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Justin: This interview is over.

Rafe: Says who?

Justin: Says her attorney.

Bonnie: This is for real? Y-you’re gonna represent me?

Justin: You fired your other attorney, didn’t you?

Bonnie: Yes, but yesterday–

Justin: Yesterday I acted as judge and jury before you even had a trial. I wasn’t here then, but I’m here now.

Chloe: So you know it’s just you and me here right now right?

Nicole: Yes, I can see that.

Chloe: So you’re not gonna admit that you have feelings for rafe?

Nicole: Again, what is the point?

Chloe: The point is if it’s the truth. I mean, come on nicole what are you doing? Are you punishing yourself because you still feel guilty about cheating on erik?

Nicole: What are you, dr. Marlena evans now?

Chloe: Yes, I’m very wise, and I’m just trying to be your friend.

Nicole: Aww, you are my friend, but… he was my friend too. And there is no way I’m gonna make a play for her man.

Chloe: Who says that he’s her man?

Nicole: She does and she’s paranoid enough as it is.

Chloe: Are you concerned for your safety, you know, with her crazy history?

Nicole: No, no, that’S… that’s not what this is about. It’S… it’s about doing the right thing. And look, the difference between my situation and your situation is that when it comes to you and brady, philip does have a reason to be jealous.

Gabi: Look, brady, I understand. You don’t wanna cause trouble in your family by ratting philip out to your grandfather, but titan’s your legacy. Not just yours, but tate and rachel’s just like gabi chic is arianna’S.

Brady: Believe me… I think about that a lot. I do.

Gabi: Well, then if you truly agree that philip’s a threat to this company, then you owe it to your family to go to victor.

Philip: What the hell is going on here? Are you two plotting with brady behind my back?

Ciara: I would say that my favorite was the lobster po’boy.

Ben: Oh, I would have to go with creole turtle soup.

Ciara: Creole turtle soup. Wow. You know that’s really creepy.

Ben: It is, but if you tried it, you would’ve loved it.

Ciara: Okay. Well, you didn’t try my muffeletta sandwich.

Ben: That’s because I was too damn full on turtle soup. I’ve never been that stuffed with so much craziness in a bowl in my life.

Ciara: Uh-huh. Well, don’t worry. I think you’ll work it off. We both will work it off.

Ben: Definitely.

Ciara: Yeah. You know, baby…

Ben: Hmm.

Ciara: Being married to the love of my life and celebrating our honeymoon in new orleans and knowing that we have a whole future together with nothing stopping us… that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the room.

Ben: I love you…so much.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ciara: Plotting with brady against our boss? Why would we do that?

Jake: You know gabi and I are here putting brady on notice.

Philip: For what?

Jake: For putting that key logger on our computers.

Gabi: Mmm-hmm. We’ve been very clear that he’s not gonna get away with it.

Brady: You all are insane. I told you I didn’t do it, so if you excuse me, I have some work to do.

Philip: Oh, what kind of work?

Brady: Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s a very important project. Oh, and chloe is waiting for me.

Ciara: You know, I can’t believe how beautiful it is here. I’ve heard a lot about this place from my mom. This is where her and my dad and their love story kind of took off.

Ashleigh: [Ahem] Welcome to oak alley. May I help you?

Ciara: Yes, we came for a tour.

Ashleigh: I’m sorry. We just closed for the day. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Bonnie: [Exhales] I guess I should start at the beginning.

Justin: Which is when?

Bonnie: Somewhere around 2003.

Justin: This goes back that far?

Bonnie: Remember the buddybucks scam?

Justin: If I remember correctly, buddies burger barn was running a promotion. Scratch off the winning ticket.

Bonnie: Win a million dollars.

Justin: Right, and buddy’s sales went through the roof, but there wasn’t a winner, right?

Bonnie: And I can tell you why. See, harrison lord, calista’s husband, he worked in buddy’s corporate.

Justin: Okay.

Bonnie: And one day he had this brilliant idea that he would keep the winning ticket for himself.

Justin: But he couldn’t cash it. In fact, it would have been illegal for him to even enter the contest. He was an employee.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. That’s where I came in. Winner, winner, beef for dinner? That’s the best you could do?

