Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 16 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Ashland told Kyle and Jack that he was allowing Harrison to move to Milan. The stipulation was that Ashland be allowed to visit whenever he wanted. Ashland also wanted Harrison to have supervised visits with Tara, who was out on bail, but required to remain in NY until the trial was over. Kyle agreed to bring Harrison to NY to meet Ashland and Tara and agreed that Ashland could come visit in Milan. Kyle asked Jack to bring Harrison to Milan tonight, and he agreed. Billy and Victoria talked about her wedding. They believed they’d gotten to the place, as exes, where they could be honest with each other and challenge each other in a healthy way. Devon told Lily that the police were investigating Mariah’s disappearance. Devon confided that he felt like Chance was placing his job over his responsibility to his family. Devon and Victoria chatted about Lily and Abby. Victoria was grateful Lily stepped up and took on a larger role with Victoria’s kids. Victoria decided she should call Abby.


Lily theorized to Billy that he and Victoria liked having things unresolved between them. Billy suggested that ChancComm do a series of articles about how the people of Genoa City handled living in a town full of their exes. He thought Lily should be the one to interview people for it. When Lily reiterated that Billy and Victoria didn’t want to resolve their issues, Billy suggested that Lily was saying this because she was afraid of commitment. She denied this. Billy assured Lily that he loved her. Billy’s gut told him that if Victoria married Ashland, she’d be making the biggest mistake of her life. Jack and Devon talked about Ashland, Kyle, Harrison and parenthood. Devon vented about Chance and let Jack know that no one heard from Mariah yet. Devon called someone to ask for a favor. Victoria praised Ashland for changing, and he gave her credit for helping him evolve. He asked her to help him set a wedding date that was after the first round of chemo.


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