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portia: You’re not the only one with secrets, jordan. I got one, too. And it’s so bad. Trina doesn’t know the truth about her father… …who he really is. I — and I waited way too long to tell her.

[ Sniffles ] Jordan, I don’t want to leave you… but I need to get us some help. Brook lynn, why are we still waiting? My appointment is over. What’s the hurry? Better question — what’s the point of sticking around?

[ Sighs ] That right there. You are gonna go follow him. Go. Wait. W-why am I following him? And what do I do if he sees me? You say something nice. Oh, I know — ask him for coffee. What? A-are you trying to set me up with austin?

[ Clears throat ] Are you thinking about jake’s? Jake’S. That time in our lives. Sorry I took off like that. Nah, it’s fine. I had spinelli track your phone. I hope you don’t mind. I wasn’t hiding. I’m just…nostalgic. I’m not even sure if that describes this feeling. Mm-hmm. What is it? What’s — what’s going on? It started the other night at the pool when… we were dancing. I, uh — I was, like, right back here. At jake’S. Dancing with you. Feeling everything I used to feel. And it scared me. Who do you think you are coming here, talking about the truth?! You lied to nina. You betrayed nina.

This is the truth, our truth. That’s all we need to know. Nina, what you’re doing is wrong. This is… what do you think nina’s doing?! What — don’t you get it by now?! You’re not mike, and she knows it!

You know, when you offered to come with me to my postpartum appointment, I thought, “wow. She’s really being a good friend.” But, no, as usual, you have an ulterior motive. Of course I do. I am a quartermaine. Okay? And this was a doctor’s appointment, not exactly a night out on the town. Okay. Fair point. Thank you. And now that we know that you have a clean bill of health, you have to go and spend some time with austin. No, I don’T. I don’t understand what the problem is, maxie. Yes, you do! He delivered your baby. He was in the woods with us that night when you gave me your daughter to protect her from peter. Which is exactly what we don’t want austin to remember, so stop pushing me in austin’s direction. He might be a good distraction for you. You know? He could lift your spirits a little bit. Okay. My spirits are fine. They are not. Okay? And spending time with a guy who thinks you’re charming might be the perfect little pick-me-up. Somebody help!

[ Pounding ] Please! Somebody help! Jordan, I’m begging you to keep breathing. Please. Someone will hear us. We’re not gonna die down here. Somebody!

[ Pounding ] Somebody, please! First of all, I am so not ready for another man in my life, and if I was, it certainly wouldn’t be austin, because I’ve had to listen to you go on and on and on and on… about austin and his claims on elq, how he could possibly side with valentin and prevent your father from becoming ceo again.

[ Gasps ] That’s it, isn’t it?! What’s up? How did you put it? You had an “ace in the hole” when it came to austin? You were talking about me, weren’t you? Oh, my god! Hey, hey, hey. How long you been here? Too long! Have you seen leo? I can’t find him! You don’t want to know your real name? What for? I told you. This is my life now. I don’t want anything to change that. So you don’t care that you have a whole family out there who love and miss you? You know what? Yeah, I-I’ve thought about it. I could have been digging a little deeper, but I haven’T. And why didn’t you? That family that you mentioned who love me and miss me so much — where are they? How come they haven’t come looking for me? I don’t know. Nina, what do you think? What do you think mike’s family hasn’t come looking for him? You have no business butting into our business. You lied to nina. You chose your ex-wife over her. You have no right to come here and accuse her of anything! And you have no idea. I may not know who I was, but I know who I am now. And I know nina. Jax: Hm. And she’s been nothing but good to me. She’s my life. Jax. Jax! Leave it alone. Okay? Just leave us alone. Please. Can you just do this one last thing for me? I’m sorry, nina. I can’T. Mike… I need to talk to jax alone. You know, ever since we started talking about the wedding, even before we actually decided, it’s like you’ve been in this fight with yourself. Because I have been. I know why we should marry. I know it’s the best way to keep the family safe. I know it’s great from a business standpoint, but… would sonny want this? I mean, sonny… sonny’s gone. And I miss him every day. But this is about us. We’re the ones getting married, carly. If that’s still what we want. What — are — are you backing out? No. No. I’m just saying that… I mean, we do have the option of calling it off. What about the five families? There would be huge fallout. Wouldn’t be good, but I’ll deal with it. Look, the business is important. But who we are to each other is more important.

no, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you alone with him. Mike. I’ll be fine. All right. Are you sure? Because when I came in here, you seemed a little upset. Maybe he’s the one that should go. Before he gets shot again. I’m still the same person I was before. Why do you say that like it’s a good thing? Mike, stop. This isn’t you. This — this isn’t the man that I’ve come to know… and love. Oh, now you’re gonna… use the “l” word, right, to soften me up? Is it working? Not — well, maybe a little bit. Just come on. Let me straighten it out. I’ll get him to understand how much we mean to each other. Okay? All right. I’m gonna go. No. No, no, no. What? In the back? No, you just can’t be in the back. You know that’s not gonna help. Come on. Let me work it out. Trust me. I do trust you, with my life. But I don’t know what he’s capable of. Jax — he just — he wants what’s best for me, right? You mean what he thinks is best for you? Exactly my point, and I’m gonna help him understand that we get to choose what’s best for us, don’t we? And I can’t do that if I’m gonna be worried that you’re gonna bust in here any second to try to rescue me. I know you’re perfectly capable of rescuing yourself, since you did rescue me, right? You do anything to nina, and you’re gonna have to answer to me. I had a feeling you might say that. Trust that feeling. Okay.

[ Door opens and closes ] How long have you been keeping sonny from his family? Jordan? Jordan, answer me! Jordan! Portia: Curtis! Curtis, I’m right here! We’re trapped in the basement!

[ Pounding ] Curtis! Hey, what the hell? Jordan’s unconscious. She has a head wound. You’re gonna have to carry her out. Oh. Oh. Be careful. There’s a gas leak.

[ Coughing ] Yeah. You gonna be okay? Can you make it outside? Oh, I’m fine. Just hurry. Come on, jordan.

[ Portia coughing ] You’re gonna be okay. All right? You’re gonna be okay. Okay? I got you… ned, breathe. Don’t worry. We’re gonna find him. It’s a big hospital. He could be anywhere. Okay. I just spoke with hospital security. They are all over finding leo, dad. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, I-I turned my back for like 10, 15 seconds to talk to the pediatrician upstairs, and then I turned back around, he was gone. Kids do that. I think georgie can teleport. Yeah, well, with spinelli as a dad, I’m not surprised. Look. He’s gonna be fine. I hope you’re right. Okay. I got to call olivia. Brook lynn: Okay.

[ Door opens ] Hey, leo. How you doing? I like this. I thought you might. And you were so brave when you were here the other day and took your tetanus shot. How’s your finger? Good. You know, leo, you’re not scheduled to visit me today. Does your mom know you’re here? What about your stepdad? No. I came to nixon falls because I wanted to see my friend phyllis. I know why you came here. No. Please don’t interrupt me. You want to know what happened, right? And I am trying really hard to tell you. Fine. Go ahead. I was really hurt and heartbroken when I found out what you and carly did to me, that you hid the identity of my daughter. And I’m really sorry that I made a scene at sonny’s funeral, and I am really sorry that I confused wiley. Yeah, speaking of wiley — no, you don’t have to tell me that wiley is sonny’s grandchild. I already know that. Yeah, somehow you’ve justified keeping sonny from his grandson. I will get to that, okay? Okay. So… I came to nixon falls to be with phyllis ’cause she is the person who cares about me, and she doesn’t judge me. And then I saw her, I was on my way out of town, and then I ran into sonny. I couldn’t believe it. Just like you did right now. And then after talking to him, I realized that he lost his memory, and the only clue to his identity was his watch — that he still wears right now — and it said, “to mike, never enough time. Love, A.” And now he calls himself mike. His watch and his father’s name. Nina, when you realized that sonny was alive, why didn’t you tell carly? Carly: Don’t do that. Don’t put yourself in an impossible situation just to make things easier for me. Why — why wouldn’t I? I mean, look where we’re standing. It’s jake’S. It’s where it all began. I mean, you’re the first friend that I made on my own who knew nothing about who I was before the accident. And you always talk about everything I do for you, but why don’t we talk about everything you did for me? You accepted me. You believed in me. You fought for me. I sure did that. Yeah. And I don’t know who I would be if I hadn’t met you, carly. I’m just lucky that I did. I trust you. I trust your instincts. And if you think we shouldn’t get married, then… we shouldn’t do it.

