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Gwen and Xander 8/13/21

Gwen sits at home reading her tablet and laughs. Xander walks in and questions what she’s laughing about. Gwen responds that she’s reading The Intruder. Xander asks if there’s any news about Dr. Snyder. Gwen says no, but there is about Xander as he’s topped her front page story. Xander asks what she’s talking about. Gwen shows him the headline, which reads “The Happy Home-Wrecker: Ex-Titan CEO Destroys Marriage”.

Theo questions if Paulina found Ciara. Paulina clarifies that she thinks she might have found her but doesn’t have all the information yet. Paulina explains that a woman called and thinks she has a lead. Theo questions why they didn’t call the police. Paulina says she wants the reward money. Theo notes that it sounds pretty shady. Paulina admits it might be, but it might be Theo’s only chance to find Ciara.

Ciara says goodbye to Ben and gets up to leave but she has a memory. Ben asks what’s going on. Ciara claims it’s nothing but her memories continue rushing back. Ben guesses that she’s remembering right now. Ciara denies it so Ben asks what’s wrong then. Ciara claims it’s nothing and she has to go. Ben stops her and tells her not to fight it because he knows she can feel it. Ciara stops and remembers Ben proposing to her with a fortune cookie. Ciara then turns back to Ben and says “Oh my God”. Ben asks what it is. Ciara declares that she remembers.

Lani mocks Abe asking why she won’t let Paulina make amends, like she’s the one being unreasonable. Abe asks if she’s implying that he is. Lani asks if he caught Ciara’s amnesia. Lani reminds him that Paulina came for a Christening and stayed to make a killing while lying all along the way so they wouldn’t notice her boundless greed. Lani doesn’t know how Abe can get over the hypocrisy. Lani adds that worst of all is that Paulina used Abe’s spotless reputation and decades of service to this town to broker the deal and didn’t even care what happened to him. Abe disagrees but admits that Paulina lied and planned something terrible but she didn’t go through with what she planned and she is sorry. Lani argues that Paulina is always sorry when she’s been found out, so now she will spend time vowing to make a change, but she’s known her for her entire life and she never changes.

Paulina informs Theo that the woman is texting her bank account information and as soon as she transfers the money, she will call with what she knows. Theo worries that it’s a scam. Paulina agrees but says she’s willing to take the chance because she cares about Theo and Abe. Theo thanks her but feels they need to get the police involved. Paulina worries that would scare the woman off. Theo suggests calling Shawn since he wants to find Ciara as much as he does and he would know whether or not they can trust this woman.

Ben and Ciara flashback 8/13/21

Ben asks what Ciara is remembering. Ciara recalls being outside the town square on the bench and she opened up a fortune cookie which said “Will you marry me?”. Ben asks her what happened next. Ciara says that Ben asked her to marry him.

Jack goes to see Steve. Steve thanks him for coming while Jack notes that Steve sounded grumpy on the phone. Jack guesses that whatever it is, is not good news. Steve informs him that he’s been checking out the late Dr. Snyder and Kayla and Tripp were right that he was a total sleazebag. Jack knows Steve thought he was stealing pills from the hospital and selling them on the street. Steve confirms that he has proof that Dr. Snyder had been running his side business for six months. Jack asks why Steve needed to meet with him. Steve responds that it looks like Jack’s daughter Gwen was involved.

Xander laughs at the headline while Gwen jokes about what he did. Xander asks if he should’ve been more discreet like her. Gwen asks how drunk Nicole was when she slept with him. Xander says that two lonely people reached out to each other for a human connection. Xander tells her not to cheapen the memory. Gwen realizes that he blackmailed Nicole to get his job. Gwen asks if he understands this is now on his personal record and that he can’t be trusted so he’s never going to get another job again. Gwen calls his behavior insanely stupid and destructive. Gwen asks if his moment of fame worth it. Xander responds that she has no idea how worth it that it was.

Shawn goes to see Paulina and Theo, questioning this woman wanting the reward money first and not contacting the cops directly. Paulina thinks the woman might be scared of her screwing her out of the money. Shawn brings up how Paulina tried to screw the city out of it’s own town square. Theo insists that this could be a lead. Shawn adds that it also could be a set up. Shawn says he wasted enough time on a stakeout at the DiMeras which he thinks could’ve been set up by Ben. Paulina gets a text from the woman with her bank account information and says if she doesn’t get the money within the next ten minutes then the deal is off. Paulina declares that it’s now or never.