Harrison: Read the prize.

Bonnie: One comma… zero zero zero, comma, zero…

Harrison: You are holding a million buckaroos in that pretty little hand of yours.

Bonnie: This is worth a million dollars?

Harrison: Mm-hmm. Now, put it somewhere safe. Well, that’s not quite what I had in mind, but okay.

Bonnie: Now what?

Harrison: Well, now all you gotta do is walk into buddy’s burger barn and tell them you got some fries with a side of cash, and then bam, you are a millionaire.

Calista: No, half a millionaire. Remember we are splitting this payout, and I still think we should get a bigger cut.

Harrison: There’s no need to be greedy–we could not have done this without the lovely miss bonnie.

Bonnie: That’s really all I have to do?

Harrison: Well, I mean, you might have to do a little pr. “Oh, I can’t believe I’ve won. I never win anything.” Go ahead and try it. Let’s see.

Bonnie: Can’t believe I won. I never win anything.

Calista: That was terrible.

Harrison: I’ll–I’ll work on that.

Bonnie: I don’t know. This feels wrong.

Harrison: Hey, it’s–it’s easy money. You’re–you’re taking cash from a big corporation. They’re just gonna give it away anyway. No one gets hurt.

Bonnie: Except those people buying burgers hoping to win a prize.

Calista: I am losing confidence in this. I am not going to prison if she screws up.

Harrison: Sweetheart, why don’t you head on over to buddy’s and get us some burgers and fries? We’re gonna work on this monumental moment. We need some props.

Calista: I don’t eat red meat.

Harrison: Calista, food. Please. I’m gonna work on bonnie’s nerves.

Calista: Fine. Good luck with meryl streep here.

Bonnie: I don’t know, harrison.

Harrison: Hey, there is nothing to be worried about.

Bonnie: What if the police come sniffing around my house? Or what if they find out we’re related by marriage?

Harrison: David is out of the picture. We’re not related anymore, right?

Bonnie: I guess.

Harrison: Hey, hey. If anyone messes with you, let me know. I’ll handle it.

Justin: So lord planned the whole scam?

Bonnie: And then things took a turn.

Philip: I didn’t ask you to meet with brady.

Gabi: We hated that you accused us of spying on you. We could have lost our jobs. We wanted to prove to you that we didn’t do that.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. So we warned brady that if he didn’t back off, we were gonna go to the authorities.

Philip: What did he say when you accused him?

Jake: Like you heard. He denied everything.

Philip: That’s all?

Jake: Pretty much.

Gabi: Other than the stuff he said about chloe.

Philip: What about chloe?

Chloe: You think philip is justified in acting jealous?

Nicole: I think that philip knows you had feelings for brady. Feelings that you couldn’t act on because he was still with kristen.

Chloe: I told brady how I felt.

Nicole: Yeah. And then you moved on, and you told philip that you’d give him a chance, but now kristen is out of the picture and you’re not sure that you made the right choice.

Chloe: I didn’t say that.

Nicole: You didn’t have to. Chloe, come on, we all know that your feelings for brady haven’t gone away.

Brady: Hey. Am i interrupting? To be a thriver

Ciara: So there really is no way we can see the grounds today?

Ashleigh: I’m sorry. We’re past visiting hours.

Ciara: Oh, man, I guess we we just got caught up touring new orleans–we didn’t realize how late it was.

Ben: It’s all right. We can come back tomorrow.

Ciara: No, but baby we just drove an hour, and we have tickets to the voodoo museum tomorrow.

Ben: We can skip the voodoo museum. This is important to you. This is special.

Ashleigh: Oh, what brings you here?

Ciara: Well, we are on our honeymoon, but my parents actually came here a long time ago. This is where they first started falling in love. They even had a little symbolic ceremony here.

Ashleigh: Is that right?

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, they always wanted to come back.

Ashleigh: They never did?

Ciara: No, no, they did not. My father passed away.

Ashleigh: I’m so sorry.

Ciara: It’s okay.

Ben: You know, maybe we should just get going. I thought I started to hear some thunder anyway.

Ashleigh: Wait, I’m not supposed to do this, but if you’d like, I can show you around a bit.

Ciara: Really?

