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Justin walks into the interrogation room and declares Rafe’s interview is over as he reveals that he is now Bonnie’s attorney. Bonnie asks if he’s really going to represent her and brings up yesterday. Justin responds that he wasn’t there for her yesterday, but he’s here now.

Chloe tells Nicole that it’s just them here right now as she asks if she’s going to admit that she has feelings for Rafe. Nicole asks what the point is. Chloe questions if she’s punishing herself for still feeling guilty for cheating on Eric. Chloe says she’s just trying to be her friend. Nicole acknowledges that Ava is her friend too, so there’s no way that she’s going to make a play for her man. Nicole worries about Ava being paranoid as it is. Chloe brings up Ava’s crazy history. Nicole says it’s not about that, but about doing the right thing. Nicole says the difference between her situation and Chloe’s with Brady is that Philip does have a reason to be jealous.

Gabi gets that Brady doesn’t want to cause trouble in his family but argues that it’s his legacy. Gabi says if Brady agrees that Philip is a threat to the company, then he owes it to his family to tell Victor. Philip then approaches and asks what the hell is going on here. Philip questions if Gabi and Jake are plotting with Brady behind his back.

Ben and Ciara walk through New Orleans, talking about all the food they have tried. They stop to kiss and agree that they will both work it off. Ciara talks about being married to the love of her life, having a honeymoon in New Orleans, and knowing they have their whole future ahead of them with no one to stop them makes her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Ben tells her that he loves her so much as they continue kissing.

Gabi asks Philip why they would be plotting with Brady against their boss. Jake claims that they were putting Brady on notice for putting the keylogger on their computers and made it clear that he won’t get away with it. Brady calls them insane and repeats that he didn’t do it. Brady says he has work to do. Philip questions what kind of work. Brady says it’s not his business but it’s a very important project. Brady adds that Chloe is waiting for him as he walks away.

Ben and Ciara talk about being at the Oak Alley Plantation and it being where Hope and Bo’s love story took off. A woman approaches and welcomes them, asking if she can help. Ciara responds that they are here for a tour but the woman informs them that they just closed for the day.

Justin sits with Bonnie in the interrogation room. Bonnie guesses she should start at the beginning in 2003. Bonnie reminds him of the Buddy Bucks scam. Justin recalls the burger barn promotion to win a ticket for a million dollars. Bonnie explains that Calista’s husband Harrison worked at Buddy’s office and decided to keep the winning ticket for himself but he couldn’t cash it as an employee and that’s where she came in. Bonnie flashes back to Harrison giving her the winning ticket and threatening to handle anyone that messed with her. Bonnie informs Justin that Harrison planned the whole scam and then things took a turn.

Philip tells Gabi and Jake that he didn’t ask them to meet with Brady. Gabi claims that they hated that Philip accused them of spying on him and they could’ve lost their jobs, so they wanted to prove to him they didn’t do it. Jake claims that they warned Brady that if he didn’t back off, they would go to the authorities but Brady denied everything. Jake says that’s pretty much it but Gabi says except for the stuff he said about Chloe, so Philip questions what he said about Chloe.

Chloe questions Nicole thinking that Philip is justified in acting jealous. Nicole thinks Philip knows that Chloe had feelings for Brady that she couldn’t act on because he was with Kristen. Chloe states that she told Brady how she felt and then she moved on. Nicole points out that now Kristen is out of the picture and Chloe isn’t sure she made the right choice. Nicole says they all know Chloe’s feelings for Brady have not gone away. Brady then enters the office and asks if he’s interrupting.

Ciara asks the woman if there is no way they can see the grounds today. She confirms they are past visiting hours. Ciara guesses they just got caught up touring New Orleans and didn’t realize how late it was. Ben suggests they can come back tomorrow. Ciara points out that they just drove an hour and they have tickets to the voodoo museum tomorrow. Ben feels they can skip that since this is important to her. The woman asks what brings them here. Ciara explains that they are on their honeymoon and her parents came here a long time ago when they first started falling in love. Ciara adds that they always wanted to come back, but her father passed away. Ben suggests they just get going and claims he started to hear some thunder. The woman then decides that even though she’s not supposed to, she can show them around a bit, so she takes them in to Oak Alley Plantation.

Nicole tells Brady that he’s not interrupting and that she was just leaving. Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to go but she says she will see her tomorrow and exits. Chloe says she doesn’t know what that was about. Brady then reveals he heard Nicole talking about Chloe having feelings for him. Chloe says she was just telling Nicole about Wilkes-Barre and she drew her own conclusions. Brady asks if she was wrong. Chloe points out that Nicole had a valid point about Philip being paranoid about someone putting spyware on his computer. Brady says he told Philip that he had nothing to do with that. Chloe says Brady had to say that in front of him, but now that it’s just them, he can be honest. Chloe asks if he did it. Brady asks what if he did since they are business rivals.

