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you’re still cold? Yes! Share your blankie with me. Yeah? Okay. Yes. Mm.

[ Exhales softly ] Better? Much better. Roughing it has improved since I last went camping. I’ve never been so happy to get off the grid.

[ Brush crunching ]

[ Loud clattering ] What the hell? Is that what I think it is?

[ Chuckles ] We have got to stop meeting like this. I was thinking we should always meet like this — motor oil aroma, cinder block echo. I feel like I’m in an old springsteen video. Um, don’t get mad at me for asking, but, um, did we have plans tonight? We did not. Okay. I was hoping to surprise you, and that way we could make plans together. Huh. What’d you have in mind? I’m open to suggestions.

[ Chuckles ] After all, things have changed a little since my last garage seduction. Hmm. Not that much. Hello? Hi. Perfect timing. The first course is ready. There are courses? Mm-hmm. Wow. What inspired all of this? Well, you have a kitchen and a washing machine, and now that I am living in a dorm, I understand what luxuries those are. Well, you’re more than welcome to them any time. But I’m a little confused, though, because usually when the kids come home from college, they expect a home-cooked meal. They’re not the ones doing the cooking. Yes, well, I am not your ordinary college girl. That is true. And this is not your average hors d’oeuvre. I cannot wait for you to try the sauce. Look at you! This sauce is so good, your shirt wanted a taste. You know, that’s not important. You know why? ‘Cause you haven’t had dessert. No, dessert is going to have to wait, because if we don’t treat that stain, it’s gonna set in, so come on, hand it over. Hope you had a nice flight. What do you got for me, mr. Buscema? I should be asking you that question, mr. Renault. If you want my help taking down the corinthos organization, you need to start by telling me how it can benefit my business. Thank you, mr. Novak, for the lovely drinks on the terrace. I appreciate your generosity, but there’s no need to buy me dinner. I insist. A small price to pay for the pleasure of your company.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I don’t know how much of a pleasure it’s been. I just can’t get past carly’s rudeness. And that’s the last word I’ll say about her, I promise. No need to apologize about venting about carly corinthos. Sounds like you have a complicated history.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, I’m going to go see brando and see if he has a lead on cyrus’ connection with the five families. Alright, well, just take a guard. Well, I think it’s safe, I think it’s — no, no. You’re gonna take a guard anyway. Should I be worried? No, because if it comes down to it, I’ll get to novak and his nephew, and I may have to anyway. Why? Because nobody threatens you, carly. If anybody tries, they lose everything.

Your presence here sends a clear message that even though the buscema family supported carly and jason replacing sonny, our interests are aligned. I’m obligated to consider all options. Well, since this is really just about business, the bottom line, as it were, is that jason morgan and the widow corinthos are bad for it. Tell me, gladys, how soon after sonny’s passing did mrs. Corinthos and mr. Morgan connect? Practically at the wake. But…

[ Glass clinks ] …And this is not gossip. Of course not. The truth and nothing but, yes? Yes. While carly and jason were making lovey-dovey shark eyes at each other, jason was already playing slap and tickle with some doctor at general hospital. Well, if it isn’t the happy couple. Congratulations on picking the wedding date. You’ve heard. It’s hard to keep a secret like that from the internet. It’s coming up fast. Not a lot of time to plan. Yeah, well, um… no time like the present. Um… I just want you to know, I wish you two nothing but the best. The bestest.

[ Laughs ] So, to what do I owe this pleasure? Well, I thought that we could use a little dad-daughter time. Aww, that is so sweet of you. But what’s the real reason?

[ Chuckles ] Okay. That celebration dinner at the metro court was a disaster. Yes, I know, and I’m sorry about that. I should have left my recent argument with your mother at home where it belonged. Yes, well, except it’s not really recent, dad. I mean, this tension between you and mom has been going on for months. And, yes, I noticed. It’s just you guys usually work things out a lot faster than this, so I’m getting a little bit worried. I…

[ Beeping ] The oven timer should not be going off — yeah, that’s actually the smoke alarm. -Okay. -It’s still… finn: Oh, my god! My god. Can I provide assistance? Let me have a look at him first. Just — be careful. He’s tangled up in his parachute. I have my honor badge in knots! Go for it. Go quick. Okay, this looks like a barrel knot. Just untie it!Just untie it! That should do it. Okay. Help me turn him over. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Oh, my god.


