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Gwen tells Jack that it’s time he knew the truth about Dr. Snyder and what he was holding over her. Jack is glad she decided to trust him. Gwen says it’s not that she didn’t trust him but because what Snyder had over her was something horrible that she was so ashamed of and she was afraid Jack would disown her. Gwen adds that living with her deception has been more difficult, so she can’t keep this from him any longer.

EJ calls the judge while Xander pleads with him. EJ argues that Xander broke the terms of their agreement and says that was a very big mistake. EJ declares that he has no choice but to see to it that Xander paid for his crimes.

Kayla is in Marlena’s office with her. Marlena asks if Kayla really thinks Bonnie murdered her sister in law and then stole a million dollars from Xander. Kayla responds that she honestly doesn’t know what to think but she just feels so bad for Justin. Kayla then gets a text from Jack, cancelling the appointment to check out Doug. Marlena hopes that means Doug is back to being himself again.

Julie declares that she is so thrilled that their family recipe will be available to everyone in Salem right here in the square. Julie calls it a wonderful occasion and that the donuts taste exactly like Alice’s. Doug stops her and asks who the heck is Alice. Julie tells him that Alice Horton is her grandmother. Doug suggests she just take a box of donuts over to her and ask what she thinks of them then.

In Boston, Chad informs Abigail that her mom let him in. Chad says it’s really good to see her. Abigail says it’s good to see him too. Chad asks if he can hug her.

Xander argues that EJ can’t send him to prison after everything he’s done for him. EJ can’t recall oweing him anything. Xander reminds him of how he made sure EJ was fed in Nashville while he was helpless. Xander grabs EJ’s phone from him. EJ demands that he give it back. Xander asks what he will do if he doesn’t.

Abigail and Chad hug. She mentions that he didn’t tell her that he was coming. Chad admits he was afraid she would talk him out of it because it’s clear that she has no plans of coming home. Chad brings up the kids missing her. Abigail says that’s why she writes them every night and checks in on them. Chad tells her that he misses his wife and asks her to come home back to her life with them.

Gwen imagines telling Jack the truth about how she lied about Abigail causing her miscarriage.

Abigail informs Chad that she can’t come home yet because her grandma’s estate is still a mess and she’s not going to leave her mom alone to deal with it. Chad argues that she said she needed space, so he stayed away but it’s been months. Chad asks if Jennifer can’t find someone else to help finish everything up. Abigail repeats that she’s sorry but she needs more time. Chad stops her and begs her to just talk to him.

Johnny enters Marlena’s office. Kayla hugs him and says she heard he was in town and it’s so good to see him. Johnny tells her to tell his dad that. Kayla says she will and she’ll call him to get together. Kayla says goodbye to Marlena and exits. Johnny then greets Marlena and says he’s sorry she hasn’t seen him before now. Marlena asks why he came to her office instead of the house. Johnny informs her that he’s having problems with Allie and wanted to talk to her in private. Marlena asks what kind of problems he’s having with his sister. Johnny says he will get to that, but first he just wants to say he knows how much she helped Allie when things were tough, how much that meant to her, and that she probably couldn’t have gotten through it without her. Johnny talks about how lucky they are but Marlena thinks he’s laying it on thick. Johnny says he means it but Marlena knows the look on his face and guesses that he wants something, so she asks what it is.

EJ warns Xander that if he leaves without his phone, he’ll just get another phone and speak to the judge. EJ adds that he won’t like what happens after he does. Xander tries to argue but EJ says he’s not waiting any longer. Xander declares that EJ is not leaving this room, until he gets his word that he won’t call the judge back to send him to prison.

Julie takes Doug to the Horton Town Square plaque and reminds him of who Tom and Alice are and that he loves them so much. Doug acknowledges that they are her grandparents and that the town square is dedicated to their memory. Julie guesses that he just read that off the plaque. Doug argues that they are just enjoying this beautiful summer day together. Julie tells him not to pretend and asks for the truth. Doug admits that he feels Tom and Alice were very fine people, but he doesn’t know either one of them. Doug then asks why he can’t remember them and what is wrong with him. Julie responds that she doesn’t know but they are going to find out and fix this.

Johnny asks why Marlena thinks he’s after something. Marlena points out that if he wanted to talk about Allie, he would’ve called and made an appointment. Johnny then admits he wants something, but claims he just wanted to spend time with her. Marlena is sure flattery gets him a long way, but people come here to be honest. Johnny then admits he wants to make an independent film and he needs investors to help him finance his dream.

Doug and Julie go to the hospital. Kayla is surprised to see them since Jack canceled their appointment. Julie explains that was because she asked him to, but since then, they both think that was a mistake.

