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Abe and Eli in "Days of Our Lives" 8/18/21

Abe goes to Eli and Lani’s apartment where Eli answers the door. Abe says he’s sorry for not calling first and just dropping by. Eli assures that he’s always welcome here. Eli asks how Theo is. Abe states that Theo is upset but he’s tough so he’ll be okay. Abe adds that Theo knew Ciara might remember being in love with Ben, so it’s not like he was blindsided. Eli asks where Theo is now. Abe says he turned in early but he knew Lani would be worried so he came to update her and asks where she is. Eli informs Abe that Lani went to go see Pauliina.

Lani tells Paulina that she’s willing to let go of the past and start fresh, but they need a clean slate with no more secrets and lies. Lani asks if Paulina can promise her that. Olivia assures that Lani can count on her aunt Paulina to be honest with her. Olivia is sure Lani is anxious to get back to her babies. Paulina says she can speak for herself and it’s time that she did. Paulina informs Lani that she has something she needs to tell her so Lani asks what it is and tells her to go on and say it.

John and Marlena in "Days of Our Lives" 8/18/21

Marlena comes home as John is finishing a call with Belle. Marlena tells John that she’s so glad to be home. John hugs her and kisses her and says he’s sorry she had to work so late. Marlena asks what Belle had to say. John informs her that the good news is that Allie and Claire were released from police custody with all charges dropped as Ciara has been found and she regained her memory as well as reunited with Ben which makes Marlena happy. Marlena asks about the bad news. John reveals that according to Belle, Sami’s marriage is over.

EJ has a drink in the living room until he’s startled by the entrance of the DiMera Tunnels suddenly opening. EJ turns around and is surprised to see he and Sami’s son Johnny, now in his mid-20s, emerge from the tunnels. EJ hugs him and calls it a wonderful surprise but asks what he’s doing here and why he’s coming out of the wall. Johnny says the door was locked so he figured he’d use the tunnels which was his favorite part of the house. EJ asks what he’s doing in Salem. Johnny asks if a son needs a reason to visit his parents. Johnny adds that he was hoping to surprise Sami and asks if she’s around.

Marlena questions EJ and Sami breaking up and says that Sami must be devastated, especially after she fought so hard to hold that family together. Marlena asks what happened. John reminds Marlena of how she felt there may have been something more going on between Sami and Lucas. John confirms that they apparently got together briefly and then EJ found out and was furious, so that was the end of that. Marlena asks if Belle told him that. John explains that Belle had a business meeting with EJ, who couldn’t stop talking about Sami’s infidelity. John asks what Marlena thinks. Marlena thinks they have been through so much and they always manage to find their way back together. John states that this time could be a bit different since EJ threw Sami out of the mansion and they have no idea where she could be. Marlena wonders why they haven’t heard from Sami and suggests she could be with Allie, now that she’s released and no longer in prison.

Allie finds Tripp at the hospital. Tripp hugs her and asks when she got released as he was just about to head to the police station. Allie says it was just a while ago and he’s her first stop. Tripp says he was going nuts thinking about her in jail but now she’s here. Tripp and Allie kiss as Chanel arrives at the hospital and sees them. Chanel comes over and greets them, joking that she’s always interrupting them. Allie says it’s fine and hugs her, saying she’s glad to see her. Chanel mentions hearing that Allie got released so she wanted to make sure she was okay. Allie thanks them both for coming to the police station earlier. Chanel says they couldn’t do anything then but suggests now the three of them have dinner to celebrate Allie being free. Chanel adds that Allie can then sign the documents for the bakery. Allie wishes she could but she has to go to Marlena’s as she’s worried about Sami and could use her help. Allie asks Tripp to come with her which he agrees to. Allie tells Chanel that she’s sorry. Chanel tells her to do what she has to do. Allie offers to sign the documents now so Chanel hands them to her. Allie signs them and hands them back to Chanel. Allie tells Chanel that she will talk to her tomorrow as she and Tripp then exit together.

Marlena can’t believe Sami and Lucas as she doesn’t understand Sami doing anything to put her marriage to EJ in jeopardy. John thinks Sami really regrets it and mentions that EJ told Belle that Sami refused to give up after he kicked her out of the mansion, so she was going to see Gabi to ask permission to stay in the house.

