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Rafe finishes a call about a case in his office and says he will text a picture of the license plate. Rafe hangs up and then looks through his phone, seeing a picture of he and Nicole. Rafe then thinks back to Nicole telling Rafe that she would stay away from him in favor of his relationship with Ava.

Nicole is sitting at Julie’s Place thinking of the same conversation with Rafe until Ava appears and comments that she looks like she lost her best friend.

Paulina sits with Eli and Lani’s babies and talks to them. Paulina says that everyone in town thinks of her as their great Aunt Paulina, but they can call her grandma. Paulina whispers that it’s their little secret as Abe returns to the room. Paulina says she didn’t hear him come in. Abe questions what she just said.

Brady and Chloe find Lani at the Kiriakis Mansion and question why the cops are there as no one will tell them anything. Lani informs them that there was a murder here tonight. Brady and Chloe worry about Victor or Philip.

Jake and Gabi kiss until Philip shows up at the door. Gabi asks what he’s doing here. Philip then questions why the hell she’s spying on him. Gabi asks what he’s talking about. Philip informs her that his laptop froze up tonight so he took it to get checked out and they found a keylogger. Philip tells Gabi that he knows it was her who put it there.

Lani informs Brady and Chloe that it was Calista Lockhart, Bonnie’s sister in law. Brady is surprised to learn that David Lockhart had a sister. Lani explains that Calista was shot upstairs in Justin’s bedroom. Brady asks who killed her. Lani says they took Bonnie in for questioning but that’s all she can tell. Chloe remembers that Justin and Bonnie were supposed to get married today. Lani notes that things didn’t go as planned and calls it a typical Salem wedding. Chloe asks if the body is still upstairs. Lani says no so Chloe decides she will go talk to Philip. Lani informs her that Philip is not home but she doesn’t know where he is. Lani adds that CSI is wrapping things up and shouldn’t be much longer. Chloe thanks her. Lani apologizes for ruining their homecoming as she then exits the mansion. Chloe can’t believe a woman was murdered down the hall from her bedroom. Brady declares that is exactly why she’s coming home with him tonight.

Eli goes to Rafe’s office and informs him that they just booked Bonnie Lockhart, so she’s in a holding cell. Eli calls her a piece of work and questions her hiding a dead body in Justin’s bed. Eli adds that at least it all blew up before the ceremony so Justin dodged a bullet. Rafe thanks Eli for handling that as he knows Eli and Lani were done with work and he called them back so he appreciates it and hopes he didn’t pull them from anything important. Eli says they were just having dinner with Paulina and Abe. Rafe apologizes but Eli says it’s all good and jokes that they were thrilled they left so they could have alone time with the twins.

Paulina thought Abe was doing the dishes. Abe says they are done and questions what Paulina said to the babies. Paulina tries to blow it off but Abe thinks he heard her call herself Grandma. Paulina admits that she did. Abe reminds her that she is their great aunt and their grandmothers are Valerie and Tamara. Abe questions why she told them to call her grandma. Paulina responds that she has a confession to make.

Ava offers to join Nicole at the bar, saying she will catch up and then pick up the next round so Nicole tells her to have a seat. Ava adds that if things go according to plan, she will be able to get her drinks for free in the near future as she is hoping that Julie will hire her as the new chef since she just dropped off her resume. Nicole thought Ava wanted her to hire her at Basic Black. Ava says she did but things it would be awkward under the circumstances. Nicole understands that Ava thinks it’d be awkward working for a woman who she thought tried to steal her man.

Eli sees Rafe’s phone open on the picture of he and Nicole. Rafe says he was looking for a photo for a case and it just popped up. Eli asks Rafe if he had any more conversations with Duke. Rafe is sorry that he ever shared that with him. Eli laughs and points out Rafe having a picture with Nicole on his phone and he’s in a crappy mood. Eli asks if Ava is still ticked off about he and Nicole. Rafe says she’s not because he and Nicole are not going to be seeing each other anymore.

Paulina says she needs liquid courage and drinks a glass of wine. Abe asks if she’s okay. Paulina says not really and claims that the dinner just made her feel like a grandmother. Paulina praises Abe making dinner and how spending time with their family felt right. Paulina suggests that one day, she and Abe might get married so that’s why she wanted the babies to call her Grandma, because she would be their grandma by marriage. Paulina claims she was just jumping the gun and asks Abe to say something.

