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Chanel in "Days of Our Lives" 8/19/21

Allie has a dream about being in bed with both Tripp and Chanel. She then wakes up in bed with Tripp and turns off her alarm.

Chanel is in the town square looking at her Sweet Bits Bakery Coming Soon sign. She sits down at a table with her coffee and her phone. Chanel sees she has a text from Johnny and smiles as they start texting back and forth.

EJ sits inthe living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and declares that he’s going to bring Johnny around to the way they do things and he will soon learn that he’s the one in charge around here. Chad walks in and says he better not be talking about him. EJ clarifies that he was talking about Johnny because his prodigal son has come home.

Theo goes to the Brady Pub and meets with Claire. Claire thanks him for coming and offers him a coffee but Theo declines, saying he doesn’t have much time. Theo asks her what’s up. Claire says she wanted to say she’s so sorry that he was hurt by what happened at his wedding. Theo asks if she’s serious right now and complains about how Claire helped Ben kidnap Ciara and then put on her wedding dress so he would be left there standing, alone and humiliated like a total idiot.

Ben and Ciara in bed in "Days of Our Lives" 8/19/21

Ben and Ciara wake up in bed together at the cabin. Ben tells her that this finally wasn’t a dream that she came back to him and they are back together as they start kissing. They talk about being hungry so Ciara gets up to check what they have. Ciara asks why he’s looking at her like that. Ben says he’s just admiring how beautiful she is. Ciara questions if that’s really all he’s thinking about. Ben asks what else he should be thinking about. Ciara brings up that since they have been apart, Ben hasn’t been with anyone while she was with Theo, so she is assuming that Ben is wondering if she and Theo slept together.

EJ informs Chad that Johnny spent the night in the bedroom recently vacated by Gabi and Jake. Chad mentions just talking to Johnny on video chat a week ago and he didn’t say he was coming. EJ suspects he thought the element of surprise would work in his favor. Chad asks what he wanted. EJ tells him that every child wants money from their parent. EJ tells Chad how Johnny wants to make his own film and is convinced it’s his calling, but he told him no because they are trying to build back their family legacy so he doesn’t have spare cash to throw around. EJ adds that Johnny didn’t react well since he expects everyone to support him and whatever his latest obsession is. EJ recalls when Johnny was able to persuade him in the past but says he no longer falls prey to his gift. EJ admits that Johnny is market savvy so he knows he would be an outstanding addition to the company. Chad tells him to offer him a job then. EJ explains that he did last night but Johnny turned it down and stormed out, outraged and insulted. EJ remarks that Johnny is never interested in any idea that comes from him which Chad relates to as a parent. EJ says he’s always been the annoying father or absent father but Johnny has enormous respect for Chad, so he suggests Chad could be the one to persuade Johnny to join the family business. Chad admits maybe he could, but asks what’s in it for him.

Chanel and Johnny continue texting back and forth. They joke about Johnny sending her shirtless selfies.

Tripp and Allie in "Days of Our Lives" 8/19/21

Tripp asks Allie what’s wrong. Allie says it’s nothing and she just thought Henry would be up before the alarm so now she’s late. Tripp guesses that Allie is worried about Chanel. Allie feels that she ditched her last night and doesn’t want her thinking that she did it again. Tripp says she better get going then and mentions that he has to go as well since Kayla is assigning him a new advisor today because of Dr. Snyder’s death. Allie tells Tripp that he can shower while she gets Henry prepared. Tripp suggests they shower together while Henry’s asleep so they get out of bed.

Claire tells Theo that he’s her friend and she loves him so much, but Ben is also her friend and she also loves him. Claire acknowledges that she hurt Theo for Ben and Ciara. Claire admits that she also did it for herself because she was desperate for Ciara to remember the rest of her life, including the part where she didn’t hate her anymore and forgave her. Theo sarcastically congratulates Claire on doing it as now Ciara remembers that Ben is the true love of her life and he was just good buddy Theo, destined to forever live in the friend zone. Claire knows she can’t make it easier for him which Theo agrees with. Claire starts to leave but Theo credits her for trying to warn him and acknowledges that if Ciara didn’t remember her life with Ben now, it would’ve happened later. Theo admits that he was bound to get hurt sooner or later and it was just a question of when, which he always knew.

Ben admits to Ciara that he’s curious but he didn’t want to ask her as he felt it wasn’t really his business. Ciara thinks that he should know so she informs him that she and Theo did not sleep together. Ben excitedly admits that’s a relief. Ciara explains that they were going to wait until after the wedding, but now she’s thinking it was her old self telling her new self that she’s not ready to sleep with anyone but Ben. Ciara is glad that she waited, because Ben waited for her and was faithful, even when she left him for another man and even when he thought she was dead. Ben stops and informs her that he actually has a confession to make.