Ashleigh: Sure, I’d like you to see what oak alley is all about today. Follow me.

Nicole: No, no, no. You’re–you’re not interrupting. I was just actually leaving for the day.

Chloe: You don’t have to do that–you don’t have to go.

Nicole: I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

Chloe: Okay, I don’t know what that was all about.

Brady: Maybe it was about you saying you had feelings for me or something.

Chloe: Is that what you heard?

Brady: I heard something like that, yeah.

Chloe: Actually, I was just telling nicole about the whole wilkes-barre mess with philip, and she just kind of drew her own conclusions.

Brady: So she was wrong?

Chloe: Well, she wasn’t wrong about everything. She does feel like philip has a valid point in feeling paranoid about someone putting spyware on his computer.

Brady: And I told philip that I had nothing to do with that.

Chloe: Yeah, of course you had to deny it in front of him, otherwise he would have lunged at you, but now there’s just you and me here. Come on, you can be honest. Did you do it, brady?

Brady: Chloe, you know, what if I did? You know, we’re business rivals, you know? All’s fair in love and… all’s fair in war.

Philip: How did chloe’s name even come up?

Gabi: When we accused brady of keylogging our computers, he asked where we got the idea.

Jake: Yeah, and we said we got it from you.

Gabi: Brady tried to turn it around. He claimed that you made him out to be the enemy because you’re threatened by his past relationship with chloe. He went on and on about how jealous you are of him, how she’s better off without you, and even–

Philip: Even what?

Gabi: It’s only a matter of time before chloe comes to her senses and dumps you.

Philip: So he’s just going around to random employees of mine telling them that my girlfriend’s gonna leave me for him?

Gabi: Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe he was just–

Philip: Jake, did she misunderstand?

Jake: Uh, no.

Bonnie: It was the worst day of my life, and given what happened yesterday is saying a lot.

Harrison: I know times have been tough ever since calista’s brother walked out on you. I just want you to know that I’M…I’m here for you in every way. You’re a beautiful woman, bonnie.

Bonnie: [Gasps] Your wife’s a beautiful woman.

Harrison: Well, of course, she is…and you kinda remind me of her, except you just have way more to offer.

Bonnie: I should go.

Harrison: You don’t get to make that decision.

Bonnie: What?

Harrison: I’m not gonna hand you half a mil in exchange for nothing–I’m gonna get what I paid for it.

Bonnie: I don’t want the money–I just wanna go. Stop it! Don’t–don’t you touch me.

Harrison: Come on.

Bonnie: Don’T. Don’t!

Harrison: You know you wanna do this–you know you want it. Just let it happen anyway– ooh! Ha ha ha! Okay, oh, this, now–okay. This is gonna be fun. Now, if you wanna play this, just make sure you unload it.

Bonnie: I ain’t playing. Don’t you touch me.

Harrison: And don’t you dare walk out on me. We had a deal!

Bonnie: The deal–


Calista: Well, I told them to make the fries extra crispy so–

Bonnie: Calista.

Calista: Oh, my god. Bonnie, what have you done? Hey!

Bonnie: He was dead. I killed him. I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Justin: Bonnie, it wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your fault.

Bonnie: It’s just I was married to a man who beat me s-senseless almost every day, a-and when harrison touched me, I just said no more. No more. And I just–I had to do what i had to do to protect myself.

Calista: He is dead! You killed him!

Bonnie: I-I didn’t– he was trying to force himself on me.

Calista: Liar!

Bonnie: It’s true!

Calista: He would never betray me for the likes of you.

[Gasps] You wanted that ticket all for yourself, you greedy little bitch.

Bonnie: No!

Calista: Yes, you wanted the whole mil.

Bonnie: No, I didn’T. I just wanted to go.

Calista: You are not gonna get away with this, bonnie lockhart. I am calling the police, and you’re going to prison.

Bonnie: No, no. I can’T. No!

[Somber music]

I just…left in such a hurry, I didn’t even pick up the gun. I just got my car and sped home. And I kept waiting for her to come after me, but she never did.


Justin: So what did you do with the ticket?

Bonnie: Couldn’t cash it. It was blood money, you know? I mean, literally, it had blood all over it, so I just flushed it down the toilet… and I imagined my whole life going down the drain with it. And now it finally has.