Chloe asks Brady why she would go home with him. Brady reminds her that a woman was murdered down the hall from her. Chloe argues that the police wouldn’t let her stay if there was any sort of danger and Lani said they have Bonnie in custody. Brady asks what if Justin gets her out since she seems to be going off the rails and Bonnie does not like Chloe at all. Chloe doesn’t think Bonnie would make bail and then come shoot her because she didn’t get along with Mimi in high school. Brady questions Chloe trying to sleep here, knowing a murder happened a couple doors down from her. Chloe thanks Brady for being concerned with her mental health and thinks it’s just a coincidence that his proposed remedy would keep her away from Philip. Brady acknowledges that it was a stretch but he had to try. Chloe doesn’t like being in this tug of war with Brady and Philip, so she wants it to stop now.

Gabi claims to have no idea who put the keylogger on his computer and that she doesn’t know what it is. Philip brings up Gabi controlling Julie’s pacemaker from her phone. Philip accuses Gabi of putting a device on his computer to record every key stroke he makes. Jake says he doesn’t know that. Philip brings up the first time his laptop froze being right after he caught Gabi in his office. Philip accuses her of installing spyware on his laptop. Gabi argues that they work together on the same team and asks why she would do that. Philip brings up that Kate called it and said what they were up to. Philip declares it’s over and tells Gabi and Jake that they are both fired.

Brady tells Chloe that he would love to stop fighting with Philip and that will happen when he grows up. Chloe compares it to Brady’s behavior and says everything is a joke to him, especially her relationship with Philip. Chloe doesn’t think Brady sees or cares that he’s laughing at her. Brady says that was not his intention. Chloe complains that he cooked up this whole business trip just to get her away from Philip and alone with him, using her job to make her do what he wanted in order to one up Philip. Brady argues that he didn’t cook up anything and it was a legit meeting that they crushed. Brady says they are a wonderful team. Chloe argues that this is her life that he’s messing with and how she feels about Philip is no concern of his. Chloe suggests Brady just say he’s sorry and go home. Brady tells Chloe that he’s sorry and he will go, but he wanted to make sure Victor was okay. Chloe wants Brady to go before Philip comes home. Brady remarks on Philip showing up in Pennsylvania then apologizes, calling it an old habit.

Gabi insists that she and Jake had nothing to do with the keylogger. Philip says he practically caught her red-handed. Gabi claims she would never betray him like that but Philip says that’s exactly what she did. Gabi argues that they are friends. Philip says he will have her personal things packed up and sent to her. Jake argues that Gabi’s computer was acting up so she had to use his, so maybe someone put spyware on her computer too and it was a company wide hack. Jake suggests Philip have I.T. check that out. Gabi asks what if the hacker was just trying to target Philip. Jake says they have nothing to lose if they already lost their jobs. Jake adds that if someone is trying to hack the company and it’s not them, Philip should want to know who it is.

Eli comments that it sounds like Ava and Rafe had a pretty intense fight. Rafe says Ava is easily worked up and jealous while Gabi has been poking at her, so it was intense. Eli asks how Nicole reacted. Rafe explains that Nicole was cool with it and saw everything Ava’s way, then suggested they don’t see each other anymore until he and Ava work things out. Rafe admits he though that was extreme but maybe she’s right because Ava needs to know that he cares about her more than Nicole. Rafe adds that when he came home, Ava was sitting here in the dark with her suitcase packed. Rafe says that was his third important relationship conversation that day. Rafe says he was ticked off but then he saw how hurt Ava was. Rafe tells Eli that he admitted to Ava that his friendship with Nicole had become more than a friendship, but he was able to convince Ava that he wanted to be with her, not Nicole. Eli asks if he’s being honest about that.

Nicole tells Ava that Rafe told her what she said about them. Ava clarifies that she never thought Nicole set out to get Rafe, just that they had become more than friends. Nicole says she was nuts and admits she leaned on Rafe way too much which was unfair to her, but Rafe was just being a friend to her and that’s all. Ava says it wasn’t. Nicole insists that Rafe had no interest in her romantically and it was all in Ava’s head. Ava disagrees. Nicole claims she’s suddenly not thirsty. Ava then reveals that it’s true as Rafe told her himself.

