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[ Sighs ] Thank you for the ride. I’m so in the mood for a caprese salad. And bailey can get some sunshine and fresh air while I have some lunch. How long, um, is your meeting gonna be? Maybe we could catch a ride with you? Of course. We’ll have to see. My meeting’s right here. Enjoy your salad.

[ Groans ] Brook lynn! Oh, my god! Are you here for lunch? Let’s sit together. Oh, hi, cutie. It’s so good to see you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Valentin. My man. Pull up a chaise. Soak up some vitamin D. And explain to me why I should vote to keep you the ceo of elq.

[ Indistinct conversations ] King me! Woman, you are a shark! I should have known better than to play with you. This is true. But I’m glad you threw caution to the wind. Ahh. I’ve missed you. So have I. Well, this is definitely an improvement over pentonville. I just wish you were out of the system altogether. It’s a nicer prison, but it’s still a prison. So tell me… how is your new life on the outside? Hey. Hi. Hey. Who’s winning? Your mom.

[ Chuckles ] Everything okay? Yeah, that depends. Um… I got a call from drew. How’d the apartment hunting go? Terrible. We went to seven apartments, and none of them were acceptable. It’s good you have deception. I don’t think this real-estate gig’s gonna pay off for you. Well, considering I’m doing this as a big, fat favor, I’m not really too worried about it. Jordan: I’m relieved to hear mayor collins and her brother arrived safely. Do you have any more intel on who’s been carrying out renault’s orders? Okay, well, send me the prison phone logs. I want to know who cyrus has been talking to. Thanks for meeting me.

[ Soft music plays ]

[ Sighs ] Carly: It’s beautiful. Hey, carly.

[ Gasps ] Yeah. Oh. Were you daydreaming? We’re closed!

[ Door closes ] Mike, mike, mike. Is nina here? No. Huh. She’s not at her place, either. You wouldn’t happen to know what she’s up to you, would you? Aunt liesl. Were you able to make arrangements? It’s all set. I need you to direct peter to the town of soufriere on st. Lucia. It’s large enough that tourists won’t be noticed… but too small for any significant police force. Okay. And once peter gets there? The scourge that is peter august will be eradicated once and for all. I don’t expect nina to tell me where she is every minute of the day. Why — why would she tell you? Oh. So sorry if my question upset you. No, y-you don’t seem sorry about anything. Least of all, me. You’re a very perceptive man, mike. Perhaps it was one of your gifts. You want more of my perception? You had a strong reaction when you first got here… like you were surprised to see me. Your point being? Stop now! You know who I am? Yes. As a matter of fact, I do.

Well, your message sounded urgent. What do we need to talk about? Your wedding. I understand you’re inviting more than just friends and family… that you also have several business associates on your guest list. That’s right. Do you expect trouble? Why? Have you — have you heard something? Cyrus. He may be behind bars, but he’s not sitting there quietly. Listen to me. Please be careful. Peter is gonna be on his guard.

[ Chuckles ] You are kind to worry, niece. But peter is no match for me. His exit is long overdue. No one will miss him. And the world will be better without him in it. If you know who I was before I lost my memory, you better start talking. You know, when I said I “knew” you, mike, what I meant was that I know the type of guys that nina is drawn to. She simply can’t resist. And before I could ask any questions, I heard all this commotion, like a struggle, and then the line went dead. And you believe that it was drew? I don’t know what to think, mom. I — [ Stammers ] I’ve been processing the whole thing, and — yeah, I g– I guess. I believe it was drew. I just have so many unanswered questions about the plane crash. It just — what are you gonna do? I mean, what are you gonna do to answer those questions? Dante’s helping me investigate. Anna actually agreed to let us look at the wsb file on the plane crash. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of support behind you. Ugh. Okay. I don’t want you to think that I have dropped the ball on the hayden barnes investigation. I’m still gonna help you find out who shot her. Sam, finding drew, getting answers once or for all has to be your focus. I wanted to congratulate you, actually, about your — your engagement to jason. It’s — he’s a good man. You’re very fortunate. I am. You kind of remind me of robert and me. Like, you’ve been to hell and back more times than you care to remember. You know, we didn’t make it, but I — I — I really think that you guys are gonna succeed. I just wanted to wish you every happiness. Thank you. Excuse me. Mrs. Corinthos. May I have a word? Of course. Excuse me, anna. Yeah. Hey. Sorry to keep you. Oh, no. Here you go. This is what you need. Thank you. So, that’s all the intel the wsb has on drew’s plane crash. I’m hoping maybe there’s something in there that sam could find or could shed some light, maybe give you an avenue to pursue. Yeah. Did you take a look? No. I thought I’d leave it to you. Ah. Yeah, so let me know. I’m available to help. Appreciate it. Any, uh, theories? Other than the obvious. Peter’s responsible. Either he or someone that works for him has drew. If helena weren’t dead, I would say this were right up her alley. Yeah, I’d say you should send someone to cassadine island. Oh, it’s done. Oh, really? -Yeah. -I was — I was just kidding.

