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[ Scoffs ] Es that meanthat he is dead? Ir. Aww, my mom just texted me a picture of her, mac, and the kids at the county fair.

[ Breathes deeply ] Oh, they look really adorable with their matching cowboy hats.

[ Chuckles ] Really sweet. You know, I would offer you some wine or something, but you’re probably ready to hit the road, aren’t you? I have some time. One glass couldn’t hurt. Besides, I wanted to see you. I missed you. Okay. You and brook lynn are the only two people I can talk to about louise. Yeah. Hey, is that why you’re deciding to go back to port charles? Because you want to check in on your daughter? And have they finally found peter? Is it safe for you to go back to port charles? Well, dante called. Um, they found a little bit of peter’s blood in a subbasement lab at G.H. Ew. Does that mean that he is dead? Well, the pcpd still hasn’t found his body. So, it could mean he was hiding out there before he escaped. Okay, so, really, nothing has changed. No. Louise has to stay with brook lynn until I know peter can’t take her from me. Okay, well, in that case, why are you going back? You know, you left. Maxie, you left because you couldn’t stay away from your daughter — understandably so. And monica was getting all suspicious. No, let’s be real. Monica thought I was losing it. Okay, so did your time in texas give you the strength that you need to stay away from your baby girl? Just the opposite. I didn’t realize that you were still looking for peter. Do you have a lead? Not on peter, but one of his victims. Which one? There were many. Drew cain. Ma, I’m gonna ask you nice and polite-like — okay? — To, uh, butt out of my personal life, all right? Are you not the one that acknowledged that I gave you good advice when I told you that you needed more than work in your life? Honey, there — there — there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun! Okay. M-me and sam were here the other night, eh, talking about a case. It was great. Mary, mother of god! You and the work. Honey, that — that is work. That is not fun. Okay. It became fun, all right, ma? All right? We had a — we had a really good time together. And?

[ Scoffs ] Are you — what happened? Ohhh. Leo:

[ Gasps ] Mom, look!

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. Honey, you’re bleeding.

[ Gasps ] What would it take for me to drop the lawsuit? $500 million.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Both laugh ] That’s funny. That’s funny. Yeah, it is. It’s funny. The whole thing’s ridiculous. You just told me to name my price. I don’t have a price. Okay, a-all right. Let me rephrase. What can I offer you… to drop this lawsuit against the family? I don’t need money. I want the shares from elq… because I want to honor my father. Because he was disrespected by edward quartermaine when he was unfairly shunned. I admire your loyalty to your father — despite jimmy lee’s “antics.” My father lived a very quiet life. He never hustled anybody who wasn’t greedy. Well, the same couldn’t be said for his mother, beatrice leseur. She was a gold-digger — and probably the real source for grandfather’s grudge against jimmy lee. But, you know, none of that matters. Your father was cut out of the will — period. And none of us have the power to cut you back in. Edward did. Edward had the power.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I really wish he had put jimmy lee into the will. Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Austin! You won’t accept money. What will you accept? Short of voting shares. I think you’re scared, ned. I think you’re afraid I’m gonna win the lawsuit. Why’s that? Did something change? Did the quartermaines finally discover that edward wanted to revise his will after all? This is basically a deal memo… from the lawyer to my great-grandfather following up on a conversation where they discussed changing his will. My family was worried something like this might exist. How about that? But you know what this isn’t? It’s not a will. And it isn’t signed. I mean, edward might have changed his mind as soon as he got off the phone with the lawyer. But you know what? We’ll never find out, because he’s dead. And the only will that counts is the one that clearly states that jimmy lee holt is cut out — and all of his issue — that means all of his descendants.

[ Sighs ] Don’t tell me. Tell it to a judge in probate court. First of all, where did you find this? You went looking in my great-grandfather’s office, didn’t you? Why? Austin got to you. Why would you help him? If you value my friendship, chase, you will tell me the truth. Okay, fine. I took the document for austin.

