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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Victor 8/13/21

Moses and Faith went to the main house to swim. Victor welcomed the teens and told Nikki he’d be back. He had some unfinished business. Moses thanked Nikki for the drinks, though he was sure she had something more important to do. Nikki said she’d been pouring tea and lemonade for Faith her entire life. First, it was imaginary, for Faith and Miss Patsy, but now it was real liquid. Moses asked about Miss Patsy, and Faith tried to change the subject, but Nikki said she was Faith’s first friend, a doll. Faith was embarrassed, but Moses shared that he had a friend like that growing up – Reggie Beggie, a stuffed dinosaur in a football helmet. Faith teased that it wasn’t historically accurate. Nikki shared an anecdote about Miss Patsy, and Faith didn’t think Moses needed those details, but Moses was eager to hear more, so Nikki obliged.

Faith and Moses returned from their swim, and Nikki was eager to resume telling stories about Faith’s childhood. Faith realized she left her phone by the pool, so Moses went to get it. Faith thought Nikki may have scared Moses off with all those stories. Nikki didn’t think so. She wished Neil were here to see Faith and Moses having so much fun together. Faith said not to try and make this more than a friendship. Nikki asked if Faith was sure that was all it was – Moses was so cute. Nikki asked if Faith changed her mind about wanting to take the relationship to a deeper level. Faith admitted she still wanted that. Nikki understood Faith had a hard year right after her mother’s hard year. She assumed Faith was waiting for something bad to happen. She said it was okay to be happy and enjoy her time with Moses. Faith said thanks. Moses returned with the phone and teased that Faith got a text from Miss Patsy.

Ashland and Victori 8/13/21

Ashland was dozing on the couch when Victoria walked in with some food for him. He joked about what an attractive nurse he’d gotten this time, and she told him he made a great patient. He said that her shift was over – it was time for her to make sure their merged company was ready to take on the world, and it was time for him to do what was best for his son. He felt their company needed hands-on leadership, not delegating. She said she could handle his post-treatment nausea while prepping to put their company on the map. He appreciated her devotion, but he could handle this himself. In a light tone, she asked if he was trying to kick her out of her own house, and he said yes. He said it’d help his recuperation to see her all over the business news tomorrow morning. She couldn’t guarantee it’d happen tomorrow, but it would happen soon. She said he was an amusing companion, but very stubborn. He thanked her. She said she’d go to the office on the condition that he called if he needed her. He didn’t think he’d need to, but he promised he would. She knew he was weak physically, but he seemed stronger and more determined. He said that the anti-nausea medication was working, and the hours of doing chemo gave him time to think and plan. She assured him she supported him on Harrison, whatever he decided. She left.

Ashland called Kyle and left a message saying that he didn’t intend to play phone tag over something as important as his son. Decisions needed to be made. Ashland called Jack and left a message that he hadn’t been able to reach Kyle. Victor showed up. Ashland said Victoria wasn’t here. Victor knew – he was here to see Ashland. Ashland had been expecting this. “You don’t mind do you,” Victor asked as he helped himself to some of Ashland’s snack. Ashland told him to enjoy. Ashland knew Victor’s acceptance of the wedding plans went a bit too easy, but he welcomed the chance to discuss things further. Victor said the entire focus had been on what happened to Victoria if Ashland died shortly, and that was a concern to all of them. Victor wanted to know what would happen if Ashland happened to live. Ashland thought it was nice that Victor was thinking optimistically. Ashland said no one here thought he had a future. Victor said they were all vultures. Ashland said they’d come a long way, seeing as Victor was willing to let him die months ago. Victor said he just wanted Ashland to sign the contract – he actually wanted Ashland to live for decades. Ashland said the odds of him living an extra year were slim. Victor asked what would happen if Ashland lived longer. Ashland asked if Victor was worried about Victoria or the company. Victor said he never worried about Victoria. Victor noted that Ashland currently held an advisory role for Newman-Locke, but what if he fully recovered? Wouldn’t he want to expand on that role? Ashland thought Victor’s concern was valid, especially now that Victor’s family business was half the conglomerate. “Could you blame me if sharing control of the company were to cross my mind?,” Ashland asked.

Victor thought it was extraordinary what Victoria accomplished – merging the companies, and he thought she deserved her moment in the sun. Ashland agreed. Victor would hate to hear that Ashland took advantage of the situation. Ashland had no idea how that would even work. He said that he and Victoria made all their decisions together. Victor found it curious that, after the merger of what were arguably the most two powerful companies in the world, Ashland decided to seek treatment for his illness, then marry Victoria, in quick succession. Ashland said his situation didn’t allow for a lot of contemplation. Even in the best of times, he was known for his decisive actions. Victor thought it’d be fortuitous if Ashland recovered, then stepped in as the head of this empire. “Let me get this straight, you’re implying that I faked my illness in an attempt to put together this merger?,” Ashland asked. “I think you’re getting the drift,” Victor replied. Ashland laughed.