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Rafe.

Rafe: Hi.

Nicole: Hi. I, uh, I was just…going.

Rafe: Really? ‘Cause it looked like you were coming in.

Nicole: That’s what I meant. Ha. I’m assuming you’re just leaving.

Rafe: Yeah, I am. So we should not even say hello to each other anymore?

Nicole: We just did.

Rafe: Right.

Nicole: So see ya.

Rafe: Nicole, wait, wait. Okay, listen, there’s no need to run away. We live in a small town. We’re still friends, right?

Nicole: O-of course.

Rafe: Well, then I hope you’re not expecting us to avoid each other forever, because I’m not down with that.

Chloe: I told philip that if you are the one who put the malware on his computer that I would quit basic black and I would never speak to you ever again.

Brady: Damn. Oh, god, well, in that case, no I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it at all. Chloe, seriously. I didn’t do it. You do believe me, don’t you?

Chloe: I do.

Brady: Good. ‘Cause I don’t think that we could get along here without you.

Chloe: I’m sure this business would be fine. It was fine without me before so–

Brady: Then fine. I’m gonna revise my statement. I don’t think I could get along around here without you.

Philip: So what else did brady say about me?

Gabi: Oh, something about how you–you followed him and chloe to pennsylvania, burst in on them in a hotel room?

Philip: In bed. Did he mention that part?

Gabi: They were in bed together?

Philip: They said there was only one room left but–

Gabi: It sounds convenient.

Jake: You know, more like he planned it.

Philip: Exactly.

Gabi: Philip, maybe–maybe you’ve got this all wrong.

Philip: Do you honestly believe that after what you’ve seen from brady? What he’s trying to do to the company? To me? That’s what I thought. Thank you for the info. I’ve gotta go.

Gabi: Now that is what I call teamwork.

[Both laughing]

Jake: Hey, oh! People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Ciara: Wow. Walking around oak alley was… a lot different than from what I expected.

Ashleigh: You were disappointed?

Ciara: Oh, no. No, not at all. It’s just…in my mind it was always about my parents’ history here, and I really thought about the actual history of this place you know?

Ben: Or how it connects to the history of our country.

Ashleigh: Well, the plantation grounds hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The way we look at our history has. Not to take away from anything from your parents’ experience here, but to put it in perspective.

Ciara: Yeah, you know I’ve heard some old stories about the french mysterious colonizers who came here, planted a bunch of oak trees and gave this place its name.

Ashleigh: A very romantic story. Much more romantic than the truth that the trees were planted by slaves. The same slaves who built the plantation house.

Ben: It’s powerful to see all their names listed like that in the database.

Ashleigh: Mm-hmm. I’ve been working here for two years and it gets to me every single day. Imagining the lives of my ancestors, what they went through. But I’m grateful we’re able to remember them and to give visitors a more accurate picture of what this place used to be. As we say, in order to move forward, we have to reckon with our past. If something’s built on ugliness and violence, then it’s always gonna be there beneath the surface and we can’t ignore it.

Nicole: Of course, we don’t have to avoid each other forever but it’s only been what… two days?

Rafe: I don’t know, and this whole thing’s your idea.

Nicole: I am just trying to make things easier for you and ava.

Rafe: Okay. Thank you. Listen, I know that ava has had some problems with jealousy, but at some point, she has to accept the fact that I have friends and some of them are female.

Nicole: It’s not that simple.

Rafe: Okay, why not?

Nicole: Because you don’t have… feelings for your other friends like you do for me.

Justin: Some water?

Bonnie: Thank you.

Justin: So you didn’t see calista again.

Bonnie: Not for years. I guess she and harrison had committed so many crimes she figured she’d get busted if she called the cops on me. Anyway, she left town, and I kept… kept looking over my shoulder, you know, just waiting. And then one day the– the cops finally did come knocking on my door. ‘Cept it was because they found my husband, dan, in my backyard.

Justin: And that’s when you went to statesville?

Bonnie: I know how awful this sounds. Three dead bodies because of me. And you know what I did to adrienne. How I hurt her just so I could break out. And you. You–you forgave so much and I–I let you down. I’m sorry.