-Come on. Okay. Come on. -Okay. Jordan, hear me? Come on back. Come back. Okay. I got this. Here. Move. Oh. -Hey. -Mr. Quartermaine, we haven’t been able to locate leo yet, but we’re actively looking. All right. Um, should we bring in the police? I think you guys might be looking for somebody. -Oh… -leo. Leo! Oh, my god. Leo. I’ve been looking all over for you. You found him. Actually, leo found me. He was waiting for me in the exam room where I gave him the tetanus shot ’cause he wanted to tell me how much he liked his fidget spinner. Hey. Hey, buddy. Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna go over there? Because I wanted to see dr. Austin! Jax, i did call carly. The second that I found out what was happening to sonny, I tried to tell her. I tried to tell her. Before I could get one word in, she just lit into me. She said that if I sued for any rights to see wiley, that she would dredge up every horrible thing that I’ve ever done in my life. She was relentless, jax! She just kept pounding the hammer on my coffin just over and over and over! And I just couldn’t take it anymore! I knew it was wrong! I know I should have told her, jax, but I couldn’t!

[ Sobs ] And at that moment, I just, like — I — I couldn’t bring myself to even care! Mnh. Jax: Let me get this straight. You kept quiet out of revenge? No. No, I — well — y-yes. Maybe at the moment, I did. W-what about the other moments? Like when I came to visit you here in nixon falls? Or when you went back to port charles because I arranged the — the visit with wiley for you. I mean, how — how can you just stand there holding wiley in your arms when you knew that you were keeping sonny from his entire family? They were still grieving him! How could you do that? A-and for all those months. It doesn’t feel wrong to marry you, jason. I know you’re gonna treat me with respect and you’re gonna be great to my kids. And you never lie to me. I know all that about you. It’s not a question if you’ll be a good husband. I know you’re gonna be a great husband. The problem is jake’S. You know? What — what’s the — what about it? I fell in love with you back then. And the other night, I realized I… I could fall in love with you all over again. So you don’t care that you have a whole family out there who love and miss you? Sonny: That family that you mentioned who love me and miss me so much — where are they? How come they haven’t come looking for me? Jax: Don’t you get it by now?! You’re not mike, and she knows it! I tried to come clean with carly. I thought about coming clean with carly when I went to port charles. And why didn’t you? Because I was — I was visiting wiley, and then she shows up again, and then all of a sudden my visitation is over, it’s wiley’s bedtime, and enough with playing with grandma nina. And then I thought, “you know, back in nixon falls, there’s — there’s this really lovely man, and he’s waiting for me.” Sonny. Mike. -They’re the same person, nina. -No, they’re not. No, they’re not, because sonny is this ruthless mob boss, and mike, he’s different. He’s just a simple guy who wants what he has here, the simple life with his friends phyllis and lenny. And you. And me. Have you told him that you know who he is? That the answers he seeks a-are right in front of him? Why haven’t you told him? Bec– because it — I’ve thought about it a lot of times, but if I told him, then he would look up who he was and he would discover all the crimes that sonny has committed. And even though sonny was okay with it, “mike” wouldn’t be able to live with it. It would change him. Or he might want to return to his old life, whether he remembers it or not. But you didn’t want that, right? Because y-you’re in love with mike. I a– I am. And f-from what I’ve heard, sonny corinthos isn’t a very good guy. I agree with you there. But mike, he’s a good man. He’s devoted and kind. And I got something from mike that I have never gotten from any man — honesty. And how much honesty have you given mike in return? Do you have any idea what a difficult decision this has been for me every single day? But — okay. So the question here is this, jax. Who is better for this world — sonny corinthos, who kills people, or sweet, kind mike? It’s not your decision to make. Okay? ‘Cause there is no mike. There’s only sonny corinthos. And he’s married to carly. But sonny found himself here, who he truly is. He’s mike, and he’s happy, and I’m — jax. I’m happy. Do you want to take that away from me? Again?