It appears to be a parachute accident. The victim is male, early 60s. He’s unconscious. Yeah. Hold on. 911’s asking for his vitals. Surprisingly good. He doesn’t appear to have any broken bones. I think he’s just out cold. There’s a doctor and a nurse on the scene. They say the victim doesn’t have any broken bones, but he remains out cold. That means unconscious. We’re approximately 200 yards from the campgrounds. Tell the ambulance there’s vehicle access via the firebreak. Thank you. An ambulance is en route. Thank you, wyatt. It’s good to see you again. You two know each other? Our paths have crossed. It was a long time ago, though. How are you doing, wyatt? I see you’re still a pc pioneer. Second class. I have two more badges until I’m a pioneer first class. I’ve already got my first aid and trail triage badges, though, so if you need any help with him — okay, thank you, wyatt. Thank you. Scott. Hey, scott, can you hear me? Scott. Come on. It’s elizabeth and dr. Finn and pc pioneer wyatt. Can you tell us what happened? Are we there yet? Thank you so much for helping me with dinner. No, it’s the least I can do. I mean, after your big effort. Looks like I inherited mom’s talents in the kitchen. I wouldn’t go that far. You know, trina even tried to give me some pointers, but it turns out there’s only so much even she can do. Okay, I tell you what. Anytime you want to come over and practice your cooking skills, I will be happy to be your guinea pig, especially when it’s lady jane’s recipe. Well, I hope you still feel that way after dinner is served. Well, while we wait, why don’t you… why don’t you tell me what’s concerning you about your mother and me? Well, actually, I’m mostly concerned about you. You know, ever since you got back from nixon falls, you’ve been stressed out. No. I’m fine. Really, josslyn, I’m — you don’t need to worry about me. Really? Mm-hmm. So your stress has nothing to do with the fact that mom is marrying jason? I caught up with maxie the other day. She’s hard at work planning your wedding. I’m surprised at the magnitude of the festivities. Yeah, well, we told maxie “understated.” Understated as in tasteful or small? Because maxie’s going all-out, apparently with your blessing. I can’t help but wonder what you and carly are trying to prove. Cyrus: Sonny corinthos has always been the man in charge. Jason morgan simply provided the brute force necessary to keep him there. He’s a gifted enforcer, nothing more. An interesting perspective, mr. Renault. If morgan had the initiative to take over for sonny, he would have removed mrs. Corinthos. Instead, he’s marrying her and asking the families to ignore that a civilian’s marched into their organization and began calling the shots. A civilian who could go to the feds, which puts us all in danger of exposure. I’m not only putting in extra hours here at the garage, I picked up some side gigs to pay for improvements on my apartment. I’m thinking when my mother finally moves out…

[ Ratchet tightens ] Well? Well, what? Um… you and I could, uh, you know, maybe… should we move in together? I didn’t realize you were ready for that step. Um, we’re both busy people who want to spend more time together. What better way to do that than to come home to the same place when we’re, you know, done being busy? Well, I mean, I would hope that if we were to live under the same roof, it would be more than just a crash pad. I’m thinking a temporary home. You know? While I save money for a new place. Of course, I know that you can afford a beautiful home on your own already. I wouldn’t go that far, but go on. If, and when, we get a place together, I want to pull my weight. You don’t have to decide anything right now. I just hope that you’ll at least consider it. Oh, I will definitely consider it. There’s just one thing I need to know. What’s that? What are these side gigs? Oh, they’re just side gigs. Carly: Brando?

[ Footsteps ] There you are. I need to talk to you. It’s really important. Nina: Okay, the trick is — oop — you have to use a lot of club soda. I mean,

a lot of club soda, because you have to push it through the fabric so you don’t set the stain. You don’T… well, you try not to set the stain. You know, I-I learned all these really nifty, weird tricks on how to clean clothes from all the crimson shoots that I have been on. One other really cool thing is, um… equal parts dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. That also works… miracles. Okay, we’re not gonna ask for discounts on floor models, demos or displays. Shopping malls can be a big trigger for young homeowners turning into their parents. You ever think about the storage operation a place like this must rely on? -No. They just sell candles, and they’re making overhead? You know what kind of fish those are? -No. -Eh, don’t be coy. [ Laughs ]

[ Sniffs, clears throat ] Koi fish.

Okay. Thanks. Chase is loving watching the kids, alright? Aiden’s gonna teach everybody how to make something called campfire blondies? Oh, my god, they’re so good. And he’s saving you one. And my daughter apparently is so excited about the prospect of scary campfire stories that she hasn’t even asked when I’ll be back. Oh. Kids and their priorities, right? Hey. You know our people are taking great care of scott, right? Yeah. Yeah, I know. Regardless of how many pending lawsuits he has against the hospital. A man’s got to eat, right?