Justin: Bonnie, tell me what happened this week.

Bonnie: I guess calista heard I was marrying rich, and she thought she could get her million dollars, you know, that she believed I owed her. So four days ago she just showed up out of the blue.

Justin: So when you told me that she was invited or you invited her–

Bonnie: That was a lie. I’m–I’m sorry. I just–I really thought if you knew the truth that you’d be obligated to turn me in.

Justin: Okay, so what was calista’s plan?

Bonnie: She’d brought harrison’s gun.

Justin: The one you shot him with?

Bonnie: She said my fingerprints were all over it and if I didn’t get her her money, she was gonna take it to the police. Justin, she wanted me to– she wanted me to drain your bank account, but I wouldn’t do that. I’d rather die.

Justin: So you stole a million dollars from my cousin xander instead?

Bonnie: I just figured it was dirty money anyway.

Justin: Why didn’t you just come to me?

Justin: I couldn’t make you pay for my past sins. When calista went to stay at salem inn, she overheard ej and xander talk about how xander had a million dollars cash in his briefcase. She said it was fate, that I had to steal it for her or else.

Justin: So you did?

Bonnie: I didn’t think I had a choice. To do toave to save my future with you.

Justin: Did you give calista the money?>> Bonnie: I did… but it turns out she wanted more. She wanted revenge. She pulled out harrison’s gun, took a pillow from the bed to use as a silencer.

Justin: Oh, my god.

Bonnie: I swear…

Justin: Bonnie.

Bonnie: I just–I saw my life pass before my eyes, so I just grabbed the gun and just– it just–it just went off. You know the rest.

Justin: She died.

Bonnie: In our bedroom.

Justin: It was an accident. You were trying to defend yourself.

Bonnie: Yes.

Justin: Just like harrison.

Bonnie: Yes.

Justin: So that’s the whole story. That’s everything?

Bonnie: You don’t believe me, do you? Truthfully, it’s frustrating to see how fast dust reappears.

Bonnie: Justin, do you believe me?

Justin: Yes, I do. I believe you, bonnie.

Bonnie: You still wanna defend me now that you know everything?

Justin: Yes. Yes, I’d like to defend you.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you!

Justin: But I won’t lie to you. This is going to be a tough road now that you’ve admitted to killing calista, harrison lord, and your husband.

Bonnie: Oh, hang on. I did not admit to killing my husband. ‘Cause I didn’t do it.

Gabi: I cannot believe how perfectly that worked out.

Jake: Yeah, you were incredible.

Gabi: Thank you. I’m very good at this.

Jake: Gotta be honest. It was a little scary.

Gabi: Well, just make sure you’re on my good side, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Jake: Right. So now what?

Gabi: Well, now we circle back with brady and make sure he’s gonna talk to victor about kicking philip out of titan.

Jake: Yeah, you seem pretty convinced.

Gabi: It sounds like you’re a little worried.

Jake: You know, what if it– what if it backfires? What if victor names brady ceo instead of us?

Gabi: No, no. They have tried that a million times. It always–it doesn’t work out, okay? They’re too different. Victor needs somebody like us. This is gonna work.

Jake: Well, you’re the expert.

Gabi: Yes, I am and we’ve managed to light a fire under philip. He’s more jealous than ever.

Jake: Oh, the guy seemed like he was ready to pop, but I gotta say I don’t think he’s crazy for thinking brady’s trying to move in on his woman.

Gabi: No, no, no no. It’s definitely real, which is why it was so easy. Philip is this close to the edge and when he implodes, titan will be all ours.

Brady: I hope you know how much I think about your business acumen and your projections and your singular persuasive abilities, chloe.

Chloe: Is this an employee evaluation?

Brady: [Laughs] No. It’s a fancy way of saying I like having you around. You make the business better. You make everything better.

Philip: You again.

Brady: I work here, philip.

Chloe: Hey, what are you– what are you doing here?

Philip: Well, you said you were too busy for lunch. Now you’re just here shooting the breeze with the guy who told gabi and jake… he’d do anything to win you back.

Rafe: What makes you think that I have feelings for you?

Nicole: Never mind.

Rafe: No, no. I wanna know. Where did you hear that?

