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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Ben and Ciara are in their hotel room, preparing for the party where Ciara will be pretending to be Princess Greta Von Amberg. Ben talks about being pumped for the ISA mission as he always wanted to be a secret agent. Ciara says she grew up on her parents adventures and now she gets to have one herself. Ben talks about how he’ll be pretending to be Greta’s husband, Austin Reed. Ciara asks if he really thinks they can pull this off. Ben says they just have to infiltrate the party and retrieve the amethyst pin, asking how hard it can be as they kiss.

Shane calls Billie to ask about the emerald. Billie says they left Will and Sonny to it as she thought it was more important to get here to the Sapphire. Shane asks if she trusts Will and Sonny with that. Billie says all should be fine as long as Leo doesn’t screw it up, but he’s a wildcard.

Leo walks in on Chad getting ready for bed. Chad tells him to leave but Leo says he’s not going anywhere because they are spending the night together.

Shane asks Billie about the Sapphire. Billie says that John thinks the nun who took it is really Kristen DiMera. Shane worries about the danger but Billie says she can handle this as she has history with Kristen. Billie says she just needs to round up her new partner. Shane asks how it’s going with her new partner as he knows he can be a bit much. Kyle then answers his door without a shirt on, so Billie tells Shane that he’s fine and she’ll get back to him as she hangs up.

Austin and Carrie lay in bed together after having sex. They talk about how much they missed that. Austin is glad they were able to work things out, despite his big romantic gesture going horribly wrong. Carrie says he didn’t need to buy her an expensive necklace to win her over as they just needed to be romantic again. Austin admits he needed to forgive her for Rafe. Carrie asks if he has. Austin promises that he has, so Carrie says she believes him. Austin still wishes that Kristen hadn’t stolen the necklace and talks about the sapphire made Carrie’s eyes pop. Carrie says she couldn’t have kept it anyways since it belongs to the Alamainian government. Carrie hopes that Billie finds Kristen and gets the sapphire back to it’s rightful owner. Austin and Carrie continue kissing in bed.

Kyle tells Billie that he’s sorry for being behind as he had to get his gym workout in. Billie jokes with him about muscles. Kyle mentions getting the file she sent on Kristen and says she’s a total mess. Billie reveals that Kristen was also a really good friend of hers. Billie admits that Kristen has made terrible choices, but they were really close and had really good times with Jennifer until Kristen took a really dark turn. Kyle asks when she last saw her. Billie notes it’s been a couple years now, but she still knows how Kristen thinks and feels she knows where to find her.

Chad tells Leo to get out but Leo gets on the bed. Will and Sonny walk in to ask what’s going on. Chad tells them that Leo is under the false impression that they are going to have sex. Leo clarifies that he just said they are spending the night together. Chad says no and asks how he got roped in to this. Leo explains that Jackie made it clear that the owner of the Emerald won’t sell to just anyone, so they need the DiMera name to win them over. Sonny asks what’s wrong with the Kiriakis name. Leo mentions they had a problem with an item in a magazine that Titan published, leaving Chad as the only one. Will tells Chad that he’s sorry to drag him in to this but it sounds like they need him. Chad says fine but wants to be kept away from Leo.

Ben asks Ciara if she heard about a weird virtual Garden of Eden. Ciara explains that it was a test that Greta had to go through and that Austin helped her through it. They start kissing. Ciara reminds him that the party is starting soon so they need to stay focused. Ben reminds her that they haven’t practiced doing the tango and they might need that for the party. Ciara tells him they can’t be late so Ben suggests they practice the tango on the way to the car. Ben asks Ciara to dance.

Will, Sonny, Leo, and Chad go to a gay club. Will complains this isn’t their scene. Chad thought they were meeting the seller. Leo says this is the meeting place. They ask about Jackie but Leo says she couldn’t be here and she told him who to look out for.

Ben and Ciara arrive at the party looking for their targets of Miles and Sophie. Ben spots them coming in and that they are approaching. Miles welcomes them to their home and introduces them to his wife Sophie. Ben and Ciara introduce themselves as Austin Reed and Princess Greta von Amberg. Sophie says they were thrilled to see their names on the guest list. Miles mentions Princess Gina being close friends with Lili, so he’s honored to meet Gina’s daughter. Sophie calls it exciting to have a real princess in their home. Ben talks about being honored to attend a party like this and mentions doing the tango but Sophie informs them that there won’t be any dancing as it’s not that kind of party. Ciara asks what kind of party it is then. Miles assumed they knew. Sophie then reveals to them that they are at a sex party. Ben then looks around and sees various couples kissing.

Carrie wishes they could stay in bed all day as she and Austin continue kissing until Austin’s phone goes off.

Billie and Kyle arrive in Amsterdam. Kyle asks if she’s sure Kristen came here. Billie says she had a hunch and that Kristen spent time here in the past last year. Billie mentions this cafe being her favorite spot with Brady and Rachel. Billie guesses that Kristen is missing her daughter about now. Billie then finds Kristen at a table. Billie sits down and says long time no see.

