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From JV

  • Genoa City Live! event in February, 2016 at George Washington University. Melissa Ordway (Abby), Joshua Murrow (Nick), Eric Braeden (Victor), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Sean Carrigan (Stitch) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael)!

From Suzanne

  • Thom Bierdz (Phillip; I got this one in the mail April 2010)
  • Judith Chapman (Gloria; I wrote her a fan letter back in 84 right before she left GH)
    judithchapman.jpg (8383 bytes)
  • Kate Linder (Esther), Peter Bergman (Jack), and Sandra Nelson (ex-Phyllis); Soapcity sent me this with a box of other goodies, for hosting their ads on my site
  • Kin Shriner (ex-Jeffrey-I got this at the General Hospital Fan Event in 99)
    kinshriner.jpg (74537 bytes)
  • Emily O’Brien (ex-Jana; I got this one in the mail Jan. 2010)
  • Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla) I got the first one when I met her April 2009 when she came to our local college to talk about her book. The second was through the mail in July.
  • Billy Warlock (ex-Ben-I got this at the GH Fan Event in ‘ 99)
    burtoncharleson&warlock.jpg (85560 bytes)
  • Elizabeth Sung (ex-Luan Volien); this was bought at the soap boutique at the GH events in 1999 or 2001
  • Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm); I got this off a site where you write to the stars
  • Marisa Ramirez (ex-Carmen–got it from the GH Weekend in 2001):
  • Alexis Thorpe (ex-Rianna–I got this one in the mail in July 2009)

From Kelli:

  • Susan Walters (ex-Diane)

From Kelli:  Here is the autographed picture of Susan Walters from the Miss Teen All-American pageant that launched her career.  As a contestant of this pageant who met Susan and spent a week with her and the other sixty girls who participated in this event, these items are very valuable to me personally, but they could be pried from my hand if the price was right. At the very least, I hope that the people who view your website will enjoy these interesting pieces of memorabilia.

From Amanda

  • J.Eddie Peck (Ex-Cole)
    yr-J.EddiePeck-ExCole.JPG (99040 bytes)
  • Jerry Douglas (John Abbott)
    yr-jerrydouglas-johna2.JPG (99372 bytes) yr-jerrydouglas-johnabbott.JPG (85705 bytes)
  • Peter Bergman (Jack)
    yr-peterbergman.JPG (83747 bytes)
  • Alex Donnelley (ex-Diane)
  • Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)
    yr-mts-nikki.JPG (82588 bytes)
  • Joshua Morrow (Nick)
    yr-joshua-and-sharoncase.JPG (90732 bytes) yr-joshuamorrow2.JPG (91633 bytes) yr-joshuamorrow-nick1.JPG (62135 bytes) 
  • Sharon Case (Sharon)
    yr-sharoncase.JPG (86425 bytes) yr-sharoncase-sharon.JPG (60098 bytes)
  • Tonya Williams (ex-Olivia)
    yr-tonyawilliams-olivia.JPG (73966 bytes) yr-tonyawilliams-olivia2.JPG (97358 bytes) yr-tonyawilliams-olivia3.JPG (62278 bytes)
  • Sandra Nelson (Ex-Phyllis)
    yr-SandraNelson-ExPhyllis.JPG (103427 bytes)
  • Michelle Stafford (Phyllis)
    yr-michellestafford1.JPG (67295 bytes) yr-michellestafford2.JPG (72928 bytes)
  • Kate Linder (Esther)
    yr-katelinder.JPG (57402 bytes)
  • John Castellanos (ex-John Silva)
    yr-johncastellanos-johnsilva.JPG (70186 bytes)
  • Signy Coleman (ex-Hope)
    yr-signycoleman-hope1.JPG (88485 bytes) yr-signycoleman-hope2.JPG (56168 bytes)
  • David Cowgill (ex-Cliff)
    yr-davidcowgill-ExCliffWilson.JPG (113425 bytes)
  • Elizabeth Sung (ex-Luan)
    yr-elizabethsung-ExLaun.JPG (68296 bytes) yr-elizabethsung-ExLaun2.JPG (81112 bytes)
  • Freeman Michaels (ex-Drake)
    yr-freemanmichaels-exdrake.JPG (80910 bytes)
  • Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)
    yr-jeannecooper.JPG (86083 bytes)
  • Laura Bryan Birn (ex-Lynne)
    yr-laurabryanbirn-lynne.JPG (83262 bytes) yr-laurabryanbirn-lynnexmas.JPG (75599 bytes)
  • Lauralee Bell (ex-Christine)
    yr-LauraleeBell-XmasCard1.JPG (73912 bytes)
  • Marita DeLeon (Ex-Joani)
    yr-maritadeleon-exjoani.JPG (78176 bytes)
  • Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley)
    days-eilleendavidson-kristen.JPG (55960 bytes)

  • Diego Serrano (ex-Diego)
    aw-deigoserrano-extomas.JPG (51492 bytes)

From Cheryl (these were all received through the mail)

  • Michelle Stafford (Phyllis)
  • Sharon Case (Sharon)
  • Marisa Ramirez (ex-Carmen)

From Nikky

  • Vincent Irizarry (David)

  • Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea)

From¬†Patti¬†— obtained outside the All My Children NY studio on August 17, 2009.

  • Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea)
  • Darnell Williams (Sarge)

From Allison

  • Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy)

From Annmarie

  • Maura West (ex-Diane) – first from the mail, second from the Luncheon 2007

From¬†Hilary¬†— these were gotten in person from the¬†event¬†she went to

  • Maura West (ex-Diane)

From Nikki

  • Maura West (ex-Diane)

From Carol

Tristan Rogers (Colin)

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