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Gabi on "Days of Our Lives" 8/10/21

Philip goes to his office and finds Gabi inside on the laptop so he questions what she is doing in his office.

At Rafe’s house, Jake tells Ava that he’s looking for a new apartment for he and Gabi since he told Rafe that they would only stay a couple days. Jake mentions that he’d really want his old place but he gave it to Ben. Ava responds that she thinks his old place might be available sooner than he thinks because Ben is wanted for kidnapping his ex-wife.

After Ben hurt his ankle, Ciara returns to the cabin so Ben guesses she couldn’t stay away after all. Ciara tells him not to flatter himself as she forgot her phone. Ciara picks up Ben’s phone that he dropped and says she will call him an ambulance then she’s going back to Salem to marry the man she loves. Ben responds that the man she loves is right here. Ciara tries to use his phone but there’s no service and says it sucks for him. Ben knows her heart and that she won’t just leave him here, so he asks now what.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Sami, but finds EJ seated in the living room. EJ tells Lucas that if he’s looking for his mistress, she’s not here. Lucas tells EJ that he knows Nicole gave him Kristen’s letter, claiming that Sami slept with him. Lucas claims it’s not true and that it’s all lies because Kristen was furious with Sami after she figured out Kristen escaped from prison. Lucas tries to explain that Kristen would do anything to get back at Sami for blowing up her plan. EJ brings up that Sami never had a chance to call the police because Kristen had them locked up here while they had sex a second time. EJ reveals that he knows everything and declares that Lucas and Sami have deceived him for the very last time.

Nicole on "Days of Our Lives" 8/10/21

Nicole answers her door to see Sami. Nicole says she’s been expecting her. Sami comes in and tells Rafe that he better get out of here because she and the bitch need to talk. Rafe responds that he’s not going anywhere because Sami looks like she could kill somebody. Sami says not just anybody, but Nicole.

Ben knows Ciara won’t leave him alone and suffering as he pulls himself onto a chair. Ben points out that Ciara is the one who did this to him. Ciara blames Ben for kidnapping on her wedding day. Ben notes that it’s their wedding anniversary. Ciara calls it a mistake to come back and says she’s leaving so Ben is on his own. Ben says he can’t stop her so if she wants to go, she can go. Ciara says she will, as soon as she wraps his ankle since that should help the pain until he gets medical attention. Ben asks how she knows that would help with the pain. Ben reminds Ciara that when she wiped out on her motorcycle, he carried her here and made her a splint. Ciara argues that she knows because she was a candy striper and everyone knows pressure alleviates pain. Ciara tells him to shut up so they can get this over with. Ben says ok but she will have to come a lot closer.

EJ tells Lucas that it’s too late to run interference because Sami told him all about their affair. Lucas calls it not an affair since it happened twice and then it was over. EJ argues that they know how much Lucas has been lusting after his wife. Lucas brings up how EJ and Sami’s love affair started when the building collapsed on Lucas then EJ told Sami to sleep with him in order to save Lucas. Lucas tells EJ that he thinks he’s the love of Sami’s life but has a sick way of showing it. Lucas declares that he loved Sami first and there’s nothing EJ can do to change that.

Rafe tells Sami to go home. Sami tells Rafe to stay out of this as he has no idea what she did. Rafe says he knows what Sami did to Nicole, putting Xander up to revealing their affair. Sami asks why Nicole should get away with two timing Eric. Rafe brings up what they say about people in glass houses. Sami questions Nicole telling Rafe about her sleeping with Lucas, which Nicole confirms. Sami argues that she had no right. Nicole questions Sami being okay with broadcasting her affair. Sami says that was with Xander. Nicole points out how this isn’t the first time with Sami, and that EJ previously cheated on Nicole with Sami. Nicole tells Sami that she got what she deserved. Sami warns that Nicole is about to get what she deserves as she goes after her.

EJ tells Lucas that if he came to stake his claim, Sami’s not here. Lucas asks where she is. EJ assumes she’s off licking her wounds. Lucas asks if he thinks this is all her fault. EJ says he lays equal blame on Lucas. Lucas asks if EJ is not to blame and brings up how EJ treated her crap for years and pushed her away. EJ remarks that Lucas was right there to step in. Lucas argues that this is about EJ mistreating her and not caring. EJ complains about listening to Lucas and tells him to get out of his sight. Lucas suggests EJ get the hell out of Sami’s life for good. Lucas declares that if EJ doesn’t love Sami enough to forgive her, then he should step aside to make room for someone who does.