[ Chuckles ] The bureau, they keep that place on their radar. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned… is the past doesn’t stay in the past. Truer words were never spoken. And where were the harbor views? You know, that place I rented before on talmadge was a big loft space. I like the openness. I want something like that but in a trendy area with coffee bars and boutiques. Any of the places lucy showed us today would have been great for you, mom. Yeah. You know, why don’t you reconsider? That one that had those great, big nice windows? I really think the natural light would make you look better. Sounds great for plants. I don’t do plants. Or cats. Or canasta. Next, you’re gonna try and stash me in an old folks’ home. I like the place. It’s better than mine. Gladys: Okay. That’s men for you. Give them a couch, a wide-screen tv, they could live in a cave. Okay, ms. Corbin, I-I did show you properties that were commensurate with your price points. I was instructed to “work within” a very tiny, modest budget. Okay. That’s not my fault. I was shot! In the shoulder. Three months ago. What was that? You’ve already returned to work. In the fashion industry. That’s another thing. I need a place that’s suitable for my new career. Being brook lynn’s assistant at deception, while very important, is still an entry-level position. Which reminds me. When can I expect my first raise? I’m not actually here to pitch myself. I have a bit of a reputation. But you’re not actually a voting shareholder just yet, so we might be getting ahead of ourselves. Why don’t you just tell valentin we ran into each other and decided to have lunch together? That makes total sense. You don’t get it. Valentin is over there trying to pull austin into his camp so he can retain control of elq. We filed a motion. New evidence. Edward left a letter that he was going to change his will. So it’s just a question of time before austin gets his… shares of elq. With all due respect, filing a motion is just the beginning of a very lengthy and contentious process, isn’t it? Well, with equal respect, the evidence is strong. I think the lawsuit’s just a formality. I hope you’re right, because assuming you become a voting shareholder, I am gonna want your support.

Okay, so now that austin found out edward intended to add his father to the will, what’s next? Well, if the judge rules in austin’s favor, then he might be the deciding vote of who gets control of elq, so it will be up to us to try to convince him that keeping the family business in the family is better. Good luck with that. Yeah. My sentiments exactly. I’m so sorry, brook lynn. After everything you did to put your father in charge of the company, and now you’re back at square one. Not entirely. I still get to keep this baby safe. There’s no bigger payoff than that. Elq is thriving on my watch. I’m a very effective ceo. I’ve guarded the bottom line, protected cash flow. I’ve increased profits. And the price of the shares that you are about to receive have actually increased and are very strong, so I would say that replacing me as ceo at this time would be pretty stupid. I mean, anybody can say that they’re a well-meaning, honest, straightforward guy. Doesn’t mean that you are. I think this guy thinks I’m some kind of a hayseed. Hm. Valentin… if you think I’m the guy that just fell off the turnip truck, I’m not. Shawn, no. I said I was gonna help you. I’m going to. Family first, always. If scout’s father is alive, we should probably know about that. I’ll get justice — for me and hayden. Haven’t given up. And I’m not going anywhere. Except to stretch my legs. I’ll let you two talk. But I am coming back for a rematch.

