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Xander in "Days of Our Lives" 8/23/21

Xander waits in the interrogation room at the police station until EJ enters, surprising him. Xander notes that it’s been ages and asks what EJ is doing here, joking about a possible Nashville reunion. Xander adds that he looks well since he’s seen him last. EJ says that word on the street is that Xander got himself into legal trouble, so he’s here to offer his services.

Johnny and Chanel sit together at Julie’s Place. Johnny asks her to tell him all about her Sweet Bits Bakery. Chanel talks about baking ever since she can remember and she’s great at it, so she calls it a lifelong dream come true. Johnny congratulates her and says he can’t wait to try her sweets. Chanel thanks him and says she’s really excited about it. Chanel adds that the best part is, she gets to work with her BFF. Johnny then asks who her BFF is.

Allie goes to the hospital to see Tripp. She jokes about bothering him at work then suggests they hang out after he gets off, unless he has other plans. Tripp assures he has no plans. Allie then surprises Tripp by informing him that Ben and Ciara got remarried.

Ben goes home with Ciara. Ben complains about being unable to carry her over the threshold because he’s on crutches. Ciara suggests they walk in together as equal partners which Ben agrees with. Ben welcomes her home as they kiss.

Jack and Julie in "Days of Our Lives" 8/23/21

Jack and Julie inform Gwen at home that Xander is in jail, which shocks her. Jack explains that he called the police while Xander was packing and then Shawn caught him in the town square, so he’s been there all night. Gwen asks when he was going to tell her. Jack says he didn’t want to upset her. Julie tells Jack that he invited a murderer in to their house and questions him being surprised that he went again and murdered somebody on their sofa. Jack points out that Xander didn’t murder Dr. Snyder, as he died of medical causes, but he did dump the body to try to cover up their connection. Julie questions what connection a criminal and a doctor could have in common. Jack reveals to her that they were running an illegal drug ring and that Xander roped Gwen in to it, but she was just an innocent victim.

Xander doesn’t understand since EJ is running DiMera. EJ reminds him that he’s still an attorney with a valid law license. Xander assumed EJ would still be upset with him. EJ asks if he means because he tried to murder his wife. Xander says that’s allegedly. EJ then declares that he’s not upset that Xander tried to kill Sami and Lucas, but that he didn’t finish the job.

Ben complains about having to be in a small apartment above a repair shop but Ciara assures that she loves it here and it’s perfect. Ben tells her to feel free to make any changes. Ciara jokes about Ben liking things in a particular way. Ben tells Ciara that the only thing he can’t lose ever again is her as they kiss. Ben reminds her that last time they got married, they didn’t even get to enjoy their wedding night so he thinks they should make up for lost time. Ciara agrees as they continue kissing.

Tripp tells Allie that it’s great that Ciara and Ben are back together. Allie adds that Ciara and Claire made up right before Claire left town. Tripp is surprised to learn that Claire left town as Allie informs him that she went to South Africa to work with Theo and JJ. Tripp calls that a big change. Allie notes that she seems really excited so she’s happy for her. Tripp guesses that she must be bummed about her cousin leaving town right after her mom took off. Allie admits it’s bittersweet, but she knows Claire will do great in South Africa. Allie adds that things just evened out with her family because her twin brother Johnny is back in town.

Chanel in "Days of Our Lives" 8/23/21

Chanel explains to Johnny that she met her BFF back in her London partying days, but they are both mature and serious business women now. Chanel says she’s the best and that Johnny will love her. Johnny asks if she has a name but they get interrupted by Paulina arriving. Paulina says she’s so glad that she ran in to her. Chanel introduces Johnny to Paulina. Johnny jokes that he sees where Chanel gets her good looks. Chanel asks if Paulina has something to go do right now. Paulina asks if she’s interrupting. Chanel says yes but Johnny says no. Paulina asks if they are on a date. Chanel says no, but Johnny says yes.

Xander questions EJ saying that he wishes he had killed Sami. EJ asks if he can blame him since she was screwing around behind his back. Xander says he knew it and that was his idea. Xander informs EJ that he was the one who first suspected that Sami and Lucas hooked up and put the idea in Nicole’s head. EJ says that the truth all came out in the end and Sami is no longer in the picture. EJ adds that’s enough about the past as he wants to talk about Xander’s future. EJ points out that he’s in desperate need of a lawyer, so he’s willing to represent him on the condition that Xander gives him back the 1 million dollars that Sami gave him to expose Nicole.

Tripp asks if Allie knew her brother was coming. Allie says she had no idea and he just showed up in the town square. Tripp asks what the occasion is. Allie tells him that it’s money of course as he came to hit up his parents for financing for his new film project, but Sami isn’t here and EJ shot him down because he wants Johnny to work at DiMera and that did not go over well. Tripp asks if Johnny is going back to Italy then. Allie admits that she doesn’t know since he didn’t say, but she’s going to do everything in her power to convince him to stay. Allie says she hasn’t seen him in forever and they have so much to catch up on. Allie adds that she didn’t even get a chance to tell him about the bakery. Tripp then gets an idea and suggests setting Johnny up with Chanel.

