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Jennifer Gareis (Donna) autograph

Your Favorite B&B Stars’ Photos and Autographs!


Do you have an autograph of any B&B stars that you would like to share with other fans? Email us! You will be credited for your photo if we put it on our pages. Here are B&B autographs that we’ve obtained through the years. With this page we hope to encourage other fans to write to their favorite actor or actress.

To write cast members or get autographs (make sure to include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope):
The Bold & the Beautiful
Attention: (Actor’s name here)
Bell-Phillip Television
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

From Nikky

  • William deVry (ex-Storm Logan)
  • Brian Gaskill (ex-Oscar “Ozzy” Marone)

From Carol

  • Jack Wagner (ex-Nick)

From Suzanne

  • Texas Battle (Marcus) I got this in the mail after writing to him Dec. 2008!
  • Jacob Young (Rick–he autographed it for me at the 2001 GH weekend):
  • Lesley-Anne Down (ex-Jackie) I got this in the mail 2/22/10
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Charlie Baker) I got this one, too, in the mail 2/22/10
  • Rick Hearst (ex-Whip) I got this in the mail July 2009.
  • Ian Buchanan (ex-James) I got this in the mail after writing to him.
  • Joseph Mascolo (ex-Massimo–I bought this at The Unique Soap Boutique at the GH/PC fan weekend)

  • Brian Gaskill (ex-Oscar–I got this one in email, summer 03)

From Danielle

  • Jennifer Finnigan (ex-Bridgett)

  • Betty White (Ann Douglas)

From Allyssia

  • Brian Gaskill (ex-Oscar)

From Allison

  • Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy):


From Amanda

  • Hunter Tylo (Taylor):
    bb-HunterTylo-Taylor.JPG (58968 bytes)

  • John McCook (Eric):
    bb-johnmccook-eric.JPG (86237 bytes)

  • Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke):
    bb-KatherineKellyLang.JPG (77959 bytes)

  • Darlene Conley (ex-Sally):
    bb-darleneconley-sally.JPG (107362 bytes)

  • Dylan Neal (Ex-Dylan)
    bb-dylanneal-dylan.JPG (62061 bytes)

  • Ian Buchanan (Ex-James):
    bb-IanBuchanan-ExJames.JPG (57106 bytes)

  • Ken Hanes (ex-Mike)
    bb-KenHanes-ExMikeGuthrie.JPG (70285 bytes)

  • Kimberlin Brown (Ex-Sheila)
    bb-KimberlinBrown-ExSheila.JPG (65825 bytes)

  • Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley):
    days-eilleendavidson-kristen.JPG (55960 bytes)

From Nikki

  • Lesli Kay (Felicia)

From Megan

  • Jacob Young (Rick)
  • Scott Clifton (Liam)

From Cheryl (she got this in the mail)

  • Kyle Lowder (ex-Rick)

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Ronn Moss (Ridge) autograph

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