[ Singsong voice ] I’ll be here. He’s great. Yes. He certainly is. Well, you must have a lot of questions. No. I know it was drew’s voice. Anna. A word? Anna: Okay. I’ll be right back. Yeah. Good luck. Thanks. What do you want, mr. Novak? To apologize in person for my nephew joey’s inappropriate behavior. If your nephew approaches my daughter again, he’s gonna find out firsthand why jason has the reputation that he has. Not to worry. I’m making arrangements to send joey out of the country, indefinitely. I hope so. Have no fear. Consider it an early wedding present. You finally set a date. It appears my invitation got lost in the mail. Or is it just too awkward to have sonny’s family at your wedding to jason? Excuse me. Just for a tiny moment. Absolutely. My mother does not know when to quit, does she? Now she’s harassing carly. Carly can handle your mom. Oh, no question. Speaking of carly… maxie mentioned that the wedding is set for september 17th. You haven’t said if you’re going. Is it because you don’t want me to go with you? And there’s no word on that schleim henrik? No. No. I mean, if he’s out there, he’s doing a very good job of staying undercover. What are the chances of him being mercifully dead? It’s a possibility. Isn’t it? But I’ll tell you this much. I’m not giving up until I find him. Dead or alive. When nina sees someone lost or in pain… she feels compelled to help. And I pegged you as her latest charity case from the moment I walked in the door! Say it again! Say it again! Mike! Mike! Stop! Stop! What is going on here?! It’s a difference of opinion, nina. That’s it. Wha– it doesn’t — it doesn’t matter. Okay? Because peter is leaving today. Really? Yes. I was able to get in touch with my contact. The fiction editor for burnside publishing. He agreed to meet you, peter. So if you wait for me outside, I will fill you in. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Best of luck…mike. What? He’s bad news! Peter’s bad news! The bat. I don’t even understand why you even talk to him. Okay, okay. I agree with you, and I am listening to you. But after today, mike… you won’t see peter again. That’s a promise.

-Why did you say to provoke him? -Who cares? Do you really have a lead on my daughter’s whereabouts, or was that little performance all for sonny’s benefit? Yes. I have a lead. Anna and valentin think that your baby is in st. Lucia. And valentin just offered up this information? He wasn’t suspicious at all? Isn’t that why you blackmailed me in the first place? Because you wanted me to exploit valentin’s feelings for me? Don’t act like you care about valentin. Clearly, you’ve moved on.

[ Groans ] I — I told valentin that I was worried about maxie and that I needed to know if they were any closer to finding louise, and that is when he told me about this new lead. Why st. Lucia? If you get new information on that schmutsack, please keep me appraised. I’m going away to a medical conference, and I’m worried about maxie and little james. Didn’t you lose your license? Thank you. I had completely forgotten. I still like to keep up. Anyway, the conference is in st. Lucia. Scott and I are taking advantage of the excuse for a romantic getaway. Once he finishes his meeting at the pool, we’ll be on our way. W-with scott? Oh. Anyway, um… yeah, don’t worry about maxie. I’ll keep my eye out on her. And just, uh, e-enjoy. Oh. I shall.