Ben questions this being a sex party. Ciara assures him that it is. Sophie confirms that everyone is here to have a good time. Miles says the idea is for people to mix things up a bit. Ciara asks if they are swingers. Sophie says they don’t use that word and they are just open minded. Miles says it spices up their marriage as they kiss. Sophie tells Ben that she understands if it’s not his sort of party and if so, they would have to ask them to leave because being here means you are a willing participant. Ben agrees but Ciara stops him and thinks they should stay as they might not get an opportunity like this agan. Miles offers Ciara a private tour of the house. Ben says no but Ciara pulls Ben aside for a moment.

Austin tells Carrie that he got a text about a business trip and his flight leaves in an hour. Austin apologizes and says he’ll be gone for a couple of days. Austin asks if they can pick up where they can left off. Carrie says she’ll need a placeholder so she doesn’t forget as they continue kissing.

Kristen tells Billie that she’s good. Billie introduces Kristen to Kyle. Kristen assumes Billie is here to arrest her but she’s not sure for which crime. Billie brings up Kristen putting on her nun outfit and stealing a sapphire necklace from Carrie. Kristen explains that her associate got thrown out of the auction so she had to do everything herself. Kyle wasn’t expecting a confession. Billie asks Kristen to hand over the sapphire but Kristen says she can’t, because somebody is paying her a lot of money for the necklace but she’s not allowed to say who. Kyle advises Kristen to cooperate. Kristen then admits that she has a gun under the table, aimed directly at Kyle as she warns them to run along.

Leo meets drag queen Cori Blake as the person Jackie had sent them to. Leo introduces Will and Sonny as the most boring couple and claims that he’s with Chad. Will wants to get to the matter at hand. Sonny brings up the emerald and that Chad hoped to purchase it from Cori. Cori doesn’t know about selling it. Chad offers to pay top dollar but Cori says it’s not about the money, but sentimental value. Cori mentions having it for years and it bringing good luck. Chad promises to give it to a good home. Cori is willing to part with the emerald if he proves worthy enough by winning tonight’s competition. Sonny asks what competition. Cori reveals it’s a drag queen contest.

Ben refuses to let Ciara go alone anywhere with Miles. Ciara feels it’s a chance to get the amethyst but Ben worries about Miles trying to swing with her. Ciara says she will find a way to put him off. Ciara feels they have no choice since they must recover the gem for the ISA. Sophie asks if everything is alright. Ciara claims that Ben is just a little shy but she’s convinced him it will be fine. Ben says he can’t say no to a princess. Miles then takes Ciara for a private tour. Sophie then asks Ben to tell her about himself. Ben says he’s a former boxer, former piano player, and now a forensic accountant. Sophie says that’s disappointing as she was hoping for a different answer. Ben is sure his job bores her. Sophie reveals that she hoped he would tell her who he really is, because he’s sure as hell not Austin Reed.

Austin gets prepared to leave on his trip. Carrie tells him that she will miss him as they kiss. Austin says at least she will have her mother to keep her company. Carrie jokes that it’s not as comforting as he might think. John then shows up with fresh pastries. John mentions having breakfast with Anna and Tony then they went shopping, so he took the chance to hang out with them. Carrie asks if there’s any word on the hunt for Kristen. John says not yet, but he’s sure Billie has the situation under control.

Billie tells Kristen that she can’t threaten to shoot people’s private parts. Kristen argues that they are trying to take her precious jewels too. Billie threatens to take out her gun and says this behavior is not okay with her. Kristen tells her to spare her the lecture and chill a little. Kristen brings up Billie blaming Hope for her miscarriage and sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend, Nick. Kristen then brings up Billie’s porn career and her drug problem. Billie gets up and throws a glass of water on Kristen, telling her to shut her mouth as she’s had enough of her. Kristen then flips the table and storms off, so Billie chases after her.

Leo asks who has the best hair and makeup sense. Chad doesn’t know about this. Leo says it’s the only way to get the emerald for the ISA. Leo brings up Chad being a model before. Will says this isn’t his wheelhouse either. Sonny argues that if all four of them compete, they have better odds of winning. Leo reveals that he can’t compete because he’s banned from all regional drag competitions and it’s a long story. Chad questions what is happening. Sonny declares it’s up to the three of them. Will notes the competition starts soon so they should get costumes. Chad looks around feeling panicked. Sonny asks if he’s alright. Chad asks what if he’s an ugly woman. Sonny encourages that he will do great.

Miles brings Ciara to the primary bedroom and kisses her. Miles asks if she’s nervous. Ciara admits she is a little as she’s never really done this before. Miles says they can go back downstairs but Ciara assures that she’s exactly where she wants to be. Miles is happy to hear that and begins to undress which Ciara questions. Miles thought they could get a little more comfortable. Ciara says that’s a great idea but asks if she can take the lead because she likes being in control. Miles says he’s at her service. Ciara asks if he has any restraints. Miles removes his shirt and says he knew he liked her. Miles then pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Ciara orders him to get in bed and remarks that those should hold him.