Rafe pulls Sami off of Nicole and threatens to arrest her. Sami accuses Nicole of stealing her property. Nicole asks if Sami means Kristen’s letter and guesses she’s just pissed off that she gave it to EJ. Nicole adds that she never would’ve done it if Sami didn’t do the same thing to her. Nicole argues that Sami doesn’t think and just does without thinking of the consequences. Sami remarks that Nicole wasn’t thinking when she had sex with Xander. Nicole repeats that if Sami kept her mouth shut about her, she would’ve done the same to her. Nicole asks if it ever occurred to her that she would make her pay for wrecking her marriage. Sami knew she would try but she didn’t have proof. Nicole points out that she got some. Sami questions how Nicole even got the letter.

Philip points out that Gabi is at his desk. Gabi claims her laptop wouldn’t start and the monthly reports were due so she just jumped on his and hopes he doesn’t mind. Philip tells her that he doesn’t. Gabi asks him if everything is okay. Philip says it’s just been a crazy couple of days.

Ava shows Jake the article about Ben kidnapping Ciara. Ava knows Ben is Jake’s friend but remarks that it seems like the Necktie Killer is reverting back to his old ways. Jake clarifies that Ben is fighting for the woman he loves and he’s happy for him.

Ciara on "Days of Our Lives" 8/10/21

Ciara asks Ben for his tie. Ben asks if she thinks he’s going to strangle her. Ciara explains that she needs it for the splint so Ben removes his tie and hands it over. Ciara decides it won’t be enough fabric. Ben points out that he used duct tape but doesn’t think there is any left. Ben offers his shirt but Ciara says she’s good. Ben asks if they can use her garter belt if she’s wearing one. Ciara rips off some of her wedding dress to use which Ben questions and says he’s sorry for making her do that. Ciara responds that she doesn’t care what she’s wearing as long as she marries Theo. Ciara warns Ben that it’s going to hurt and suggests he bite down on something. Ben thinks back to giving Ciara the same suggestion when he wrapped Ciara’s injury. Ciara says she doesn’t have anything for him to use so he will just have to bite the bullet. Ben then yells in pain as Ciara sets his ankle.

Ava questions Jake being okay with Ben taking a woman against her will. Jake jokes that it’s kind of a thing in Ciara’s family. Ava guesses she is probably terrified. Jake thinks she might be pissed, but deep down she knows Ben won’t hurt her. Jake explains that it’s not a traditional kidnapping with a ransom but more of an emergency intervention. Jake informs Ava that Ciara has amnesia so she doesn’t remember how much she loves Ben which is why she’s marrying Theo. Ava asks if Ben kidnapped Ciara to stop the wedding. Jake says he did it in hopes that Ciara will get her memory back and call off the wedding herself. Jake adds that he’s been pushing Ben to fight for Ciara so he’s glad that he finally took his advice. Ava asks why Jake is looking for a crappy apartment instead of fighting to get his old CEO job back. Jake doesn’t want to fight his backstabbing brothers over a legacy that was never his to begin with as he’s not sure it’s worth it. Ava encourages that he’s a DiMera. Jake states that they will always see him as an outsider so he might as well do his own thing. Ava asks what that will be. Jake admits he doesn’t know yet, but Gabi has some ideas.

Gabi asks Philip what’s been so crazy about the last couple of days. Philip responds that he tried to do his brother a favor but Lucas didn’t really appreciate it as his behavior was a slightly underhanded. Philip remarks that sometimes you have to play dirty to get what you want. Gabi responds that she totally gets it. When Philip turns his back, Gabi removes a flash drive from his laptop.

Sami states that she burned the letter and asks if Nicole was spying on her at the mansion. Nicole asks why she would wait until after Sami wrecked her marriage to do something. Sami asks where she got it then. Nicole asks why she would tell her anything. Sami warns that she’s going to find out even if she has to strangle her to do it. Rafe then informs Sami that if she’s that determined to find out, Nicole got the letter from Philip. Sami starts to question how Philip got it, then says that Lucas said he wasn’t going to tell EJ. Nicole points out that Lucas didn’t. Rafe explains that Lucas was just there trying to stop Nicole from telling EJ, but he was too late, and then he went flying out looking for Sami as he was very worried.