EJ tells Xander that he is no longer the vegetable he was in Nashville. Xander laughs and asks if he’s sure about that. EJ then punches Xander down and declares that he’s sure.

Gwen snaps out of her imagination. Jack says he can see that whatever she did is torturing her so he asks her to tell him about her and Dr. Snyder.

Abigail tells Chad that Grandma just kept a lot of stuff in her house and talks about how she was going through an upstairs closet, where she found a box with things for a newborn. Abigail says she and Jennifer wondered who she kept it for and they asked if they should keep it, donate it, or trash it and that’s when it hit her that Gwen’s daughter would’ve been Abigail’s niece and Chad’s daughter, so their kids’ half-sister. Abigail thought she was doing fine and getting past all of that, but that child was a member of their family and she’s never really seen it like that. Abigail declares that no matter what anyone says, she can’t help but feel that she killed that child. Chad assures Abigail that she did not kill the child and would not do that. Chad calls Abigail one of the best mothers he’s ever seen and talks about the letters she writes the kids. Chad says when he doesn’t know how to handle their problems, she does. Abigail thanks him for being sweet. Abigail cries that she loves her kids but can’t help but think that Gwen probably loved her baby too, while she just wanted that baby to disappear and even told Gwen that the baby would be better off without her as mother, then that’s what happened.

Jack encourages Gwen to just say it. Gwen says it’s more how to say it. Gwen thinks back to Xander suggesting she tell Jack that she used to be a hooker. Gwen then tells Jack that Dr. Snyder knew that she used to be a prostitute.

Xander gets back up with a bloody mouth from EJ’s punch and warns that he shouldn’t have done that. EJ asks what he’s going to do about it. Xander then tackles EJ.

Marlena asks Johnny about his movie. Johnny says he wants to put a new focus on every day life and has a couple shorts on his phone. Marlena asks if he has any other investors. Johnny says he almost had Tony and Anna, but EJ made sure that didn’t happen as all he cares about is him being the next generation at DiMera. Johnny says he’ll never do it as he knows what he wants and he’s going to make his dream come true.

Xander asks if EJ had enough. EJ punches Xander again. Xander ducks EJ’s next punch. EJ declares that it’s not done untli there’s only one of them left standing. Xander hits EJ with more punches and asks if he’s sure about that. EJ then throws Xander across the bed. Xander grabs a lamp and throws it at EJ but misses. They then continue hitting each other as they fight against the wall. EJ knocks Xander down with two more punches but Xander gets up and charges at EJ once more.

Marlena asks Johnny for the theme of his movie. Johnny admits he hasn’t really settled on one idea yet, but he thinks it would be cool to do like an indy version of the life of Greta Thunberg or Matt Frazier even if he doesn’t see them giving him the rights to their story. Johnny declares that he just wants the focus to be on somebody he could connect with and inspires him. Johnny adds that he is also writing the movie which Marlena calls ambitious. Johnny feels it eliminates any fights between writer and director. Marlena suggests calling Will, since he spent time in Hollywood and learned about navigating difficult situations.

EJ knocks Xander down and kicks him over. EJ complains about Xander feeding him lima beans that he spit out in Nashville. EJ declares that he who laughs last, laughs best as Xander lies on the floor in pain. EJ then walks out of Xander’s room.

Gwen tells Jack that it was when she moved to Philly, before she met Jake, and her fresh start turned in to a kick in the teeth as her job fell through while she had no savings. Gwen says she wasn’t about to go hungry on the streets, so she started making contacts and offering her services. Jack asks if that’s how she met Dr. Snyder. Gwen claims that he was one of her clients. Jack questions if he lived in Philadelphia. Gwen claims he was there for a medical convention or something. Jack recalls Snyder being the doctor who told her that the baby was gone and how he was there when Jack came to see her. Gwen points out that Dr. Snyder threatened to tell Jack about her unless she did what he wanted. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so ashamed of what she’s done and all the things she did to his family when she moved here. Gwen cries that she’s not that person anymore and asks if he can ever forgive her.

Chad tells Abigail that she has to find a way to forgive herself because Gwen waged an attack on her since the day they hired her. Chad adds that he bought her lies and he’ll never understand why, but that baby was conceived because of his mistake. Chad says that if Gwen is still coming between them, it’s because of him. Abigail recalls Chad trying to make her feel better and saying he didn’t want to have a baby with Gwen. Abigail says she knows the kind of father Chad is, so she asks him to be honest on if there is any part of him that hates her for what she did to his child.