Philip questions how Chloe’s name even came up. Gabi and Jake claim that Brady asked where they got the idea that he was behind the keylogger, so they told him it came from Philip and then Brady tried to turn it around, claiming Philip made him the enemy because he’s threatened by his past relationship with Chloe. Gabi claims that Brady went on about how Chloe is better off without him and that it’s only a matter of time before she dumps him. Philip questions Brady going around telling random employees of his that Chloe is going to leave him.

Bonnie tells Justin that it was the worst day of her live and given what happened yesterday, that’s saying a lot. Bonnie continues having flashbacks and goes in to Harrison coming on to her which is why she pulled the gun on him when he got forceful and shot him when he grabbed her. Calista then came back in to the room and found Harrison dead. As her flashback concludes, Bonnie cries to Justin that she killed Harrison. Justin encourages that it wasn’t her fault. Bonnie says she was married to a man who beat her senseless almost every day, so when Harrison touched her, she said no more and had to do what she had to do in order to protect herself. Bonnie continues her flashback where Calista didn’t believe Bonnie’s story and accused her of doing it for the money. Bonnie tells Justin that it was blood money so she flushed it down the toilet and imagined her whole life going down the drain with it and now it finally has.

Rafe runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Nicole says she was just going but Rafe points out that it looked like she was just going in. Nicole assumes Rafe was just leaving, which he confirms. Rafe asks if they can’t even say hello to each other anymore. Nicole says they just did and says she will see him. Rafe argues that there’s no reason to run away as it’s a small town and they are still friends. Rafe hopes she doesn’t expect them to avoid each other forever as he’s not down with that.

Chloe informs Brady that she told Philip that if Brady was behind the spyware, she would quit Basic Black and never speak to him ever again. Brady assures that he didn’t do it and asks if she believes him. Chloe confirms that she does. Brady doesn’t think they could get a long without her. Chloe points out that the business was fine without her before. Brady clarifies that he doesn’t think he could get along here without her.

Philip asks what else Brady said about him. Gabi brings up Philip following Brady and Chloe to Pennsylvania. Philip informs her that they were in bed together. Jake points out that Brady must have planned it. Gabi asks if maybe he has it wrong. Philip asks if she honestly believes that after seeing what Brady is trying to do. Philip thanks them for the info and walks away. Gabi tells Jake that’s what she calls teamwork.

After their tour of Oak Alley, Ciara tells Ben that it was a lot different than she expected. The woman asks if she was disappointed. Ciara says not at all and explains that to her it was all about her parents’ history but the plantation is about actual history of their country. Ciara mentions hearing old stories about the French colonizers planting oak trees that gave the place their name, but the truth is that the plants were built by slaves. Ben says it’s powerful to see all the names listed. The woman talks about how it gets to her to imagine the lives of her ancestors, but she’s grateful to remember them and present a picture of what the place used to be. She talks about building from their past and not ignoring it.

Nicole tells Rafe that they don’t have to avoid each other forever but it’s only been two days. Rafe complains that the whole thing was her idea. Nicole says she’s just trying to make it easier for he and Ava. Rafe knows Ava has had problems with jealousy but she will have to accept that he has some female friends. Nicole argues that it’s not that simple because he doesn’t have feelings for his other friends, like he does for her.

Justin brings Bonnie a water in the interrogation room and asks about her not seeing Calista again. Bonnie confirms that she didn’t for years but was always looking over her shoulder. Bonnie tells Justin that the cops finally came to her door because they found her husband dead in her backyard. Bonnie knows it looks bad that there are three dead bodies caused by her plus what she did to Adrienne so she could break out of prison. Bonnie cries that Justin forgave so much and she let him down, so she apologizes. Justin asks her about what happened this week. Bonnie guesses Calista heard that she was marrying rich, so she thought she could get her million dollars that she felt she owed her. Justin guesses Bonnie didn’t really invite Calista to the wedding. Bonnie admitted that she lied because she felt if Justin knew the truth, he’d be obligated to turn her in. Justin asks what Calista’s plan was. Bonnie explains that she brought Harrison’s gun with her fingerprints on it and threatened to turn it in to the police if she didn’t get her the one million dollars. Bonnie adds that Calista wanted her to drain Justin’s bank account but says she’d rather die than do that. Justin questions her stealing it from his cousin Xander instead. Bonnie figured that was dirty money anyways. Justin asks why she didn’t just come to him. Bonnie feels she couldn’t let him pay for her past sins. Bonnie explains that Calista overheard EJ and Xander talking about Xander having a millino dollars and she said she had to steal it for her, or else. Bonnie felt she had no choice to do it in order to save her life and her future with Justin. He asks if she gave Calista the money. Bonnie confirms that she did, but she still wanted revenge and pulled the gun on her. Bonnie swears she saw her life flash before her eyes, so she grabbed the gun and it went off. Bonnie states that Calista died in their bedroom. Justin acknowledges that it was an accident as she was trying to defend herself, just like with Harrison. Justin asks if that’s the whole story. Bonnie guesses that he doesn’t believe her. Bonnie asks if he does believe her. Justin confirms that he does. Bonnie asks if he still wants to defend her, now that he knows everything. Justin assures that he does, so she thanks him. Justin adds that he won’t lie, this is going to be a tough road now that she’s admitted to killing Calista, Harrison Lord, and her husband. Bonnie stops him to point out that she did not kill her husband.