[ Laughs ] Valentin: So when it comes to elq, I just want to make the company money. Every decision I make as ceo is to further that goal. So the quartermaines can fight and bicker and argue. It’s not gonna make the company suffer at all. That’s a good point. Hello, gentlemen. Could you just excuse us for a moment? I need to speak with my pal, pronto. Oh, for heaven’s sakes, lucy. We’re talking business. Now get lost. Pronto! No worries. Let’s just take a break. Yeah, I could make some phone calls. Thank you. Thank you so much. You…nincompoop! Now… that’s a little harsh. No. No. It’s not a little harsh. I have harsher words for you, and I’ve kept my mouth sealed this whole time. I have been a very good girl, and I haven’t said one single word about your dangerous liaison — your liaison dangereuse with that…obrech! But the fact is, you jetting off to some island with her, that is too far. First of all, it’s “obrecht.” With a “T.” Okay? Unh! You know what? You need to just get a grip. Get a grip right now! Because that woman is icky. And do you know how many times she’s almost ruined the nurses’ ball for me? She is only out for herself. And if you don’t snap out of it, then — then liesl obrech — brech, brech-brech-brech — is gonna be the death of you. Austin: Hey! Maxie. I’ve run into you two days in a row. I think the universe is trying to tell us something. That the metro court has a great pool lunch menu? Brook lynn: We would have invited you over, but, um, you seemed pretty busy over there. Oh, I’m not too busy to stop by and say hi to a friend. Because we’re friends, right, maxie? I’ve recently been made aware that cyrus is up to his old tricks, intent on revenge. Any threats directed at carly or her family? Not so far. Steps have been taken to secure the parties involved. We believe that the threats have been neutralized for the moment. I appreciate the heads-up. I’d appreciate some cooperation. Do you know who’s doing cyrus’ dirty work for him? Any names you might be able to pass along? Gladys, your constant jabs about wanting me to feel guilty about marrying jason, it won’t work. If you knew anything about sonny, you would know that he would be all for this. Sonny would want me to move on and be happy. And sonny trusted jason more than anybody in the whole world. Now, I get that you can’t grasp that concept, and that’s why you’re not invited to my wedding. But we’re family. We’re not family, okay? And you better change your attitude if you hope to be a part of brando and his child’s life. I wasn’t planning to go to carly and jason’s wedding. Why not? I made a promise to keep my distance, and I meant it. You and the baby are my first priority.

[ Sighs ] I appreciate that. But, brando, I would never ask you to give up your family. Bingo. If you continue following up on this, you have to promise me that you’re gonna be careful. I mean, I remember drew to be a very capable and determined guy, but if somebody is holding him up somewhere, you finding him could be dangerous. I promise I’ll be careful.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ohh. Excuse me for a second. Dante. Hey. Are you at the metro court? Hey. Yeah. Are you — are you still coming here? Yeah. I’ll be there. I’m just — I’m with my mom right now. Were you able to get the file? I did, and, uh, you should get down here. There’s something you got to see. Okay. I’ll be right there.

hey. Uh, wow. That was fast. Well, you said there was something I needed to see? Yeah, there’s — hey, sam. Hi. Yeah. You should sit, too. You both should hear this. -Okay. You found something? -Hear what? Well, we knew that drew found andre maddox in ethiopia and sent andre home while he continued on to afghanistan alone, but what we didn’t know is that drew chartered a flight in addis ababa. We — we — we know that drew wasn’t flying commercial. I don’t see the significance right now. A charter flight could have multiple passengers. Drew wasn’t alone. There was another passenger on that flight. Ooh-hoo. Your move. Oh. Right.

[ Clears throat ] You know what? Let’s stop. Neither one of us is paying attention anyway. Because of sam? Because of sam, because of you. You were very gallant. I know you are disappointed. And you let her walk away with a clear conscience. You’re good guy. You know that? Well, the one thing I learned in prison was patience. But I didn’t tell you the other part of the story. Mm-hmm. What part? Hayden’s mother, naomi, she comes to town with some story about how hayden abandoned violet. And next thing we know, she was murdered. Wha– hayden’s mother was killed? It would seem someone wanted to keep her from talking about hayden. Hmm. Do you think whoever wanted hayden shot six years ago is still after her? I don’t know, alexis. If I keep at this, maybe I’ll uncover more than I bargained for. “If”? Jordan thinks I should let it go. Focus on my present and future. I don’t know. Maybe she’s right. Jordan’s a very smart woman. Of course she’s right. Too bad you won’t listen to her. This is the first time I’m hearing about threats from cyrus. Are you sure your sources are good? They’re good. But cyrus’ organization has been dismantled. Is it possible that cyrus still has an ally on the outside? Can you be 100% certain that no one in the five families would work with him? There’s a difference being part of a family and being part of the mob. I don’t know. With sonny, there was barely daylight between the two. And I don’t think carly and jason are gonna be much different. Look at michael. Look at dante. Okay. I-I think, being a cop, dante counts as a special case. Okay, but you get what I’m saying. Right? Yes, I want us to have our own life with our child unconnected to the mob. But sonny was your cousin. His kids are your family. And by extension, so are carly and jason. I would never ask you to completely cut ties with them. You’re amazing. Lucy! I thought you’d left. Not that anyone could blame you. Well, I decided to make a visit to the pool.