Ashland was flattered Victor thought he could be so diabolical and ruthless. Victor noted that Ashland never said this hypothesis was inaccurate. Ashland said that Victor’s instincts let him down this time. Ashland said he really was sick, and he couldn’t even dream up a scheme like this. He said that if the treatment didn’t work, Victor would get his proof. Ashland said that with Victor’s unreadable expression, he could never tell where he stood with him. “Knowing what you know about the situation with Victoria and me and this whole scenario, if I were to collapse on the floor right now, how much time would you wait to call 911?” Ashland asked. Victor smirked and shrugged.

Abby 8/13/21

Abby filmed a video diary entry for Chance at the Chancellor house. She told him that Mariah was gone, and Abby didn’t know where she or their baby were. She was so sorry. She felt like she let him down. She didn’t know if their baby was safe. She said she should’ve seen it coming – she was supposed to keep Mariah here to feel protected and cared for, and if she couldn’t do that, what kind of mother would she be. Abby was really hurting, and she was all alone, and two of the most important people in her life were unreachable. She dabbed at her tears. She didn’t understand Mariah’s texts, but she knew what Chance would do in this situation. She knew he’d hold her and reassure her that it wasn’t her fault, even though it partially was. He’d find a strength in her that she didn’t know she had, and she’d find the strength to get through this. She wasn’t going to sit here anymore and wait and worry – she wouldn’t let him or their baby down. She walked out of the house.

Nick and Sharon had a table on the Crimson Lights patio. He said he’d thought he’d earned cool-dad points from Faith for the concert, but then Moses showed up with some VIP stuff from Devon, and Nick went from cool dad to chaperone. He was sure Sharon heard all this from Faith. Distracted, Sharon said she had, though Faith’s version was a bit more pro-Moses. Nick picked up on Sharon’s distraction and asked about it. She told him that Mariah dropped out of contact. Mariah sporadically replied to Sharon’s texts and sent some of her own, but she never revealed where she was, and Sharon was just starting to think something was wrong. He asked if Tessa knew what was going on. Sharon said no one knew where Mariah was.

Nick understood why Mariah needed space – having your own baby was stressful enough, then add on the pressure of the surrogacy, and while Abby was great, she wasn’t low key. Sharon didn’t think Abby was the problem. At first, Sharon agreed with Nick that Mariah needed time to herself, but this whole thing was off. Sharon said yesterday, she, Tessa and Abby sent Mariah personal messages telling her how much they loved her and how much they wanted to help. Mariah replied “Stop pressuring me. I’ll be home when I’m ready. Your intervention is just making it worse. It’s time to back off.” Nick conceded that was harsh, but he said Mariah could be harsh at times. Sharon had considered that, but it still seemed strange. She didn’t want him to tell Faith, because she didn’t want her to worry. He said he wouldn’t. Rey walked in. Nick said let him know if he could do anything. He went into the restaurant.

Rey had struck out on the search for Mariah. He went beyond the app he used before, and used the GCPD’s most advanced technology. He finally got past the signal blocker, but he hit a secondary level of security – a scrambler that moved the signal all over. Sharon thought that sounded like something out of a movie. Rey said you needed a sophisticated understanding of cellular technology to pull this off. It was definitely the work of an expert. Sharon said Mariah definitely was not an expert. Rey agreed, but he said Mariah could’ve gotten someone to do it for her. Sharon noted that Mariah was friends with Kevin, and he’d know how to do it. Rey had already questioned Kevin about it, and it was clear that Kevin was genuinely worried for Mariah. Rey didn’t think Kevin would help Mariah hide from the people who cared about her. Sharon thought that was true – Kevin had a shady past, but he’d always had Mariah’s best interests at heart.

Rey 8/13/21

Sharon thought that Tessa might be right – and Mariah could’ve been kidnapped. Rey said not to get ahead of themselves. He asked if anyone had a reason to abduct Mariah. Sharon brought up Ian Ward. Rey remembered Sharon telling him about Ian before – the leader of the cult Mariah grew up in. Sharon said Ian was obsessed with Mariah and wanted to marry her. Rey said he’d check and make sure Ian was still in prison. He asked if this could be connected to the trouble Tessa got into. Sharon didn’t think there was anything left of that crime ring. Rey still wanted all the information Sharon had on them, just to make sure. He said he’d dig into Mariah’s bank account and credit cards. Sharon thought Rey needed a warrant or Paul’s permission. He said it was time to make this investigation official. Sharon had her suspicions for awhile, but hearing Rey say this made her really scared. He said if Mariah was in danger, he’d find her and bring her home. He left, and Sharon’s eyes filled with tears.