What good would that do him? You know, that is a fair point. I mean, it’s not as though cyrus is eliminating witnesses. Getting rid of laura and me does nothing to improve his circumstances. I would speculate his motives are of a more personal nature. He had months to stew about his incarceration and what brought him down… and plenty of time to nurture his resentment against the siblings whose love and acceptance he craved. And who turned against him in the end. I’m sure that’s how he sees it. For my part, I wish my brother never existed. The bottom line is, the two of you are in danger. What can we do about that? I’m right, aren’t I? You found something in edward’s will. There’s nothing specific in the letters. But if grandfather had left a record somewhere intending to change the will in jimmy lee’s favor, well, that might just give austin’s case a leg to stand on. I am just trying to save us all the expense and inconvenience of fighting this out in the courts — a fight you will surely lose. You’re awfully confident. You have no documentation that edward wanted to change his will and put jimmy lee in it. Your whole case is built on a pipe dream. Well, that remains to be seen. Wha– wha– what do you know that I don’t? Why would you throw my family under the bus for austin, with some guy that you barely know? The correspondence between edward quartermaine and his attorney show that edward wanted to add jimmy lee back into his will. And edward must have thought it was important, because he saved it. You know, I’m kind of surprised that monica and ned didn’t take the time to search the office when austin made his intentions known. Yeah, probably because they never thought in a million years that my great-grandfather would change his will over jimmy lee holt — I mean, someone who he specifically went out of his way to disinherit. And you never answered my question. What’s going on between you and austin? Why are you willing to help him? To get back at michael. I hate that I let this whole thing get so out of control. Eh, what does it say about me that I let this go on for so long? Forced all of us to live a lie? Willow. Babe…

[ Sighs ] It says that you were put into an impossible situation where no decision you could have made would have been the right one. Just admit it — I’m a terrible person. You’re not — you’re not a terrible person, willow. You’re a brave one. Sweetheart, what happened? I twisted the tab off. Oh, and then the jagged part cut your finger? You know what? I’m taking you to the hospital. It looks like that might need stitches. I want to show it to the doctor. Wait, what? What are — what are you talking about, ma? It’s not even that bad. What do you mean? Do you remember when you cut your foot outside the petris’ house? Yeah, I was five years old. Yeah, well, I s– you said you hurt your foot. I said I didn’t have time to deal with it. The next thing I know, you’re sitting there in a pool of blood listening to the yankees game. Okay, yeah. The yankees won. I survived.

[ Sighs ] Look… you know what? I almost didn’T. I almost died of a heart attack before I was 23 years old. Sweetheart, let’s go. I’ll see ya. The other night, I received a phone call from a man claiming that he was drew. He said that he needed my help. And then, all of a sudden, there was a bunch of commotion. And then… the line just went dead. Listen, maxie, if it’s really difficult for you to stay away from louise — and I completely get that — then why don’t you stay in texas a little longer with your family? Nina… I dream about my little girl every night. Louise, georgie, james, and I, we’ll be together — playing a game… singing a song… laughing. And then, I wake up. And I have tears streaming down my cheeks, and my heart feels like it’s breaking into a million pieces. I am so sorry. I have to see her again. But not like before. You know, I’m not gonna make up really lame excuses to stop by the quartermaine house and steal precious moments with my daughter. I have to be stronger. And I’m almost ready, nina. I’m almost there. Okay, so, what will make you fully ready? What can I do to help? Well, I was hoping you’d let me stay in nixon falls with you.

I may have some informationthat you’re not yet aware of. Well, what do you plan to do with said information? Well, whatever happens, cousin ned, I hope you don’t take any of it personally, because we’re family, and it’s just business.

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] Okay. Liv! Oh. Hey, what’s wrong? Leo cut his finger. I think he might need a couple stitches. Oh, no. Hey, buddy. You mind if I take a closer look? Hmm… you want to get back at michael? Willow went to the gatehouse on wiley’s birthday. I could tell she was upset because her mom just stopped by out of nowhere. And…? I asked austin to help me to the gatehouse. And when I got there, michael’s shirt had been tossed aside, and so had his belt. Hey, maybe wiley spilled something on michael, and willow was just helping him clean up.

