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Mariah: Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Hi, there, bowie. Such a strong little guy. I love feeling you move, you know? So what, trying to send me a message? Or you just acting up ’cause you can feel that I’m anxious? I have to admit, I’m going a little stir-crazy. Why won’t whoever’s holding us here just reveal themselves? I thought for sure blocking that camera would lure our captors out into the open, but I guess as long as we’re locked in here, they don’t care how we spend our time. Someone has gone to a hell of a lot of trouble to keep us in here. I just need to find out why.

Sharon: I’m glad you’re back. So, you saw your sister?

Tessa: Yeah. I wanted to meet crystal face to face and make sure that no one had been threatening her or anyone in our family.

Rey: Was she alright?

Tessa: Yeah, she was fine. She said no one had resurfaced from our past and she had no reason to believe that anyone connected to us had targeted mariah.

Sharon: Still leaves so many unanswered questions.

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, obviously, I’m happy that my sister’s okay, but I’m even more desperate to find mariah.

Sharon: While you were gone, we, um, discovered some more very disturbing information, and I didn’t want to tell you about it over the phone.

Tessa: Okay, you’re making me nervous. What is it?

Rey: Mariah hasn’t used her credit card or made a single phone call since she’s gone missing, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t mariah who actually sent the texts, but, uh…

Tessa: Whoever took her.

Rey: Mm-hmm. I am looking into every place that mariah visited and every person she could’ve been in contact with in the hours leading up to her disappearance.

Tessa: I was right. Somebody took her. I’m — I’m even more terrified than I was before.

Abby: I wish I had an update for you on mariah, but I don’t know anything new. And I just keep wondering if something happened to mariah, if she’s hurt, if something happened to the baby, but then i have to stop myself from asking those questions because my mind goes to such a bad place.

Devon: I know. I’m sorry. But listen, I have some information that might put you in a better state of mind. I reached out to christine about chance.

Abby: You did what?

Devon: There’s a reason why it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from him, and it’s ’cause there’s been some kind of development in his case that’s forced him to lay extra low.

Abby: What kind of development?

Devon: She doesn’t know what it is, but she’s gonna do everything she can to get a message to him about what’s going on with mariah, ’cause i think it’s time that he knows, now that we are thinking that she might be in some kind of danger. I know it’s frustrating, abby, but christine’s gonna do everything she can. There’s no guarantees, but she’s gonna try. And I hope you understand why i thought it was important enough to at least try.

Abby: Well, you shouldn’t have. You were way out of line.

Nikki: I had a wonderful time with victoria earlier, making plans for the wedding. I suggested that we should have a theme, and she chose the history of the palazzo.

Victor: Oh, yes. Well, seems like the two of you are in sync.

Nikki: Well, yeah, we really are, although I was wrong about one thing. Even though ashland had said they wanted to have a splashy wedding, I didn’t realize just how splashy.

Victor: Oh.

Nikki: Victoria wants a lavish affair, including everybody from her and ashland’s social circles. I mean, that surprised me.

Victor: Well, are you surprised or you disapprove?

Nick: Ashland, are you here to have dinner with victoria?

Ashland: Uh, no, I am picking up some takeout. After the day I’ve had, a quiet night at home is appealing.

Nick: You know, I heard you let harrison go live with kyle and summer in italy. That must have been difficult.

Ashland: It was the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make, followed up by the hardest thing I ever had to do — say goodbye to my son.

Nick: Well, I really admire your choice.

Ashland: Well, it was the right thing to do for harrison, and it does help to have victoria to come home to.

Nick: Yeah, she said you were starting treatment and that you two are now engaged.

Ashland: Yes, we’re planning an october wedding, and, yes, i know it’s fast, and, yes, I am expecting some blowback, especially from her brother. So why don’t you just lay your cards on the table? I can take it.

Nick: Vick seems like she’s in love, so I’m happy. But this engagement has some obvious obstacles, and I don’t want to see her heartbroken.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] You know, I still can’t figure out why the newman men all think that victoria is so fragile. She’s the strongest person i have ever met, and she doesn’t make foolish or poorly thought out decisions.

