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Ava is outside Julie’s Place and calls Rafe, who is at the police station. Rafe calls it a nice surprise and asks if everything is ok. Ava asks him to wish her luck because she’s going to check on her application at Julie’s Place. Rafe wishes her luck but says she won’t need it because Julie would be crazy not to hire her. Ava brings up her previous occupation so her resume being unconventional.

Philip is in Julie’s Place and calls Chloe. Chloe questions his call but Philip says he just wanted to check on her and see how her day was going. Philip adds that after chasing her to Pennsylvania, he felt she needed an attentive boyfriend instead of a crazed jealous one. Chloe tells him that her day is fine and asks what he’s doing. Philip mentions eating at Julie’s Place and invites her to join him. Chloe says she would love to but Brady needs her to finish the quarterly projections. Philip remarks that they wouldn’t want to disappoint Brady.

Gabi and Jake meet with Brady in the town square. Brady notes that Gabi’s text was vague and asks what this is about. Gabi informs Brady that it’s about him spying on Titan.

Bonnie is in the interrogation room and imagines Calista coming in to tell her she has no one left and that even Justin has abandoned her.

Justin sits at home a the Kiriakis Mansion. He looks at his wedding ring until Steve walks in and asks if Justin could use some company as he asks how he’s doing. Justin responds that his fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder, but other than that he’s doing great.

Brady questions Gabi and Jake thinking that he’s spying on them. Jake brings up Brady getting booted out of Titan so maybe he was looking for revenge. Gabi adds that now Brady is the competition. Jake suggests Brady could be looking for an edge to hack them. Brady asks if this is about the keylogger found on their computers because he already told Philip that he had nothing to do with it. Brady doesn’t know why Gabi thinks he’d be involved, but insists he didn’t touch the computers, and hopes that she wouldn’t think he would do something like that. Gabi admits that she doesn’t but says this is about Philip’s personal vendetta against him.

Philip asks if Chloe’s sure she can’t join him. Chloe says she’s sorry but she’s too busy for lunch so she calls a rain check. Philip tells her that he will see her tonight and they hang up. Nicole enters the office and tells Chloe that they aren’t that busy, so she could’ve gone to lunch. Chloe insists that she needs to finish the projections. Nicole asks if it was a good offer. Chloe says Philip was at Julie’s Place. Nicole hopes he’s not too disappointed. Chloe says that Philip was just calling to check on her. Nicole calls that sweet of him. Chloe states that normally it would be, but she can’t help but wonder if he was just calling to check up on her.

Ava goes in to Julie’s Place and sits at the bar where she spots Philip and greets him. Philip tells her that whatever she wants, he wants no part of it, because he learned from her that crime doesn’t pay.

Bonnie freaks out over her imagination of Calista. She screams until Rafe walks in and tells her to take it easy. Rafe asks her what’s going on and why she’s so scared.

Ava informs Philip that she is here checking on her job application which Philip questions and finds funny, because chef seems like an usual career path for a mob boss. Ava responds that she’s been cooking her whole life so she knows more than most chefs. Philip isn’t sure that it’s a suitable career path given her history of stealing and murdering people. Ava tells him that she left that life behind since she decided to make a change and now she’s in a relationship with the police commissioner. Ava declares that she will never go back to a life of organized crime or who she used to be. Ava says that Philip can doubt her, but she’s gone legit and has never been happier. Philip guesses he’s happy for her but jokes that if she had her old connections, she could find someone to break Brady’s legs for him.

Brady questions Gabi not thinking he’s spying on her then. Gabi apologizes for bringing it up and tells Jake that she doesn’t think Brady would sink that low. Brady guesses that Philip told them it was him. Jake and Gabi go along and claim that they couldn’t talk Philip out of the idea. Brady calls Philip a jealous maniac, who thinks he’s after his girlfriend.

Nicole asks Chloe why Philip would be checking up on her. Chloe asks if she hasn’t heard that she can’t be trusted. Nicole jokes about things being great in their relationship. Chloe says it was but lately Philip has been so jealous of Brady and convinced there is something going on between them. Chloe adds that she and Brady are friends that work together, but a few days ago they got stranded in Wilkes-Barre and Philip flew all the way over there to barge in to their motel room. Nicole questions them being in the same room. Chloe explains that the motel was fully booked and there was only one room available. Chloe calls it worse than uncomfortable. Nicole asks if she’s sure that Philip has nothing to worry about. Chloe asks if she’s saying Philip was justified. Nicole says she’s not but points out that Chloe did have feelings for Brady. Nicole adds that she’s the one who encouraged her to go for it with Brady. Chloe notes that she did tell Brady how she felt, but it didn’t work out because he was in love with Kristen, so she chose to be with Philip, and then after that, Brady decided he was interested in her. Chloe says she made her choice and stayed with Philip. Nicole asks if she’s happy with that decision.