Abby came to Crimson Lights and asked Sharon what she thought of Mariah’s last text. Abby didn’t think it even sounded like Mariah. Sharon said it was sometimes hard to interpret tone in a text. She asked what Tessa thought. According to Abby, Tessa thought someone took Mariah. Tessa had gone to see her sister to figure out if Mariah’s disappearance was linked to Crystal’s past. Sharon repeated what Rey said to her. She said if Mariah was in trouble, Rey would find her. Abby said he had to. “Nothing can happen to Mariah and our baby,” Abby added. Abby called Tessa looking for an update and left a message. Rey showed up with the news that there was no activity on Mariah’s bank account or credit cards, and Mariah hadn’t made any calls from her phone, only texts. Abby pointed out that if Mariah was really doing this, she’d have to use her cards pay for the hotel and food. Sharon said Mariah would have to call someone at some point too. Abby said they had to face the facts that something bad happened to Mariah.

Victoria entered Crimson Lights, after Sharon and Abby had gone. Nick said that he’d heard she had news. She told him that she and Ashland were engaged. He made a comment about a whirlwind romance, and she asked if he disapproved. He noted that he never said that. She asked what he was saying. He didn’t think his opinion mattered. He asked if she was happy, and she said she was very happy. She’d be even happier if he’d share in this moment with her. He said he’d love to say how happy he was, but this was happening so fast, and not to be insensitive, but wasn’t Ashland dying? She said Ashland was undergoing a promising type of chemotherapy. “If it were really promising would you two be rushing into a wedding?,” he asked. She said they weren’t rushing. She was just hoping he’d be on board – even Victor was happy for her. “Seriously?,” he asked. She said she and Victor had a great long talk, and he was supportive, which meant the world to her. He was glad Victoria and Victor finally agreed on something. Victoria could tell Nick didn’t approve. He said he just loved her, and he’d reserve judgment until he had a talk with Ashland. She was glad to hear that because she wanted him to get to know Ashland. She thought they’d like each other. She just wanted the whole family to make Ashland feel welcome and accepted. He warned her that he planned to grill Ashland. She said it’d be fun watching Ashland hold his own.

Sharon 8/13/21

Victoria went home and asked what was going on. “Your father is just wondering if I faked my illness in order to conjure up the merger between Newman and Locke,” Ashland explained to the stunned Victoria. “Dad, how could you?,” she asked. She got ready to tell Victor off, but Ashland said he wasn’t upset. He was sure he’d have the same concerns if he were in Victor’s shoes. Victor said that they had to consider this, given Ashland’s reputation. Ashland said Victor’s intentions were honorable. He wasn’t insulted. He admitted that, as a young man, he may have actually contemplated doing something like this to gain control of a company. He gave his word that his sickness was real, as was his love for Victoria. He offered to share his medical records with Victor. He couldn’t show official documents on his love for Victoria, but he hoped his actions would show it. That was what Victor wanted to hear. He appreciated Ashland clearing up his doubts. Ashland looked over Victor’s shoulder at Victoria, who shook her head no. After Victor left, Victoria ranted about him. She said that the plan Victor laid out was something that Victor would actually do, and he thought other people’s minds worked like that too. According to Victoria, he’d always been that way. Ashland suggested Victoria stop letting Victor upset her and accept that he was never going to change. She asked if she was just supposed to put up with Victor’s behavior for the rest of time. He suggested they go do something to relax, like a walk around the lake. She liked that idea. Jack called, and Ashland told Victoria that he was going to discuss Harrison’s future. She asked what he decided.

Faith and Moses went to the park. She was sorry about her grandma telling embarrassing stories, but he didn’t think it was embarrassing for a little kid to play with dolls. She said she loved hearing about Reggie Beggie. He said she’d have to ask Devon and Lily what he was like when he was younger. He said her grandma meant well and liked that they were friends. She said Nikki thought they were more than friends. Faith admitted she wanted to be more than friends. She felt ready for more. She took his hand, and they kissed. Nick happened to walk up, and he asked what was going on here.

Victor went home and told Nikki that Victoria was upset with him, but Ashland seemed to understand. Nikki wished Victor told her what he was planning to do beforehand. He said he didn’t, because he knew Nikki would’ve told him not to do it. She said he was right. He was very unhappy about his relationship with Victoria – every time he said something, Victoria seemed to get upset. Nikki pointed out that he went behind Victoria’s back and interrogated her fiance. Victor said he did it out of love. He didn’t want Ashland taking advantage of Victoria – guys like him were sharks. He was worried that his relationship with Victoria would never be repaired. Nikki said perhaps the most loving thing Victor could do was step back and let Victoria fly.

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