EJ tells Lucas to get out of his house. Lucas points out that it’s Gabi’s house. EJ threatens to break his legs if he doesn’t get out. Lucas remarks that if you have a good marriage, you don’t stray. Lucas asks if EJ really thinks he and Sami are a match made in heaven. Lucas calls them a couple from Hell and says that’s why they will always be here living their miserable lives together. Lucas tells EJ to do whatever he wants because everything he just said is the truth.

Ciara finishes wrapping Ben’s ankle. Ciara admits she did enjoy making him suffer a little. Ben thanks her since it does feel better now. Ben remarks that this is the first time she has voluntarily touched him. Ben knows she was scared of who he used to be because he saw the look in her eyes. Ben recalls seeing that look the first time that he brought her here. Ben reminds her of his promise to never hurt her and says he never would. Ciara brings up how he almost jabbed her with a syringe. Ben says that was a mistake. Ciara points out that he keeps showing up out of nowhere and scaring her when she’s asked him to stop. Ben says that he can’t. Ciara notes that she’s here against her will in the place where his best friend tried to set her on fire twice. Ciara adds that Ben is trying to manipulate and control her. Ciara asks how long he kept her prisoner here before instead of taking her home. Ben tells her that she wanted to stay. Ciara asks why she would want to stay with a serial killer instead of her family. Ben explains that Ciara told Hope that she needed more time to figure things out and she knew she was safe here with him. Ciara questions why she would do that. Ben says she couldn’t get up and walk so she had no choice while he did everything for her. Ciara starts having hazy memories of being with Ben in the cabin. Ben asks what Ciara just remembered. Ciara tells him to stop asking her that every two minutes and claims she was just freaked out. Ciara tells him that she has to go. Ben asks her not to run away. Ciara says she’s going to where she was supposed to be hours ago since Theo is probably worried. Ben questions her leaving him with a busted leg. Ciara says she will call for help when she gets back to Salem. Ben asks what if he gets eaten by a bear. Ciara says there are wild animals, fires, and serial killers. Ben tries to stop her. Ciara remarks that the next time he sees her, she will be Mrs. Ciara Carver as she then exits the cabin.

Sami warns Nicole that this isn’t over as she storms out of her apartment.

Lucas tells EJ that he ran over as soon as he heard Nicole gave EJ the letter, because he was afraid that EJ might kill Sami. EJ responds that he wouldn’t harm Sami, but Lucas on the other hand, he wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Ben remains alone in the cabin after Ciara left him.

Ciara tries to leave from the cabin, but the car won’t start.

Philip jokes that he can’t imagine Gabi doing anything underhanded. Gabi apologizes to him for all the drama with Jake since she was too proud to admit she wanted him back and she did things that were not cool. Philip brings up Gabi making a play for Jake on her first day back in town and says that Kate told him things. Gabi explains that she meant using Philip to make Jake jealous. Philip says they both knew who she belonged with. Philip says romance may not have been in the cards for them but they have a terrific working relationship and wants nothing to get in the way of that.

Jake on "Days of Our Lives" 8/10/21

Ava questions if Jake is going to work for Titan. Jake is unsure as his experience is spotty. Jake mentions being a mobster back in Philly and that he used to run with the Vitali crime family. Jake then mentions that’s Ava’s name and asks if she’s related to his former boss Angelo. Ava confirms that Angelo is her cousin. Jake says he hadn’t brought it up because he didn’t want to say anything in front of Rafe. Ava assures that Rafe is well aware of her past. Jake says he means no disrespect but a couple years ago, someone in the family took over for Angelo, so he asks if that was Ava.

EJ grabs a letter opener so Lucas asks if he’s going to stab him with it. EJ says it would be poetic justice. Lucas dares him to do it because it would prove to everybody what a psychopath he really is. Sami then walks in and tells EJ no.