Johnny questions EJ about Sami cheating on him. EJ confirms that she did with Lucas, so he threw her out. Johnny tells EJ that he’s sorry for both of them. EJ says he’s sorry for him too as he knows it can’t be easy to hear. Johnny argues that EJ and Sami have one of those love for the ages thing, so he asks why Sami isn’t here banging down the door and making a scene to remind him of that. Johnny asks where Sami is and if she’s at Marlena’s. EJ responds that she could be there, or with Lucas, or on the moon for all he knows. Johnny questions him really having no idea. EJ assures that he doesn’t give a damn. Johnny calls that harsh. EJ apologizes since Sami is his mother, so he won’t speak of her. EJ suggests they celebrate Johnny’s return and offers him a drink. EJ asks what Johnny has been up to. Johnny responds that he’s actually looking for investors for his movie and he’s giving EJ first crack at it.

Eli finishes putting the babies to sleep and goes back to Abe. Abe can’t believe Lani went to see Paulina since last they spoke, she was done with her. Abe asks what changed. Eli explains that they talked and Lani realized that she needed to forgive Paulina for her own sake as much as anything else. Abe feels that Eli guided her to that conclusion. Eli says he might have helped a little bit but Lani would’ve got there on her own, since as mad as she was at Paulina, Paulina is family and that’s something you can’t replace.

Paulina and Olivia in "Days of Our Lives" 8/18/21

Paulina starts to tell Lani what she needs to tell her but Olivia interrupts and asks Lani to get her some more tea and something to eat so Lani heads to the kitchen. Olivia warns Paulina that if she thinks she’s going to tell Lani that she’s her mother, she’s got another thing coming.

Allie and Tripp go to John and Marlena’s. They hug Allie, telling her that they are so glad to see her and relieved. Allie says the hardest part was being away from Henry. Marlena offers them food or a drink but Allie says she was hoping Sami would be there. Marlena responds that she’s not. Allie brings up the situation between Sami and EJ and she has been unable to get a hold of Sami. Marlena informs them that they know about the situation from Belle. Allie says he was just with Lucas and he hasn’t seen Sami, while EJ doesn’t know where she is either.

EJ questions Johnny looking for investors for a movie. EJ didn’t know he was interested in filmmaking. Johnny talks about hitting up art theaters the last couple of years and seeing film revivals of the classics. Johnny says he was really inspired by what he saw, so he made a couple of short films on his phone and he thinks he might be really good at it. Johnny is sure he has a long way to go, but he feels like he’s meant to do this, so he asks if EJ wants to invest in his son’s future. EJ suggests Johnny come work for him instead.

Abe is glad that Eli was able to get through to Lani, as he tried more than once but she wasn’t having it. Eli jokes about how Lani can be stubborn. Abe understands how hurt Lani was by Paulina and says they all were, but Paulina has apologized repeatedly and even helped them find Ciara, so she’s obviously trying to make amends. Eli comments that it sounds like he’s pretty close to forgiving Paulina himself.

Paulina tells Olivia that she heard that Lani said she was willing to forgive her if she is honest with her, so she has to tell her the truth. Olivia disagrees and argues that Paulina is only doing this for herself because it might make her feel better to let Lani know that she’s her mother, but Lani would be losing the only mother she’s ever known. Lani comes back with Olivia’s tea, so she thanks her. Lani then asks Paulina what she needed to tell her.

Chanel stands alone in the town square and thinks back to kissing Allie on the 4th of July. Chanel asks what is wrong with her and tells herself to get over it already.

Marlena questions Allie saying that Sami never came back from Gabi’s. Allie adds that she went to Gabi, who said she never even saw Sami. Tripp asks if Sami could have taken off to cool down. Marlena and Allie insist that Sami never gives up. Allie wonders if Sami may have gotten in an accident. Marlena says they would’ve heard it about it by now. John suggests maybe EJ wasn’t telling the truth. Allie asks what he means. John explains that Belle said EJ was furious and he has never been one to let people cross him and get away with it. Allie asks what he’s saying and if he thinks EJ could’ve hurt Sami.

