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Recap written by Christine

Ashland and Victoria went to her office and hung the portrait of her on the wall. He said when people came here, they’d see what he saw – a strong powerful beautiful woman watching over her empire. He felt that she was the rightful leader of Newman/Locke. She thanked him again for the incredible gift and for understanding what hanging it in that place symbolized to her. He said he wanted to give her a gift for the merger and for their wedding. He felt the portrait represented a new beginning for them both. They were talking about the wedding when he got a text, and he told her that he had to go take care of something. She had a meeting too.

Phyllis sighed deeply when Victoria showed up at the hotel. Victoria stated that she was here for the spa, not Phyllis. Phyllis said she handpicked every treatment, so she’d take that as a compliment. Victoria mentioned that she was getting a facial, and Phyllis suggested the bridal package, and she added that as mother of the bride, Nikki may be interested as well. Phyllis added that she was going to use that package before Summer’s wedding in Milan, then she and Nick would head to Tuscany for Victoria’s wedding. She asked if Victoria was excited. Victoria couldn’t wait – she’d never felt more secure or happy, and Ashland was the best thing to ever happen to her. “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?,” Phyllis replied. “You think that I sounded over the top about marrying Ashland? I’m sorry. I guess I let my enthusiasm get the best of me,” Victoria stated. Phyllis said not to apologize. She also knew how it felt to feel like you were finally in the right relationship. Victoria admitted she’d thought Phyllis and Nick would’ve imploded by now. Victoria asked what was different this time – had Phyllis changed or was Nick more of a saint than before? Phyllis said maybe it was a bit of both. Phyllis asked if Victoria ever expected to be with someone like Ashland. Victoria said no – she viewed people and love very differently now. Phyllis did too. Phyllis commented that she and Victoria were having an adult conversation. Victoria and Phyllis both said they didn’t want be friends, though. Jack arrived just as Victoria excused herself for her appointment.

Jack invited Phyllis and Nick to ride on the jabot jet to Italy with him. Phyllis jumped at the chance to bypass flying with Victor, though she said she’d have to run it by Nick. Jack and Phyllis were excited about getting to see their kids. He talked about Summer and Kyle being in love and building a life together. Phyllis thought Jack wanted that for himself too. He said Kyle’s happiness was enough, and she told him not to dismiss what she’d said. She’d been thinking a lot about what he said the other night. She said she loved him too, and that would never change. He noted that it wasn’t the same thing, but he appreciated the sentiment. She asserted that it was the same – she really loved him, and he’d always be in her heart.

Nick and Billy met at Crimson Lights because Billy wanted to talk about the family meeting that Ashland called earlier. Billy wasn’t sure that Ashland was telling the truth about his past, and he wanted to join forces with Nick to do more research. Nick declined. He didn’t want to alienate Victoria, and he thought Ashland’s explanation for changing his name made sense. Billy thought it was suspect that Ashland wouldn’t tell them the entire story or tell them his birth name. Billy said he saw the look on Nick’s face after Ashland declared that he was finished asking questions. Billy wanted Nick to admit that he wasn’t satisfied. Nick conceded that he wanted more information from Ashland, but unlike Billy, he wasn’t looking to stir up trouble or make headlines. Billy said he wasn’t trying to do that either. Nick heard Ashland was so annoyed with Billy’s attitude that he confronted him after the family meeting. According to Billy, Ashland warned him to stay out of his life. This further convinced Billy that Ashland was desperately hiding something. Nick asked if Billy was okay with frustrating Victoria. Billy said he was willing to take the hit to protect his kids. He didn’t like that Ashland kept this from Victoria until he was forced to come clean. It also bothered him that Ashland wouldn’t tell them where he got the money to buy the stations or what his real name was. Nick didn’t think Victoria would care how Ashland got the money. Billy said that his gambling got Victoria kidnapped at one point, and now his kids’ potential stepfather openly admitted to erasing his entire history. Billy said Ashland thrived on being a larger than life mogul, then he sold his empire to a woman he barely knew, and now they were engaged. He understood Ashland’s illness could be altering his decisions, but every event in Ashland’s life was a big question mark. Billy was determined to find the truth.

