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General Hospital cast autographed photo

Here are GH autographs that we’ve obtained through the years. With this page we hope to encourage other fans to write to their favorite actor or actress.

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From Nikky

She got these at the 2013 GH Fan Club Weekend in Los Angeles, CA

  • Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos)
    Jimmy Deshler (Rafe Kovich, Jr.)
    Tequan Richmond (TJ Ashford)
  • Samantha Logan (Taylor DuBois)
  • Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall Morgan)
  • William deVry (Julian Jerome / Derek Wells)
  • Christine Carlo (ex-Letitia Juarez)
  • John Duhon (ex-Logan Hayes) & Jacklyn Zeman (ex-Bobbie Spencer)
  • Kiko Ellsworth (ex-Stan Johnson, GH & GH: Night Shift)
  • Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie Jones, GH & GH: Night Shift)

From Carol

  • Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco)
  • Rick Springfield (ex-Noah)
  • Stuart Damon (ex-Alan)
  • Tristan Rogers (ex-Robert)
  • John Reilly (ex-Sean)
  • John Reilly and Jack Wagner
  • Brad Maule (ex-Tony)
  • Justin Whalin (ex-A.J.)

From Marieke

  • Jason Cook (Matt)

  • Mary Beth Evans (ex-Katherine)

  • Kirsten Storms (ex-Maxie)

From Megan

  • Kelly Monaco (Sam)
  • Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon)
  • Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily)
  • Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jax)
  • Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky)
  • Wally Kurth (ex-Ned)
  • Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas)
  • Rick Hearst (ex-Ric)
  • Chad Brannon (ex-Zander)
  • Jacob Young (ex-Lucky)

From Amanda

  • Maurice Benard (Sonny–Postcard, autograph on back)
    gh-mauricebenard-sonny.JPG (68057 bytes)
  • Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily)
    gh-ambertamblyn-emily.JPG (84178 bytes)
  • Stuart Damon (ex-Alan)
    gh-stuartdamon-AlanQuartermaine.JPG (107748 bytes)
  • Robin Christopher (ex-Skye)
    aw-robinchristopher-exlorna-skyeoltl.JPG (97187 bytes)
  • Ted King (ex-Alcazar)
    thecity-t.w.king-ex-danny.JPG (76953 bytes)
  • Randolph Mantooth (ex-Richard)
    thecity-randolphmantooth-ExAlex.JPG (85967 bytes)
  • Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke):
    bb-IanBuchanan-ExJames.JPG (57106 bytes)

From Cheryl (all from mail)

  • Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)
  • Jackie Zeman (Bobbie)
  • Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney)
  • Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily)
  • Marisa Ramirez (ex-Gia)

From Meghan

  • Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) (I got this in the mail from Nancy Lee Grahn with a really nice note after I sent her a card when her father passed away.)
  • Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) (I got this from writing to Becky)
  • Coltin Scott (ex-Nikolas) (The first was from his Buffalo event; I got the second one went I went to see Coltin at a mall near my house…he was so  nice!  The third one I got when I wrote to him.
  • Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda)
  • Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily) (I wrote to Amber right before she left GH and I got this with a letter!)