[ Laughs ] Sorry to interrupt, dr. Finn. The attending would like a word. Okay. Lead the way. Elizabeth. Thanks for the call. You said scott baldwin was involved in a skydiving mishap? We don’t know what happened. We just know he crash-landed near our campsite. Who’s the “we”? Dr. Finn and me. We were on a family camping trip. Was mr. Baldwin able to tell you what happened? No, he was still too out of it. Do you know if I can speak to him now? Commissioner, I’m glad you’re here. He’s in room 1024. Okay, thank you. Oh, before you go in, um… the attending was just in with scott, and we’re in agreement that he was not knocked out on impact. We’re running a tox screen, and if the results are what we anticipate… scott didn’t make that jump voluntarily. Don’t —

[ Chuckles ] Don’t answer that. It’s none of my business. Okay. “Okay” is an answer, and it’s probably an even more annoying answer than the answer to the original question. You’re about to say something. Don’T.

[ Laughing ] Wow. I bet this is the first time anyone’s ever told you to say less. I think you’re right. Uh, look, um… whatever’s going on, yeah, it makes no sense to me, but so what? I have decided I don’t need to know all the answers or secrets to the universe. I just have to accept them. So, I’m glad I got that out of my system. Now I can move on. So you don’t approve of this union between mrs. Corinthos and mr. Morgan? Oh, please. That gold-digging climber bled my cousin for all he was worth, and then the second he was gone, she turned around and threw herself at morgan. No gratitude, no loyalty, no class. And how dare they not invite me to their wedding? Well, why would you want to attend a wedding celebrating a union for which you so sorely disapprove? What can I say? It’s the hottest ticket in town.

[ Both laugh ] What makes you think I’m worried about your mother marrying jason? Because it’s impossible to miss. Wow, I really got to work on my poker face, don’t I? Yes. It’s terrible. So, is the problem that she’s marrying jason or that she’s remarrying in general? It’s more of a parenting thing, actually. Okay, well, that is a very broad answer. Mm-hmm. Okay, look… from the moment a child comes into this world, it’s a parent’s job to look out for danger and to make sure that child is safe. And you’ve done that. Yes. Yes, we’ve done that, and — but, you know, you going off to college, because you’re my only child, it comes with a whole set of new worries. Oh, dad, you don’t have to worry about me. But I do. No, you don’T. I’m still gonna be the same person I’ve always been. I’m just not under a parental roof. No, and I’m glad to hear that. And look, to be honest, it’s not you. I’m not worried about you. It’s — I’m worried about other people. Well, I’m sure mom’s told you that I have a bodyguard. Yes, she did. Yeah. How do you feel about that? Well, it used to bother me, you know, to have someone constantly looking over my shoulder. But, you know, then I realized that it’s for my safety, and devin, he’s pretty cool, so I might act like it’s some huge inconvenience, but it does make me feel better. Okay. And cam’s been cool about it, too, so… oh, and speaking of cam, how is that going? We’re happy. That’s all you’re getting, dad. Okay, okay, okay. Fine. That’s great, and that’s — you know, I mean, you should be just living your life and having fun and let me do all the worrying. Thanks. I was planning on it. Good. But I’m happy to know that you’re on the job, too. Always. Well, now that we’ve let this cool off, maybe we should try this amazing appetizer. Okay. Yay. Sasha, you’re so beautiful, and you’re glowing! Thank you. Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just really need to pick your brain for a minute, and it’s important. Whatever you need. While you two talk, I will go visit the ladies’ room. Okay. Thank you. It’ll just be a minute, I promise.

[ Whispering ] Hey. I hope sasha doesn’t think I don’t trust her. Oh, by now I’m sure sasha understands that there’s some conversations that she’s better off not hearing. Yeah, especially this one. What’s going on? Well, unfortunately, having cyrus incarcerated far away did not have the effect that we were hoping for. Turns out, he still has connections and he’s using them to target people here in port charles he feels wronged him. The last time I saw cyrus, he tried to kill me and my mother. You think he intends to finish the job?