Billy left. Nick ran into Rey and asked to speak to him in confidence. Nick relayed what Ashland said about changing his name to escape an abusive father. Rey could relate to having a problematic father, so he understood. Nick said Ashland had been the source of a series of surprising revelations, and it had him wondering if Victoria needed to know more about Ashland. He knew his sister was smart and savvy, and he believed Ashland genuinely loved her, but he was concerned. Rey understood why Nick was being protective, but there weren’t grounds for an official investigation, and Rey wasn’t comfortable doing something off the record. Nick was planning to do his own investigation, and he was hoping Rey could point him in the right direction. Rey said that people had to put name changes in the newspaper and file paperwork. Nick said that Billy and Victor both had people looking into that, and they hadn’t found anything yet. Nick asked if the courts would’ve allowed Ashland to conceal his identity so he could stay hidden from his father. Rey said it didn’t work that way back then. If the name change wasn’t in the public records, it meant Ashland found a way to bend the rules. Nick didn’t know how Ashland could pull that off back when he was young and without resources. Rey said that in order to completely change your identity, you needed a new birth certificate and social security number. It was hard for him to believe that Locke, who’d been under public scrutiny for so long, kept something like that hidden. Nick was left with even more questions.

Nick walked into the hotel just as Jack was leaving. Jack mentioned the plane. Phyllis wanted to ride with Jack instead of spending 10 hours with Victor, but she said it was Nick’s call. Nick agreed to fly on the Jabot jet. Jack left. Phyllis mentioned that she and Victoria had a pleasant conversation. Nick said he’d been thinking a lot about Victoria’s marriage to Ashland. Phyllis knew Nick was bothered by whatever Ashland revealed to the family. Nick said every time he felt ready to let it go, another bomb dropped. Ashland was dying, then he and Victoria were merging the companies, then they found out Ashland wasn’t who he said he was. Nick was sure Victoria was bothered, even though she wouldn’t admit it. Nick wanted to look into Ashland’s past, but if Victoria found out, she might cut ties with him forever. Phyllis acknowledged that she’d told Nick he shouldn’t meddle at first, but now she thought he should follow his instincts. She said either he could save his sister from potential disaster, or he could be nice and polite and do nothing. Phyllis knew what she’d do.

Ashland met with a guy named Gaines at Society. Gaines was surprised Ashland looked well, given the reports about his condition. Gaines asked how Ashland was feeling. Ashland wanted to get on with the meeting. Gaines laid out the background information – Ashland had been paying him a yearly pension. Gaines wanted more money now that Ashland was terminally ill. When Gaines referred to the arrangement as an agreement, Ashland said it was blackmail. Gaines thought they’d gotten past all that after all these years and settled into a civil relationship. Ashland asked what Gaines wanted. Gaines had grown accustomed to the $300,000 a year Ashland had been paying him. He’d assumed Ashland would have a longer lifespan, but fate had its own plans. Gaines wanted what should’ve been his, but he wasn’t greedy. He’d settle for ten years of payments in one lump sum. $3,000,0000 in cash, by the end of the day. Gaines would then leave Ashland’s life, and Ashland could die knowing his secret was safe. Ashland couldn’t produce that kind of money by tonight. He was in the middle of a merger, so the entire Locke enterprise was under a microscope. He said he’d pay Gaines after he came home from Italy. That wasn’t acceptable to Gaines. Since the business day was about to come to a close, he’d give Ashland until tomorrow. Ashland sighed, because that wasn’t feasible. Gaines thought Ashland could do it, since he’d proven in the past that when he wanted something, he could make it happen. Ashland groaned and said he’d take care of it, and he warned Gaines that he’d better not come back for more. Billy came up outside the restaurant and saw Ashland and Gaines through the window.

Ashland went back to Victoria’s office. She said after her respite at the spa, she probably wouldn’t be able to get away for dinner. He understood. She noticed he seemed tense, and he blamed the treatments and said he had a lot on his mind. He wanted the wedding to be a wonderful day for her. She wanted the same, but she said the wedding was just one day, and the marriage was what really mattered. He sensed that she still had doubts about him. Victoria knew Ashland loved her, and she wanted to marry him now as much as she did the day he proposed. He said whoever he once was, he was still the man who fell head over heels for her. He’d never told anyone else about his past, but he opened up to Victoria, her family and even Billy, all to avoid that look he just saw in her eyes. She said that meant a lot, but she was just trying to take it all in. she needed to know there wouldn’t be any more surprises. He promised she knew everything important there was to know about him.