Steve informs Justin that Bonnie did not make bail. Justin says good because he never wants to see her again. Steve thinks that’s a little harsh. Justin brings up that Steve warned him and always saw her for what she truly is; a con artist. Justin says he couldn’t see the truth right in his face. Steve points out that he loved her. Justin asks if he did or if he was blinded by how much Bonnie looked like Adrienne. Steve thinks it was more than that. Justin feels he made himself believe that Bonnie had Adrienne’s goodness and he created a fantasy about who she was. Steve asks if it was really fantasy. Justin says he convinced himself that Bonnie changed but she’s the same that she’s always been, so he’s glad he got out of it before she took everything.

Bonnie tells Rafe that she was just having a bad dream. Rafe points out that she was awake. Bonnie calls it a long night. Rafe understands she fired her public defender. Bonnie complains about not getting out on bail and claims she’s not guilty. Rafe asks if she wants to tell him about it since she no longer has representation, she can answer his questions and he might be able to help her. Rafe says that’s if she tells him her side of the story.

Chloe tells Nicole that she was happy with her decision until Philip started acting like a jealous teenager which is a huge pain. Chloe asks if she can imagine someone following her halfway around the country to demand she swear her allegiance to him. Nicole asks if her feelings are gone. Chloe says she still wants to be with Philip, but he has to stop the jealousy because it’s ruining everything. Chloe adds that Philip is getting so paranoid that he thinks Brady is spying on Titan.

Brady tells Jake and Gabi that Philip is obsessed with the idea that he’s going to steal Chloe from him. Brady informs them about Philip following them on their business trip. Gabi remarks that it makes a lot more sense now that he’s telling them and claims they’ve been confused by the way Philip has been acting. Jake adds that it’s like Philip is thinking about Brady all the time. Gabi says he should hear the comments Philip makes around the office.

Ava asks Philip why he would want someone to break Brady’s legs. Philip calls it just a joke but Ava doesn’t believe that and guesses it’s a woman. Ava asks who the lucky lady is. Philip informs her that he’s seeing Chloe. Ava asks where Brady comes in. Philip responds that Brady has been obsessed with Chloe since losing Kristen and has been doing everything he can to take her away from him. Philip adds that Brady acts like he’s spending time with Chloe for work, but he’s not as clever as he thinks he is. Ava asks if he’s threatened. Philip talks about Brady pulling moves to get closer to Chloe than acts like he’s the crazy one. Philip asks Ava if she thinks he’s being paranoid. Ava responds that she actually knows exactly how he feels.

Bonnie asks Rafe what he wants to know. Rafe wants to hear her version of what happened yesterday, since she said she’s innocent and didn’t shoot Calista. Bonnie says that she didn’t. Rafe points out that she ended up dead in her room, so he will need more details. Rafe says he just wants the truth. Bonnie informs Rafe that the gun went off accidentally and swears that she wasn’t trying to kill her. Bonnie calls it self defense because Calista was going to kill her. Bonnie recalls Calista pointing the gun at her, so she knew she had to do whatever she could. Bonnie admits she was desperate and thought she was going to die on her wedding day, so she lunged for the gun, they struggled, and then it went off, and Calista was dead. Rafe calls it some story and he’s glad she told him. Bonnie asks if Rafe believes her.

Brady asks what else Philip has been saying about him. Jake and Gabi say Philip does more than just talk and he’s obsessed, like he’s barely paying attention to his job. Gabi claims she likes Philip so she takes no pleasure in telling him this, but her business depends on Titan and she’s afraid that Philip is going to run the entire company to the ground. Brady asks if they’ve called him on it. Jake points out that he’s their boss and he’s past the point of listening. Brady suggests going to Victor but Gabi worries about her working relationship with Philip if she goes over his head. Gabi starts to say she doesn’t know if she should tell Brady this. Brady responds that it’s good to know that he’s not the only one who has witnessed Philip’s insane behavior lately. Gabi says they are just trying to figure out how to handle it. Gabi then suggests Brady talk to Victor.

