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Steffy: That’s what you get for tormenting me and my family.

Ridge: And don’t even think of slapping her back. Don’t even lay a finger on my daughter.

Sheila: You know what? I really hadn’t planned on it.

Finn: Can we all just, please, take a step back and–

Brooke: Finn, I am so sorry for you, but you have no idea of the kind of person that you’re dealing with.

Ridge: She’s evil.

Li: I can’t believe this is happening.

Steffy: You got some nerve showing up here at my wedding.

Brooke: Announcing that you’re finn’s mother. That is insane.

Sheila: I am his mother. I gave birth to him.

Brooke: You gave him up.

Eric: These are finn’s parents. Jack and li, they raised him.

Steffy: They made him into the man he is today. The man I fell in love with. You are not my mother-in-law, and you are definitely not hayes’ grandmother.

Brooke: You are poison, sheila. You are nothing to us.

[ Fire crackling ]

Hope: Kids are finally asleep.

Liam: I, I can’t believe that happened today.

Hope: On steffy’s wedding day, of all days.

Liam: I know, so sheila carter, sheila carter shows up, and it turns out that she is the mother of the groom. That’s insane.

Hope: I just, I feel terrible for steffy. I mean, I–

[ Sighing ] Do you think there was more that we could have done? I mean, should we have taken hayes for the night too?

Liam: No, I don’t think so, because thomas took him home, and he’s gonna stay there with him, and the babysitter’s there.

Hope: Yeah, and well, I guess paris will be there too.

Liam: Yeah, and I think there are plenty of grown-ups looking after hayes right now.

Hope: It’s just, what a horrible ending to such a lovely day.

[ Chuckling ]

Liam: It’s surreal, isn’t it? Sheila is the woman who gave birth to finn, and we can’t ever unlearn that.

Hope: Of all people!

Liam: So sheila is now steffy’s mother-in-law.

Hope: Oh, I can’t think of anyone worse.

Liam: I know, although, you know, it’s not like she played a role in finn’s life.

Hope: No, she may have carried him for nine months, but li is finn’s mother in every sense of the word.

Liam: Yeah. Hell of a way to find out, though, today of all days.

Hope: Oh, and to think, it was going off without a hitch.

[ Both chuckling ]

Liam: How naive of us! If only we knew.

Hope: It was a forrester wedding, after all.

Liam: To the bitter end, baby.

Hope: I wonder what ended up happening.

Liam: I don’t know, but everyone was really pissed.

Hope: Oh, rightfully so.

Liam: I mean, I, I know, maybe a fraction of all the stories about sheila, honestly.

Hope: Well, don’t worry, because I can fill you in. My mother has been telling me those stories for years.

Liam: Oh gosh, well just, just, let’s just take the fact that sheila shot your mom, and taylor.

Hope: Uh, she’s crazy, and vindictive, and now, she is trying to worm her way into finn’s life.

Ridge: This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it?

Steffy: You knew exactly what you were doing when you showed up here today.

Sheila: I wanted to see my son.

Eric: Sheila, you know you’re not welcome here.

Sheila: I had no intention of seeing any of you. I wanted a private moment alone with my–

Ridge: We know what’s going on in your crazy head. Let it go. You’re not going to mess with my daughter or my family. Never again. There are times, I wonder…

Hope: Sheila has been in and out of jail, and psychiatric hospitals for as long as I can remember.

Liam: I mean, all these details, like that, the fact that she kidnapped ridge and brooke, the fact that she tried to kill taylor, how, how, how is she walking free, I don’t get that?

Hope: Also, she has other kids out there. Finn is not the only child she’s given birth to.

Liam: Okay, so her just, her popping up like this, do you think that she was trying to elicit feelings of guilt from finn, so he would be compassionate toward her? Like, what, what’s–

Hope: Oh, it was all a manipulation. I mean, that was designed to pull at finn’s heartstrings.

Liam: She hijacked the guy’s wedding, you know? Like–

Hope: Steffy’s wedding too, and I bet she enjoyed every second of it.

Liam: Well, if that weren’t bad enough, do you remember there was a moment where someone mentioned hayes, and did you hear what she said?

Hope: Yeah, clearly, she wasn’t just there to meet finn.

Liam: No, I think she wants to meet her grandson.

Hope: And that is the most unsettling part for me.