At the penthouse, Amanda asked if Devon was sure about inviting her to move in. She brought up Moses. He said he’d already ran it by Moses, and he was fine with it. He was also certain that he wanted to spend every day with her, but he didn’t want to pressure her. She said she’d love to live with him, and they kissed. Later, they got dressed after an intimate celebration. She said she had to go get her things so they could start living together ASAP. They said they loved each other, and she left.

Just as Amanda got to her suite, Imani rushed up looking upset. Imani was worried about Naya’s heart. Amanda mentioned that she reached out to some doctors, and Imani was surprised she’d already taken care of that. Imani said, growing up an only child, she never had anyone to lean on like this, other than their grandfather and her parents. She was sorry if that sounded insensitive. Amanda didn’t mind. She said that they’d both have to get used to this, but she was glad she had a sister to turn to. Imani was glad too. Imani suggested they have some sister time and stream that new French film. Since they both spoke the language, she said they could turn off the subtitles and see whose French was better. Amanda accepted the challenge. She stepped away and called Devon to tell him that she was going to spend some time with Imani, and she’d see him at home later. That sounded weird to her, but he said it sounded right. The call ended. Imani admitted she was eavesdropping, and she asked if Amanda was moving in with Devon. Amanda said she was. Imani was happy for Amanda. Amanda wondered if she should be worried to be this happy. Imani thought Amanda deserved to be happy. Imani was a little jealous Amanda found someone as spectacular as Devon, a once in a lifetime catch.

In their hotel suite, Tessa was glad Mariah had come up with an idea to move on, but she said they didn’t have to make any big decisions now. They’d just moved out of Abby’s, and they could take it slow. Mariah didn’t need time, because the answer appeared like a lightning bolt. Tessa didn’t think there were easy answers. Mariah wasn’t saying it would be easy, but this was the right path forward. “I think we should have a baby of our own!,” Mariah exclaimed. She noted that she and Tessa had discussed it before. Tessa clarified that they’d had a brief abstract discussion. She didn’t think they’d do it this soon. She noted that Mariah hadn’t started to unpack what happened to her. Mariah said she’d go to therapy. It was because of her experience that Mariah thought she wanted and needed this. Mariah explained that Bowie – Dominic – made her realize she had maternal instincts and so much more love to give. Starting a family with Tessa would be the most wonderful feeling in the world. Tessa thought that was a wonderful sentiment, and she shared it, but it had only been a few days since Mariah gave birth to Abby and Chance’s baby. Mariah noted that her OB-GYN said not to get pregnant for at least twelve months. Mariah thought Tessa should carry the baby, so she could experience pregnancy and birth. Tessa looked stunned.

Tessa didn’t think they should have a baby while Mariah was so emotionally raw. Mariah thought this was the best time. Tessa planned to be with Mariah for the rest of her life, and when they were both really ready, they’d talk more. Hopefully they’d be ready soon, but for now, Tessa thought their top priority would be dealing with what happened with Abby and Dominic. Tessa thought Mariah should rest, and Mariah agreed, and she decided to take a nap. Tessa got a text from Abby asking how Mariah was. She’d wanted to reach out to Mariah, but she was giving her space. Tessa replied that Mariah was napping, and she seemed okay.

Tessa picked up her guitar and played softly, but it still woke Mariah up. Mariah said it was the best sound in the world to wake up to. Mariah felt at peace because she and Tessa were going to be having a baby. The look on Tessa’s face made Mariah realize Tessa wasn’t on board with this. Tessa had no problem with the idea of starting a family, but this was all very sudden. Mariah said it wasn’t sudden for her. Tessa said that this was too important to rush, and they shouldn’t do it for the wrong reasons. Tessa was just trying to do what was best for Mariah. Mariah understood that, but she really needed this.

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