What exactly are you proposing? That the five families use carly and jason’s wedding as a window to strike. The event itself provides an alibi to the family heads, and with one fell swoop, we can hobble the corinthos organization so there’s no chance of recovery or retribution. It’s a risk. One has to speculate to accumulate. So, are you in or out? Must I decide now? Oh, not now, but soon. The wedding is approaching fast, and this may be the only shot we have to neutralize morgan and his new bride once and for all. I don’t know if cyrus is coming after you or not. I’ll assume the worst. Yeah. What do you need from me? Well, cyrus has somehow forged a relationship with someone high up in the five families. Now, jason’s trying to figure out who. I’m not sure how much help I can be. I mean, I was only cyrus’ driver. It’s not like I was exactly high up the food chain. Yeah, well, you were perfectly placed to interact with people on the ground. I mean, you would talk to the other guards from the families, right? I mean, you guys would hang out outside and talk while we were inside doing business. True. But we mostly talked sports… and sports. I mean, it’s not like we were exchanging trade secrets. Okay, well, was there anyone who seemed more loyal to cyrus or who seemed really sympathetic after he was busted? Nobody springs to mind. But I did keep a coded notepad, when I was reporting to jason. I could review those and let you know if I find anything. That would be great. Anything else? What about joey novak? Did he ever come in for that tune-up? Gladys, it so happens,

i am attending the wedding, and I would be honored if you would accompany me. Okay. This is not my first rodeo,

or my second. What’s your angle?

[ Chuckles ] You know what? You remind me of my ex-wife. And you’re not the first man to tell me that, and it’s never a ringing endorsement. Oh, but it is. You see, gladys,

she left me.

[ Both laugh ] Okay, well… then, vincent… I guess I will see you at the wedding. You have somewhere to be? Someone I’m meeting, actually. Oh, and I think he just arrived. Have a good evening. Britt: Hi. Hi. Wow! Mm! This is incredible. I mean, the cheese has great flavor. The marinara is to die for. Yeah. I didn’t make the sauce. Well, you put together this beautiful selection. What, you don’t like it? No, I like it. I love it. Then why the face?

[ Timer sounds ] Um, I’m — I’m gonna go grab the stew. Mm. Mm! Oh! Oh, no, no. What’s happening? Your hair is caught in my watch. Oh! Oh! Can I help you? Okay, let me take it off. I don’t want anything coming between us, alright? Ow! Okay. How about you allow me to do this? I’ll take it — ohh! Wait! There, okay. Alright. Come here. I’m sorry, mike. I can’t do this.

[ Door opens ] Scott? Oh, elizabeth. Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay. Oh, yeah, yeah. It’s gonna take a lot more than a fall to break this humpty dumpty. Are you up for answering some questions, mr. Baldwin? Uh, I’m a little fuzzy, but, you know, fire away. What’s the last thing you remember? Well, I was on a plane. Private or commercial? Private. Where was the plane headed? Uh… some woman’s name, like, um… saint lucia. Next thing I know, you know, we’re going into this nosedive. Then the oxygen masks, you know, drop. We didn’t even have a chance to sip our champagne. Champagne? Was somebody with you? Of course somebody was with me — liesl. Why else would i charter a private jet? Now, please tell me that she’s here and she’s okay.

But the greatest thing about home brewing and what truly makes it magic, and you may not even believe me when I tell you this, but it’s the way that you — oh, no! There’s an emergency at work. Oh. It was nice to meet you. Duty calls.