Ben asks Ciara if she remembers what happened next. Ciara flashes back and then tells Ben that he wanted to get down on one knee but it wasn’t easy because he was hurt. Ben says that’s right because he got beaten up but nothing was going to stop him from proposing to her. Ciara’s memory of the proposal continues and she remembers saying yes. Ben brings up her fortune that says “Yes” and says he should’ve known the universe would come through for them. Ciara asks if he didn’t mess with the fortune. Ben says he didn’t have to. Ben declares that no matter the circumstances or odds, fate is always going to bring them back together.

Xander informs Gwen that Sami paid him a million dollars to out Nicole. He adds that she had to use some to pay his bail after he got arrested which he blames Gwen for. Gwen says it’s not her fault as she didn’t tell him to shove a cop. Xander says he wouldn’t have if she didn’t throw him under the bus. Gwen admits she panicked. Xander knew it was a risk since Julie might have identified Dr. Snyder as the man on the couch. Gwen says they already told Julie that was Xander’s friend, so she had to tell Eli the same thing. Xander complains that now Eli is pressuring him to name his so called friend. Gwen asks if the police have contacted him since his arrest. Xander says they are too busy searching for Ciara, but sooner or later they will be back and demanding answer so he won’t be able to put them off much longer. Gwen thinks they might not have to do as she may have just come up with a solution.

Lani 8/13/21

Abe doesn’t understand since Lani was so happy to have Paulina in Salem before all this went down. Lani says maybe she was as she hadn’t seen her in a really long time and it was nice to have family at the Christening, but she forgot how Paulina operates and that there is always a grand entrance. Lani declares that in the end, Paulina is just always going to let you down. Abe asks how so. Lani talks about how Paulina was in and out of the picture while growing up. Lani says Paulina would bring her presents and shopping trips but she would also make her promises about places they would go and then she would disappear without explanation. Abe says that must have hurt. Lani declares that one time, Paulina just about broke her heart.

Shawn says he wants to find Ciara too but Paulina might be throwing $100,000 down the drain. Theo asks what if the woman is telling the truth and this could be their only chance to find Ciara. Theo complains that Ciara is alone with Ben. Paulina asks if Ben would hurt her since she thought he loved her. Theo argues that if Ciara rejects him, he could snap and asks if Ben even took his medication. Paulina asks what he’s talking about. Theo explains that Ben killed three woman and was known as The Necktie Killer, so he’s on medication to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Paulina questions Hope letting him marry Ciara. Paulina doesn’t care if she gets scammed or not as she wants to do whatever she can to get Ciara back. Paulina sends the woman the money and says now they just wait.

Ciara still doesn’t know if she buys fate. Ben says if she remembered everything that happened between them, she would. Ben asks if she remembers anything else. Ciara recalls that Ben asked her to marry him and she said yes, but maybe that’s only because he told her about it at the hospital. Ben suggests they keep going and asks what happened next. Ciara remembers helping him up and they kissed. Ciara has more memories start flooding back. Ciara then grabs Ben and kisses him as all of her memories continue coming back. Ciara tells Ben that she remembers everything. Ben thanks God. Ciara recalls Ben taking care of her in the cabin, their first kiss, their first time making love, and their wedding. Ciara declares that mostly, she remembers how much she loves him. Ben responds that he loves her. Ben can’t believe this is really happening as he felt so much time had passed that he wasn’t sure this day would ever come. Ciara points out that Ben never stopped fighting. Ciara realizes she was horrible to him and said awful things to him. Ciara says she was cruel and tried to deliberately marry Theo on their wedding anniversary. Ciara then remembers Theo.

Theo points out that the woman is not calling. Shawn believes it was a mistake. Paulina notes that it was an unknown number. Theo offers to try to trace it but Shawn says there is no point as they got conned and there’s nothing they can do about it. Paulina then gets a call from the woman and asks what she knows.