Kayla checks Doug’s blood pressure and heart rate and says it’s all good. Julie explains that today they are concerned about his mind because he forgot that he locked her in the freezer at the restaurant, confused Marlena and Vivian, and now he can’t remember Tom and Alice. Julie asks Kayla to help her understand what’s happening to Doug. Doug clarifies that she’s asking if he has alzheimer’s. Kayla says there are a lot of possible causes for memory lapses and a lot are treatable. Julie feels there is hope then. Kayla is glad they decided to come today and hopes it will ease their mind. Kayla says she will do a lot of tests and when she gets the answers, they will figure out the next step together.

Johnny calls Marlena a genius and remembers them all moving to Hollywood so that Will could sell a screenplay he had written about Sami’s life. Johnny wonders if Will would let him read his script. Marlena suggests asking him and says Will can call her if he resists. Marlena adds that she will talk to John about maybe getting involved financially. Johnny jokes that he knows she’s the one who calls the shots. Marlena says that’s not true at all as she and John are equal partners. Marlena advises Johnny to save some of his charm for when he gets to Hollywood because he’s going to need it. Marlena asks if he knows anything about making an elevator pitch. He doesn’t, so she tells him to look it up. Johnny calls her amazing. Marlena says she has to work to do, so they hug and Johnny says it was good to see her as he exits the office.

Gwen asks Jack to say something as he looks so upset. Jack responds that he is upset with himself, because she wouldn’t have been forced to do what she did if he had been in her life. Jack understands that she did what she had to do to survive. Gwen questions if he’s not ashamed of her. Jack cries that he’s done so many things in his life that he’s ashamed of, so if he judged her harshly then he’d be the biggest hypocrite. Jack brings up his adoptive father Harper and how he hunted and killed women who were sex workers. Gwen acknowledges Jack’s life wasn’t easy either. Jack is glad he met Jennifer and that Gwen got out of that life before meeting a psychopath like Harper. Jack hugs Gwen and tells her that she’s safe now. Jack cries that she is his daughter and after what she told him, she will always have a place in his life and in his heart.

Chad tells Abigail that the idea of fathering a child with Gwen was a nightmare but then he thought the child didn’t ask to be born, so he knew he had to try his best to be a father to that baby. Chad assures that no part of him hates Abigail for anything. Chad wishes Abigail would fly back with him today, so they and the kids could be a family again. Abigail says she wants that, but she can’t, because it’s not just about the guilt or how she feels about Gwen and the baby, but about them. Abigail brings up that Chad was unfaithful to her and she’s having a really hard time seeing him as the man she saw before, the love of her life, and devoted husband. Abigail admits she’s having a really hard time trusting Chad. Chad wants to help her do that, however long it takes and whatever he has to do, because he is devoted, from now on, to making her happy and making her feel safe and loved. Chad calls Abigail the most important person in the world to him and says she always will be. Chad declares that he’s nothing without her. Chad asks Abigail to come home with him.

Kayla tells Julie that she knows it’s scary but they will try not to think of the worst. Doug agrees they will do their best. Kayla says she will be back when she has scheduled the tests, so she exits the room. Doug tells Julie that he knows who he is and who she is, so even if he forgets their names, he will never forget how much he loves her as they hug.

Jack tells Gwen that when he thinks about what she’s been through, it breaks his heart. Gwen asks him not to feel sorry for her anymore and says it’s okay because of how blessed she is to have a father that loves her and believes in her. Jack feels blessed too because Gwen trusts him enough to be open with him. Jack hopes that his love for her and belief in her helps her believe in herself. Jack declares he will do everything he can to help and support her as he will always be there for her. Gwen cries that she’s so grateful as they hug. Jack then gets a call from Jennifer, so Gwen tells him to take it. Jack answers the call and asks how everything is going as he exits the room. Gwen tells herself that she went with Xander’s ridiculous hooker story because she’s a coward, but she couldn’t let her father hate her.

Xander pulls himself up in pain in his room and declares that the one that laughs last, hardest, and longest is going to be him.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ is pouring a drink and asks if he had a tough day at the office. EJ asks if he got the financing for his pipe dream. Johnny says he might have and also got a lead on a hot script, but doesn’t think EJ will be a fan of the subject because it’s called The Sami Brady Story. EJ asks if he’s joking. Johnny responds that he’s not and he’s afraid some of the characters don’t get their happy Hollywood ending.

Abigail agrees to come home with Chad. She tells Chad that there is nothing more that she wants in the world than to let go of the guilt and pain and come home to he and the kids. Chad assures that he’s got her and he knows it won’t be easy but he’ll be with her every step of the way as he hugs her.

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