[ Sighs ] Well, I don’t blame you, either. It sounds like apartment hunting with gladys was taxing. Mm. Look. I-I pride myself on being very professional. It’s just — all I can give is my hard-won words of wisdom. I cannot help it if certain people don’t listen to me. Maxie has more friends than she knows what to do with. Right, maxie? Not sure she needs another one. -Is that true? -It is. Maxie, you think that’s true?

[ Sighs ] Look, it’s not your fault that every time I see you, I think of louise. I’m always gonna be grateful you were there that night to help bring her into the world. But that was the same night I lost her. I’m sorry. No, don’t be sorry. Not at all. I mean, that’s a real trauma. I should have considered that. Forgive me. I won’t intrude. Oh, my god. He is so into you! Can nina and I take you out to dinner tonight? Oh! That’s good news. No, she’s, uh — she’s outside with that peter guy. Yeah. Don’t like that guy at all. But, uh, he’s — he’s leaving. He’s leaving today. So that’s good. Matter of fact, if she doesn’t come in here real soon… I’m gonna go out there myself and send him packin’. Using her sources at wsb, anna tracked a woman with an infant who traveled from albany, new york, aken. This woman, she rented a cottage on the outskirts of this town called soufriere, st. Lucia. U happen to getthe me of this woman? Peter, what possible reason could I have to ask valentin the name of the woman? Well, how sure is valentin that this “lead” is legitimate? Anna and valentin are going to st. Lucia tomorrow. Tomorrow. That means I can still get there before them.

Bon voyage. -[ Gasps ] -If you’re lying to me, nina… I swear you won’t be the only one who suffers.

[ Gasps ] Because I — I know that you’re capable of anything, peter. I wouldn’t dare double-cross you.

-sonny’s death created unrest. -Yeah. I’m glad to see you and carly acting to shore up your interests. Well, carly and I are getting married. That’s — that’s all. There are many reasons two people join their lives. A wedding is a statement to the world of a couple’s strength and commitment. Believe me when I say… I’m wishing you and carly the best in your future together. Thank you. And, really, thanks again for the update.

[ Jason sighs ] I know you, and I know you’re not walking away from this. Yeah. You’re right. I can’t let it go, especially after hayden’s mother was killed. Yeah, I know what it’s like to dig into something myself. So here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe we could work together on this. I mean, I know I’m not a P.I. Hell, I’m not even free. But we made a good team when we were digging up information to expose judge carson, so I was thinking maybe we could do it again. What do you say? All right. Can I ask you something? What’s with this report? It’s like five pages long. Right. I know. I thought the same thing. It’s more like window dressing than a working investigation. But, then, if you think about it, drew’s plane went down over the gulf of aden. There was minimal wreckage, no bodies. What are they investigating? Wait. Dante’s right. There was another passenger on the plane. It just doesn’t say the name. That’s interesting. Yeah, I thought that was weird, too. There’s a transaction here that says that there was a seat reserved and paid for by a corporation — lethe unlimited. Why does that sound familiar? Where have we heard that company before? Are you guys up for another round of apartment hunting?