[ Cellphone rings ] If only you had called me five minutes ago, I wouldn’t have had to lie. What’s up? I need you to get here as soon as you can. Thank you, dr. Westbourne. Obrecht hasn’t shown up in the er or been admitted. Um, I have amy checking the other hospitals. The faa and the ntsb have no reports of any crashes. I have a call in to find out if any aircrafts have lost contact with air traffic control. The flight plan and the manifest won’t be available tonight. This doesn’t make any sense. Parachutes aren’t exactly, uh, standard safety gear, even on a private jet, right? No, not standard, no. And given that scott was dressed in travel clothes instead of a jumpsuit, it’s pretty clear he was forced out of that plane. Yeah, there’s a lot we still don’t know, but this wasn’t an accident, and whoever arranged it is powerful and potentially deadly. Now, if you or the other families are concerned about liability, I would be more than happy to coordinate the takeover personally. From here? Can you do that? Oh, I’ve had plenty of practice running things remotely. And all this to take carly and jason off the board. Tell me, mr. Renault, what’s really in this for you? Novak never showed. Oh. Well, he’s not likely to. He’s been sent abroad, at least according to vincent novak. I almost wish I was still good with cyrus. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just go directly to the source? Yeah, it would be, but unfortunately, the trust that cyrus had in you was gone the second sasha chose you over him. Lucky me. I think saving her life had something to do with it. Yeah, it’s funny how life works out. I had so much respect for sonny, and also jason came through for me a lot. I’m just glad you and jason found each other, and now we both have unexpected love in our lives. Yes, and I know we both want to protect that love, and we’ll do that by finding out who cyrus is working with. Well, joey novak isn’t the only made guy with a car. I’ll reach out to novak, wu, and buscema’s people and let them know I’m open for business, and with a special discount for former work associates. Nothing like a beer and a wait on their hands to get guys talking. Thank you. Mm-hmm. You are a great help. And what is brando helping with, exactly? Okay, dinner is served. Okay, but before we sit, what was bothering you before? Oh, it’s nothing. It didn’t seem like nothing. I am literally too embarrassed to say it out loud. Oh, come on, joss. You know that you can tell me anything. Okay, this is going to sound really weird, but that sauce, it tasted exactly like sonny’S. Like, exactly. Okay, well, sonny was known to be a pretty good cook, I guess, and most marinara sauces have the same ingredients. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Most marinara sauces, even the best ones, taste the same. But sonny’s — I mean, did that taste like any other marinara sauce to you? Uh… well, actually, no. It didn’T. A little — had a spicy kick to it. Uh-huh. Almost like an arrabbiata, but not, and a little smoky. Yeah. Yeah. Sonny’s sauce was unique, at least until now. I mean, I’m telling you, dad, if I didn’t know he was dead, I would have swore that he made that himself.

Scott? Commissioner ashford told me you were here. Oh, so you spoke to her? You spoke to elizabeth and finn? I came straight to see you. In case there was a story you needed me to get straight? Aren’t you supposed to be on the way to saint lucia with my mother? What happened? I don’t know, you know. We were on a private jet. Then, next thing I know, the plane starts to go down, and then there’S… the oxygen masks are dropping. And then all I can remember is coming to on the ground with some — some kid in a pioneer scout uniform standing over me with finn and elizabeth. And my mother? Please tell me she bailed out with you, scott. I don’t remember bailing out myself. I hope to god that your mother made it off that plane safe. Sasha, you truly have nothing to worry about. Gladys: Carly! Ooh! Whoa!

[ Laughing ] I’m so glad I ran into you. Oh! Mom. Mom. Please tell me you didn’t drive. No, of course not. I took a ride. A ride… a rideshare? That’s the one. Anyway, since you’re here… mm-hmm? …I did want to let you know. Know what? Oh. [ Laughs ] That. Um… even though you may not have seen fit to invite me, I will be a guest at your wedding after all. I’m coming as a plus-one! Let me guess. No, you’re never gonna guess! Vincent novak. How’d you guess? Gifted. Oh. Carly? I can’t wait to share in your special day, and… …I’ll have the chicken. Wait, wait, no. The fish. Uh, on second thought, maybe the chicken. Mr. Novak. Mr. Morgan. I was wondering if I might see you here. Yeah, listen. There are rumors that cyrus is making some moves from behind bars, and I want to make sure that doesn’t threaten the peace. You always get straight to the point, mr. Morgan. I admire that. Therefore, I shall do the same. The corinthos family has nothing to fear from the novaks, certainly not where cyrus renault is concerned. You must remember that renault lay siege to my men in that warehouse. That, I do not forgive. And in these circumstances, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Remember, mr. Buscema, I am first and foremost an opportunist. Where there is turmoil, there is an opening to strike. As to what’s in it for me, the answer is simple — I want revenge. Mike, it’s — I’m sorry. It’s just this watch is evidence of the life that you used to have, and if you ever remember that life, the people that you loved and the people who loved you — you mean the people who didn’t bother to come looking for me? Please listen to me. If somehow, you remember that life, you might discover that there are a bunch of people out there that love and miss you, and you might even discover that you love and miss them. So, mike, you can’t give yourself fully to me until you go out there and you learn everything you can learn about who you used to be before you came to nixon falls. I don’t want to do that. I told you, I don’T. How many times do i got to tell you I don’t want to do that? And… until you do, I can’t give you all of me. Find out who you are. Given your relationship with sonny, you probably never tried his marinara, but you have to believe me when I tell you this tastes exactly like sonny’s sauce. Okay. Where’d you get it? Trina picked it up at some bar in nixon falls. Really? Well, what was the name of the bar? You know what? You’re right, I’m being ridiculous. No, no, I didn’t say that. No, it has to be a coincidence. I mean, this can’t be sonny’s sauce. It’s crazy, right? Jax: What the hell? Right. Crazy.

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