Johnny tells Paulina that the confusion is all his fault because he’s completely captivated by her beautiful daughter and may have gotten ahead of himself in thinking this was a date. Paulina remarks that Chanel could do a lot worse than him and has. Johnny invites Paulina to join them so she sits at the table. Johnny says he can’t wait to hear all the details. Paulina says she respects Chanel’s privacy so it’s up to her. Chanel then informs Johnny that she was recently married to a criminal but it was nothing, over and done with, just a mistake. Johnny says that’s good news if it means he has a shot. Paulina thinks that Chanel should give Johnny a chance, unless she’s still doing the girl thing. Johnny then asks what girl thing.

Julie asks how Jack could possibly believe that Gwen is innocent, because from day one, every word out of her mouth has been lies. Jack argues that people are capable of change and Gwen has been through a lot including a great loss. Gwen says he doesn’t have to defend her but Jack feels he does. Jack brings up Xander confessing and admitting to dragging Gwen in to this mess, so he deserves all the blame. Jack asks why Xander would lie and deliberately incriminate himself. Julie suggests it could be to protect Gwen.

Xander asks EJ why Sami would give him a million dollars. EJ reveals that Sami told him all about it, so he doesn’t care that Xander thinks he earned it. EJ says the money is his and he wants it back. Xander asks what if he already spent it. EJ informs him that he’ll always be two steps ahead of him and that he knows Xander had the money when he was arrested it and that it’s being held in evidence because they think it could be connected to his drug operation. Xander argues that a million dollars is an expensive attorney fee. EJ asks if it’s worth the price of his freedom. Xander says he could hire another attorney for way less. EJ reminds him that he’s two steps ahead. EJ declares that Xander is in a world of trouble and he’s the only one who could help him.

Ben and Ciara in "Days of Our Lives" 8/23/21

Ben and Ciara continue kissing in bed. Ciara talks about fun this will be all day every day on their honeymoon. Ciara asks where he wants to go. Ben says where ever will make her happy. Ciara talks about dreaming of their future when Vincent held her captive and that gave her hope until she could see him again. Ciara tells him that one of the dreams was about their honeymoon, so Ben asks her to tell him about it. Ciara flashes back to dreaming of planning their honeymoon. Ben tells her that he thinks they had the same dream.

Allie questions Tripp wanting to set Johnny up with Chanel. Tripp knows it’s a crazy idea and he doesn’t even know Johnny or if he has a girlfriend. Allie says he doesn’t, but he did say he was interested in someone. Allie adds that when she was with Chanel, she was messaging a guy and she seemed pretty in to him. Tripp guesses his plan was lame. Allie says not necessarily but asks if Tripp wants to go get food. They agree on Julie’s Place and exit the hospital.

Johnny asks Chanel what the girl thing is about. Chanel reveals that she’s sexually fluid. Paulina clarifies that it means she’s in to boys and girls and everything in between. Paulina adds that she only knows about one girl so far but she has no problem with it and assumes Johnny doesn’t either. Johnny says of course not and mentions having a brother who is gay. Paulina asks if Johnny is fluid too. Johnny assures that he’s 100% in to women, one in particular.

Jack argues that Xander would never throw himself under the bus for Gwen when they barely even like each other. Julie then reveals to him that she walked in on Xander and Gwen having sex on the sofa about a month ago. Jack turns to Gwen and asks if that’s true. Gwen calls a momentary lapse of judgment and says they started fighting immediately after, so Xander would never lift a finger to help her. Jack agrees that Xander has only ever been out for himself, so he’d never take the blame if he didn’t have to. Julie calls Xander a stupid, self serving bastard but she still smells something suspicious here. Julie says she doesn’t have time to discuss who is the rotten egg, because today is the day that Tom and Alice’s plaque is being put back in the Horton Town Square, so she wants to be there to make sure it goes smoothly. Julie then brings up if Tom and Alice knew what was going on under their roof as she walks out of the house.

Xander tells EJ that he’s aware of the severity of his situation, but he’ll just hire Justin and get the family discount. EJ asks when Justin last won a case. Xander admits that’s a fair point and brings up that he just lost a custody case to Sami and she’s not even a lawyer. EJ tells Xander that if he wants to avoid prison, he’s going to need someone who can pull strings and someone with considerable influence, which would be him.

Gwen thanks Jack again for defending her even though she doesn’t deserve it after everything she has done. Jack argues that she’s worked really hard to turn things around so all that other stuff is in the past and in this case, she did nothing wrong as it was all on Xander. Gwen knows Xander betrayed him, but she did too and he found it in his heart to give her a second chance, so maybe Xander deserves one too. Jack doesn’t understand since Xander put her in a terrible position and brought all this on her, so he questions why she’s defending him.