Philip thinks everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Gabi says she was shocked when Jake turned down her offer to revive Gabi Chic at DiMera, so she was grateful that Philip took a chance on her. Philip calls it smart business since Gabi Chic is on track to do record earning this quarter. Gabi says that’s because she has his support. Gabi mentions an idea to make the company more successful. Gabi then tells Philip that she thinks they should hire Jake. Gabi praises Jake and mentions how he just left DiMera. Philip points out that Jake was voted out of DiMera. Gabi declares that Jake would be highly motivated to destroy DiMera. Philip asks if she thinks Jake will spill secrets. Gabi asks if he thinks Xander didn’t spill secrets to Basic Black and says Jake is way more valuable than Xander. Philip notes that she’s very passionate about this and asks if she has ulterior motives. Gabi thinks back to telling Jake that she does like Philip but that it was only a matter of time before he screwed up so Victor would be desperate to replace him and she would have Jake with her to take down DiMera once and for all. Gabi then claims to Philip that she would never suggest bringing in somebody that she didn’t think would be a true asset to the company. Philip admits he’s not opposed to making Jake an offer and seeing how things go, so he will certainly consider it.

Jake apologizes to Ava if he overstepped. Ava says she has nothing to hide and confirms that she did take over for Angelo so she was running the Vitali family business, but she cut ties and is out of it for good. Ava explains that she did it for her son as she missed too many years with him and now that she has a chance to rebuild her relationship with him, she won’t let anything jeopardize that. Ava jokes that a mob boss and the police commissioner also wouldn’t be a good look. Jake asks what Ava is doing now for work. Ava says nothing right now but she’s thinking about asking Nicole for a job at Basic Black. Jake asks what’s stopping her. Ava decides there’s no time like the present and gets up to call the Basic Black office. Ava asks for Nicole but is informed that she is not in today. Ava decides she will go pay her a visit. Jake encourages Ava as she exits.

Nicole apologizes to Rafe for putting him in the middle of something he probably didn’t want to be a part of. Rafe jokes that he’s glad he got there when he did or else he’d be investigating a homicide, but he doesn’t know if it would be Nicole’s or Sami’s. Rafe says they are both tough. Nicole says she doesn’t feel tough, she feels awful. Nicole talks about being so angry and wanting revenge, so she did what Sami does and acted without thinking. Nicole thought it would make her feel better and guesses it did at the time, but now, even if EJ left Sami, it doesn’t change anything since she still lost her husband. Nicole cries that while Eric was gone all those months, she felt so lonely, but now she is really truly alone.

Sami asks what the hell EJ is doing. EJ responds that Lucas asked him to kill him and he was going to oblige. Lucas argues that EJ doesn’t have the stones. EJ decides Lucas is not worth it and tosses the letter opener. EJ says he will leave them to packing as he has instructed Harold to pack up Sami’s things because he wants her gone from the house and his life. EJ declares that he never wants to see Sami again.

Gabi goes home. Jake asks how her day was. Gabi responds by kissing him and says she had a fantastic morning as she thinks Philip is about to offer him a job. Gabi declares that their plan is officially in motion to get rid of Philip, take over Titan, and then take over the world.

Ava on "Days of Our Lives" 8/10/21

Rafe tells Nicole that she’s not really alone as she has Allie, Holly, Henry, and himself. Nicole says Rafe shouldn’t have to deal with this but he wants to help since he is her friend. Rafe tells her that he’s not going anywhere. Nicole thanks him and says it means a lot as she honestly doesn’t know what she would do without him. They hug on the couch as Ava walks in and sees them together.

Sami can’t believe EJ asked Harold to pack her things. EJ threatens to have them scattered on the law if she prefers. Lucas remarks that it doesn’t sound like he’s going to forgive her. Sami asks for a chance to explain but EJ says no and walks out. Lucas is glad Sami is okay. Sami asks if she looks okay to him. Lucas says he’s sorry about how everything went down, but he thought EJ would actually kill her, and if she didn’t walk in, then EJ might have killed him. Sami remarks that maybe she should’ve let him.

Ciara returns to the cabin and informs Ben that the car won’t start so she accuses him of doing something to it. Ben says he has a busted ankle so he couldn’t do anything. Ben argues that the car not starting has nothing to do with him. Ciara asks what it is then. Ben says it’s something way bigger than them. Ben thinks it’s the universe telling her that she’s not supposed to leave until she remembers their love.

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