From Suzanne

  • Laura Wright (Carly) Minal got this for me at GH Weekend ’08.
  • Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin).  Minal got this for me at GH Weekend ’08.
  • Julie Marie Berman (Lulu). Minal got this for me at GH Weekend ’08.
  • Tony Geary (Luke–my friend Lynn gave the first one to me–postcard with signature on back; second I bought at the GH weekend)
    gearypic.jpg (29895 bytes)gearysig.jpg (29234 bytes)
  • John J. York (Mac–the first one my friend Maurie got me this one in Florida when he visited her town’s mall; the second one he signed for me at the 2001 GH/PC weekend)  Third through fifth  ones are from Minal
                (54145 bytes)
  • Minae Noji (Kelly) I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) I got these from Minal, who got the autographs at GH Weekend ’07 and ’08.
  • Derk Cheetwood (Max) I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Drew Cheetwood (Milo).  Minal got this for me from GH Weekend ’08.
  • Blake Gibbons (Coleman) –A friend got this for me
  • Rick Springfield (ex-Noah) I got this from a special promotion
  • Tristan Rogers (ex-Robert-got this in 2006 via mail!)
  • Megan Ward (ex-Kate) I got these from Minal, who got the autographs at GH Weekend ’07 and ’08.
  • Stephen Macht (ex-Trevor); Minal got this for me GH Weekend ’08.
  • Jay Pickett (ex-David- I got this in ’99 at the Port Charles party)
    jaypickett.jpg (44951 bytes)
  • Kent King (ex-Lainey) I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Rick Hearst (ex-Ric) I got this in the mail July 2009.
  • Seamus Deaver (ex-Ian); Minal got this for me GH Weekend ’08.
  • Wally Kurth (ex-Ned–I got this when I joined his fan club)
    wallykurth.jpg (44377 bytes)
  • Anna Lee (ex-Lila–I received this in the mail from Ms. Lee)
  • Jay Bontatibus (ex-Andy–I received this in the mail Spring 02)
  • Dylan Cash (ex-Michael)–A friend got these for me
  • Scott Egan (ex-Johnny)– A friend got this for me (autograph only, no pic)
  • Chad Brannon (ex-Zander) a friend got it for me
  • Tamara Braun (ex-Carly) I got this one in the mail
  • Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie) I got the first one through the mail; the second one from my friend
  • Kiko Ellsworth (ex-Stan)  I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Josh Duhon (ex-Logan)
  • Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke) I got this in the mail after writing to him.
  • Jason Gerhardt (ex-Coop) I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Annie Wersching (ex-Amelia)  I got this from Minal, who got the autograph at GH Weekend ’07.
  • Linda Dano (ex-Rae/Gretl) Got these in the mail (second one was sent by her fan site but is not actually autographed).
    Linda Dano autograph
  • Lane Davies (ex-Cameron) I bought this at the Soap Boutique at the GH Weekend in 2001
  • Jaime Ray Newman (ex-Kristina) Got this in the mail
  • Lisa Vultaggio (ex-Hannah) A friend gave me this one
  • Evan Bonivant (ex-Lucas)  I got this through the mail–picture and letter
  • Kristina Malandro (ex-Felicia; I found this in a collectibles store–postcard with signature on back)
    kristinapic.jpg (45661 bytes)kristinasig.jpg (28689 bytes)
  • Judith Chapman (ex-Ginny; I wrote her a fan letter back in 84 right before she left the show)
    judithchapman.jpg (8383 bytes)
  • John Reilly (ex-Sean; I wrote for this one, too)
    johnreilly.jpg (46297 bytes)
  • Randolph Mantooth (ex-Richard) A friend bought this one
  • John Callahan (ex-Leo)
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins (ex-Officer Byron Murphy) I got this one in the mail 2/22/10
  • Many GH autographs on a -shirt (Minal got this for me GH Weekend ’07).
  • Many GH autographs on a GH sign (Minal got this one for me).  It includes Randall England (ex-Jack), Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie), Minae Noji (Kelly), Graham Shiels (Cody), Stephen Macht (Trevor), John Reilly (ex-Sean), Kent King (Lanie), Brian Gaskill (ex-Rafe, PC), Bradley Lockerman (ex-Casey/Shep), Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke), Seamus Deaver (ex-Ian), Reign Morton (Cassius), Dylan Cash (ex-Michael), Jason Thompson (Patrick) and a few others we can’t identify.