Nick: Yeah, vick’s not fragile. She’s tough. But she has made some questionable choices in her past, particularly when it comes to her love life. Well, look at that. There’s one of them right there.

Ashland: Are you implying that I’m another one of victoria’s mistakes? My name is monique, I’m 41,

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Nikki: No, I support victoria’s choice to have a big wedding. I just thought she would want a smaller one, though, because ashland just got his divorce and he’s literally fighting for his life.

Victor: Mm.

Nikki: But she wants to make a statement. She actually said that the world needs to know she has found her perfect match.

Victor: I’m a little surprised by it all, but I don’t blame her for wanting a grand affair, really. I mean, think about it, she found love when she least expected it. She wasn’t looking for it. And I think, more importantly, that ashland is — is the right man. He’s worthy of her. I think he’s her equal. So let her have her grand affair, okay?

Nikki: Yes. Now, there is the possibility, though, that ashland’s treatment might not be successful, so they should enjoy themselves to the fullest while they can.

Victor: I agree with you. So you and victoria plan the wedding of her dreams. Sky’s the limit, and whatever she wants, I want her to have.

Nick: I, uh — I didn’t mean to insult you, seriously. It’s just this relationship with my sister has moved very quickly, and I don’t want to see her disillusioned or disappointed again.

Ashland: I’m not billy abbott. And I have learned over time how problematic it is to compare the present to the past. Victoria doesn’t need to justify her actions or feelings to anyone. And I will say to you what i have said to her — I love her with everything that I have and I think she feels the same way.

Nick: I believe you. Victoria said the same thing.

Ashland: Well, then i politely suggest to you and everyone else that wants to worry about victoria that you stop second-guessing her and passing judgment on her life and on her heart. The past is in the past. Victoria and I are living in the moment and looking towards the future.

Abby: Look, it was one thing for you to suggest that I make another video diary entry for chance to watch when he gets back — yeah, that was a great idea. I mean, that made me feel closer to my husband. But for you to reach out to chance without even asking me? No, no, you crossed a line. I don’t want him to worry or feel pressured to come home.

Devon: Okay, but do you think that he should know all the facts so he can make decisions based on all the information?

Abby: It’s not like he’s on a normal business trip. I can’t just ask him to leave his assignment because I miss him.

Devon: Oh, I understand that, and that’s not what this is, though. This isn’t you just missing your husband ’cause you’re feeling lonely. You guys have decided to have a child together. And some really serious and unsettling things have happened, and you’re being forced to deal with it all on your own. That’s not okay.

Abby: But I’m not on my own. I have you. I have tessa, sharon, and rey to support me while we try to figure out how to find mariah.

Devon: And I’m grateful that we get to be that support system for you, and I know we’re all invested to get mariah back. But it’s not the same. That’s not who you need right now. Your husband should know what’s going on and he needs to be the one to be here with you.

Tessa: This is all my fault.

Sharon: You’re not to blame for any of us, but I do know where you’re coming from. I — my daughter needed me, and I didn’t realize it.

Rey: Look, mariah wouldn’t want you blaming yourselves.

Tessa: It’s too late for that. I knew deep down that something was wrong this whole time, from the moment that mariah left without a packed bag or word to anyone about going anywhere. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. And what did I do? I ignored it. I rationalized it. I told myself that mariah had a last-second business trip or that she needed alone time before the baby, and somehow that I had smothered her. But if I would’ve been more vocal about my fears and taken action back then and forced the police to do something, I mean, maybe mariah would be home now.

Rey: There wasn’t enough information to launch an investigation back then. You did the best you could with the information that you had. But I’m here now, and I am going to find mariah, I promise you that.

Sharon: What can we do?

Rey: Actually, there is something important you can do.

Billy: Couldn’t help but notice ashland looked a little peeved walking out of here. Put 10 bucks cash down that you two were talking about him marrying your sister.

