlena that it’s been 25 years and questions if she really thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

Johnny questions being possessed by the devil being a real thing. Allie walks by and says if he’s looking for Chanel, she’s running the counter while she’s on break. Johnny blows her off so Allie asks if he’s going to stay mad just because she told the truth about him to Chanel. Johnny acknowledges that she was right but insists that he’s not that guy anymore. Johnny suggests they just move on from this. Allie questions him being over how mad he was at her just like that. Allie asks why he’s being so nice and guesses it’s just because he wants her to play Sami in his movie. Johnny responds that Sami might not get star billing anymore because she won’t believe what he just read about Marlena. Johnny then shows Allie the script.

Abe shows up at John’s door and invites he and Marlena to join him and Paulina for dinner at Paulina’s place tonight. John is surprised to learn that Abe and Paulina are seeing each other again. Abe confirms that they worked through all of their differences and decided to start fresh. John says he’s happy for him. John tells him that dinner sounds good but he’ll run it by Marlena and get back with him. Abe asks if John is okay. John admits that he’s not as he just started remembering a very dark time in their lives that he wished would stay buried forever…

Eli goes to the hospital and greets Julie and Kayla. Eli apologizes for not checking on Julie and Doug until now. Julie understands and questions him not being at work now. Eli says he got someone to cover for him and asks what’s going on with Doug. Kayla responds that his tests were inconclusive, so he’s in a session with Marlena now because if anyone can diagnose him, it’s her.

Marlena tells Doug to stop talking like this and that his mind is just playing tricks on him, so she’s here to help. Doug as the Devil tells Marlena to stop pretending like she doesn’t remember him after all the nights they spent together. He then remarks that he’s not God, but just as powerful, which she knows better than anyone.

Roman sits with Kate at the Pub and reminds her that he did try to convince her more than once this year that he could make her happy. Roman adds that he never understood Kate’s involvement with Jake. Kate acknowledges that most people didn’t but says she doesn’t want to talk about Jake. Roman argues that she’s too damn good for Jake. Roman states that Jake and Gabi deserve each other which Kate agrees with. Roman tells Kate that he never gave up, but when he made his second pitch he was talking to Kristen who was pretending to be Kate. Roman hopes that Kate will give him another chance now.

Eli tells Julie that maybe Doug just had a couple of bad days. Kayla says that’s why they ran some tests. Julie adds that he passed the tests so Eli asks why she’s so worried. Julie then reveals to Eli that Doug grabbed Paulina’s behind.

Allie is shocked to learn that Marlena got possessed by the Devil. Johnny confirms that it’s in Will’s script that Marlena trashed a church, set it on fire along with the Salem Christmas Tree and then walked naked in to a party. Allie can’t believe it. Johnny says she obviously wasn’t herself. Johnny adds that Marlena’s eyes glowed yellow and apparently levitated above her bed.

John informs Abe about Johnny wanting to make a movie about Sami’s life from a script that Will wrote. Abe calls that very ambitious and he likes keeping it in the family. John then points out that the script would probably include Marlena’s possession. Abe sees why he’s concerned then and agrees they would all like to forget that.

Doug as the Devil asks Marlena if she’s missed him as much as he’s missed her. Marlena says this can’t be. He tells her that he’s been trying to find his way back to her for over two decades. Marlena calls this impossible and tells him to stop, arguing that it’s just dementia and he doesn’t know what he’s saying. the Devil responds that Doug doesn’t have dementia and is just a little shaken up by having the Devil in his body. He complains about Julie and remarks that he’s reserved a special place for her in Hell with him. He warns her to stop calling him Doug when she knows who he is. Marlena says he can’t be. He responds that she of all people knows his name.

Roman argues that Kate loved him enough to marry him twice, so he asks if it’s so crazy to think it couldn’t happen again. Kate reminds him that the first time wasn’t really a marriage since he ended up dead at the reception. Roman talks about the Salem Stalker. Kate says it’s been so long since she thought about those days and how shocked everyone was when they found out it was Marlena since everyone believed she was possessed again.

Abe recalls turning to Marlena during the investigation and how they thought she was so helpful at the time. John will never forget catching Marlena destroying St. Luke’s church. Abe reminds him that she was not responsible, but it was the evil force inside of her that made her do all those terrible things.