Liam: Well, the good news is, you know, hayes is a teeny-tiny baby, there, there isn’t a single person in that room that would let her within a mile of him.

Hope: Yeah, but liam, what if she still tries?

Liam: Yeah, but steffy’s not gonna allow it.

Hope: No, I know that, but it, it makes me worried for the kids.

Liam: Oh, let her try. I’m not letting sheila near any one of our kids.

Finn: This is not the way I ever imagined this would go down.

Li: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Finn: I don’t, I don’t know, to be honest, um.

Li: You’re not the only one.

Steffy: This was the most perfect day. You couldn’t have been happier, then this woman shows up.

Ridge: And ruins it.

Eric: Don’t give her that power.

Jack: Yes, nothing can take the feelings you shared away.

Brooke: Sheila loves causing chaos.

Ridge: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Couldn’t settle down ’til steffy’s wedding.

Brooke: It seems very calculated, very premeditated, but you’re the master at that, aren’t you? I haven’t forgotten all the atrocities that you’ve committed against this family through the years. Shooting me, shooting steffy’s mother, and now, here you are. You’re doing it again. You’re obsessing over finn and their child. You will never see hayes. You’ll never get near him, or any of their children. Ridge and I will make sure of that.

Steffy: You expect us to believe that you are finn’s birth mother? Everything that you say is a lie. You are a liar, a master manipulator.

Finn: You heard my dad, they communicated.

Brooke: She could have been lying then.

Steffy: Yeah, finn, you don’t understand, I know, I get that you’re overwhelmed right now, but this woman, this woman is a monster. She is a liability, and she cannot be part of our lives.

Sheila: May I say something?

Brooke & eric: No!

Brooke: We don’t want to hear any more of your lies or your excuses.

Ridge: We were done with you years ago, you know that.

Steffy: I’m sorry, finn, they’re right. I don’t, I don’t know what else to say.

Eric: Birth mother or not, you’re not allowed in this house. You can’t be here. I can’t even, I can’t bear to see her, I can’t bear it.

Ridge: Time to go. And you’re never coming back. As someone who resembles someone else,

Hope: It’s unfortunate. There was such warmth and joy in the room.

Liam: Then this, this dark cloud just like, descends and shifts everything.

Hope: Dark cloud named sheila.

Liam: You know, I didn’t even get to dance with you? I had been looking forward to that all day. You look gorgeous.

Hope: You like the dress?

Liam: The dress is good, I, I like who’s in it even more.

Hope: Huh. Well, good, because she likes you too. Liam, I am so grateful for what we have. Today was a reminder, again, of just how quickly life can change.

Liam: You gotta think, I mean, however many times finn imagined meeting his biological mom, he did not picture this.

Hope: Poor finn. Poor hayes.

Sheila: You know, I have stood here patiently and taken it on the chin, literally. I think I deserve to have you hear my explanation of things.

Brooke: God, you deserve nothing, sheila.

Sheila: It’s like I said earlier. The only reason I’m here is because I wanted to wish my son well on the day he got married. I wanted him to finally meet the woman that carried him. Is that a crime?

Eric: As a matter of fact, it is, sheila.

Ridge: You’re trespassing, so yeah, that’s a crime.

Sheila: Okay, so it’s quite clear that none of you want to move on from the past, but to take such a, a precious moment and an innocent gesture, and turn it into this–

Steffy: Are you serious? Are you really playing victim right now?

Sheila: I’m not. I know how hated I am by you, and your family. I didn’t come here to cause trouble. I didn’t want to take that unpleasant walk down memory lane. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt finn. I want what’s best for my son, I always have.

Brooke: Really? Well, if that were the case, you never would have come here. You would have allowed finn to continue living his life without you.

Li: He’s thriving. He’s been doing so well.

Sheila: And I am so proud of you, son.

Steffy: No, you don’t get to take credit for that, for who, or what he’s become.

Jack: I have spent my entire life protecting him.

Sheila: Protecting him? Jack.

Steffy: You should have left him, left him alone. Let him be.

Brooke: How could knowing you as his birth mother be any good for him?

Steffy: Get out of here, sheila, go. This is my wedding day, get out!

Sheila: I told finn this would be a bad idea. I knew the minute I walked through that door that you would attack me and persecute me the way you are.