Nick: What if I was?

Billy: Well, then the only thing I want to say to you is that I’m with you. I have tried my best to convince myself that victoria marrying ashland is the right thing to do. I’ve even tried to be very supportive, but I can’t do that anymore because the truth is i think it’s a mistake. Her and ashland went from “hi, how are you” to “I do” like that.

Nick: Interesting observation coming from mr. Spontaneity himself.

Billy: I see the irony, but we’re talking about victoria here. And look, I am not blind to what she sees in the guy, but I do feel that she’s gotten caught up in the intensity of the relationship instead of really making sure that it’s the right relationship for her.

Nick: You know how hard it is for me to not just turn this around on you, but I am gonna ask you one question. How long were you with victoria before you had that impulsive jamaican wedding?

Billy: Come on, of course I’m being hypocritical, right? But I would bet that you agree with me.

Nick: I have reservations, obviously. I seriously doubt they’re coming from the same place as yours.

Billy: Yeah, where do you think mine are coming from?

Nick: Jealousy. Maybe denial that victoria could ever possibly move on from you, but I don’t get it, billy. You got a great girl. She seems to really like you. Why isn’t that enough? It’s like you got one foot in the past.

Billy: I’m worried about the mother of my children, nick. And I still love victoria in the way that you still love sharon. Now, we can talk about your long rap sheet of relationships, as well, but I don’t think we need to go there.

Nick: No, we don’T. You know what? If vick wants to marry ashland, there’s not a damn thing you and I can do about it. I just want her to be happy.

Billy: Believe me, I do, too. But how much happiness is she gonna find if ashland doesn’t make it out of this? You know, I hope I’m wrong, but I see a lot of pain in victoria’s future and possibly johnny and katie’s, too.

Nick: Yeah, if ashland doesn’t make it, I don’t want to think about what victoria’s gonna have to go through, but I know she’ll deal with it and she’ll have the support of her family.

Billy: Victoria and I will always be family because of our kids.

Nick: You know what, billy? My advice to you is let victoria live her life and you live yours.

Ashland: What’s all this?

Victoria: Well, I thought since you got the food, that i would provide the ambience.

Abby: I’m glad that your sister is safe, but it’s another dead end.

Tessa: Obviously, I wouldn’t want crystal to be in any danger, but I’m even more desperate to find out what happened to mariah.

Devon: So we still don’t know who would want to hurt mariah or the child.

Abby: I hate feeling like we’re just blindly stumbling around in the dark.

Sharon: Rey suggested something we can do.

Abby: Okay, great. Whatever it is, let’s do it.

Sharon: He wants us to keep texting mariah.

Abby: But I don’t see how that would make a difference.

Tessa: Well, if we keep texting, whoever took mariah will believe that we think she’s okay and that she’s the one sending the messages. It just might buy some more time to keep mariah safe while rey continues his search.

Abby: So we lull the abductor or abductors into a false sense of security, making them believe that we think mariah just needs her distance and we’re waiting for her to return.

Sharon: Right up until the moment rey finds out where mariah is and brings her home. At that point, whoever did this will get exactly what they deserve.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Aw, c’mon flowers.

Mariah: Well, the good news is whoever is keeping us in here is taking pretty good care of us, you know? We’ve got a comfortable bed. We’ve got clean clothes. We’ve got healthy meals. We even have prenatal vitamins for you and protein bars for me. So they’re not trying to hurt us. And it’s somebody who knows my eating habits or has studied them recently. Which makes me think this has got to be about the money, right? Like a ransom or something? And I wonder if sharon or abby have been contacted. But maybe it’s not about me at all. Ugh, bowie. Maybe it’s just about you. Let’s be honest, you are a chancellor-newman-abbott.

[ Chuckles ] You’re worth a fortune. And if somebody asked abby for millions, they would get it. But if money is the reason and the motivation, then why have i been in here so long? I mean, [Sighs] Somebody would have been contacted by now and a plan would’ve been put into motion long ago, and if it was about the money, I wouldn’t still be trapped in here.