Paulina asks Abe why he won’t say something. Abe questions if she is thinking about them getting married. Paulina worries that she’s scared him off. Abe says she hasn’t, but admits the idea has crossed his mind. Paulina asks if he’s telling her that he wants to marry her.

Rafe assures Eli that he was being honest as he cares about Ava and wants to make things work with her. Eli asks even if that means giving up on Nicole, who is not married anymore. Rafe argues that it doesn’t mean Nicole wants to jump into a relationship and doesn’t even know if she’s interested. Eli suggests maybe she is but Rafe declares it doesn’t matter as he has made up his mind and that’s it. Eli says it is what it is and he’s happy for Rafe and Ava, but it sucks he had to lose a friend in the process.

Nicole is surprised to learn that Rafe said that. Ava explains that she was ready to leave because she told Rafe that she wanted to be with him, but not if he wanted to be with Nicole, and that’s when he told her that he was right. Nicole says she didn’t know. Ava calls it the one time in her life that she wishes she had been wrong and that it was all in her head. Nicole apologizes. Ava says it’s okay as she and Rafe talked honestly for once and he told her that he would put those feelings behind him and that she was the one he wanted. Ava confirms they kissed and made up. Nicole says she’s glad. Ava repeats that it was good because they talked honestly, so she hopes that she and Nicole can do the same. Nicole asks what she means. Ava needs to know how she feels about Rafe.

Brady tells Chloe that she’s right that he shouldn’t interfere in her personal business. Brady says he’s going to see if Victor is okay. Brady tells Chloe that it’s not a ploy as he asks if she will be okay here alone. Chloe assures that she will be. Brady asks if she knows when Philip is coming home. Chloe admits they haven’t spoken since Wilkes-Barre since she was upset and he was giving her space, but she thinks he has learned his lesson. Brady exits as Chloe remarks that she at least hopes he has.

Gabi tells Jake that this isn’t going to work as they can’t bluff their way out of this as when the I.T. guy sees her computer is clean, he’ll be convinced she’s the hacker and this will blow up in their faces. Philip finishes his phone call and reveals Jake was right as they found a keylogger on Gabi’s computer too. Jake says that means Gabi didn’t hack Philip’s. Philip decides he will have all executive computers checked out and says the question now is who did this. Jake suggests it was DiMera as Chad and EJ are pissed that he switched teams. Philip wouldn’t put it past them. Gabi says if they hacked Gabi Chic, it could be Basic Black but she doesn’t see Nicole doing that. Philip then wonders if it’s Brady.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s not saying they should get married tomorrow but admits that he’s thought about it. Paulina knows he’s been married before, but she wasn’t sure he’d ever want to do it again. Abe acknowledges that it’s been ten years since he lost Lexie, but he told himself that if he ever got married again, it would have to be to someone very special. Abe notes they have had some rocky moments, but he feels the same way she feels about tonight in that it just felt right. Abe adds that if things keep going in this direction, he could see getting married. Paulina assures they will take it nice and easy. Paulina tells Abe that he is worth waiting for as they hug.

Nicole tells Ava that she doesn’t feel that way about Rafe. Ava asks if she’s sure, since they were so close and she needs to know where she stands. Nicole reminds her that she’s told Rafe that they can’t see each other for awhile because she was screwing things up for them and she’s sorry. Nicole assures that she doesn’t have to worry about her at all. Ava appreciates that and agrees that it would be best for now for her and Rafe to not see each other. Nicole adds that not seeing Rafe is not a problem for her. Rafe then arrives at Julie’s Place and sees them.

Gabi tells Jake that her nerves are shot as she thought they were done for. Jake explains that he was protecting her by putting the keylogger on her laptop just in case Philip found out. Jake compares it to Stefano teaching all of his kids to play chess so they are always thinking about the next move. Jake adds that he knew Philip would figure it out so they had to be prepared. Gabi asks why he didn’t tell her. Jake figured she had enough on her plate. Gabi jokes that he just wanted to have a way to check up on her, but admits she would’ve done the same thing. Gabi toasts to Jake saving their jobs and not getting found out that she was the hacker. Jake remarks that this was a move that the future CEO of Titan would make.