Gabi tells Jake that she can’t believe how perfectly that worked out. Jake calls her incredible and jokes that it was a little scary. Jake asks now what. Gabi says they will circle back to make sure Brady talks to Victor about kicking Philip out of Titan. Jake feels Gabi is pretty convinced. Gabi asks if he’s worried. Jake asks what if it backfires and Victor names Brady CEO instead of them. Gabi argues that they tried that a million times and it never works out, so Victor needs someone like them. Gabi assures that this is going to work and that Philip is more jealous than ever. Jake admits that he doesn’t think Philip is crazy for thinking Brady is trying to move in on his woman. Gabi agrees which is why it was so easy, because Philip is close to the edge and when he implodes, Titan will be all theirs.

Brady hopes Chloe knows how much he thinks about her business acumen and persuasive abilities. Chloe jokes about this being an employee evaluation. Brady tells her that he just likes having her around and she makes the business better. Brady then says she makes everything better. Philip walks in. Chloe asks what he’s doing here. Philip points out that Chloe said she’s too busy for lunch but now she’s just shooting the breeze with a guy who told Gabi and Jake that he would do anything to win her back.

Rafe questions what makes Nicole think that he has feelings for her. Nicole says nevermind but Rafe wants to know where she heard that. Nicole then admits that Ava told her that he admitted it to her. Nicole apologizes for saying anything and says Rafe doesn’t have to explain, but he wants to. Rafe brings up Nicole leaning on him as a friend during her problems with Eric and Hope had just left, so part of him developed feelings for her but she was married to Eric, so it wasn’t going to go anywhere, so he didn’t pursue it. Nicole asks about now. Rafe says now he’s with Ava, so that’s the end of it. Rafe adds that it’s not like Nicole had those feelings for him.

Justin questions Bonnie not killing David. Bonnie makes sure that Justin is officially her lawyer so everything she says is confidential. Bonnie tells Justin about how David made her and her kids lives a living hell. Bonnie says one day, her daughter Mimi snapped as she had enough abuse. Justin questions if Mimi killed David. Bonnie confirms that she hit him with a fireplace poker but she couldn’t let Mimi go to prison, so she took the fall for her daughter. Justin questions her spending all those years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Bonnie tells him that he can never say that in court because no one can ever know. Bonnie just wanted Justin to know the whole truth. Justin tells her that a person with a big enough heart to do that for her daughter is the person he loves. Bonnie questions him still loving her. Justin assures that he loves her and he knows this will be a hard fight in court, but after it’s over, he still intends to marry her. Bonnie cries as she excitedly hugs Justin.

Jake suggests he and Gabi celebrate their success with donuts at the new Sweet Bits Bakery. Gabi complains that it was supposed to be her store so they will not support the bakery. Gabi suggests they just go home so they walk off together.

Philip tells Brady that Gabi and Jake told him that he went on about how Chloe’s going to leave him and is better off with him. Brady says he did not say that. Philip questions Brady not talking to them about him. Brady explains that they came to talk to him about the keylogger incident. Brady admits that he told them that he’s tired of Philip’s insecurity and jealousy and he thinks he’s a paranoid maniac. Philip calls this suspicious. Brady declares that he’s done and tells them to have fun together as he exits. Chloe tells Philip that he can stop marking his territory now. Philip complains that Brady pushes his buttons to make him look like a jerk to her. Chloe feels he could just ignore it but Philip says he can’t let Brady badmouth him to his employees behind his back. Philip adds that he just doesn’t want to lose Chloe because she means too much to him.

Nicole states that Rafe is with Ava now, so whatever feelings were there, it’s over and she’s moved on so this conversation is going on longer than she intended. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s going to get coffee and heads in to the Brady Pub.

Ciara asks if Ben is okay. Ben says that he is. Ciara asks if something is wrong. Ben claims he’s just tired. Ciara says this was a very affecting experience for both of them. They thank the woman for showing them around as she walks away. Ciara tells Ben that was emotional. Ciara suggests they go back down to the city and walk around the French Quarter for more delicious New Orleans food. Ben says that sounds good as they kiss. They hear thunder, so Ben says they should get a move on as it looks like a storm is coming. Ben and Ciara then walk away and leave Oak Alley Plantation before the storm begins..

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