[ Sighs ] It’s been so long. None of this makes any sense.

Devon: Alright, I need to go meet somebody, so I’m gonna leave these fake texts in your capable hands. Just let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out.

Tessa: We will. Thank you.

Abby: I’ll walk you out. Hey, we didn’t get to finish our conversation from before.

Devon: Yeah, I know. Um…listen, I truly didn’t mean to break your trust by reaching out to christine. I’m not trying to make your life any more difficult. I’m trying to do the opposite. So…I, uh — I hope you can forgive me for crossing the lines.

Abby: There’s nothing to forgive. I’m sorry, you just — you caught me off guard. I do — I really appreciate you looking out for me.

Devon: Well, I really appreciate you understanding that’s all I’m trying to do.

Abby: And of course, I would love for my husband to come home, but not until he’s completely ready. Until he’s not gonna worry about the work that he’s left undone, and I don’t need to know much about his assignment to know that he is out there and he is making the world a better, safer place.

Devon: No, I have no doubt that he’s doing that, but at the same time, I’m sure there’s probably a handful of other agents who could step in and do his work. He has only one wife. Listen, either way, I know he’s doing everything he can to get back to you.

Abby: I know he is.

Devon: Okay. I’ll see you.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Hello.

Victor: Hey, my boy.

Nikki: Well, hello, darling. This is a nice surprise. What brings you by?

Nick: Victoria. Well, specifically ashland and victoria. She told me about the engagement. She asked me to get to know ashland a little bit before i gave my opinion about it ’cause the news definitely threw me. So I wanted to get your take on it. I don’t know. Victoria told me that you’re happy for her.

Victor: Well, your mother and I both are in favor of this union, you know.

Nick: I wish I was there. I’m just not. I don’t —

[ Sighs ] I ran into ashland at society, and it’s not like he said anything wrong, but i just get an odd feeling from him, you know? He said something like, “we got to keep the past in the past,” and it occurred to me that we don’t know anything about this guy’s history. And I got these doubts, and they’re just gnawing away at me and… I don’t know. It’s weird, but I think I’m with billy on this.

Victor: What do you mean? Billy was there when you spoke with ashland?

Nick: Yeah, he came in as ashland was leaving, and I think he could tell that I’m not completely on board with this.

Victor: You bonded with billy boy abbott over this issue?

Nick: Not by a long shot, but I did my best to downplay my concerns and to discourage him from pursuing his because, honestly, if the kids are okay — and it seems like they are — then it doesn’t matter what victoria does. It’s none of billy’s business.

Victor: You’re damn right about that. None of his business.

Ashland: Had I known what was waiting for me, I’d have come home a lot sooner.

Victoria: Well, I know you needed some alone time to get some fresh air before dinner. Did the walk help, after you said goodbye to harrison?

Ashland: Not as much as being with you.

Victoria: Well, before we eat, I have something that i want to show you.

Ashland: Show me anything and everything.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Here is our wedding venue.

Ashland: Wow.

Victoria: Yeah.

Ashland: The newman palazzo.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Ashland: It’s gorgeous, just like my bride-to-be.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ashland: Are you expecting someone?

Victoria: No, but whoever it is, show them out immediately.

Ashland: Yes, ma’am.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

Ashland: You’ve got company.

Victoria: What are you doing here?

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Well, it looks like bad timing on my behalf.

Victoria: Yeah, you might say that. I thought we had discussed everything that we had to earlier.

Billy: Oh, I’m here to speak to ashland, actually.

Ashland: Is that right?

Billy: Yeah, there’s a few things I would like to clear up about chanccomm’s article on tara.

Victoria: That couldn’t have waited until morning?

Billy: Media business is a 24/7 gig. I go where the story takes me.

Victoria: Okay, well, the story, or whatever else you’re fishing for, can wait. If you want to talk to ashland, you can make an appointment with his assistant.

Billy: Do you have an opinion on that?

Ashland: Only that I agree with victoria. And I’m kind of enjoying watching her tell you off — no offense.