Finn: And I talked her into it. I did, I was just, I was in awe of meeting my birth mother–

Eric: Finn, no one blames you, son.

Li: You couldn’t have known, honey.

Sheila: You’ve raised such a strong, amazing man, and I thank you for that.

Li: After all I’ve heard, just walk away. Stay out of our lives.

Sheila: Oh no, there is one more thing that I am going to say to the bride and groom. You tell my grandson that I love him, and you let him know that his grandmother will always be thinking of him.

Brooke: You witch!

Eric: Ignore her. Get her out of here, go on. And sheila, don’t ever come back.

Brooke: We don’t want to see your face anymore.

Ridge: Come on, let’s go. To be a thriver

Finn: Well, my nerves are shot.

Eric: Not exactly the kind of nerves you’re expecting on your wedding day.

Finn: No.

Steffy: I can’t believe she did this to you.

Eric: Ridge, good. Um, is she completely gone? She’s completely off the property, right?

Ridge: She’s gone. I took care of it.

Eric: Good.

Brooke: Ah, to think that she even had the gall to come here.

Eric: We could never underestimate the lengths to which she will go.

Steffy: See, that’s what concerns me.

Jack: Excuse me, everyone. Sorry to interrupt. Steffy and family, please don’t let this affect your relationship. You’re, you’re a beautiful couple, and you have a gorgeous son. I don’t know what to say about sheila, but it’s like I’ve always told finn. It’s not where you come from, it’s who you are, and how you live your life that matters. And, the important thing is that you’re married now. You get to share a life and two families together. I will admit that I was shocked by everything I heard you say about sheila. I did know there was a connection between her and your family, but I didn’t know it was so awful. But she should not be a reflection of him. Please don’t judge him because of her. Li and I have done our best to raise him right. We have loved him with all our hearts. He’s our boy, li. You’re his mother. You rocked him back and forth when he was baby. You drove him to school. You helped him with his projects, and most importantly, you inspired him. And you inspired him to become a doctor. Not her. You. We’ll let you all have a moment to digest this, but steffy, I do want you to know that you married an exceptional man, and you’re gonna share a beautiful life together, and have a great future, we all are. I hate that sheila showed up here today, but don’t let it ruin this for you, for all of us to cherish you. This is your wedding day. Should we go, li?

Li: I can’t believe sheila contacted you and you never told me. I am so sorry for the disturbance. I am so sorry, son.

Finn: I love you, mom.

Li: I love you so much.

Finn: I love you.

Steffy: I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

Brooke: Sheila has that effect on people.

Ridge: Well, it’s over now, so we gotta focus on your marriage, okay?

Eric: Yeah, we never really got a chance to congratulate you on this wonderful event. My beautiful, beautiful, wonderful granddaughter.

Steffy: Thank you granddad, for everything.

Brooke: You look so beautiful today.

Steffy: Thank you.

Brooke: Your father and I wish you the very best.

Steffy: Thank you so much. Dad, don’t get me started, please don’T.

Ridge: You mean the world to me.

Steffy: I love you.

Ridge: Love you.

[ Sighing ]

Eric: I can’t help feeling responsible for how this evening ended.

Steffy: What, why?

Eric: No, no, I am the one that brought her into our lives, and she’s still wreaking havoc on, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Steffy: No, no, it’s not your fault.

Ridge: No, the ceremony was great. Reception wasn’t perfect, but look, it’s done now. She’s gone, she’s gone for good.

Finn: I hope you all know that I, I had no idea about her. I would never have brought her back into your lives if I had known. I just… I love you, and I love our son, hayes. Please tell me that this won’t change us.

Steffy: You really didn’t know about any of this?

Finn: Nothing, I knew nothing.

Steffy: I believe you. You’re my husband. And if sheila is… your birth mother, and you had no idea, I can’t fault you. But, make no mistake, that woman is, she’s evil, finn. She’s vicious. So, promise me one thing, okay?

Finn: Anything.

Steffy: You’re never gonna see her again. Not ever. I won’t let her tear us apart.

Finn: I love you.

Steffy: I love you. I’m not gonna let her ruin our wedding day.

[ Crickets chirping ]

Sheila: My son. Married to steffy. Stephanie forrester. Oh, do you really think I’m gonna turn my back on him and my grandson? Do you really think you’ve seen the end of me?

[ Cackling ]

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