Nicole: Ava told me that you admitted it to her.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I’m so sorry– I shouldn’t have said it like that.

Rafe: No, look. Look–

Nicole: You don’t have to explain.

Rafe: No, I want to, okay? Listen, you and eric, you were having problems and you leaned on me as a friend and hope had just left, and, yeah, a part of me developed feelings for you.

Nicole: Which part?

Rafe: You were married to eric. I wasn’t gonna go anywhere, and so…I didn’t pursue it.

Nicole: And now?

Rafe: Now…now I’m with ava. So, yeah, that’s the end of it. It’s not like you had those feelings for me, right? My nunormal?

Justin: So you didn’t kill david?

Bonnie: You’re officially my lawyer, right? Meaning everything I say is confidential, right?

Justin: Of course.

Bonnie: Okay. Like, I said david made my life a living hell and patrick’s, connor’S… mimi’S. And one day, she just snapped.

Justin: Mimi?

Bonnie: My little girl had had enough abuse.

Justin: So your daughter was the one who killed him?

Bonnie: Hit him with a fireplace poker. But I couldn’t let my little girl go to prison. She had her whole life ahead of her, and it wasn’t her fault that married that monster, you know?

Justin: So you took the rap for your daughter. You spent all those years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

Bonnie: But you can never say that in court. No one, justin, seriously, no one can ever know. I just wanted you to know the truth. The whole truth, finally.

Justin: Bonnie. Bonnie. The person with a big enough heart to do that for her daughter… that’s the person I love.

Bonnie: Love? Still?

Justin: Yes, I love you. And yes this is gonna be a hard fight in court, but after this is over, I still intend to marry you.

Bonnie: Oh, god, justin.

[Both laugh]

Jake: So how about we grab ourselves a treat and celebrate our success?

Gabi: What did you have in mind?

Jake: I heard there’s some pretty great jelly donuts at that new bakery. What?

Gabi: That was supposed to be my store. They stole it right from under me.

Jake: Oh, right. Does that mean we still can’t get donuts?

Gabi: I don’t care how sweet their bits are–we’re not gonna give them a dime. Besides, I see some other sweet bits right in front of me that I’d like to take home with me.

Jake: Okay, well, when you put it that way…

Brady: Jake and gabi said what?

Philip: That you went on and on about how chloe is gonna leave me and how she’s better off with you.

Chloe: Brady?

Brady: I didn’t say that.

Philip: You didn’t talk to them about me?

Brady: I’ll tell you what we talked about. They came to talk to me about this keylogger incident. And, yes, philip, I told them I’m tired of your petty insecurities and your jealousy and I think you’re a paranoid maniac–you’re not exactly proving me wrong here.

Philip: You don’t think this is suspicious?

Brady: All right, philip, I’m done. You have fun together. Enjoy. See you tomorrow.

Chloe: Okay, you can stop marking your territory now.

Philip: I am sorry. He just pushes my buttons to make me look like a jerk to you.

Chloe: You can just ignore it.

Philip: I can’t let him badmouth me behind my back to my employees. You understand that, right?

Chloe: Of course, I do.

Philip: Good. I just don’t wanna lose you. You mean too much to me.

Nicole: You are with ava now…

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: And whatever feelings were there–well, it’s over. I’ve moved on, and this conversation is going on way longer than I intended so–

Rafe: Nicole.

[Soft music]


Nicole: I really…I’m gonna get some coffee.

Ciara: Are you okay, babe?

Ben: Yeah, I’m okay.

Ashleigh: Is something wrong?

Ben: No, no, no, I’m good. I’m just–I’m just tired.

Ciara: Yeah. This has been a very affecting experience for the both of us. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to show us around. We really, really appreciate it.

Ben: Yes, thank you.

Ashleigh: My pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

Ciara: Yeah, we will. Thank you. Bye.

Ciara: Well, that was… emotional.

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Hey, babe. How about we go back down to the city tonight, maybe walk around the french quarter, try to find more of that delicious, delicious new orleans food?

Ben: Sounds good.

Ciara: Yeah?

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Good.

Ben: We really should probably get a move on, though. Feels like a storm’s coming.

Ciara: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

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