Tripp rushes to his meeting with Kayla at the hospital. Tripp asks if he was late. Kayla says only by two minutes and guesses he was hung up at Allie’s. Kayla notes that she and Steve noticed he didn’t come home last night and he wasn’t working the night shift. Kayla jokes about giving him a hard time and says she’s so glad things are going well for he and Allie. Tripp talks about Allie being a great person and how he enjoys spending time with Henry. Kayla says it warms her heart after the tough year Allie had. Kayla recalls advising Tripp to take it slow since Allie was a rape survivor and says it was clear that Tripp knew what to do. Tripp says it did help talking to Kayla as he did exactly what she advised and now everything has worked out really well. Tripp adds that there’s only one problem. Kayla asks what that could be.

Chanel and Johnny continue texting. Johnny mentions that he owes her a drink after last night. Chanel tells him that her BFF is there so she has to go. Chanel puts her phone away as Allie arrives in the town square with Henry, apologizing for being late. Chanel says she was keeping busy by talking with a friend.

EJ in "Days of Our Lives" 8/19/21

EJ tells Chad that they are family so he asks why there has to be something in it for him. Chad argues that it’s obvious that EJ is trying to consolidate power so that his children will inherit the CEO mantle when they are gone. Chad questions why he would be on board with that when he was maintaining the family legacy while EJ wanted nothing to do with the company, so that one day Thomas and Charlotte would take over if they chose to. EJ argues that they are still children. Chad tells EJ that if he wants Johnny to have 15 years seniority on them, then he’s going to need some concessions to protect his interests. Johnny then walks in and greets Chad. Johnny sits down and asks what’s up.

Claire thanks Theo for understanding why she felt she needed to help Ben. Claire adds that it was because she knew what he and Ciara had. Theo tells her that he gets it and it’s okay as he knows she didn’t want to hurt him. Theo tells her that he will be okay. Claire asks if he’s given any thought to what he wants to do next. Theo reveals he’s hopping on the first flight back to South Africa because work is a mess. Claire asks what happened. Theo says their social media expert quit yesterday, three days before the launch of their new service, so he has no idea how to find a replacement for him in time. Claire then suggests herself.

Ben tells Ciara that he and Claire kissed while they were lonely and missing Ciara but it was a mistake and he pulled away right away because he knew he could never be with anyone else. Ben tells Ciara that he’s sorry. Ciara tells him that he has nothing to be sorry for. Ben doesn’t want her to blame Claire either as she has always had their back and is on their side, being an amazing friend to both of them. Ciara acknowledges that she’s been a terrible friend to Claire. Ben understands that last she remembered was being set on fire. Ciara says she used to only remember the bad things, but now she remembers the good things like when Claire helped her find Ben after Eve kidnapped him. Ciara talks about Claire ruining her wedding to Theo and even got arrested for it for all the right reasons. Ciara decides she has to go find her and thank her for that. Ben stops her and tells her that she can’t go.

Johnny hugs Chad as they greet each other but Johnny turns down hugging EJ. Johnny tells Chad that EJ refused to help him get his career off the ground. EJ argues that it’s not a career. Johnny complains that everyone was encouraging when Will went off to Hollywood to be a screen writer. EJ reminds him that Will crashed and burned in Hollywood but says that was different because Johnny is his son. Johnny declines following in EJ’s footsteps. EJ questions where all of this anger is coming from. Johnny brings up EJ cancelling all of his credit cards without telling him in order to get leverage over him. EJ responds that Johnny was overspending. Johnny wants a chance to defend himself but says it’s too late because he was already with somebody last night when his card got declined and he was mortified. EJ suggests Johnny earn his own keep and argues that he’s offering him an opportunity that most people would only dream of. Johnny repeats that he does not want to work for him. EJ then suggests Chad mentor Johnny and asks if Chad would be thrilled to have Johnny on his team.

Kayla in "Days of Our Lives" 8/19/21

Tripp tells Kayla that yesterday he had no idea where Allie was until he found out she and Claire were detained at the police station for helping Ben. Tripp talks about being so worried as he saw Allie being taken to jail but she showed up at the hospital as soon as she was released and he realized she’s really important to him. Tripp declares that he thinks he’s falling in love with Allie. Kayla asks why that’s a problem. Tripp worries that he’s falling so hard so fast and that she might not be as in to him. Kayla asks if he has reason to think that. Tripp says no since Allie says she only wants him. Kayla recalls Tripp saying he thought there could be someone else but then he also said it was nothing. Tripp acknowledges that there is someone who has feelings for Allie but they are friends and it’s nothing more than that, at least not to Allie.

Allie wants to make sure that Chanel didn’t feel like she blew her off last night. Chanel tells her it’s fine. Allie knows it’s always a little weird between her, Chanel, and Tripp so she never wants her to feel like a third wheel. Chanel insists it’s all good and suggests there could be a fourth wheel now since she met somebody at Julie’s Place. Chanel says they turned out to have a lot in common which Allie asks about.

Chad responds that he’s sure that Johnny would be a huge asset at DiMera, but he thinks Johnny should be able to make his own decisions and follow his passions. Johnny thanks Chad and suggests that DiMera could make a killing by making their own media production division. Chad can tell he’s put a lot of thought in to that and mentions EJ saying Johnny had a keen business sense. EJ says that’s not at all what he had in mind but Chad thinks Johnny’s ideas are worth considering.