  • Autographed GH script that I won in auction–2001–includes many GH signatures!
  • The first one is Steve Burton, Leslie Charleson, & Billy Warlock (Jason, Monica, and ex-A.J. in 99); the second one is Steve Burton only that my friend Minal got for me at GH Weekend ’08.
    burtoncharleson&warlock.jpg (85560 bytes)
  • Rebecca Herbst & Jonathan Jackson (Liz & ex-Lucky-99)
    herbst&jackson.jpg (62049 bytes)
  • John Ingle (Edward-99) Second and third are from Minal from GH Weekends.
    johningle.jpg (42384 bytes)
  • Kelly Monaco (Sam–2001):
    autographed photo of Kelly Monaco
  • Maurice Benard (Sonny-99) (2nd one I bought from ebay, 3rd was a postcard from a friend)
    mauricebenard.jpg (61968 bytes)maurice.jpg (63032 bytes)
  • Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis-99)
    nancyleegrahn.jpg (57626 bytes)
  • Constance Towers (ex-Helena-99)
    constancetowers.jpg (61915 bytes)
  • Jackie Zeman & Julian Stone (Bobbie & ex-Jerry-99)  Second one of Jackie is from Minal
    zeman&stone.jpg (63430 bytes)
  • Kin Shriner (ex-Scott-99); the other is from Minal from GH Weekend ’08.
    kinshriner.jpg (74537 bytes)
  • Ron Hale (ex-Mike-99)
    ronhale.jpg (37848 bytes)
  • Sarah Brown (ex-Carly; Claudia-99)
    sarahbrown.jpg (25680 bytes)
  • Stuart Damon (ex-Alan-99)
    stuartdamon.jpg (45250 bytes)
  • Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily) (99)
    ambertamblyn.jpg (39186 bytes)
  • Anne Jeffreys (ex-Amanda) (99 and 01)
    annejeffreys.jpg (48440 bytes)
  • Brad Maule (ex-Tony–he signed two pics in 99 and one in 2001)
    bradmaule2.jpg (33488 bytes)
  • Coltin Scott (ex-Nikolas — one in 99 and one in 01) Third one is from Minal
    coltinscott.jpg (18850 bytes)
  • Lisa Cerasoli (ex-V-99)
    lisacerasoli.jpg (44783 bytes)
  • Lisa Vultaggio (ex-Hannah-99)
    lisavultaggio.jpg (43158 bytes)
  • Patricia Healy (ex-Tammy-99)
    patriciahealy.jpg (30430 bytes)
  • Rachel Ames (ex-Audrey-99)
    rachelames.jpg (38346 bytes)
  • Real Andrews (ex-Taggert–1st one in 99 and 2nd two in 01)
    realandrews.jpg (77596 bytes)
  • Shell Kepler (ex-Amy-99)
    shellkepler.jpg (30882 bytes)
  • Stephen Nichols (ex-Stefan-99–the one on the right I got separate that were being given out, not sure if it’s a real sig or a printed one)
    stephennichols.jpg (47332 bytes)stephennichols1.jpg (53820 bytes)
  • Tava Smiley (ex-Chloe-99)
    tavasmiley.jpg (30300 bytes)
  • Vanita Harbour (ex-Dara-99)
    vanitaharbour.jpg (48010 bytes)
  • A Martinez (ex-Roy–2001):
  • Breck Brun (ex-Georgie–2001)
  • Jacob Young (ex-Lucky–2001):
  • Marisa Ramirez (ex-Gia–2001):
  • Loren Freeman (ex-Elton–2001):
  • Denise Alexander (Lesley–2001):
  • Logan O’Brien (ex-Lucas–2001):
  • Angel Boris (ex-Angel–2001):
  • Robert Kelker Kelly (ex-Stavros–2001)
  • Jensen Buchanan (ex-Melissa–2001)
  • Jon Lindstrom (ex-Kevin-99)
    jonlindstrom.jpg (58347 bytes)
  • Susan Brown (ex-Gail-one in 99 and one in 2001)
    susanbrown.jpg (44107 bytes)
  • Lynn Herring (ex-Lucy-2001; and Nurse’s Ball T-shirt)
  • Peter Hansen (ex-Lee–2001):  Second one is from Minal

From Kamarie— she got these autographs at a variety of events, over the years.

  • Steve Burton (Jason)
  • Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney)
  • Cynthia Preston (ex-Faith)
  • Rick Hearst (ex-Ric)
  • Stephen Nichols (ex-Stefan)
  • Ted King (ex-Luis/Lorenzo)
  • Chad Brannon (ex-Zander)

From Nikki

  • Lesli Kay (ex-Lois)

From Danielle

  • Jason Cook (Matt)

From Sean Johnson

  • Emma Caulfield (ex-Lorraine)

  • Billy Dee Williams (ex-Toussaint)

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Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine) autographed photo

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