[ Clears throat ] When michael and willow left, I went up to willow’s room, and there was no question — they’d been sleeping together. Chase, I’m so sorry. And then, this morning, I heard — I heard willow on the phone talking to michael, saying she wanted to see him. And she sounded so desperate to see him in private. I mean, they lied to me, brook lynn. They lied to me. Michael, he was my friend. I trusted him. And willow… I loved her more than anything in the world. And they lied to me. And austin convinced you that michael has to pay. Except you’re not just hurting michael, chase. You’re hurting the rest of my family, too. Willow, I absolutely believe that chase should know the truth, but I th– I thought we were waiting till he could walk again. I thought so, too. But I can’t — I can’t keep going like this. I haven’t been able to sleep. I’m distracted at the hospital. I… I can’t live with myself anymore. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know how you feel. I hate lying. And chase — chase has been a good friend to me — the closest friend I’ve had since my brother morgan died. And now… he’s gonna think that I betrayed him — that I took away the one person that he — he loves the most. And you know what? He’s not wrong. But he is not right, either. No, michael, all you did was go along with my decision. Yeah, and all you did was try and help chase when he needed you. Look, two things can be true, willow. And the… the one truly wrong thing that we did was let chase go on believing that he has a future with you when he doesn’T. That’s a nice way of saying we lied to him. Yeah, but not out of malice, not with the intent to do harm. We lied to chase for his own good. And I — I might argue that we actually helped him in the beginning. All right? His love for you gave him incentive to recover. I mean, who knows if — if he would have made that progress without you? Okay, maybe. But at this point, the longer I wait, the more chase will be hurt, okay? He has a right to know the truth, and I have to be brave enough to tell him. I just wanted to tell you first. Thank you for backing me. Yeah, of course. Always.

[ Sighs ] Good. Okay. Time to go find chase. Willow, uh, wait. And the fbi has a team in place ready to take you both into protective custody. Protective… what about our families? I mean, cyrus has a history of going after loved ones to get back at his enemies. The pcpd has been alerted, and your families will be under surveillance. But the fbi has informed me that this threat was directed specifically at the two of you. Well, can’t the fbi just move us to a-a-a safe house in port charles? I’m afraid not. They need to take you to an undisclosed location. Not even I will know where you are.

[ Sighs ] When will this happen? Jordan: Immediately. The threat to laura and martin is imminent. Now, wait. Wait a minute. What about my mother? She’ll worry when she can’t see me and — and — and as fond as cyrus claims to be of her, he could change his mind, decide to go after her as well. The fbi will keep an eye on florence at her assisted living facility. No, no, no, no, no. She’ll — she’ll be confused. I need to explain the situation. I’m afraid not. You’re not gonna be able to contact her. Look, I’m sure that martin has cases pending. I have a city to run. How are we gonna be able to work? Can’t you work remotely and just delegate the rest to your deputies? Do I get a choice here? I’m sorry, laura. I know that this is difficult. All right. I’m going with you. Oh, that’s one of a million reasons why I love you so much. But I need you to stay here. Did the caller say where he was? Um, no. Dante had the pcpd tech trace the call, but no luck. You think it was drew cain? Yes, I believe it was drew. Look, you had a brief conversation. It was a bad connection. You obviously want drew to still be alive. Is someone manipulating you? I mean, it’s possible. But to what end? To lure you somewhere. To throw you off an existing investigation. We did think of that as being a possibility, but it still doesn’t tell us who was on the other end of that line. And you think peter’s involved? Sounds to me like something peter could be involved with. Well, we all know that peter arranged for drew’s plane to go down. If drew survived the crash… peter will be desperate to find him… and shut him up for good. You’re my hero, nina. You’ve been through so much, and you always come out on the other side. I feel like I need to stay here so I can soak up some of that strength. Believe me, maxie, I am no hero.