Allie questions Marlena trying to kill a priest and argues that there’s no way any of this is real, guessing that Will must have made it up for his script. Johnny decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Will on video chat. Will congratulates Allie on the bakery and asks what they want to talk about. Allie says it’s the script. Johnny thanks him for sending it. Will asks what he thinks. Johnny calls it an interesting story while Allie says they have a lot of questions. Allie asks about Marlena being possessed and if Will made that up. Will reveals he got that story straight from Sami.

Doug as the Devil urges Marlena to say his name. Marlena insists that his name is Doug Williams. He asks how he would know about their history since Doug wasn’t even in Salem at the time. Marlena argues that he’s just confused. Marlena tells him that this has to stop right now. He supposes it was too much to ask for a warm welcome, but warns that he will show her proof of his power. He then shuts off the lights and his eyes turn yellow as he asks Marlena if now she believes him.

Kate brings up Marlena being brainwashed by Andre DiMera. Roman points out that Kate has had some questionable choices in men over the years. Kate jokes that she’s going to walk away if he brings up Ted Laurent. Roman asks why she won’t just give a good guy who genuinely cares for her another shot.

Abe tells John that the idea that Marlena could be possessed by the Devil was impossible to believe. John admits he had refused to accept the possibility. They talk about Kristen being a different person back then. John talks about how vulnerable Marlena was and everything she went through. Abe is not surprised this would all end up in Sami’s life story. John doesn’t think that Johnny understands the pandora’s box he would be opening up by going ahead with this film.

Johnny questions Sami telling Will that Marlena had been possessed. Will admits that Sami did have a few glasses of wine. Johnny asks if Will followed up with Marlena. Will says he did, but she laughed it off. Allie suggests maybe it’s not true then and that Sami just made it up. Will admits it’s possible. Johnny says if it’s not true, he can’t include it in his biopic as he wants to get it right. Will declares that if he really wants to get answers, he’ll have to ask Sami.

Julie wants to go see Doug but Kayla stops her and says it’s never a good idea to interrupt a session with a psychiatrist. Julie asks what if Doug needs her. Kayla assures that he’s in the best possible hands. Eli encourages Julie to be patient. The lights then flicker at the hospital. Eli wonders if it’s a power outage while Kayla wonders what caused that.

Doug as the Devil asks Marlena if he’s finally gotten her attention and if he recognizes her now. Marlena can’t believe it’s really him and says this can’t be happening. He turns the lights back on and asks if she’s satisfied. Marlena questions why he’s doing this to Doug when he’s the kindest man she’s ever known. Marlena calls Doug an angel. the Devil says he was an angel before falling from grace. Marlena questions why he’s doing this and why he came back to Salem after all these years.

Johnny tells Allie that he can’t believe Will would put Marlena’s possession in his script if he didn’t know it was true. Allie points out that he wasn’t a reporter then, just a writer trying to sell his script. Johnny adds that the other weird thing is that Marlena didn’t tell Will that Sami made it all up. Allie repeats that the only way to find out is to ask Sami, but she doesn’t seem to answer her phone anymore. Johnny decides they might as well try but it goes straight to voicemail. Johnny leaves Sami a message, saying they are missing her and just had some questions about family stuff.

Kate reminds Roman that she did give him another shot after finding out he wasn’t dead, but then she found out that he slept with Marlena on the island. Roman points out that Kate slept with John. Kate explains that they thought Roman was dead and not coming back. Roman says it bothered him that they were never able to make it work like John and Marlena did. Kate responds that not everyone gets a happy ending.

John asks Abe how he’s supposed to protect Marlena if all of this comes up again. Abe asks if this project might not got anywhere. John says all he knows is that it will gut Marlena if she has to be reminded of all the destruction and the people she hurt. John points out that they almost lost Marlena forever. Abe responds that they didn’t because John saved her life with an exorcism.

The lights flicker again in the hospital. Kayla decides to go check on the emergency generators while Eli stays with Julie. Julie wonders what would make the electricity suddenly go out. Eli says it seems okay now. Julie hopes it doesn’t frighten Doug. Eli assures he’ll be okay. Julie still wants to check on Doug. Eli suggests trusting that Marlena will keep Doug calm and safe as he hugs Julie.