Johnny in "Days of Our Lives" 8/18/21

Johnny questions EJ wanting him to work for him. EJ says the company is his legacy and they could turn DiMera into a true family business again. EJ tells him how proud Stefano would be to have them back where they belong. EJ talks about how Stefano loved him. Johnny argues that he’s not going to suit up and punch a clock every day. Johnny gets how DiMera is so important to him and how passionate he is, but that’s how he feels about making movies. EJ calls it fooling around on his phone. Johnny argues that legitimate directors make movies on their phones. EJ doesn’t know how legit they are if he hasn’t heard of them. EJ asks if they are just people he met while bumming around in Europe. EJ declares that there is no way in hell that his son is going to waste his time on something so frivolous. Johnny shouts that the movie is important to him but he doesn’t expect EJ to care because he never has cared about what he wanted or needed. Johnny complains that it’s all about EJ’s ego, turning him in to someone to defer to him to make him feel powerful. Johnny says to hell with that and declares he doesn’t need EJ’s money, so he’ll just ask Sami. EJ wishes him luck finding her as Johnny storms out.

Abe tells Eli that as hurt and angry as he was at Paulina, he’s seen her kindness and generosity and now that he knows more about her history, he understands why she acted the way she has. Eli asks if he’s ready to forgive her. Abe admits he’d like nothing more than to repair his relationship with Paulina, but he’s reluctant because of how angry Lani is. Eli says that with any luck, Lani is on her way to forgiving Paulina right now, so then Abe and Paulina can reconcile.

Paulina claims to Lani that she just wanted to promise to her that she will never lie to her again. Lani tells Paulina that she forgives her and agrees to start over as they hug. Paulina insists that Lani won’t be sorry because she’s learned her lesson and she will never stop trying to make up for all the times she let her down. Lani says all she has to do is be honest with her. Paulina says she will get exactly that from this moment forward. Olivia remarks that there’s no need to be so dramatic. Lani tells Paulina that Abe told her why money and being in control is so important to her. Paulina is surprised that Abe told her about Ray. Paulina admits being trapped in an abusive relationship for so long forced her to make some difficult choices. Olivia interrupts and says that’s all in the past while what matters now is that they have found the love again. Olivia adds that after her trip, she needs to rest. Lani hugs her and says she loves her. Lani can’t wait for Olivia to meet Eli and their babies. Lani asks how long she’s staying. Olivia jokes that it depends on how long she has to keep her eye on Paulina.

Marlena is sure that if EJ knows where Sami is, John will find out. Marlena is also sure that Sami knows they are concerned about her. Allie just hopes she is okay. Marlena says that Sami has a way of taking care of herself, so she has to assume that she just prefers to be alone right now to sort out what has happened. Henry wakes up crying so Marlena decides to take him to the bedroom. Tripp tells Allie that he agrees that it’s too soon to worry about Sami. Allie points out that Sami didn’t even come to the police station when she got arrested and it’s so not like her to just disappear like this. Tripp admits that he doesn’t know Sami as well but he thinks that Sami might just need time by herself to recharge. Allie guesses she will just have to believe that Sami could call, text, or show up at any moment. Tripp encourages her to stay positive. Tripp suggests they go get dinner for takeout and go home with Henry. Allie stops and asks if he thinks they should’ve gotten dinner with Chanel. Tripp thinks she understood why they couldn’t. Allie doesn’t want Chanel to think that she was blowing her off because she looked sad. Tripp is sure that Chanel was disappointed and that she’s probably still not over her feelings for her. Allie says it makes things weird for her because she’s afraid of saying or doing something that gives Chanel the wrong idea about thinking there’s something between them. Allie wishes it was like the old days where she and Chanel just had fun and good times. Tripp encourages that they will get there again and that maybe Chanel will meet somebody new to get over her.

Johnny goes to Julie’s Place for a drink and meets Chanel at the bar. They both comment on having a bad day as Johnny sits with her. Chanel asks what happened to Johnny. Johnny says it was a fight with his dad over money. Chanel relates to that with her mom. Johnny says it sounds like they have something in common.

John goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront EJ about Sami. EJ is not in the mood to discuss Sami. John says he’s well aware of the situation after Belle told him, so he can only assume what EJ is going through, but right now he and Marlena are very concerned about Sami because they haven’t heard a word from her since this whole thing went down. EJ tells him that last he knew, Sami went to go see Gabi to ask permission to stay in the house. John informs him that Allie talked to Gabi and Sami never showed up. EJ guesses that Sami changed her mind and realized that staying here in these circumstances would be extremely awkward or unbearable. John wonders why she wouldn’t come see him and Marlena or Allie instead of going AWOL, because it’s not like Sami to give up without a fight. EJ suggests she knew it was a losing battle. John can understand why Sami wouldn’t contact EJ but not them. John asks EJ if he’s sure that he doesn’t have any idea where Sami could be right now. EJ questions what John is insinuating. John says he’s not insinuating anything but they were upset and tempers get hot. EJ asks if he thinks that he killed her and buried her in the tunnels. John argues that he’s just trying to figure out where the hell Sami is. EJ thinks that John is accusing him of withholding information or suggesting that he did something terrible to her, but that’s not the case. EJ explains that Sami cheated on him, so he told her to get out and that their marriage was over which was the last he saw of her and the last he hopes to see of her again. EJ tells John to take his concerns and accusations and get the hell out. John then exits the mansion. EJ finishes his drink and then throws the glass, smashing it.

Johnny asks Chanel about her bad day. Chanel doesn’t want to talk about it. Johnny comments that she looks like she just lost her best friend. Chanel says not exactly but she had a relationship end before it really started. Johnny says that’s terrible but asks if that means she’s single. Chanel jokes about him cutting right to the chase. Johnny asks why waste time with a beautiful girl next to him. Johnny offers to buy her a drink which she accepts.

Lani goes home and hugs Abe as she asks how Theo is. Abe admits he’s struggling and will be for awhile, but he knows he has his family. Abe asks Lani how things went with Paulina. Lani reveals that her grandmother, Olivia, is in town. Eli is surprised as he thought she wasn’t well enough to travel. Lani responds that she’s apparently doing much better.

Paulina asks if Olivia is satisfied. Olivia says she is with Paulina keeping her mouth shut. Olivia asks if Paulina is going to sit and sulk all night. Paulina complains about looking in her daughter’s eyes with her not knowing that she’s her mother. Paulina wanted so badly to tell her after all these years of suffering and longing, but she feels like she let her down. Olivia encourages that she’s doing the right thing because if she told the truth, Lani would not only be losing her mother, but losing her father too.

Eli asks Lani how it went with Paulina. Lani confirms that she took his advice and forgave her for everything so they can start fresh with a clean slate and no more lies or secrets, which she promised. Abe knows that wasn’t easy but he’s very proud of her. Lani praises Eli and Abe, adding that they know how much family means to her which she wants to show to her babies by setting the example. Abe tells Lani that he loves her as they hug.

Olivia asks Paulina how she thinks Lani would feel if she finds out that Abe is not her father. Paulina imagines that she wouldn’t be too pleased with her. Olivia adds that Abe wouldn’t be either. Olivia tells Paulina that she loves her, but it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Tripp and Allie in "Days of Our Lives" 8/18/21

Marlena comes back from putting Henry to sleep which Allie thanks her for. John returns so they ask if he talked to EJ or if he knows where Sami is. John informs them that EJ is sticking to his story that last he saw Sami, she was heading to Gabi’s, and EJ wasn’t too happy when he suggested he was lying. Tripp asks if John believes him. John says it’s tough to tell with EJ. Allie says that still doesn’t explain why Sami hasn’t texted or called. Allie and Marlena then both get a text from Sami, saying she’s sure everyone knows what’s happened between her and EJ and she appreciates their concerns but she’s not up to answering calls or texts. It reads that she wants to fight for her marriage but knows it would just make things worse, so the best thing would be to be alone to figure things out. The message finishes saying that if they don’t hear from her for awhile, she loves them. John guesses that settles it. Marlena remarks that at least they know she’s safe…

EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and asks what they are going to do about Johnny.

Johnny’s credit card is declined which he calls embarrassing. Chanel tells him that at least they didn’t cut up his card like her mom did. Johnny complains about his dad cutting him off. Chanel tells him it’s all good as she’s got this. Johnny doesn’t want to let her do that but Chanel says he doesn’t have much choice. Johnny thanks her and asks if he can at least have her name, so he knows who he is in debt to. Chanel tells him her name, so he says it’s nice to meet her. Johnny puts his number in Chanel’s phone as they continue their drinks.

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