[ Sighs ] I make mistakes all the time. I mean, I’m probably making a mistake right now. Who knows? [ Laughs ] Okay, I know that you regret telling wiley that willow is not his real mom. But instead of moping around after michael said you couldn’t see wiley anymore, you came here and made a new life for yourself. I ran away. You found happiness. And I need to know what that feels like. I need to stay here so you can help me get the courage I need to go home and be at peace with my decision to leave louise with brook lynn.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh, sorry. Is, uh, that from your new guy? I’m sorry, maxie… but you have to leave — now.

They’re about ready. They just need a few more minutes. Okay. Thanks. You know how much I want you to be with me, but I’m worried about spencer. He’s just been through this horrible ordeal with his father. He is primed to act out. I need you to be here to be the voice of reason, you know? To keep an eye out for him. I understand that, but — please, kevin. Please. This is the very best thing you could do for me. All right. I’ll stay. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Tell everybody I went on a business trip.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll look after laura. If there’s a silver lining in any of this, I’ll get to know my new sister a little better. If I may, can we box up the croissants and take them with us?

[ Chuckles ] Please. Okay, so, maybe I overreacted a little bit about the stitches, but I’m very glad he got the tetanus shot. Now I don’t have to worry about anything, right? No, your son is a champ. Took that shot without a peep. I gotta say, leo, you are a very brave young man.

[ Laughs ] I’d like to give you something. This is a fidget-spinner. Super fun. Go ahead, pick the one you want. You just kind of give it A… there you go.

[ Laughs ] Hey, just keep it dry and, uh, set up a follow-up appointment for next week, please. Oh, I-I-I was just gonna take him to his regular pediatrician. Please don’T. Please bring him to me. It’s very important to me that I finish the things that I start. You and your family want to cling to every penny in the vault. Please. This is not about the money for me. Then what’s it about, brook lynn? I don’t want austin waltzing in here staking claim to elq shares when I had to do a lot to gain control of elq for my father. This is my dad’s legacy — not jimmy lee holt’s, and definitely not austin’S. Not according to edward quartermaine. Before he got sick, he was gonna add jimmy lee back into the will. Okay, but he got sick and didn’t, so the point is moot. Maybe a judge will think otherwise. What happened to you, chase? Are you in that much pain that the only way to relieve it is by hurting michael and the rest of us qs as collateral damage? You can survive the loss of a few shares of elq. Michael invited you to live here. My family opened their hearts to you. Why turn your back on us? Michael only invited me to ease his guilty conscience. You’re better than this, chase. You save people. You don’t betray them. Look, take it from me. I have been where you are — doing dumb things and — and hurting people just out of spite. So I know from experience that hurting michael and willow is not gonna heal your pain. Willow: But what is there to wait for? Every day that passes — every minute — the lie gets worse. I know, and I agree. Chase needs to know the truth. But you’re not doing this alone. We’re in this together. No, I’m the one who married him, okay? I’m the one who took those vows and made those promises. I’m the one who lied. I have to take responsibility. Michael: Willow… look, I was best man at your wedding. I could have objected then. I could have told the truth at any time, but I didn’T. And I also chose to stay close to you, to spend time with you, and t-to keep loving you and building our bond together. I am every bit as responsible for this as you are. Won’t it be even more painful for chase if we tell him together?

[ Sighs ] Well, willow, it’s gonna be painful, no matter what. I know that the first thing that we can do to make this right is to stop playing god with chase’s life and deciding what he can and cannot handle. And, willow, look, I am — I am so incredibly grateful that you — that you chose me. But if things were different — if you would have left me for chase? I– I-I-I-I-I would want him to face me. So, the least I can do is face him. Are you sure you’re not just trying to protect me?

[ Scoffs ] Well, I-I’m always gonna try to protect you, but that’s — that’s not what this is. Now, willow, we love each other for better or worse… and we should do this together. Yeah?

[ Sighs ] I think we have to definitelyentertain the possibility that these two men are still alive — drew and peter. In which case, drew desperately needs our help. Okay, look, I-I know you can’t involve me in a wsb investigation, but if you could possibly, maybe let me see a file, I could find something about the plane crash that was previously overlooked. It would be a — a great place to start. Can you help me? Maxie: You want me to leave? Uh, no. Ye– yes. I mean, no — listen. Nixon falls is a wonderful place, but staying here is not gonna solve your problems.