As leo with you beforeyou decided to tell someone? 58 seconds. Oh, and my stepbrother just happens to go missing and then shows up with you? Oh, I know this one. You’re implying something. Just that it’s kind of convenient. I mean, you’re trying to ingratiate yourself in my family… our family. …And leo just goes missing, and as soon as we’re about to call the cops, you just show up like you’re the hero? -Brook lynn. -What? Austin treated leo for the cut on his finger a few weeks ago. Leo liked him, so it makes sense that he would seek him out. I just wish you would have asked me first. Yeah, I imagine that you do. That’s just leo being leo. It is just leo being leo. Hey, ned, can I talk to you for a second? Sure. Can you keep an eye on houdini here? Maxie: Yeah, absolutely. Hey, so, I have something here that I think you might get a little kick out of. You just kind of go like that and then you go like that. That’s pretty cool, huh? Her breathing is getting better, but she isn’t regaining consciousness. She got more of whatever was down in that basement than I did. Jordan’s only got one kidney. This has to be making things worse. The gas could put her in danger of renal failure, and the one kidney that she has may be compromised. We have to get her to a hospital right now. Yeah. Right. -I’ll hold her head, okay? -Okay. Come on, jordan. -Come on. -It’s okay. -If this is about elq… -no, no, this is way more important than anything to do with elq. You may recall that I asked olivia to bring leo back in to see me. I do, but olivia thought leo was okay, so I just took him to see his own pediatrician for the all-clear. His finger seems to have healed up nicely. Yeah, it looks great. I didn’t need to see leo about the cut. Then…why did you want a follow-up? I was so surprised when I fell in love with you. I’m so busy chasing after tony and lying to A.J. And… one day, it dawned on me that you were the one I wanted, and I was so, so in love with you. And, of course, I had to get you to fall in love with me, which wasn’t easy because your guard was up, but… little by little, I found a way. And we were so close. Then I slept with sonny, and… everything changed. You left port charles. Sonny and I fell in love. When you came back, those feelings that I felt, I couldn’t let myself feel them, so I locked them away, and I wouldn’t let myself even think about them. I mean, to the point where i really believed they were gone. But now I’m starting to feel them again. I mean, I’m not in love with you yet… but I’m on my way. And I just can’t go there alone. Nina: This watch is evidence of the life that you used to have. You can’t give yourself fully to me until you go out there and you learn everything you can learn about who you used to be before you came to nixon falls. I don’t want to do that. I told you. Until you do… I can’t give you all of me.

[ Exhales deeply ] All I ever wanted is for you to be happy. Good. Then can you leave and forget what you saw here? Oh, I wish I could. I honestly mean that. Everyone at home is grieving sonny. And with his absence from port charles, it’s put everyone in danger, including josslyn. What do you mean? Josslyn’s in danger? You asked me a little while ago, is the world better off with sonny or mike? And it pains me to say this… but port charles needs sonny corinthos. But I thought that wiley and josslyn and everne else would be safer with sonny gone. No, nina. Nina, nina, you have no idea what you’ve done and the lives that you’ve changed, the things you’ve set in motion.

I observed some behavior in leo that I think warrants some attention. What behavior? Oh, no. There’s no cause for concern, ned. Not at all. I just want to observe the kid a little bit more. Why? Do you think there’s something wrong with leo? No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anyone. I just — I think that leo could really benefit from seeing a specialist. In what? Well, every human being is different, right? And every child is different because every child is different. And I’ve seen a lot of kids. And what I’m trying to articulate to you is that I think leo would really enjoy learning a more effective way of communicating. At least discuss it with olivia. Actually… I have. I have mentioned that, uh… leo’S…quietness, I guess you could call it, concerns me sometimes. But olivia, she won’t hear it. Well, then, cousin ned, you need to try again. Right? Because some kids really, really benefit from treatment. For…introversion? If he’s shy, then he’s shy, right? But it could be something else. It could be a whole range of other things, and none of them are bad. In fact, this is great. What human being doesn’t deserve the right to learn the skills that help them to connect to the world just a little bit better? Okay. I’ll — I’ll talk to olivia about it. Great. Tell her to reach out to me if she has any questions, and the same goes for you. All right. Hey, and, ned… this has nothing to do with anything other than leo. Nothing at all.

[ Door closes ] Austin is clearly into you. So you keep saying. Yeah, to me, he may be an interloper, but you may see him in a different light. Okay. Let’s stop pretending that this has anything to do with me, because it obviously doesn’T. You would do anything to protect your family business. Exhibit “a” — faking a pregnancy to help save elq from valentin. Hey. No, no, no. I get it. It’s what the quartermaines do. But my pregnancy-faking days are over, and I’m not a quartermaine, so I don’t want to get mixed up in whatever plan it is that you have next. Just invite austin to carly and jason’s wedding. Okay? Just spend a little time with him. Dip your toe in the water. What harm could that do? Okay. Thank you for looking after leo. Yeah, of course. Hey, buddy. Let’s go. Let’s go home. So, uh, did austin try to weasel his way into the family business or what? Something like that. Yeah. Here we go. Okay. All the cards are out on the table. Can you please just spend a little bit of time with him, see where it goes? Can you please do that for me, maxie?