Billy: None taken. Well, I’ll leave you to it. Have a good evening.

Nikki: Maybe we should stay away from the topic of billy. That’s not what nicholas came over to discuss.

Victor: I agree.

Nick: Obviously, I’m concerned about what this could do to victoria, getting involved with someone with a terminal illness. But I’m also really curious what else does she know about him? What do any of us know about him before his life with victoria, other than he’s a ruthless businessman? Now, clearly, victoria thinks he acts differently in his personal life than he does in business, but —

Nikki: Well, people are complex. They can be ruthless in the boardroom and be very kind and loving at home.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know, just with ashland, I get the feeling he’s the kind of guy that makes you feel like you know the whole story, but you got to wait for the other shoe to drop.

Devon: Rey, appreciate you meting me. I just came from abby’s, and they filled me in on the idea about keeping the text messages going to mariah.

Rey: Well, yeah, if you’re looking for an update on that, there — there still isn’t one.

Devon: Yeah, no, no, I — actually, I just came to talk to you about whatever I can do to help. I was thinking that if you say it’s a good idea, we can offer a reward to anybody that has information on mariah’s whereabouts, just ’cause, you know, money is what I can bring to the table, so however we can use it, let’s do that.

Rey: I appreciate that, but i think a reward or any kind of public announcement will only tip the kidnappers off and possibly put mariah in more danger.

Devon: You’re saying “more” danger? Alright. I know that she’s been gone for a while, but how bad do you think this situation really is?

Sharon: Should we send mariah individual messages or send a group text?

Sharon: I think we should use the same text chain that we used for our attempted virtual intervention.

Sharon: When we thought we were talking to the real mariah.

Abby: Yeah.

Tessa: Here’s the last message we got from her phone — “please stop pressuring me. I’ll be home when I’m ready. Your intervention is making it worse. It’s time to back off.”

Sharon: Okay, well, I think I should be the first one to text her because I’m her mother. I’m gonna say, “I waited this long to answer because I didn’t want to bombard you and I just wanted you to know how sorry i am that I upset you.” I’ll just apologize and tell her to do whatever she needs to do for herself. How’s that sound?

Tessa: That’s perfect.

Sharon: Okay. Alright, done. Sent.

Abby: Okay, um, well, maybe i should go next. I could offer an apology of my own, and then I can offer some words of support, tell her that I know that she’s taking good care of our little boy.

Tessa: I mean, I can say that I meant well, I just miss her so much. But I also want her to take as much time as she needs. Um…I’ll tell her that I love her and I’ll be here, arms wide open, whenever she’s ready to come home.

Sharon: That sounds good and really sincere.

Tessa: I envision that moment all the time, when I finally get to see her again. How overjoyed and relieved I’ll feel.

[ Crying ] Let’s just hope that whoever has her buys it and doesn’t suspect that we’re onto them.

Abby: We’ll find out soon enough.

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Tessa: [ Sighs ] I wonder when and if we will get a text back.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Me too. Though it feels really weird sitting around with bated breath waiting to get more lies from mariah’s abductor.

Tessa: I mean, at least it would be a good sign that the kidnapper believes our lies and feels no reason to panic.

Abby: God, I am just — I’m so frustrated that someone would go to these extremes and we don’t who has taken her or what their motive was, and I’m even more mad at myself that I let myself think that mariah’s disappearance was the result of her emotional state.

Tessa: Look, just don’t even go there. I was there earlier, and nothing good comes of it. Mariah needs all of our focus, energy, and positive thoughts directed her way. We need to keep believing that she’s going to come home safe and that we’re gonna see her before we know it.

Abby: You’re right. We can’t think the worst, not for one second.

[ Sighs ]

Rey: I won’t let myself think the worst about mariah, and neither should you.

Devon: Well, I mean, of course I’m trying not to, but we all know how ugly the world can be out there, so if you have any ideas that can ease my mind or any theories of how this is all gonna turn out okay, I’d love if you shared them with me.