[ Scoffs ] Didn’t it solve yours? Think about james and georgie. You miss them already. Yeah, I do. But what if I don’t have the strength to stay away from louise? It took a lot of courage for you to give your baby to brook lynn. You’ve already proved that you have strength. Listen…don’t doubt yourself, maxie. You can do anything. And, listen, I don’t want you to use nixon falls as an escape… …the way that I have.

Hey, thank you for taking such good care of my boy. Uh, you really were great with him. Leo’s a special boy, and we appreciate the special treatment. It’s a pleasure. Yeah, I, uh — I, uh, did make an appointment for next week. I-I just am kicking myself for not being more careful with the juice can, so — oh, don’T. No. Boys get into trouble when no one’s looking. Hey, truer words.

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] Okay, let’s hit it, kiddo. Hey, elaine, can you do me a big favor, please? Can we get to my calendar and set a reminder for me to confirm olivia quartermaine’s appointment with her son next week with leo? It’s really important I see that kid again.

[ Keys clacking ] You do know they’re gonna feed you at the safe house, right? Oh, well, I suspect the fbi’s taste don’t run to croissants. How much longer should we give them? I love you. I love you. I’m so sorry about this. Not your fault. I don’t deserve you.

[ Chuckles ] You got that right.

[ Both laugh ] Oh. [ Sighs ] I don’t know if it’s gonna be possible, but I will try to call. Don’t do anything that could jeopardize your safety. Promise? I promise. I promise. All right.

[ Sighs ] My heart is always with you, kevin. Even when I’m not. You have my heart. Always. Chase: Austin, it’s me.

I found proof

that edward wanted

to add your father

to the will.

Call me back.

[ Line clicks ] Can I have that back? You didn’t listen to a word I said. You’re siding with austin? No, I heard you. But it’s my decision to make. Not yours. Okay. I hope you make the right decision. You’re one of the few friends I have. I really don’t want to lose you.

[ Door opens ] Hey, um, chase. Willow and I need to speak with you. Chase and I are sort of in the middle of something. I’m sorry, brook lynn, but this can’t wait. I’ll access the wsb file on drew’s plane crash, and I’ll give it to the two of you, and you can look through it. Hopefully, there’s something in there that can help us. I’ll give you another reason we should take a look at that file. Might give us a new lead on peter. You’re right.

[ Sighs ] Staying here would just be another version of running away, like texas was. Yes. [ Chuckles ] But, nina, is something wrong? I mean, I kind of feel like you’re regretting your time here. No, of course not. It’s just — it’s really hard to explain. Look, I don’t have to leave right now. I mean, we could grab dinner or something, and you could tell me all about your life in nixon falls — and your guy, mike, of course. Um, I’m sorry, maxie. It’s just, I-I — I c– I can’T. Uh, my friend phyllis, she really needs me. She — she, um, just lost her husband. Oh, my god. I’m so sorry. Yeah, he had health issues, but it was still unexpected. Not like we’re ever prepared to lose people that we love. No, yeah. You should, um, definitely be with your friend. I don’t know, I just missed you, and I guess I wanted to spend as much time with you as I could. Yeah. Maxie… I know that everything you’re doing to protect louise is really difficult for you, but I want you to call me if you ever need to talk things out. And, also, remember this — you left louise with people who can protect her and keep her safe. You’re right — as usual. Valentin and brook lynn are the best protection my daughter has, and that’s a lie worth keeping. Yeah. See? You’ve already taught me how to be strong. Who loves ya? This guy.

[ Laughing ] Ditto.

[ Laughs ] I want you to take care of yourself, okay? Yeah. You, too. -Now, get outta here. -I’m leavin’.

[ Laughs ]

[ Door closes ] Oh. Okay.

[ Latch clicks ] Ohh.

[ Sighs ]

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