Doug as the Devil tells Marlena that he’s back for the fun of it. Marlena tells him to leave but he refuses. Marlena argues that he can’t do this to Doug. He says he’s been counting on her to feel this way. Marlena asks what he wants. He responds that it’s obvious that what he wants is her.

Roman suggests he and Kate stop talking about the past and focus on the present. Roman tells Kate that she is his favorite person in Salem and praises her. Roman thinks the way he feels is not one way and brings up Lucas encouraging them to give it another shot. Kate reminds him that she can still be stubborn and selfish, but Roman says he still likes her and wants to romance her.

Johnny wonders if Sami will ever call them back since she’s been so out of touch with everyone since leaving town. Allie suggests they just go ask Marlena directly. Johnny mentions stopping by earlier, but she already left for work. Allie asks why he was there. Johnny admits he tried to get Marlena and John to invest in his film but John said he had concerns. Allie brings up that maybe it’s all this stuff about Marlena. Allie tells Johnny to go ask him. Johnny suggests Allie go ask him instead since John’s never been able to say no to her. Allie is creeped out by the whole Devil thing and is unsure if she wants to get involved. Johnny questions her ever being scared of anything and asks if she’s not a little curious.

Julie worries to Eli about Doug never being the same. Eli assures that Marlena will find a way to pull him through this. Eli gets a text about a robbery a couple blocks away but he refuses to leave Julie alone and says he’ll find someone to cover. Julie argues that she’s perfectly capable of being by herself. Julie pulls out her rosary and talks about keeping it with her since Doug’s problems started. Eli says that’s a good idea. Julie assures that she’ll be okay and tells Eli to go. Eli tells her to let him know how Doug is doing and encourages her to have faith as he exits the hospital. Julie then holds up her rosary and begins to pray.

John tells Abe that even after all these years, it still shakes him to his core. Abe says the important thing is that Marlena survived and the Devil was banished. John agrees and that they need to remember they were lucky that good prevailed over evil. Abe argues that it wasn’t luck, but the faith and strength of John and this community. John tells Abe that he loves him and thanks him for listening as there’s not too many people he’s comfortable discussing this with. Abe assures that he’s always there for him. John says he appreciates that more than he’ll ever know. John reminds him that he’ll check with Marlena and get back with him about dinner. Abe knows what Marlena went through was terrifying, but assures that it’s over because if the Devil wanted her, he’s had over 25 years to get her back and he hasn’t even tried…

Marlena questions the Devil wanting her. He says he’s missed her as that reign of terror they shared was magnificent and they brought Salem to it’s knees. He tells her to imagine what they could do this time around. Marlena complains that he used her to terrorize people she loves and he’ll never get inside of her again. Marlena screams at him to get out but he says he’s not going anywhere and Doug has to pay the price. Marlena warns him not to hurt Doug. He says it will be Marlena’s selfishness that hurts him. Marlena argues that Doug doesn’t deserve this. the Devil says all she has to do is invite him back inside of her. Marlena refuses, so the Devil begins hurting Doug from inside. Marlena begins pleading with him not to hurt Doug.

Roman invites Kate to dinner tonight. Kate admits she’s tempted but feels love is risky even with a great guy like him and she doesn’t want to risk that. Kate tells him that she has to get figures to EJ, so she exits. Roman tells himself that he’s not giving up on Kate because they both know there’s something there and she just needs time to figure it out.

Julie continues praying the rosary and wonders what is taking Doug so long. Julie worries that something is wrong and decides she’s not waiting another minute.

Johnny reads more of the script and remarks that nobody wanted to produce Will’s script because it’s way too far-fetched. Johnny then gets a call back from Sami’s phone.

John reads the old article about Marlena’s possession and declares that Abe was right that it’s all in the past. Allie then shows up at the door with a box from the bakery for him. John tells Allie that they are so proud of her for finding something she loves and making it happen. Allie says she’s really excited and then talks about how excited she is for Johnny and his movie. Allie brings up that Johnny said there was some pretty crazy stuff about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Allie asks John if there’s no way that happened.

Julie goes to Marlena’s office but finds Doug collapsed on the floor. She rushes to his side and frantically asks Marlena what happened.

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