Ben tells Sophie that he doesn’t know what she means, insisting that he is Austin Reed. Sophie tells him to save it, as they used to live in Switzerland, so she once took a yoga class with the real Austin Reed and his lovely wife Carrie. Ben apologizes for deceiving her and says he’ll go get his wife so they can get the hell out of here. Sophie stops him and guesses he faked his identity to cash on his pardon. Ben says that’s exactly what they did as they were in town for a couple days and were looking for some excitement, so they pretended to be royalty. Sophie laughs that she doesn’t blame him for roleplaying as it’s her favorite pastime. Sophie says they should stay. Ben questions her not being upset that they lied. Sophie says that half the people here are using aliases and adds that it’s nice to have fresh blood, especially a beautiful couple like them. Sophie then requests Ben take her right here, right now.

Ciara handcuffs Miles, ties him to the bed, and puts a blindfold on him, saying that she is completely in control. Miles admits that he doesn’t usually bring strangers to their bedroom, but he knew she was special. Ciara begins searching the room and tells Miles to be patient. Ciara finds a jewelry box and retrieves the amethyst then escapes the room.

Ben questions Sophie wanting to have sex right here on the patio in front of all these people. Sophie points out that people aren’t shy at this kind of party. Ben admits to never doing anything like this before. Sophie says she was nervous her first time too, but they adapt quickly. Sophie reminds him that if he’s not willing to participate then she will have to ask him to leave. Sophie points out that his wife seems game, so Ben says that he is too. Sophie then rips his shirt open, pushes him on to the couch and climbs on top of him. Sophie starts to kiss Ben but Ciara rushes over to interrupt. Sophie invites Ciara to join them. Ciara says they would love to but they have to go. Ciara claims she has important duties to attend to. Ciara and Ben thank Sophie and run out of the party.

Billie returns to Kyle and says that Kristen got away. Kyle says it happens to the best of them. Billie then reveals that she got the sapphire, surprising Kyle. Billie notes that Kristen dropped it while running. Kyle is sorry he wasn’t more helpful. Billie talks about Kristen bringing up her past and says she knows how to push her buttons. Kyle assures that none of that changes how he sees her and it makes him admire her more. Kyle knows he hasn’t known her long but calls her the most extraordinary and beautiful woman he’s ever met. Kyle then kisses Billie.

Austin tells John that he’s sorry he wasn’t able to say goodbye to Marlena in person. Austin kisses Carrie and leaves the room. John says it’s nice to see them happy again. Carrie wishes the timing was better with Austin’s business trip. John asks if that’s a habit. Carrie calls it very unusual. Carrie then opens Austin’s bag and finds two of the missing gemstones.

Cori begins the amateur drag queen extravaganza. Cori notes that they have some stiff competition and introduces the first competitor Sonny as “Sonny Delight”. Sonny has difficulty and falls, then gets sent to the back. Cori then introduces Will, who says his name is Wilhelmina Shakespeare but Cori calls him “Amanda Fox”. Will tries to get away but Sonny pushes him back in. Cori then introduces Chad as “Bolinda Chinashop.” Chad impresses everyone so Cori declares him the winner of the drag competition. Cori then gives him the Emerald as his prize as he celebrates with Leo, Will, and Sonny.

Sophie goes to the bedroom to find Miles tied up and says she thinks they’ve been had. Miles says he suspected as much and asks her to free him. Sophie removes his blindfold and asks what’s the hurry as she kisses him.

Ciara and Ben return to their room. Ciara declares they did it and their first spy mission was a success. Ben says that might be his last as he’s not cut out for this. Ben talks about Sophie confronting him for not being Austin and how the whole thing freaked him out. Ciara jokes about the look on Ben’s face when she walked in on Sophie on top of him. Ben is thankful that Ciara came when she did. Ciara asks if he wasn’t slightly disappointed and if their marriage ever gets stale. Ben doesn’t think they will ever have to resort to that and says it’s impossible to get sick of her, because what they have will always feel like a honeymoon. Ben and Ciara kiss as she finishes removing his shirt.

Billie tells Kyle that the kiss was surprising. Kyle asks if she doesn’t feel the chemistry. Billie just never though he would fraternize with his partner and points out that it’s against the rules. Kyle respond that he’s heard some rules are worth breaking. Kyle tells her that she’s worth it and then some. They joke about Kristen trying to shoot his privates and hope that she was bluffing.

Carrie shows John the gems found in Austin’s bag. John identifies them as the ruby and citrine parts of the Alamainian Peacock. Carrie wonders why Austin would have those in his bag. Austin then returns to the room and says he’s ready to go, but questions what’s going on. Carrie says that’s what she’d like to know as John shows him the gems.

Cori talks about Chad, Will, and Sonny impressing. Chad admits it was empowering and praises Will’s dance moves. Will and Sonny joke with each other and kiss. Sonny toasts to their success. Cori then realizes Leo is missing. Will asks where Leo is while Chad asks where the emerald is.

Leo tries to escape with the emerald but is stopped outside by Shane.


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