Philip questions Ava knowing how he feels from personal experience and asks if it’s her and Rafe. Ava explains that when she and Rafe started getting close, she was worried about Rafe and Nicole. Philip thought they were just friends. Ava confirms they were, but when Nicole and Eric split for good, Rafe became her shoulder to cry on, so she became convinced something was going on and then Rafe admitted he had feelings for Nicole. Philip asks why she’s not breaking Nicole’s legs then. Ava explains that Nicole agreed to stay away from Rafe. Philip calls her lucky and wishes he could get a similar deal with Brady. Ava asks what Chloe says about it. Philip responds that she said she’d stop seeing Brady if he can prove that Brady is spying on him.

Chloe tells Nicole about Philip being convinced that Brady put a keylogger on his computer. Nicole doesn’t think that’s Brady’s style but Chloe says there was no arguing with Philip. Nicole asks what he’s going to do about it. Chloe says she had to agree that if Philip can prove it, then she would stop spending time with Brady. Chloe adds that if Brady didn’t do it, there is nothing to prove. Chloe doesn’t want to talk about her jealous boyfriend anymore and asks what’s going on with Nicole. Nicole says she’s okay. Chloe knows they haven’t really talked since her and Eric broke up. Chloe hopes they are working things out in the time that has passed. Nicole reveals they are working out their divorce proceedings. Chloe says she’s so sorry as she knows it must be hard on her. Nicole admits it’s harder than she thought as she not only has to say goodbye to Eric but to a part of herself. Chloe encourages her to lean on her friends like her and Rafe. Nicole responds that she can’t lean on Rafe anymore.

Bonnie tells Rafe that she told him what happened and asks if he believes her. Rafe says he has a few more questions. Bonnie says she’s an open book. Rafe questions why her sister in law tried to kill her. Bonnie claims she was just crazy. Rafe asks why Calista was using that particular gun. Bonnie says he’s got her there too. Rafe questions Calista just showing up on her wedding day looking to shoot her. Bonnie repeats that Calista was crazy. Rafe asks if it has nothing to do with Bonnie using that exact gun to kill Calista’s husband.

Steve tells Justin that he understands why he feels conned by Bonnie and he has good reason to feel betrayed, but he doesn’t think they know the whole story. Justin asks what part they are missing since they caught Bonnie with Xander’s money and a gun. Justin argues that Bonnie was ready to say her vows, knowing that her sister in law was lying dead in their bed upstairs. Justin adds that those are not the actions of an innocent woman, that he was prepared to spend the rest of his life with. Justin calls it an insult to Adrienne’s memory. Steve doesn’t think Adrienne would see it that way. Justin talks about convincing himself that he could have the kind of life and happiness with Adrienne and he thought he’d share that with Bonnie of all people. Steve tells Justin that he’s allowed to move on. Justin brings up that Steve warned him and kept telling him that Bonnie is not Adrienne, but he wouldn’t listen. Steve notes that he also changed his mind about Bonnie. Steve admits he didn’t want to give her a chance but Justin told him to keep an open mind and convinced him that people change. Justin states that he was wrong. Steve asks if he was wrong, or if he is wrong now.

Brady questions Gabi thinking he should say something to Victor. Gabi points out that Victor is his grandfather and he’ll always love him. Brady is unsure so Jake guesses they have a complicated relationship. Brady brings up that he works for Victor’s competition now. Gabi thinks he would still listen to him. Brady questions why he would since he doesn’t work for Titan anymore. Gabi insists that someone needs to tell Victor what’s happening with Philip and she thinks he should hear it from family. Brady asks what’s really going on here. Gabi claims she’s just worried about the company. Brady questions if she doesn’t have any ulterior motives here. Gabi talks about Gabi Chic being her life’s work and claims she’s in danger of Philip ruining it. Brady says he can’t argue that he thinks Philip is unfit for the position and remarks that either one of them would make a better CEO than him at this point. Gabi insists that they are in danger of Philip destroying the entire company.

Philip tells Ava of his theory that Brady is spying on him at work and wants everything he has, from his girlfriend to his company. Philip argues that Brady failed at Titan and at marriage, so he’s gotten desperate. Philip declares that once he finds the proof, Chloe will see it too. Ava hopes that works out for him. Philip asks about her and Rafe, guessing she feels better that Rafe and Nicole agreed to keep their distance. Ava talks about the worst thing was not having confirmation and having your mind wander, but they hashed it out and now have a fresh start. Philip asks if Rafe’s feelings for Nicole are behind him. Ava assures that they are. Philip asks if Ava can put it behind her and get past the jealousy.