Xander tells EJ that the case against him isn’t that strong. EJ reminds him that he confessed to two witnesses and a third can place him with Dr. Snyder. EJ warns that prosecutors will want to make an example out of him, so he’s screwed. Xander questions how his involvement changes things. EJ says it’s his name since his father nurtured ties with a number of judges and top men in the justice department, so all he has to do is pick up the phone. EJ can guarantee Xander walks free, but he wants what is his in exchange. Xander argues that if gives back all that money, he’ll be back to being broke again with no job, no place to stay, and no prospects. Xander thinks EJ can’t allow that to happen. EJ declares that he’s just lost his patience so he can enjoy living the rest of his life in a cell with Clyde Weston. EJ then gets up to leave but Xander stops him.

Chanel tells Paulina that it’s time to go now. Paulina says she can tell her all her about date when she gets home which Chanel questions. Paulina assumed since they worked things, out that she would move back home. Paulina adds that her grandmother wants to see her. Chanel can’t believe Olivia is in town and well enough to travel. Paulina says she’d be surprised what she’s capable of but she would love to see her. Chanel then agrees to move back in and tells her to go. Paulina tells Johnny that she hopes to see him again real soon as she exits Julie’s Place. Johnny then asks Chanel about the girl she’s in to.

As she leaves Julie’s Place, Paulina runs in to Tripp and Allie. Paulina jokes with Allie about teaching Chanel some manners since she just told her to get lost. Allie is surprised to learn Chanel is inside. Allie thought things were fine with them now. Paulina says they are and she even convinced Chanel to move back in. Allie asks why Chanel would tell her to get lost then. Paulina reveals that Chanel is on a date, so Allie wonders who she is with.

Ben tells Ciara about all of his wild dreams of their future too and one of them was just like she had where they were packing for a tropical honeymoon. Ben calls it incredible and asks what else she dreamed. Ciara mentions a dream where she was pregnant. Ben says he had that dream too and in his dream, she gave birth to a boy. Ciara had the same dream as she mentions they named their son Bo, after her dad. Ben tells Ciara that he loves her and they acknowledge that they are really connected as they kiss.

Chanel tells Johnny that the girl is none of his business and assures that she’s not his competition. Johnny brings up Chanel saying that she liked someone who liked someone else and guesses that’s the girl, which Chanel admits. Chanel assures that he has nothing to worry about as they are just friends. Johnny asks if it’s the same girl who is her business partner.

Tripp and Allie in "Days of Our Lives" 8/23/21

Paulina tells Allie and Tripp that Chanel is with a very charming boy and she thinks they just met, but she approves. Paulina says she has business to take care of in the town square, so she will see them later and walks away. Tripp guesses this is their chance to meet Chanel’s new mystery man. Allie suggests they give Chanel some privacy after her mom just interrupted her date. Tripp agrees and asks where they go instead. Allie suggests they spend some time alone. Tripp agrees and they walk away.

Gwen tells Jack that she’s been in Xander’s shoes and knows what it’s like to be so desperate. Jack feels there is no excuse and declares that he will never forgive Xander for putting her in danger. Gwen argues that she never felt in danger. Jack complains that she could’ve gone to jail and worries that he could’ve lost his daughter when he just found her. Jack hopes she knows that he loves her. Gwen responds that she loves him too as Jack hugs her.

Xander tells EJ that he’s open to half of the million. EJ says that will be half of a life sentence. Xander argues that he has to come out with something. EJ says he’ll get his freedom. EJ reminds Xander that DiMera owns Basic Black so he has the power to reinstate him. Xander asks if he would do that. EJ admits that there’s no love lost between he and Brady, so it will be extremely enjoyable to push his buttons. EJ asks if they have a deal. EJ hands Xander the contract and tells him that all he has to do is sign the contract to pay him a million dollars for his services. EJ guarantees Xander won’t see jail time and that he will get bail so he can walk out in 15 minutes. EJ asks if they have a deal.

Xander returns to his room at the Salem Inn and remarks that at least the place won’t cost him a million a night and has a private shower. Xander goes to shower but Gwen shows up at his door.

Julie sits at the Horton Town Square plaque in the town square. Paulina appears and says Julie’s grandparents are back where they belong and she’s relieved to see it. Julie feels all is right with the world again. Paulina apologizes again for causing all that trouble. Julie says she appreciates that. Paulina informs Julie that Lani reached out yesterday and agreed to give her another chance so they can start over. Paulina thought maybe she and Julie could do the same. Julie admits that she would like that, so they shake hands.

Chanel admits to Johnny that the girl she was interested in is her BFF and the girl working with her on the bakery. Johnny asks if that’s going to be weird. Chanel assures that it’s fine and she’s not at all hung up on her. Chanel asks how she could be when she has this cute boy in front of her. Chanel then kisses Johnny.

Tripp and Allie lay in bed together. Allie comments that she’s never been so happy ever. Tripp then tells Allie that he loves her.

Ben gets up and gets dressed then gives Ciara the shirt that he gave her. Ciara can’t believe he still had it. Ben then asks what’s a wedding without a first dance as he turns on music on his phone. Ciara then gets up so they dance together. Ciara tells him how happy that she is in this moment. Ben says he feels the exact same way as they kiss.

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