Lani tells Abe that when she was a kid, she loved the Madeline books so she wanted to go to Paris more than anything. Abe wishes he knew her then. Lani talks about how she used to beg her mom all the time to go to Paris for their summer vacation but they couldn’t afford it. Lani says that year Paulina came for Christmas and she’s great at getting people to tell her their dreams. Lani adds that right before she left that night, Paulina whispered to her that next summer they are going to go to Paris. Lani talks about getting letters from her that would make her dream even better as they were going to visit the Eiffel Tower and fancy restaurants. Abe guesses it was a disaster waiting to happen. Lani says she never told her mom, but she told all the girls at school and they got to laugh at her when school started since everyone knew that Paulina never showed up and she didn’t get to go to Paris, so she was a fool to believe her.

Jack tells Steve that he really thought Gwen was trying to change her life but now he has to face the fact that you never know what’s real with Gwen. Jack asks if he’s taken this to the police. Steve says not yet as he wanted to give him a heads up first. Jack asks Steve to hold off for now until he talks to Gwen to try and get the straight story. Jack doesn’t get it since Gwen’s mother was a drug addict, who died of a drug overdose, so he questions why she would get involved with a drug dealer.

Xander and Gwen 8/13/211

Gwen tells Xander that all he has to do is hire someone who looks like Dr. Snyder and get him to tell Julie that he was the one on the couch. Xander asks why he has to make the hire. Gwen reminds him that she doesn’t have any money or a job. Xander suggests she get a job. Gwen says she hasn’t found one that matches her skillset yet. Xander remarks that she’s skilled at drugging people and seducing CEOs, but points out how she had to convince Chad that his wife was cheating on him and get him drunk. Gwen reminds Xander that he couldn’t stop himself from kissing her. Xander argues that she threw herself at him. Gwen says she doesn’t even like him that much. Xander says he doesn’t like her either but says once he kissed her, she got completely carried away but admits they both did. Xander thinks they should get carried away again.

Abe asks Lani if Paulina ever said why she didn’t show up. Lani says that Paulina finally told her mom about the trip and blamed it on some business committment she had and then the next time she saw her, it was like it never happened. Abe asks if she ever talked to her about it. Lani says she just let it go and moved on. Lani adds that it’s been a really long time since she even thought about that incident, but now that she’s talking about it, all those feelings are coming back up. Lani really doesn’t want Abe and Theo to get hurt the way she did all those years ago, so that’s why she thinks it’s best if they have absolutely nothing to do with Paulina.

Paulina tells the woman on the phone that she’s an angel, but warns her about sending her on a wild goose chase. Paulina hangs up and informs Shawn and Theo that the woman says she saw a limo on route 17, heading towards Mammoth Falls. Shawn realizes that he knows that Ben took Ciara to the cabin.

Ben holds Ciara as she says she can’t marry Theo now and it’s going to kill him. Ben says that Theo knew he was taking a risk and that she could get her memory back. Ciara says she told Theo over and over again that she wouldn’t, and he’s in love with her. Ciara says she loves Theo too, but as a friend. Ben tells Ciara that Theo was going to marry her, knowing that she still loved him so he knew he was taking a risk. Ciara repeats that she assured Theo over and over that it wouldn’t happen. Ciara declares that she has to find Theo and tell him in person. Ben tells Ciara that she can’t leave right now as he just got her back and can’t lose her all over again. Ciara assures that it will never happen again. Ben points out that the nearest phone is miles away. Ciara says that’s why she has to leave now while it’s still daylight. Ben asks if she has to. Ciara adds that it’s not just for Theo’s sake, but Ben’s too so someone can look at his ankle. Ben says his ankle stopped hurting as soon as she started to remember. Ben asks Ciara to let him hold her a little bit longer as he kisses her.

Xander and Gwen almost kiss but Jack comes home and questions what’s going on. Xander says nothing but Jack says that’s bull. Jack reveals that he just talked to Steve, who Kayla asked to look in to what Dr. Snyder had been up to since she thought he’d been stealing drugs from the hospital and selling them on the street. Gwen claims that she can’t imagine him doing anything like that. Jack then informs Gwen that Steve said she was running Dr. Snyder’s delivery service.