Brady returns to the living room and informs Chloe that Victor wasn’t resting as he just wanted to get away from the police, so they didn’t arrest him for celebrating Bonnie being taken out in handcuffs. Brady says it’s Justin that he’s worried about. Chloe notes that today was supposed to be such a joyful day. Brady brings up that in a couple days, it’s he and Chloe’s wedding anniversary. Brady talks about how he was very happy that day and how Chloe’s smile was beautiful. Brady reminds Chloe of that night in the cottage. Philip comes home and grabs Brady, calling him a son of a bitch.

Gabi argues that she is the future CEO of Titan as she planned from the beginning. Jake points out that the plan would’ve got them fired if not for him, so he’s a genius. Gabi says what’s genius was her shifting blame so that Philip thinks it was Brady. Gabi adds that Philip was already crazy jealous of Brady and she saw the look in his eye when he thought it was Brady behind the spyware. Jake remarks that he looked mad enough to kill.

Philip tells Brady that he knows what he did and he won’t get away with it. Chloe tries to intervene. Philip says he’s not talking about Brady stalking her, but Brady trying to take his company by putting spyware on he and Gabi’s computers. Brady denies it but Philip argues that he’s been trying to undermine him and his lawyers are looking into it. Philip declares that once they have proof, he will put Brady in prison for corporate espionage. Brady responds that he won’t find proof because he didn’t do it. Chloe asks for a moment alone with Philip. Brady suggests Philip get help as he exits. Philip shouts that Brady will pay for this. Philip declares that Chloe has to stop working for Brady now.

Eli goes home to Lani and checks on the kids. Lani says they didn’t give any trouble and notes that Abe and Paulina were in a really good mood when she picked them up. Lani gives Eli a beer and asks how the station was. Eli says Bonnie is a mess. Lani wonders why Bonnie stole a million dollars and shot her sister in law. Eli doesn’t know as she clammed up in the car. Lani asks what Rafe said. Eli notes that he gave Rafe the file but he seemed distracted. Lani argues that Rafe is never distracted. Eli responds that Rafe is dealing with some personal issues, but he thinks he’s got it all settled now.

Rafe greets Ava and Nicole at the bar of Julie’s Place. Ava calls it a surprise. Rafe figured that Ava would be dropping off her resume so he thought they could have dinner but he doesn’t want to interrupt. Nicole says she was just leaving and thanks Ava for the drink. Nicole tells them to have a nice dinner as she exits.

Eli asks Lani how it feels to be back on the job. Lani admits it’s exhausting so she’s glad that Paulina and Abe made dinner. Eli agrees that it was nice and he’s glad that Paulina and Abe got back together.

Paulina never thought this evening would turn out so well. Abe responds that he knew it would. Abe says that life has many more surprises with her around and that is very good. Abe tells Paulina that he loves her. Paulina responds that she loves him too as they kiss.

Gabi tells Jake that they have to keep pushing Philip to go after Brady because that’s when he’ll take it too far and Victor will fire him. Jake says they will be right there ready to take over. They toast to victory.

Chloe questions Philip wanting her to quit her job. Philip argues that what Brady did was illegal, so she doesn’t want to get mixed up with him when he takes him down. Chloe argues that he has no proof and she doesn’t think he did it, so Chloe declares that she’s not quitting until he has proof. Philip declares that when it turns out that he’s right, he wants her to leave the job and Brady for good. Chloe warns that if he’s wrong, she doesn’t want to hear a word about Brady ever again. Philip agrees and they shake hands on it.

Brady finds Nicole in the town square. Nicole thought he was still in New York. Brady informs her that he and Chloe closed the deal with the client. Brady asks how Nicole is doing as she looks kind of down. Nicole responds that she’s eating her feelings and shares her ice cream with Brady.

Rafe asks Ava what her and Nicole were talking about. Ava says that Nicole was just telling her how she never wants to come between them, so she was thanking her for stepping out of the picture. Ava asks if Rafe is still okay with that. Rafe assures that he is and they decide to put that topic to rest. Ava goes to the restroom to freshen up. Rafe sits down with his phone still on the picture of he and Nicole.

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