Rey: Alright, well, the fact that the text stream is still ongoing is a reason to be optimistic and I think mariah’s pregnancy. Look, to be blunt, if things were over, there would be no reason to keep up a facade. I also still think that this is someone from mariah’s past. Sharon mentioned a woman by the name of alice johnson. Another thing that occurred to me was what if this is some disturbed person who desperately wants a child? Someone like that would have every reason for mariah to be healthy and strong.

Devon: And if that was the case, what’s gonna happen after she gives birth?

Rey: We bring mariah back before we find that out.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Look, I got another case I got to go back to the station to deal with, but I will keep you in the loop.

Devon: I appreciate that. And let me know if the reward idea is valuable at all, ’cause I’ll do whatever I can.

Rey: Hopefully I’ll have this wrapped up before that’s necessary.

Devon: Thank you. Hey, this is devon hamilton. I, uh — I wanted to discuss something with you, and I was hoping we could meet. As soon as possible, actually.

Victoria: I’m really glad that billy’s drop-in wasn’t too disruptive.

Ashland: Do you really think he was here about the story?

Victoria: Maybe, maybe not.

Ashland: Well, our engagement seems to have brought out a lot of protective instincts.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry about that.

Ashland: No, don’t be. It speaks highly of you that you have people in your life that care so much about you.

Victoria: I think that some of those people have boundary issues, and I’d much rather go with your version. Better suits my mood.

Ashland: Which is?

Victoria: Happy, in love. I say that we forget that billy was ever here and we go back to where we were — a romantic palazzo in italy.

Ashland: Cin-cin.

Nick: I worry that victoria is stepping into something that she may not have any control over.

Nikki: What do you mean by that?

Nick: I don’t know, mom. I wish I could be more specific, but it’s like a sixth sense or a premonition or something, but the bottom line is there is more to ashland locke than we all know.

Victor: What do you propose we do?

Nick: Use your resources. Dig into his past. Find out the stuff that nobody else knows.

Victor: I agree with you. We’ll dig deep. If there’s anything to be found, we’ll find it before the wedding date. (Vo) imagine a visibly healthier pet in 28 days.

Victoria: So my mother and I, we have made great progress with the wedding. We’re gonna run with the history of the palazzo as a theme. And now that the date is set, we can arrange for you to spend time with harrison during the wedding week. Well, tuscany is close to milan, so that’s another really good reason that we’re having the ceremony at my parents’ place.

Ashland: It all sounds perfect. Here you are once again taking care of me.

Victoria: What are you talking about? I want to. Why wouldn’t I? I love you.

Ashland: I love you, too.

Billy: Thank you. Hello, there. Is there a reason why you’re glowering over me this evening?

Victor: You stay out of my daughter’s life. She’s no longer of concern to you.

Mariah: Maybe the problem is I’m looking for sense and logic when there are none.

[ Sighs ] Maybe this isn’t about money or your family line. Maybe this is just…twisted punishment from somebody who hates me. I — oh, god. Is it ian? Was I right before? Somebody from the cult? I mean…you hear about these things happening all the time, but just you never think they’re gonna happen to you.

[ Cellphones chime ]

Abby: We got a response.

Sharon: Who are you? And what do you want?

Mariah: It’s the not knowing that is driving me out of my mind. And I cannot lose my mind. I have never had more responsibility in my life than i do right now.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Exhales sharply ] So I got to [Sniffles] Stay sane and keep it together for you, bowie. I’m not gonna let anything happen to us, okay? To you.

[ Sniffles ]

Abby: Well, I suppose we should be relieved that our ruse worked.

Tessa: But I would give anything to hear from mariah herself.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Maybe it’s rey with good news. Ben, you’re back in town?

Stitch: Yeah, you okay? You seem upset.

Abby: Mariah’s still missing, and we’re really scared for her.

Stitch: Come here.

Mariah: [ Sniffs ]

[ Sighs ] Don’t worry, little man. We’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna find our way home.

[ Sniffles ] I promise you.

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