Justin questions Steve defending Bonnie. Steve just thinks there is something not right here and his gut tells him there is more to the story of Calista’s death and the million dollars. Justin mocks the idea. Steve admits that the money doesn’t look good, but there was something off about Calista. Steve notes that Bonnie was clearly upset when Calista showed up and talks about how Calista tried to put the moves on him. Justin questions that meaning she deserved to be murdered. Steve asks why Bonnie shot her and what Calista was doing here in the first place. Justin asks if it matters. Steve thinks that it does. Steve knows Justin is hurt and feels betrayed, but argues that it’s not like him to turn his back on her. Justin asks what he’s supposed to do, pretend like yesterday never happened? Steve advises Justin to go down there and hear her out.

Bonnie asks Rafe who told him that she killed Calista’s husband. Rafe reveals that they found a letter among Calista’s things and it just got back from forensics. Rafe reads the letter where Calista wrote that she arrived in Salem to attend Bonnie’s wedding, a great risk to herself. Calista added that Bonnie stole a million dollars from her and her husband Harrison and when Harrison confronted Bonnie, she killed him. Calista wrote about holding onto the gun all these years and that it would be found covered in Bonnie’s fingerprints. Calista hoped to use the gun to make Bonnie pay the money back, but she’s afraid a similar fate to Harrison would befall her when she confronted Bonnie. Bonnie argues that Calista is lying.

Chloe questions Nicole saying that Ava forbids her from being around Rafe. Nicole clarifies that no one forbids her and it was her idea to stay away, because she decided it would be best since Rafe and Ava are in a new relationship while she’s still recovering from losing Eric. Nicole says she doesn’t want to make things more complicated for them or herself. Chloe calls that noble of her and doesn’t think she’d be willing to make the same sacrifice. Nicole points out that Ava is her friend. Chloe questions Nicole being willing to give up her friendship with Rafe. Nicole says it won’t last forever but feels she has no choice since Rafe is with Ava now and she does not need more trouble.

Bonnie insists that what Calista wrote in the letter is all lies. Rafe notes that the evidence says otherwise, since her prints are on the gun and Calista’s dead body was found in her room and Bonnie had Xander’s million dollars. Bonnie argues that Rafe can’t prove that she killed anyone. Rafe asks if she really thinks a jury will vote to acquit after all of this. Rafe warns Bonnie that if this goes to court, she’s going down.

Justin asks Steve how he’s supposed to hear Bonnie out since she’s in jail. Steve suggests he go visit her. Justin argues that she already has an attorney. Steve informs him that Bonnie fired her attorney. Justin questions what she’s thinking. Steve suggests he go find out because Bonnie needs help. Justin declares that he can’t be the one to give it because he’s not going to give her another chance to play him for a fool. Steve doesn’t think that will happen. Justin argues that he doesn’t even know if he can believe a single word Bonnie says. Steve tells him that no matter what Bonnie might have or not done, he was ready to give his heart to her and start a life with her. Steve questions if Justin can honestly tell him that his feelings for Bonnie are just gone and he doesn’t still love her.

Brady argues that telling Victor that his son is unfit to run the company is a serious move, so he’ll have to think about it before saying anything. Gabi gets that he doesn’t want to cause trouble in his family but argues that it’s his legacy. Gabi says if Brady agrees that Philip is a threat to the company, then he owes it to his family to tell Victor. Philip then approaches and asks what the hell is going on here.

Chloe admits that Ava sounds like Philip in the way she treated Nicole and Rafe. They joke about how Ava and Philip used to work together. Nicole points out that Ava didn’t go as far as Philip. Chloe notes that Ava went far enough for Nicole to worry and stay away from one of her best friends because of what was going on in her mind. Nicole then reveals it wasn’t all in Ava’s mind because Rafe admitted to having feelings for her. Chloe asks how Nicole feels about that.

Steve runs in to Ava as she’s leaving Julie’s Place. Ava asks if he’s heading in for lunch. Steve confirms Kayla is meeting him after her shift. Ava thanks Steve for his advice. Steve asks if she talked to Rafe. Ava informs him that they worked things out and things are going really well. Steve is glad to hear it and says all they can do is be open and honest because nothing hurts a relationship more than keeping secrets…

Rafe warns Bonnie that this would go easier if she just told him why she took Xander’s money. Rafe asks if that part of Calista’s letter is true and if she stole from her and her husband. Justin then walks in and declares the interview is over as he reveals that he is now Bonnie’s attorney.

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