[ Groans ] Nina: There are a million reasons why we should not be together, and with all those reasons and the fear that what we have together could collapse when you find out who you really are… with all of that, I still can’t stay away from you. And if that isn’t love… I don’t know what is. What are you saying? I’m saying that I love you, too, mike. Jax: When sonny disappeared, his business became vulnerable. And by extension, so did carly and the family, and that includes josslyn. Well, I don’t know the ins and outs of the mob business, but I just assumed that jason could handle things and that carly would benefit from that. Okay, you read about cyrus renault? Well, things escalated from there. And jason was either behind bars or on the run, so carly felt like she needed to take over the family business. A-and carly’s only way to maintain power or keep this illusion of peace is by marrying jason. Well, you told me that they were engaged, jax, but I thought it was just for show. I didn’t expect that they’d actually get married. Well, it’s happening. And it’s a little tricky because the bride-to-be is already married to a guy who’s alive and well and being hidden here by you. Carly: I know myself. So if we just stop and we take a step back and we tell everyone that we reconsidered and we’re not gonna get married, I mean, it might be awkward for a little while, but we’ll be fine because I cherish your friendship and I can’t live without your friendship. A-and the butterflies that I’m feeling, they’ll just eventually go away. But if we get married and I keep falling, I’m not gonna stop. And then when you don’t return the feelings… I’m gonna be angry, resentful, and hurt, and I can’t have that between us, so…

[ Sighs ] Why, uh, do you assume that you would be falling alone?

you know, this is very disconcerting. What is? You and this plan. What plan? I-I’m simply encouraging you to spend time with a guy who’s clearly interested. That right there, that is exactly what I’m talking about. Okay? You are pretending like there is no plan when there is obviously a plan. I mean, it’s like, on one hand, you are this total lifesaver. I mean, you’re — you’re great with the baby. You are keeping her safe. You’re loving and protective. My pleasure. And just when I think that I can relax because everything is under control, you start plotting and — and scheming all over these stupid elq shares. First of all, they are not stupid elq shares, okay? They are very valuable, and they are also my great-grandfather’s legacy. Second of all, who are you to talk to me — or anyone, for that matter — about scheming, miss schemer mcschemerson? You could teach a master class. Okay. I am scheming to save my baby. Yeah, it’s still a scheme. That’s okay. They are not mutually exclusive. Says the woman with a blatant ulterior motive. Okay, you know, it is possible that I can love and protect bailey while also wanting to safeguard my family and the company. And by “safeguard,” you mean cut austin out. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe — maybe austin’s a really nice guy who has a legitimate claim, but you know what would

really help me out? If someone I trust — I don’t know, like you — would spend a little time with him. Okay. Fine. Fine! Thank you. I will do it. Thank you. But if my being around austin just happens to jog his memory about what happened in the woods the night louise was born… I’m gonna blame you. And I will take full responsibility. Whatever that means. -[ Gasps ] Austin. -No, thank you. No, no, no. We didn’t offer you anything. Oh, what you have to offer me is unfounded accusations, but I’m all full up. I’ve had enough for today. Try again tomorrow. Okay. Definitely. And in the meantime, maxie has something she wants to say to you. Maxie? Oh. [ Chuckles ] Well, I, um… maxie, it’s okay. I understand. You told me not to bother you again, and I won’T. No, it’s no bother. I was wondering if you would like to attend the wedding of the century — and by that, I mean the wedding of carly corinthos and jason morgan. I actually planned most of it, and it came out really nice, if I do say so myself. Weddings aren’t my thing. Really? I mean, you could be my plus-one. Curtis: We need some help here!

[ Portia coughing ] So nny: I may not know who I was,but I know who I am now. And I know nina. And she’s been nothing but good to me. She’s my life.

[ Exhales deeply ] As far as carly knows, she’s a widow, jax, and she’s not too far off. The man that carly married is gone. Mike doesn’t even know her, and he doesn’t fit in her glamorous life any more than she fits in his. Okay. No. There’s no justifying this, nina. There — there’s no rationalizing this. So much damage has been done because of your lies. And if you keep this secret about sonny, if you continue it, things are only gonna get worse. Well, what do you expect me to do, jax? He doesn’t know who he is! Because you haven’t told him! You have to come clean. You got to make this right. You have to tell sonny who he is right now. Because the wedding is tonight. I did fall in love with you when michael was a baby. And then, uh — then you were with sonny. And I would only let myself see you as a friend. A friend who I loved. And a friend that I would die for. And that’s how I could justify putting you first. Because I wasn’t “in love” with you or it wasn’t about having you. But now… you know, feelings are coming back. And it’s like you said. We can stop it right now, and it’d just be awkward for a little while, and it’s gonna pass because we’ve definitely been through worse. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Or we can get married. For real. Spend the rest of our lives together. Can you make that promise? Yes, I can. You’re not just saying that because you think you should? I’m saying it because it’s true.

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