Abe tells Lani that he’s not trying to minimize how much Paulina hurt her, but if she never talked to her about it then maybe Paulina thinks she didn’t want to talk about it. Abe adds that there may be things she doesn’t know. Lani remarks that Abe has really fallen hard for Paulina. Abe states that the Paulina he knows screwed up big time but admitted it and tried to make amends. Lani argues that it’s only when she got found out. Abe points out that the town square is still standing, Chanel is still going to open her bakery, and she put up a great deal of money to help Theo find Ciara. Lani complains that it’s always about money with her. Abe asks if that’s so hard to understand about what that man did to her. Lani is unaware and asks what man. Abe assumed that she knew so Lani questions what it is.

Ben and Ciara lay in bed together. Ciara says this is so nice as they haven’t been like this in over a year. Ben recalls everyone thinking she had died in the car explosion. Ciara never thought she would make it out of that glass cage but Ben found her. Ben says in a way, she found him as it was his dreams that helped him know she was still alive. Ciara says she actually remembers those vivid dreams now. They talk about the dream where they were Romeo & Juliet. Ben says that’s the one that made him know she was definitely alive. Ciara points out that Romeo & Juliet didn’t get a happy ending. Ben assures that the universe will see to it that they do. Ciara understands people thinking their psychic connection is crazy but they both know it’s true. Ben agrees as they kiss.

Jack 8/13/21

Gwen tells Jack that’s ridiculous as she would never be involved with drugs, especially after what she went through with her mother. Jack says that’s what he thought but then Dr. Snyder’s dealer identified Gwen as the delivery person. Gwen claims there must be some sort of a mistake. Jack asks if Julie was mistaken too when she identified Xander’s drunk friend on the couch as Dr. Snyder. Xander comments that his friend does kind of look like Snyder. Gwen argues that a drug dealer can’t be trusted. Jack yells at her to stop lying to him. Jack says he brought her in to his home and defended her, telling everyone that she had changed and trusted her but she was just playing him. Gwen cries that it’s not true. Jack warns her not to use words like true and trust because she doesn’t know what they mean. Jack acknowledges that Gwen found a great cover and wrapped herself up here but then she and her doctor teamed up to sell drugs. Gwen tells Jack that it wasn’t like that. Jack asks if she’s admitting that she was working with Dr. Snyder. Gwen then admits that she was. Gwen asks Jack to let her explain. Jack asks if Gwen kept drugs in this house. Gwen admits that she did. Jack points out that she put Julie, Doug, and him at incredible risk but she doesn’t think about other people. Gwen cries that he doesn’t understand. Jack says he finally does. Jack declares that her partner in crime dropped dead and she knew someone would walk in so she got Xander to help her. Jack remarks that she’s good at getting men to do what she wants. Jack guesses they took Dr. Snyder’s body and dumped it in the lake. Xander thinks back to Gwen crying about Jack finding out and the possibility of losing her father. Jack tells Gwen that after everything she’s done to he and his family, she owes him the truth. Gwen starts to tell him but Xander interrupts and says Jack has it all backwards. Xander declares that he wasn’t helping Gwen out of a jam, but she was helping him.

Paulina looks at a photo of her and Lani and says that maybe someday Lani will forgive her. There’s a knock at the door so Paulina hopes it’s Lani. Paulina answers the door and asks what the hell they are doing there.

Abe finishes telling Lani about Paulina’s past relationship. Lani tells Abe that it’s awful as she never knew anything about that. Abe says that’s why money is so important to Paulina. Lani argues that this reward will only make things worse. Abe then gets a text that Theo and Shawn are on their way to the cabin as they think Ben might have taken Ciara there. Lani asks how they figured that out. Abe informs her that someone called Paulina thanks to the reward she offered so they can make sure Ciara is okay.

Ben and Ciara remain in bed. Ben can’t believe this is happening as there were moments when he almost gave up. Ciara acknowledges that she didn’t make it easy on him and asks how she could do that. Ben says they have an excuse to have another wedding, minus the bomb, and this time a honeymoon. Ciara says that sounds wonderful. Ciara tells Ben that she loves him so much as they kiss until Shawn and Theo burst in to the cabin.

Ben and Caira 8/13/21

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