[ Chuckles ] No. Are you — are you talking about another round with your unreasonable standards? I-I’m sorry if I was critical before. Oh, really? “If”? The I-f word? If? If? No. I — I realize I need to get ready for my grandbaby, and I’m sure you can find me the perfect apartment. Maybe with a “friends and family” discount. Okay. All right. Thank you, lucy, so much. But I think we’ve had enough for today. I think we’ve had enough for a lifetime. Pardon me. Ta! Well, that was rude. I need a drink. I am so sorry about her. I — hey. I’m with lucy. Stop apologizing. Besides, gladys has a major redeeming quality. Her son. Ah, I think you might have broken austin’s heart, but props to you for tactfully getting that guy away without raising suspicion. Um, everything I said was the truth. I just left out the part about how I’m terrified that he’ll somehow remember seeing us together that night. Well, for now at least, I think he’ll steer clear of you. Good. So, where were we? Uh, you were saying something that’s true. I’m not a big fan of the quartermaine infighting. I’m more than happy to stay on the periphery. Well, that is what I’m offering you. Quiet above the fray. By all means, claim what’s rightfully yours, but you don’t have to become the very thing you hate. Ta-da!

[ Gasps ] A private jet? Scott: Yes. Yes. I-I wanted to, you know, go all-out for my…

schnitzel. It’s too much. You shouldn’t have. Uh, no. Nothing. Nothing is too good for us. Here you go. And…

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Glasses clink ] What’s wrong? Nothing. Only my regret that this trip isn’t just pleasure for me. Oh. Right. Right, right. The huntington’s conference. Well, I — you know… I just want you to also be able to enjoy a little island time. Once my business is concluded, I promise… I will definitely enjoy myself. I found it. In one of my closed case files. Lethe unlimited. Which case?

[ Exhales sharply ] Nina reeves. Oh! Good, good. ‘Cause I was just gonna get you. Is he gone? Yeah, uh, the interview, it — it came through, so peter, he left. You’re all right? Oh, yeah. Good. You know, I just don’t know. I don’t understand peter. This guy is, like, creepy. Why are you — why are you helping them? I-I owed him a favor. And now my — my debt is paid. So can we — can we not talk about peter anymore? Did you check in on phyllis? Well, phyllis is going out to dinner with janice. Oh. Really? Well, that’s great. I’m glad. And since, you know, phyllis is out and, um, the bar’s closed because of lenny’s death, I thought that, you know… we deserve… a little time. You know. I like the way you think. So… will you go out to dinner with me?

Uh, when did you investigate nina? It was before she came to port charles. Nina’s then-husband, silas clay, hired me to figure out where madeline reeves was keeping her comatose daughter. That’s it! What? Lethe unlimited. It was the operating company for crichton-clark, which was the facility where nina was a patient. That is the same place that drew was held — before robin revived him and helped him escape. Small world. Or not. Jordan. Hey. Thanks for waiting for me. Of course. Everything okay? Ah, for the most part. Uh, jordan, I gave some thought to what you said about me moving on with my life. Your points are valid — reasonable and practical. I’m glad that you see it that way. I do. I just can’t move on until I know the truth. And to get the truth, I’m gonna need your help. You make some valid points, and I promise you that I will take them all into consideration. Don’t need an answer right now, but I do appreciate your time. My poor father. Austin’s definitely going with valentin. I’ll be in touch. I’m so sorry, brook lynn. Valentin can be convincing and charismatic when he wants to be. Fortunately for me… I’ve got an ace in the hole. Who? Where’s the bartender when you need him?! The hospitality in this place could definitely use an upgrade. I saw you talking to mrs. Corinthos earlier. Oh, she won’t be a corinthos for long, and good riddance. Not a fan? Oh, her late husband, may he rest, was my cousin. You’re related to sonny. Ah. And we were like this. Carly isn’t showing proper respect. Remarrying after my wonderful cousin’s been gone less than a year? I mean, I’ve been civil, but it’s wasted on carly. The woman has no class! Bartender! A drink for the lady. Is everything okay? Cyrus is making a move. Are you asking me out on a date? Well, it’s something we haven’t had a chance to do. You know, just the two of us. Like we’re they only two people in the whole world. Aren’t we? How about for tonight we are? Just you and me? Look. I know that we’ve had some kind of tough times lately, right? But maybe now… maybe now everything’s gonna be okay. Why wouldn’t it be? Huh?

[ Rumbling ] Maybe we should wait for this turbulence to stop.

[ Rattling ] Everything’s fine. Look. The plane’s steady now. Nothing to worry about. Just a little turbulence.

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Liesl screams ]

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