Kayla asks Tripp if he’s worried that this person close to Allie is going to come between them. Tripp says not really so Kayla asks what the problem is. Tripp says it just complicates things and asks if she has any advice. Kayla thinks it’s important to maintain friendships outside of a romantic relationship. Tripp assures he’s going to stay cool about this and he just hopes they can figure out a way to coexist as friends.

Chanel tells Allie that she and this guy have parental issues in common and he’s cute. Allie can’t wait to meet him. Chanel says they just had one drink and exchanged contact info. Chanel tells her about him messaging her first thing this morning. Allie takes Chanel’s phone to see the picture that she got.

Ciara reminds Ben that they have to get his ankle looked at. Ben calls it just a sprain. Ciara points out that they don’t have food. Ben reminds her that even if they wanted to leave, they can’t because the limo won’t start. Ben regrets not thinking more when Shawn left them here. Ciara states that Ben is a mechanic and she is Bo Brady’s daughter so she thinks they can get the engine going in no time. Ben agrees that they can fix anything together and they kiss. They hold hands and Ben says it’s just like old times.

Theo questions Claire wanting to come work for he and JJ in South Africa. Claire thinks everyone would agree that she’s always been a social media expert and praises Theo’s work. Claire says she’s practically an influencer and her music has been stalling recently so she’s been trying to figure out what’s next. Claire worries that she’s getting ahead of herself but tells Theo that she is interested even if he’s not. Theo asks why he wouldn’t be since she has the ability to attract an audience. Theo adds that it’s a huge plus that she would be up to speed on the job so quickly, but asks if she’s able to start right away. Claire guesses she can’t work from here. Theo confirms that she would have to go back to South Africa with him today. Claire points out that nothing is really keeping her here in Salem. Theo asks about her family. Claire says she can visit and she wants to travel the world like when she was a kid. Claire adds that she’ll have to talk to her family before she fully commits. Theo is excited and says it sounds great. Theo admits he was dreading the long flight back home all by himself. Theo says he’ll make it happen tonight and thanks Claire for being willing to do this. Claire thanks him for letting her. Theo says he’s going to say goodbye to his family so she can let him know ASAP. Theo adds that he’s really glad they are still friends. Claire feels the same as Theo exits the Pub.

Tripp tells Kayla that he wants to tell Allie how he feels but he doesn’t want to feel like he’s staking his claim. Tripp asks if he should just wait. Kayla advises him to follow his instincts and she thinks he will know when the time is right. Kayla tells Tripp that love is always a risk, but if he doesn’t put his heart out there then he’ll never know.

Allie wants to see the picture but Chanel says it’s gone now. Allie asks to at least let her know his name as maybe she knows him..

EJ repeats that they don’t have money to spend on frivolous things so the answer again is no. Johnny argues that EJ is just pissed that Sami cheated on him, so he’s taking it out on him. EJ denies that. Johnny declares that it doesn’t matter as he’ll find somebody else to support his dreams, or he’ll just do it himself to pursue his passion. EJ mocks that this is Johnny’s 300th passion. Johnny yells at him not to belittle his talents and drive. Johnny declares that he’s going to make it and he will never work for DiMera. Johnny thanks Chad for treating him with some respect as he then walks out of the room. EJ questions Chad encouraging Johnny. Chad reminds EJ that they hadn’t come to terms on what’s in it for him. EJ questions his family loyalty. Chad reminds EJ that just weeks ago, he solicited his support to oust Jake and then tried to screw him over by inserting himself as sole CEO. EJ calls that a misunderstanding that they worked through. Chad says they did but warns him not to try it again. EJ states that he has work to do, so he will see him at the office. EJ then exits the room.

Tripp tells Kayla that he has two options; tell Allie that he loves her or don’t. Kayla says she’s sorry as she knows how hard this is, but if he does tell Allie then she hopes it goes his way. Tripp thanks her and says he hopes next time he comes to her for advice on someone’s heart, it’s not his.

Chanel asks Allie what makes her thinks the knows this guy. Allie reminds her that she’s a Horton and a Brady, so if she doesn’t know him then someone in her family probably does. Chanel gets a text from her mom, reminding her that she has to go to the bank to sign papers for the bakery. Chanel says she’ll see her later and walks away. Allie calls out to her that she never even told her the guy’s name. Johnny then comes up and surprises Allie. Allie gets up and excitedly hugs him.

Theo in "Days of Our Lives" 8/19/21

Theo goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Chad. Chad tells him that he’s sorry he couldn’t make it to the wedding and asks how it was. Theo informs him that he didn’t miss much as it turns out that he’s heading back to South Africa alone because Ciara and Ben are back together. Chad tells him that he’s so sorry. Theo asks for a game of chess before he goes. Chad jokes that he won’t let him win this time as they sit down to play.

Claire goes home and calls out for her parents but instead finds Ciara waiting inside.

Ben returns home to his room on crutches. He looks at he and Ciara’s wedding photo with a smile, then reaches into his drawer for their wedding rings.

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